Buy a children's tablet at Media Markt | What is the offer?

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  January 2, 2021

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In the digital age in which we live, there are many ways to enjoy yourself such as the phone, tablet, smart TV, and much more.

Of course this also applies to children, who are growing up with it nowadays and who can probably handle it better than their parents.

Especially the tablet is very popular with the children, and usually the device of the parents is used.

Nowadays there are also special children's tablets that respond to what the children do most and try to convey this in an educational way.

In this article, we'll cover it view the offer of Media Markt, the large multimedia retailer and we will explain the further advantages of this store.

Children's tablets at Media Markt

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The Media Markt offer

The range of this giant is actually quite limited when you consider the other products they sell.

For example, you will get lost in the TVs, laptops, speakers, and home appliances they offer.


Do you now give your own tablet or phone to your child?

Yes, my tablet
Yes, my iPad
Yes, my phone
Yes, both
Your own children's tablet
No, don't give anything yet
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In the field of children's tablets, there is really only one brand on offer, and that is Kurio.

They offer a total of 3 models, the Telekids Tab Advance (pink or blue) and the Kurio Tab 2 in green.

These are one of the most qualitative tablets available on the market and the store guarantees that too.

The models do fit in different price ranges; the Tab Advance costs € 120 and the Tab 2 € 59.

The main difference between the models is due to the number of options and specifications that are included on the tablet, the Advance, for example, has twice as much storage as the Tab 2 (16GB).

This gives your child more options for optimal use of the tablet.

The two devices are the same size (7 inches) and therefore it is possible to purchase the same accessories for both, because the Media Markt also sells them.

Think of a protective bag to protect the tablet, headphones so that they do not bother the parents, but also a car kit to attach the tablet to the headrest in the car.


All in all, the Media Markt offers a complete package in different price ranges so that everyone can enjoy it.

Unfortunately, they no longer have brands in house, but if you are interested in the 12 best kids' tablets for this year, you can always read our previous article about it.

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Further advantages of the Media Markt

In addition to the gigantic offer of the Media Markt, ranging from multimedia to white goods, there are other advantages to this store.

One of those advantages is the webshop, because if you order something there before 23:59, you will receive it the next day.

In addition, the stores are huge, well-organized and have friendly staff who can help you make the right choice.

You can think about this for a long time as the store also has long opening hours, because usually the shops are open every day until late at night until about 21:00 PM.

Finally, the Media Markt also has flexible return arrangements if you do not find the product worthwhile, because you can return the product 2 weeks later.

This term can even be extended if you become a member of the Media Markt Club, the company's loyalty program.

Further benefits of membership include free delivery, gift card winnings, online receipts, and monthly prizes.

This membership is free and the more you visit the Media Markt shop, the more chance you have of winning the prizes they give out every month!

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