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Best Horse Trailer Toy Reviewed: For Any Age

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Do you need inspiration for a birthday present for your grandchild? Or are you specifically looking for a playset for an animal lover?

Children and animals is a fantastic combination.

Most children love going to a petting zoo or zoo and watching or taking care of animals.

Best toy horse trailer rated

A horse trailer is therefore a fun and suitable gift for children to introduce them to animals or to play what they may have seen in real life at the petting zoo.

By taking care of (toy) animals, the child learns to respect animals and gains a sense of responsibility, which they can benefit from later in life.

A toy horse trailer is an original gift for small horse lovers.

Ideal for creative kids who like to let their imaginations run wild and enjoy coming up with stories to play out.

Let's take a quick look at our number one favorite horse trailer; that is the LEGO Friends Mia's Horse Trailer.

What makes this our 'all time favorite' is mainly the cheerful colors and the countless accessories!

More information about this product can be found below the table.

A horse trailer playset is available in all shapes and sizes, and with space for one or two playing horses.

In addition, there is a choice of different themes, materials and accompanying accessories.

A horse trailer is a pleasant and compact gift for a children's birthday or cozy for under the Christmas tree.

In addition to the LEGO Friends Mia's horse trailer, there are of course other options.

Below we will give examples of a number of different types of toy horse trailers divided into a number of categories.

If you want to know the exact details of each option in our table, you can find it in the information below.

Toy horse trailerImages
Best Large Horse Trailer Playset: LEGO Friends Mia's trailer 41371Lego friends horse trailer


(view more images)

Best Horse Trailer For Preschoolers: Playmobil Country Horse trailer 6928Playmobil Country Horse Transporter


(view more images)

Most Realistic Horse Trailer: Schleich Horse Club 42346Most realistic horse trailer Schleich Horse Club 42346


(view more images)

Best toy horse trailer for toddler: PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Car 6958/70181Playmobil 123 vs Playmobil horse trailer (1)


(view more images)

Best horse trailer for school kids from 6 years old: Bruder Dodge RAM 2500 with trailerBruder Dodge RAM 2500 with trailer


(view more images)

Best Wooden Toy Horse Trailer: Melissa & Doug Horse CarrierMelissa & Doug Horse Trailer


(view more images)

Best pink horse trailer: Kids GlobeKids Globe Pink Horse trailer that casts


(view more images)

In this video you can see them all:

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Best toy horse trailer rated

Toy horse trailers vary in complexity, which depends on the age of your child, among other things.

There are toy horse trailers for sale with few parts (5) to more complex toy sets of over 200 parts, suitable for children who are of a responsible age to handle the particles safely.

Best large horse trailer playset: LEGO Friends Mia's trailer 41371

Lego friends horse trailer mia's

(view more images)

The LEGO Friends Mia's Horse Trailer set is an example of such a large set, a favorite of many!

With this set you can jump into the saddle and explore the forest on horseback.

Help Mia and Emma load the trailer and connect Mia's XNUMXxXNUMX. The two minifigures allow children to role-play with their boyfriend or girlfriend!

This toy set includes Mia and Emma mini-doll figures, a toy horse and a rabbit figure.

The set includes a buildable all-terrain vehicle, horse trailer, forest setting and a chest of accessories to groom the horse.

The accessory kit also includes a horse blanket, a saddle, a bridle, a cap, a carrot, a brush, a bow and sunglasses.

So many accessories to play with for hours! The kids will not get tired of this set.

The set is suitable for children between 6 and 12 years old and contains 216 parts.

Check the latest prices here

Best horse trailer for toddlers: Playmobil Country Horse trailer 6928

Playmobil Country Horse Transporter

(view more images)

I also think one of the nicest horse trailers on the list.

Where the horse trailer from LEGO is more fun to build yourself, and is suitable for slightly older children, this one from Playmobil can also be put together a bit, but with not as many pieces as LEGO.

Fun for end toddler and toddler and you can then assemble it yourself for them. The roof can then easily be removed, just like the front to put the dolls in.

Just like with LEGO, these types of toys become the most fun when you more of Playmobil Countryso that it can all play together a bit.

But my son also thinks it is great to just bring other farm animals in it, which makes no difference of course in fantasy play!

Check prices and availability here

Most realistic horse trailer: Schleich Horse Club 42346

Most realistic horse trailer Schleich Horse Club 42346

(view more images)

This is certainly the most realistic horse trailer on the list, and Schleich is known for that too.

Loading ...

Farm and especially horse toys made for real animal fans.

This includes all the accessories you need for your horse, such as a brush, of course reins, but also a leash and saddle and even a nice warm horse blanket.

The detail inside the trailer is also superb. It has a partition in the middle with two doors where the horses (there is only one) can stand neatly next to each other.

Not even the Bruder trailer has this.

I know everyone is raving about Schleich, and I can certainly see why. However, I would like to add that it is a pity that the figures can only stand in one position.

So is the driver of the auto forever locked in his position to fit in the car and grab the steering wheel, and the lovely madam is doomed to pet or brush the horse forever.

How sad for those little Schliechers!

It is especially a pity that there is no one with this set who can actually ride the horse, because these dolls are already in a different position. You need another play set for that.

But a good excuse to buy a boyfriend or girlfriend for the horse to fill the trailer.

  • Realism: plus
  • Pathetic dolls doomed to their fate: min
  • The trailer is the most realistic I've seen, but Bruder's Dodge Ram pickup beats Schleich's truck by miles
Check prices and availability here

Best toy horse trailer for toddler: PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 Wagon 6958/70181

Playmobil 123 horse trailer set

(view more images)

Toy horse trailers are available for different age groups from 18 months.

If you are looking for a toy horse trailer for your toddler, it is important to choose a playset that does not contain small parts that can be swallowed.

What makes this Playmobil play set so fun are mainly the bright colors!

It is the ideal gift for the little explorers. With these toys, the eye-hand coordination of your child is stimulated and the further development of other important skills.

The child can let his imagination run wild and lead the horse over the folding tailgate in the trailer!

The PLAYMOBIL 1.2.3 horse trailer is ideal for children from 18 months and consists of a car with a horse trailer, a doll, a horse and a box with horse food.

The set is made of round shapes.

This toy contains no small parts to swallow, the parts are hygienic and easily washable, therefore safe for children from 1,5 years!

Check the latest prices here

Best horse trailer for school children from 6 years old: Bruder Dodge RAM 2500 with trailer

Bruder Dodge Ram Pickup Horse Trailer

(view more images)

Toy horse trailers are also available for older children who can handle small parts responsibly and may be more interested in a more truthful design.

A good example is this Bruder Pro Horse Trailer.

Great fun for children who still have a lot of interest in horses and horse trailers as they grow up.

The Bruder Pro horse trailer has a rear door that can be easily folded open and can serve as a platform for the horse to be led in.

The roof of the horse trailer can be removed to give the horse some more fresh air, and there are doors at the front of the trailer so that the horse can also be fed in the trailer.

Bruder toys are known for their realism And you can definitely see that in this trailer.

The trailer can be attached to a truck or car and pulled. This horse trailer comes with a horse!

Check prices and availability here

Bruder vs Playmobil horse trailer

Maybe not the most similar cars on this list, but many parents are looking for all differences between Bruder and Playmobil toys, so it is good to consider these two choices for a moment.

In terms of price, they are actually not that far apart, and also in terms of age category (Playmobil is for slightly younger children, but has quite a few small parts that make it unsuitable for really young kids).

However, the Bruder trailer is a lot more realistic with firm suspension on the truck, just like a real Dodge Ram. Playmobil is clearly made for kids with all the bright colors and cheerful smiling faces, and not almost a miniature car.

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Best Wooden Toy Horse Trailer: Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug Horse Trailer

(view more images)

Most horse trailers are made of plastic, which makes the toy lightweight and easy to handle for children.

If you are more environmentally conscious and prefer to let your child play with natural materials, the Melissa & Doug brand has a better option in its range, namely a wooden toy horse trailer.

These toys also look cute on the table, when your child has 'forgotten' to put away his or her toys!

The recommended age for this playset is 3 to 8 years old, and the playset includes a truck, trailer and two spotted toy horses.

This horse trailer has a lowerable tailgate, and the horses can easily get in and out of the trailer through this tailgate.

Check prices and availability here

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Best Pink Horse Trailer: Kids Globe

Kids Globe Pink Horse trailer that casts

(view more images)

Are you specifically looking for a smaller toy set for the ultimate horse lover?

Then Kids Globe has the ideal toy set for your child with hours of fun guaranteed!

The pink elements make this toy extra cute to look at.

The pink and white die-cast Mitsubishi Pick-up matches perfectly with the pink and white horse trailer that pulls it, and the dark brown and light brown horse fit right together in the trailer.

Advertised as die-cast metal is true in itself and since the car is nice and small yet feels heavy in the hand this one is on our list, but frankly the horse trailer is a bit of cheap plastic.

The trailer's gangway can be opened to guide the horses in, and the small door at the front can also be opened to secure the horses neatly.

The door and especially the gangway feel a bit rickety and are difficult to close properly.

For the money it is a nice set, and the horses are also nice to see, but it really is:

for the money a nice set

This stable can be perfectly combined with animals from Schleich and Bullyland and is very suitable for horses with a size of 12 to 14 cm.

A lot smaller than, for example, the Bruder Dodge Ram and also the Playmobil horse trailer.

Check prices and availability here

What types of toy horse trailer are there?

Horse trailers are available individually or with various accessories.

If you are looking for a horse trailer with a car, you can choose from a matching pick-up, truck, Land Rover or Volvo, depending on the horse trailer theme you choose.

The most common themes you will come across online are the riding school, a farm theme and city life.

And for the adventurers, the brand even has 2-Play a horse trailer in a police version!

Which theme horse trailer toy do you choose?

The theme you choose may depend on the gender or interests of your child.

The horse trailer playsets that are most popular among girls are often colored pink and include a mini-doll figure in the shape of a girl.

The horse trailers that are most sold among boys often have different bright colors and contain cars that pull the horse trailer in specific brands, such as BMW, Land Rover or Volvo.

A toy horse trailer: always a nice children's gift

Toy horse trailers are a great gift for raising children with respect for animals.

It can be a first step to bring them into contact with animals, or to give them the opportunity to play out real life in their own familiar and imaginative play world.

A toy horse trailer is a wonderful gift for any child who likes to act out stories.

For car enthusiasts, there is even a choice of various sturdy towing vehicles, such as a Land Rover, a BMW or a Volvo. There are also cars without a brand available and horse trailers that are delivered without a car.

Toy horse trailers are available for young and old, and are sold for children from 1,5 years.

Horse trailers are available from different toy brands, for example Bruder, LEGO and PLAYMOBIL to name but three.

You can choose from different themes depending on the interests of your child, or if you prefer to filter on the type of material, you also have a choice of, for example, a wooden horse trailer in addition to plastic horse trailers.

Which horse trailer for your child are you going for?

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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