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Children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer | The most fun to visit

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In Zoetermeer you will come across a wide choice of shops.

You will find the large retail chains but also small, hip boutiques and a day of shopping is very pleasant.

Look forward to the wide range in the modern shopping center Stadshart or visit the historic Dorpsstraat with its pleasant squares and terraces.

Close to The Hague, where you can of course also indulge yourself nice children's clothing stores, Zoetermeer is centrally located and offers a quiet environment for shopping.

There is something for the whole family, especially when it comes to fun children's clothing. Here we give you an overview of the best children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer.

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Children's clothing stores on the map of Zoetermeer

Boutique Baloe Children's Clothing

Boetiek Balou Kinderkleding children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
Boetiek Baloe Kinderkleding has been the baby and children's clothing store of Zoetermeer since 1997!
They are the exclusive dealer of the popular brands Feetje, Dirkje baby clothing, Dirkje children's clothing, Kids up, Blue Seven, Jubel, Sturdy, Knot So Bad, DJ Dutch jeans and Soft touch.

You will find baby and children's clothing from size 44 to size 140. Boetiek Baloe has fun, exclusive and affordable baby and children's clothing.

If you make a purchase at Baloe, you are assured that your child will look exclusive.

All the brands that you will find at Boetiek Baloe are of good quality and at reasonable prices.

Baloe pays a lot of attention to customer service and customer service, so you can go there for advice when it comes to children's clothing.

You will find friendly staff and it is a pleasant shop to walk around and find a nice new outfit for your little one.

Boutique Baloe: Samanthagang 56, 2719 CK Zoetermeer

Yippy Baby and Children's Boutique

Yippy baby and children's boutique children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
Since February 2015 you can find Baby & Kinderboetiek Yippy in Zoetermeer, with hip, sweet and cool children's clothing.
Unique in this boutique is that you will not only find the standard blue and pink clothes, but also have a wide choice from a very colorful collection.

The distinct clothing styles of many different nice children's clothing brands such as: Quapi, B.Nosy, noppies, Tumble 'n Dry, Z8, Funky XS, Frankie & Liberty and Babyface make shopping at Yippy very pleasant.

In addition to the wide range of clothing, Yippy also offers maternity gifts, swimwear, hats and caps.

If you are looking for a certain clothing style and it is difficult to make a choice, the staff is always ready to help you.

They conjure up a nicer combination in such a way. Everything for a satisfied customer and a broad grin on a child's face.

Yippy Baby and Children's Boutique: Dorpsstraat 127, 2712 AG Zoetermeer

Name IT

Name It children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
In our Name IT beautiful and affordable clothing is designed for children who know what they want to wear.
In the collection you will notice that Denim plays an important role and the clothes meet the highest safety, comfort and quality standards.

Name It has been designing contemporary and affordable clothing for kids, tweens and teens for over 30 years.

The collections emphasize personal looks based on the latest fashion trends.

At Name It they know that the perfect fit is important to you and your child.

That is why the jeans and pants have an adjustable waist, making them suitable for any size, height and build.

Name It is inspired by the directness of children and they always try to see the world through their eyes.

Name it: Promenade 27, Stadshart Zoetermeer shopping center, 2711 AM Zoetermeer


Primark children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
At Primark you will find clothes for the little ones who are looking for adventures. Look forward to the super cute girls' dresses and nice T-shirts for boys.
With Primark's children's clothes, the little ones look very stylish and certainly fit the personality of the child.

It is important to Primark that clothing is comfortable and pleasant. They must be able to run and play extensively.

You can choose from T-shirts and shirts for boys in bright colors and with the best prints.

Whether they like pretty prints or an edgy look, at Primark they have exactly what fashion-conscious girls want in their trend collection for over-seven.

A little fashionista is there early, so give her all that beauty that you would like to wear yourself.

Primark: Mayor of Leeuwenpassage 2-8, 2711 JV Zoetermeer


Prenatal children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
At Prénatal you will find everything you need for you and your child! Prénatal makes parenting and shopping more fun, comfortable and easier.
From the safest car seat you will find the hippest clothes at Prénatal.

At Prénatal you will find complete, inspiring and affordable clothing for the baby that is completely tailored to the wishes and needs of the customer.

Look forward to the Tumble 'n Dry girls t-shirt, Babyface baby boys jackets and pants, Babyface baby girls T-shirt and pants.

They also have the Prenatal newborn unisex wrap shirts, hats, socks, jackets and pants.

You will also find an extensive collection of quality clothing for the slightly older kids.

Prenatal: Theaterplein 43, 2711 EK Zoetermeer

Jeans Center

Jeans Center children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
Jeans Center is the specialty store where you can find the best and coolest clothes for boys and girls of different ages.

For the boys you will find cool boys 'jeans but also very neat boys' suits.

At Jeans Center you have a choice of boys' clothes that you can easily combine with each other. You can find the right outfit for every style.

If you cannot make a choice, the staff is ready to serve you.

For the girls you will find nice skirts that are easy to combine with the nice blouses in different colors.

But also go for cool jeans that you can also combine very nice with very nice sweaters in different colors.

Jeans Center clothing is regularly replenished, is of good quality and lasts a long time.

Jeans Center: Stadshart, Westregen 24, 2711 AC Zoetermeer


C&A children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
The C&A is always a good store to stop by when you are shopping for nice new children's clothing.
In addition to the fine and handy basics, you will also find trendy clothes at the C&A. You can quickly create very nice outfits by combining the clothes.

C&A children's clothing is comfortable and has a good fit. The clothing lasts a long time and is also affordable.

At C&A they know that children grow quickly. That is why you will find clothes for boys and girls of all ages so that their wardrobe can be renewed regularly.

For the girls you will find clothing in sizes 92 to 176 and for the boys you will find children's clothing in sizes 92 to 182.

At C&A they also have their own Clockhouse brand with trendy teenage fashion for girls and boys.

C&A: Promenadeplein 108, 2711 AB Zoetermeer


Shoeby children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
At Shoeby it is easy to succeed when you are on the hunt for fun children's clothing.
For every season of the year you will find matching and trendy children's clothes at Shoeby.

Look out for the cute dresses with fun nature motifs and the fun denim jackets for the girls.

For the boys you will find very nice cool polos and T-shirts in different sizes and colors.

You can always combine the clothes of Shoeby well with each other. For example, a nice sweater with casual sweatpants or nice jeans.

So the children come up with a different outfit every day. At Shoeby you will find really quality clothing that does not break easily at a reasonable price.

Shoeby: Oosterheemplein 542, 2721 NJ Zoetermeer


Bristol children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
The Bristol never gets bored. With a collection of children's clothing that is constantly being replenished, it always pays to drop by here.
You will find fun and cheap fashion for the whole family.

With clothes from Bristol you dress the children from head to toe in fashionable and trendy clothing.

Also look out for the comfortable sneakers, trendy pumps and beautiful ballerinas, the Bristol is of course known for its children's shoes.

Complete the children's outfit with the best accessories. The fun items from Bristol will quickly become your child's favorite pieces.

And it is also nice that the prices are soft, so you can occasionally buy that nice fashion item for your girl or boy.

Bristol: Theater Square 39, 2711 EK Zoetermeer


Zeeman children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
Also visit one of the Zeeman stores in Zoetermeer for fun children's clothing.
They have clothes and basics for boys and girls that fit well, even after washing very often.
The children's clothing is also responsibly made and designed in-house, so that you always have something unique.

The children's pyamas are always popular with Zeeman, they are wonderfully comfortable and look beautiful with cheerful colors and fun prints.

The themes are constantly being renewed, so that your child can always go to bed with something new.

All Zeeman children's pajamas are tested for quality and safety.

But you can also contact Zeeman for the fine baby rompers. These rompers are made of soft organic cotton with stretch.

There are three press studs at the bottom and two at the neck. This way it fits nicely and can easily be placed over the baby's head.

Zeeman: Broekwegzijde 105, 2725 PD Zoetermeer, Dorpsstraat 79 -81, 2712 AD Zoetermeer

Cool Cat

CoolCat children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
For cool children's clothing, go to CoolCat!
Kids know very well what they want to wear and for them it is of course very exciting to put together their own outfit with unique trendy clothing that perfectly matches their personality.
So feel free to let them browse for themselves!

At CoolCat you will not only find fun children's clothing, but also clothing in which the children can move freely.

The fabrics are of solid quality and will still look beautiful even after frequent washing.

And the best part is that you can make many combinations with the clothing from CoolCat.

So the kids can go out in a beautiful and cool outfit almost every day. The clothing is affordable too, be sure to step into the CoolCat.

CoolCat: Promenade 137, 2711 AB Zoetermeer

WE Fashion Men

WE Fashion children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
At the WE Fashion in Zoetermeer especially the boys get their money's worth.
You will find an extensive collection of children's clothing for boys in different sizes for different ages.

Look forward to the very nice T-shirts in different fresh colors and designs, but also the nice basic T-shirts to combine with the more colorful pieces.

You will also find cool and sturdy jeans and clothing.

WE Fashion's clothing is of good quality, lasts a long time and has a good fit.

Within the collection you can also combine endlessly so every day you can make the best combinations for your boy and they always look hip and trendy when it is at school or at a party.

WE Fashion Men: Promenade 54, 2711 AS Zoetermeer

Action sports

Aktiesport children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
Aktiesport has put together a fun clothing collection especially for children.
This one is packed with innovative and attractive sportswear, shoes and accessories.
How about a cool T-shirt with camouflage print, cool casual shoes or a hip but also practical school backpack?

Fill the wardrobe of your little one with the perfect sports shirts from the extensive collection of top brands such as Nike, adidas, PUMA and Athlete.

Keep your kids warm and comfortable on the way to training with the extensive range of sweaters and cardigans.

You can choose from different models from different top brands.

Do you want a hoodie from PUMA, a sweater from Nike or rather a cardigan from adidas? The choice is yours and your kids!

Action sports: Theaterplein 49, 2711 EK Zoetermeer


Wibra children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
For children you will find an extensive collection of children's clothing in different sizes and models at Wibra.
You can choose from basic clothing, stretch T-shirts, underwear and textiles.

Look forward to the nice dresses, sweatshirts, jeans, T-shirts, skirts, pants, jogging pants and leggings in different colors, with beautiful and cool prints.

You will find clothing according to the latest fashion trends.

At Wibra you will find good quality clothing at competitive prices and they know what responsibility is there.

Not only for today's world, but also for future generations. For example, in 2010 Wibra started the campaign 'Conscious living and sustainable entrepreneurship'.

Wibra: Het Rond 26-28, 2711 BW Zoetermeer


HEMA children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer
Have you bought some nice flashy items for your child at the local boutique, but are you still looking for a nice children's legging that goes well with it?
At HEMA you can always go for the basics, made of soft fabrics and with a great fit.
And the underwear collection of your child can also be conveniently supplemented here.

However, HEMA has more than just the basics. Because they design all her clothes themselves, you will always find fun and unique clothes there.

Every child in the Netherlands almost grows up with HEMA and we are in any case very happy when they come out with the new collection again.

Cool sweaters with nice pictures, nice pants for it and you finish it off with the sweet HEMA own accessories.

The combination possibilities are endless and creative.

HEMA: Oosterheemplein 486, 2721 NJ Zoetermeer

Accessibility of children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer

Zoetermeer is located along the A12 and is easily accessible by public transport, bicycle / scooter and car.

Public Tansport

The Randstadrail offers fast connections between Zoetermeer, The Hague and Rotterdam.

With lines 3 and 4 you travel to and from The Hague Loosduinen and The Hague Uithof respectively and RET metro line E (via lines 3 and 4 change at Leidscheveen) takes you to and from Rotterdam.

Zoetermeer is also easily accessible by train and has two stations: Zoetermeer station, located at the Mandelabrug over the A12, and East station.

Within and outside Zoetermeer you can use about 20 local and regional bus lines. Tram and bus station Centrum West, west of the Stadshart shopping center, is the central point of all lines.

Almost all buses stop here.

By bicycle or scooter

There are more than enough parking places in the center of Zoetermeer.

For example, there is room for more than 1.250 bicycles and scooters in the free, guarded parking facilities in the center of West, North and Market.

Car and parking

There are four P + Rs. Here you can park your car for free and continue your journey by public transport. Handy and also environmentally friendly!

We have tried to give the best and complete possible picture of children's clothing stores in Zoetermeer, but cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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