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The ultimate guide to a successful children's party in 6 steps

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It's a party for the birthday boy, but it's also a party for the boyfriends and girlfriends. It is important that you organize these parties well.

If you organize a children's party, it is important to arrange a number of things properly. Think of the location, the activities, the food and drinks and the invitations.

In this article I tell you what to look out for when organizing a children's party.

What should you pay attention to at a children's party

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What is a children's party and how do you organize it?

A children's party is a party organized in honor of a child's birthday. It is a day when the birthday child is the center of attention and on which he or she can enjoy games, presents, food and drinks with friends.

Where and when do you celebrate a child's birthday?

When it's a child's birthday, it's time to throw a party. But where should you start? It's important to ask yourself a few questions before you start planning the party. Where do you want to hold the party? Indoors or outdoors? And when do you want to hold the party? In summer or winter?

Outdoors or indoors?

If you want to have the party outside, there are several options. A garden party can be a great place to have the party. But if you don't have a garden, you can also have the party on a square or in a park. A swimming pool can also be a fun place to have the party, especially in the summer. On the other hand, an indoor party is suitable for winter. You can have the party at home in the living room or visit an indoor playground.

When to have the party?

If you want to keep the party going in the summer, there are many ideas to choose from. It's less exciting if the party is held indoors, but if the weather is nice, it's fun to go outside. During the summer holidays, friends probably don't have to go to school, so it's a good idea to plan the party during that time. If you want to have the party in the winter, it's advisable to plan a date early enough so that parents can vote on the date and not have to cancel later.

If the party is held during the summer holidays, keep in mind that not everyone will be able to come.

You can agree with your child which 2 friends should really come, and plan the rest around that.

Some parents also choose to celebrate a birthday at the beginning or end of the holiday (or just before or after) instead of around the date itself so that more children can come.

How do you make the party a secret?

If you want to keep the party a secret, it's important to make sure the child doesn't find out about the plan. For example, tell the child that you are going away for the day or that you have an appointment. Make sure you give the invitations to the friends' parents and not to the children themselves.

How do you organize a children's party?

Step 1: Determine the theme and activities

Organizing a children's party starts with determining the theme and activities. Choose a theme that fits the birthday boy and come up with activities that fit the theme. Think of games, craft activities and entertainment. Combine activities that are challenging and active, such as jumping, hunting, laser game, archery, shooting, stunt scooter, bmx or skate park. Or organize an escape game under the guidance of experienced supervisors. Provide plenty of entertainment and surprises to keep the kids entertained.

Step 2: List supplies and make reservations

Make a list of everything you need for the party, such as games, party favors, treats, and presents. Check whether everything is available and order what you still need in time. If you organize an activity outside the door, such as at Samcity, make sure you book in time. Also make sure you have a reserved table with chips and other treats ready.

Step 3: Make a plan for the day itself

Make a plan for the day itself and think about how much time you need for each activity. Keep in mind that children can be easily distracted and some activities may take less time than you think. Also make a game plan and think about what games you will play and how you will organize them. Make sure there are enough supervisors and make arrangements about who will take the children home.

Step 4: Make invitations and invite the guests

Make fun invitations that match the theme and clearly communicate where and when the party will take place. Also indicate what time the children are expected and what time the party ends. Make a list of all invited children and make sure to inform their parents about the details of the party in time. Also think of grandma, the girls next door and other children you want to invite.

Step 5: Provide enough food and drink

Make sure you have enough food and drink during the party. Make cakes and treats that match the theme and make sure you have plenty to drink. Please take into account any allergies and dietary requirements of the children.

Step 6: Arrange the closing of the party

Arrange the closing of the party and think about how you want to thank the children for coming. For example, let them make something together or give them all a small gift. Also make sure that you let the parents know in time what time they can pick up their children.

Additional tips

– Decide in advance a maximum number of children you want to invite.

  • Don't make the party too long, two to three hours is often enough.
  • Communicate clearly with the parents of the invited children about the course of the party.
  • Choose a location where the party will be celebrated, for example at home in the living room or somewhere else.
  • Look online for inspiration for fun games and activities.
  • Make a list of all the supplies and buy them well in advance.
  • Come up with fun games and activities with the birthday boy.
  • Arrange for the children to be treated to a treat at the end of the party.
  • Consider the safety of the children and provide adequate supervision.

Who do you invite to a children's party?

A children's party is of course meant to celebrate a child's birthday. But who do you invite to the party? It is the highest right of the birthday person to decide who is invited. After all, it's his or her party. But as a parent you naturally want to make sure it is a fun party.

How many children do you invite?

As a general rule, it is recommended to invite as many children as the age of the birthday person. So for a 6 year old birthday you invite 6 kids. But sometimes it is nice to invite a large group of children, for example for a scavenger hunt in which the group is divided into various teams to complete an assignment. In that case it is useful to see how many children are needed to successfully complete the assignment.

Who do you invite?

It is advisable to accompany the invitation with a note stating that the child may view and discuss the invitation alone or with the parents. This way you prevent stressful situations where children can feel left out if they are not invited. It is also important to consider whether you are only inviting friends or family members as well. It can sometimes be helpful to separate these groups so that the children feel more comfortable.

I would advise having a separate children's party and another party for the family.

Age of the invited children

When inviting children, it is important to look at the age of the invited children. For example, if the birthday person is not yet 6 years old, it is not convenient to invite children who are 10 years old. The same applies the other way around: if the birthday boy is 10 years old, it is less fun to only invite children aged 6 years.

Invite new friends

It can also be fun to invite new friends. This could be, for example, a classmate that the child has not played with very often. It is important to make sure that the child already knows the invited person a little, otherwise it can become a single problem.

The denouement of the party

When inviting children, it is also important to consider what the denouement of the party will look like. For example, if a scavenger hunt is held, it is useful to consider how many children will be needed to complete the scavenger hunt. If there are too many children, it can be difficult to guide the treasure hunt properly.

In short, when inviting children to a children's party, it is important to look at the age of the children invited, how many children are invited and who are invited. By thinking carefully about this, the children's party can be a great success!

The preparations for a successful children's party

Good preparation is half the job! Plan the children's party at least two weeks in advance. This way you have enough time to arrange everything and prevent stress at the last minute. Determine the start time and end time of the party and state it clearly on the invitation. Unlike adults, children often don't understand that a party has a set end time. Make sure you also have enough energy to entertain the kids all afternoon.

The location

Think about where you will organize the children's party. Home is always an option, but you can also go to a playground, park or zoo. When choosing the location, take into account the age of the children and any allergies. Make sure the location is safe and well supervised.

The decoration

Make it festive with colorful decorations! Decorate the birthday girl's chair and hang balloons. Make sure that the decorations are not too close to each other, otherwise the curious and grasping hands will always reach for them. Buy a nice tablecloth and markers to draw on. You can also make the decorations together with the children, for example by making garlands.

The activities

A children's party without activities is of course not a party! Think of fun and special activities that are age-appropriate for the children. Think of games, craft activities or a scavenger hunt. Make sure you have enough activities prepared so the kids don't get bored. Also take into account the afternoon nap of the toddlers and preschoolers.

The presents

It's fun to give and receive presents! Feel free to send a wish list to the parents of the invitees, so you don't get expensive or unwanted gifts. Also take into account any allergies. Give the presents at the end of the party so that each child has a beautiful gift to take home.

The catering

A children's party is not complete without tasty snacks and drinks! It used to be customary to serve whipped cream, sprinkles and cakes, but nowadays there are also healthier options, such as egg cakes and gingerbread. Make sure you have enough food and drink for all children and take any allergies into account.

The birthday candle and crown

Of course, the birthday girl deserves special treatment! Let the child blow out the birthday candle himself and give him or her a beautiful crown to wear. This way the child feels extra special and is the center of the party.

With these tips and good preparation you can organize a successful children's party that will be talked about for a long time!

The perfect invitation for a children's party

The invitation to a children's party is the first impression your guests will have of the party. It is therefore important to pay extra attention to this. Here are some tips for creating the perfect invitation:

  • Make it personal: Add a photo of the birthday girl to the invitation to make it extra special.
  • Include the most important details: Make sure the invitation includes the date, time, and place of the party.
  • Specify if there is a specific theme: If there is a theme for the party, state it clearly on the invitation. This gives the guests the chance to prepare and possibly dress up.
  • Ask about any dietary requirements or allergies: If you know in advance that there will be guests with certain dietary requirements or allergies, ask about this on the invitation. This way you can take this into account when eating and drinking at the party.
  • State whether parents are welcome: If the party takes place outside the door, it is important to indicate whether parents are welcome. This may be pleasant for some younger children.
  • Indicate what the desired clothing is: If there is a certain dress code for the party, state this on the invitation. This prevents guests from feeling uncomfortable later because they are not wearing the right clothes.
  • Ask for an RSVP: Ask the guests to let them know if they can come or not. This gives you as a parent a better idea of ​​the number of guests and prevents disappointed faces when there are not enough children.

How do you make the invitation extra fun?

  • Add glitz and glamour: Glitz and glamor are always a hit at children's parties. Add some glitter to the invitation to make it extra festive.
  • Make a list of the funniest partygoers: Make a list of the kids you'd like to invite and make sure the invite is especially for them.
  • Give a special touch to the invitation: Make the invitation extra special by giving it a special concept. Consider, for example, an invitation in the form of a treasure chest or a pirate map.
  • Let the children make the invitation themselves: Let the children make the invitation themselves. Not only is this fun for them, but it also adds a personal touch to the invite.

How do you send the invitation?

  • Sending online: It is very common nowadays to send the invitation online. This not only saves money, but it is also better for the environment.
  • Mailing: If you're sending the invitation by mail, make sure you send it in plenty of time. This way you prevent the invitation from arriving too late and the guests not being able to respond in time.
  • Bring it yourself: If the party takes place at your house, you can bring the invitation yourself. This way you can immediately meet the parents and answer any questions.
  • Include contact details: Don't forget to include your address and contact details on the invitation so that guests know where to go and how to contact you if they are unable to attend.

What else should be on the invitation?

  • Time period of the party: Include the approximate length of time the party will be on the invitation so parents can plan accordingly.
  • Dropped home: If the party is taking place away from home, specify whether the kids will be taken home or if the parents will have to pick them up themselves.
  • Any additional information: If there are certain things that the guests should take into account, please state this clearly on the invitation. For example, think of a certain activity for which the children can get their clothes dirty.

In short, with these tips you can make the perfect invitation for a children's party. Once the invitation has been sent, you can free up your hands to make the party a success!

What to do at a children's party?

During the children's party, it is important to organize fun and special activities to ensure that the children enjoy themselves. Think about what kind of activities you want to do in advance and decide which ones are best suited to the age of the children. Consider, for example, a visit to the zoo, a treasure hunt through the neighborhood or a craft afternoon. Make sure you have enough activities planned to fill the afternoon.

Safety and allergies

In addition to coming up with activities, it is also important to take into account the safety of the children and possible allergies. Make sure you have adequate supervision and that the activities are safe. Ask parents in advance if there are children with allergies and keep this in mind when buying food and drinks.


Good preparation is half the job. Make sure you start planning the children's party well in advance. Determine the start time and the end time and state it clearly on the invitation. Buy the necessary items in time, such as a tablecloth, balloons and markers to decorate the crown. Also think about what kind of food and drinks you want to serve and buy this in time. Make sure you don't buy too many expensive and unhealthy snacks, but also take into account the allergies of the children. For example, egg cakes and gingerbread are healthy alternatives to cakes with whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles.

Festive decoration

Make the children's party extra festive by decorating the room beautifully. Buy colorful balloons and hang them up. Decorate the birthday girl's chair with a beautiful crown and make it the center of attention. Set up a table with paper plates, cups and napkins in a modern and cheerful style.

Birthday gifts

A birthday party is of course not complete without birthday gifts. Tell the parents of the invitees that gifts are expected and indicate what kind of gifts the party animal would like. Make sure that a separate time is scheduled for unwrapping the gifts and that there is sufficient supervision to prevent grabbing hands from grabbing the gifts.

Exciting moments

During the children's party there can be exciting moments, such as closing the eyes for a surprise or blowing out the birthday candle. Make sure you arrange these moments well and that there is sufficient supervision to prevent accidents from happening.

What to do at a children's party?

If you're looking for something unusual, there are lots of fun ideas to come up with. How about a pajama party, a movie night, a cooking workshop or a photo shoot? There are endless ways to fill in a children's party and make it completely special.

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Snacks and treats

A children's party also includes snacks and treats. Think of decorating cakes with whipped cream and sprinkles, decorating egg cakes or gingerbread with jam and fruit, or healthy snacks such as vegetable sticks with dip. Be sure to account for allergies and that the snacks are safe and healthy.

Goodie bag

At the end of the party you can give the guests a goodie bag. For example, you can put a bag with sweets, a bubble blower and a small gift in it. This motivates the kids to leave and gives them something to enjoy after the party.

Tips for an unforgettable party

  • Make the party special with special activities and snacks.
  • Ensure safety and be mindful of allergies.
  • Follow birthday traditions such as blowing out the birthday candle and wearing a birthday crown.
  • Organize a goodie bag at the end of the party.
  • Get princess cakes and other goodies from the supermarket to make it easy.
  • Talk to the children calmly and give them space to express their emotions.
  • Offer help if the party turns out to be difficult.
  • Provide a fun letter that motivates the children and removes the tension.
  • Make the party less cool by using a rug that can hide crushed sprinkles and other stains.

Tips for a top children's party

Throwing a party in your own home can take a lot of effort, so why not rent a marquee? Party tent rental is a convenient base for a successful party. Here are some tips to find the perfect location:

  • Choose a location that is fun for children, such as a park or playground.
  • If you opt for a party tent, select the correct size and formats. You can rent or buy these.
  • Consider the number of guests and the space they will need.
  • Provide a smoking area and furnish it with standing tables and possibly a cool scaffolding wooden bar table.


Organizing a children's party can take a lot of time and effort. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Start the organization on time, so that you have enough time to arrange everything.
  • Make a list of everything you need, such as decorations, food and drink, and activities.
  • Involve your neighbors and relatives in the organization. Maybe they can help you set up the party tent or make snacks.
  • Set a date and time and pass this on to the invitees on time. If anything changes, please let us know in time.
  • Use handy apps to arrange the organization, such as selecting a gift or sending invitations.


The atmosphere of the party is of course also important. Here are some tips to create the right atmosphere:

  • Use fun decorations, such as balloons and streamers.
  • Provide tasty snacks and drinks.
  • Use music to enhance the atmosphere.
  • Have the kids dress up in crazy outfits, such as panther leggings, white socks and slippers, or ears and tails.
  • Organize a real classic, such as a disco party or a bad party.

After the children's party: how can you enjoy and finish?

Unwrapping presents is a special moment for the birthday girl. Make sure there is enough time to unwrap all the presents and that time is taken to see what has been received. The child may be overloaded with presents and it may be difficult to see everything. In that case you can choose to divide the presents in half and continue unwrapping at another time. It is also important to share the child's emotions and talk about the special moments of the party.

Offer special extras

Once home, it often turns out that a bag with sweets, bubble bladder or other small gifts has been handed out. This motivates the children to continue the fun and end the party in a fun way.

Departure of the guests

When all the children have left, you can enjoy the party in peace. Get the carpet cleaner out to remove any stains from the princess cakes or other treats. You may still need some help from family or friends to clean everything up. Be sure to thank the children's parents for coming and shake hands with the children as they leave.

Capture memories

It's nice to reflect on the special moments and capture memories after the party. This can be done in various ways, for example by taking pictures or having a drawing made of the party. It is also nice to let the children write a card for the birthday boy, so that he or she can look back on an unforgettable day.

Good preparation is half the work

Good preparation is essential for a successful children's party. Make sure you start planning well in advance and that you communicate a clear start time and end time. Unlike adults, children often don't understand that a party has an end and it's time to leave. It is therefore important to communicate a clear end time and to ensure that parents arrive on time to pick up their children.

Create new memories

After the children's party you can enjoy the afterglow with the birthday boy and talk about the fun moments of the day. It is also fun to make new memories together, for example by playing a game or watching a movie. That way, the party feeling will linger for a while and you can enjoy a successful children's party together.


It is important to take charge of the party itself and to make good planning. Start by deciding on the theme and then choose activities that fit the theme.

Take the time to plan and the party will be a huge success.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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