Where can you find nice children's clothing with army print? Read more…

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  January 1, 2021

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Whether in chameleon colors or on fashionable patterns, camouflage is a popular menswear trend for the coming season.

So choose an urban look for your son (or daughter) that will stand out.

Of course, fashion has the answer: a huge variety of new clothes that play with that most masculine, tough and ready-for-duty print.

The nicest children's clothing with army print

Camouflage, it gives a cool look to your little one.

Nice camouflage clothing for boy, girl or baby

Before I tell you about why camouflage clothing and why it is back in fashion, here are a few of the nicest pieces I've found:

boys girls Baby
Boys camouflage shirt Girls army print top Baby clothes with army print
Boys army print pants Children's clothing with army print for girls Slightly larger baby clothes with army print

Now for some more background information:

Army print or camouflage is back

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The camo trend kicked off, as they usually did in Paris, last June, where brands like Valentino, Kenzo and Dries Van Noten worked the pattern into a plethora of weird and wonderful varieties.

And this is why the camouflage comeback has broken out, and isn't just a lazy 90s re-hash (although those are definitely on-trend again too).

The difference with camouflage this season versus the way it has been worn in the past is that designers have experimented with many variations in color, moving away from just the traditional black and green.

There has been pink and blue on blue, and this moves it far from military influence.

Of course, in a fashion context, camo is essentially quite a long way from the barracks anyway. In fashion, the pattern is always the opposite of its designed purpose.

It makes the wearer stand out instead of masking them, as in the field.

Army print in moderation

You could dress your kids in an abundance of camo, any garment with a different color or slightly different print, but you should definitely not do this.

If you treat camouflage like any other print, you can better apply it right away.

There are lots of combinations if you want a camouflage garment like one of these combines in a subtle way.

It should be an outfit highlight or 'pop' to team up with classic items - the subversive nature of camouflage adds impact to a classic look.

Other tips and army tricks?

Try to choose individual colors from a camouflage print, as Dries Van Noten did during one of his fashion shows and coordinate with a plain shirt or jacket.

The 5 types of people who wear Camo

You may recognize yourself in these types of people wearing camo, and that's why you want to dress your child in this army print.

Or you may recognize it a little in your child when he keeps pointing out that army print in the store.

These are the 5 types of people who wear army print.

Whether for fashion or function, camo is never completely off-trend. And right now in the style of men, it is as relevant as ever.

Streetwear has been using the print since the beginning. Hip-hop style took hold in the 90s and hasn't let go since.

Menswear is now on the line and camo-ties and chinos are just as common as streetwear and hoodies.

There have never been more ways to show off your favorite military-inspired print.

Who are all these guys that camo? How can you tell who is a hypebeast and who is an old hip hop head.

You might see it in their kids' outfit :)

The OG

Your favorite era of hip hop was the '90s and you still wish everyone would dress like that.

If the pants are slim, you let your child move with the times and you look back on that era with nostalgia.

If you pick a bit of a baggy model, you think the rap game has only gone downhill since Diplomatic Immunity 2 and can never get back like that.

The camo peacock

You work in a boring job, but spent most of your trip there and away scrolling through menswear blogs and sites trying to find ways to engage with middle-aged men.

Most of your clothing comes from brands such as Esprit and We. At the office you wear clothes that may not quite fit in that atmosphere, a bit of a rebel.

You dress your child cool.

The #Menswear follower

You first started diving into this # menswear thing with a pair of raw denim and flipped cuffs.

When Dockers relaunched their Alpha Khaki with a fresh camouflage color, you went crazy when you finally found a pair of pants that you could wear anywhere in your “timeless wardrobe”: suede shoes for the office and casual boat shoes in the summer.

Your child is neatly dressed and the camo is a fashion statement!

The Downplayed Cool Guy

The # menswear guys ruined camo for you, but you'll still love some of the lightweight shirt jackets and vintage gear you picked up on your last trip to Paris.

You come up with new ways to wear it and show that you know what you're doing.

Any style neophyte sees what you rock and goes "where did you get that ?!" to which you answer “Oh, got it somewhere”, of course as nonchalantly as possible.

Your child has alternated clothes from cheap brands with that article that you can hardly find in the Netherlands.

The "I Got It First" Guy

You are always the first person to be “up” on the latest trends, especially the high-end things that no one else can get.

So when Louis Vuitton showed up with monogrammed camo suitcases, you didn't just jump on board, you embraced it right away.

Chances are, your legacy will fund your relentless pursuit of cool (or your rap career).

Your kids have the latest brands and mini versions of designer clothes.

And do you recognize yourself in one of these guys? Is that why you dress your son in the newest, or oldest, army print clothing?


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