Cutest toy sushi [for some variation in their play diet]

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Sushi is incredibly popular. It is a Japanese dish that is loved by adults, but also increasingly by children.

Sushi always consists of (cold) cooked rice and often seaweed, and contains rice vinegar. Other ingredients are usually added, including fish or seafood, fried egg, vegetables, and sometimes even fruit.

Despite its increasing popularity, there are still many people who are not sushi fans at all. This may be purely due to the taste - it is also just a separate meal - or the fact that it often contains raw fish.

Toy bear is ready to join in with eating sushi

You must have wondered at least once why I started this article with information about sushi .. Huh ?!

Well, because there are a lot of fantastic toys out there with the sushi theme! In today's toy stores you can find absolutely everything and nothing is crazy enough.

So there is also toy sushi, and because I liked that so much, I decided to devote this article to it. Ideal for young foodies!

To give you an idea, let me introduce you to my favorite of the favorites when it comes to sushi toys, namely this Melissa & Doug wooden sushi cutting playset.

The first thing I noticed about this product is the material: wood. Wood has a lot of advantages, including that it is extremely robust and sturdy, and therefore can take a beating and is durable.

Wooden toys are 100% natural and generally last much longer than, for example, plastic toys.

When you for choose wooden toys, you go for a healthier and safer choice and do your bit for the environment.

The wooden sushi playset from Melissa & Doug is undoubtedly an attractive toy choice. The set consists of 24 cute parts and is designed very realistically.

You can discover more about this product in the info below the table!

Curious about a number of other fun toy sushi products? In my table I have listed several options, and below the table I will discuss each product in detail.

Best toy sushiImages
Cutest wooden sushi toys: Melissa & Doug Wooden Sushi Cutting PlaysetLittle boy plays with Cutest wooden sushi toys - Melissa & Doug Sushi Cutting Playset
(view more images)
Best sushi card game: Sushi goBest sushi card game on the table - Sushi Go
(view more images)
Cutest sushi clay set: Play-Doh Sushi SetGirl makes sushi roll with Cutest sushi clay set- Play-Doh Sushi
(view more images)

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Children with a broad taste

There are parents who like their children to develop a broad taste. It is becoming more and more common for children to develop a 'luxury' taste early on when it comes to food.

Many children in this day and age are therefore no longer necessarily enthusiastic about fries and pancakes - while in my time they were really party meals. No, nowadays they prefer sushi or tenderloin.

There are always those kids who really like everything and are not afraid of raw fish and other 'crazy' ingredients. I was such a child, herring was my favorite!

Although I don't have to think about that anymore today ...

But the fact is that different foods are increasingly coming into our lives, and kids like to play with pretend play food what they see.

So is your family one of sushi lovers? Then playing with sushi is a very logical step!

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Best sushi toys rated

Now let's take a closer look at my favorite sushi toys. These items make me happy!

Cutest wooden sushi toys: Melissa & Doug Sushi Cutting Playset

Little boy plays with Cutest wooden sushi toys - Melissa & Doug Sushi Cutting Playset

(view more images)

Keep the kids nice and sweet with this beautiful wooden sushi toy set! The toys are a feast for the eyes and perhaps the coolest addition to a children's kitchen.

It consists of 24 pieces, including sliceable sushi rolls with a shrimp, tuna, egg and fish egg toppings, a dip bowl, a wooden knife, menu and much more. You can even add wasabi if you want!

You also get handy, self-adhesive chopsticks. The chopsticks make it easy for little hands to successfully pick up the sushi pieces.

Is your child not yet familiar with this, or can you yourself use a “eat with chopsticks” refresher? Then take a look at this tutorial:

An interesting detail is that the adhesive tabs on the chopsticks make realistic and satisfying sticking sounds. You will experience the same sounds when you “cut” the sushi rolls with the wooden knife!

What a great way fine motor skills, color and shape sorting, verbal skills, imaginative play and even some simple cultural understanding.

This elegant and lively set is packed in a nice storage box with the appearance of a bento box, to keep the toys nice and tidy and to make playing easier.

The recommended age for this toy is from 3 to 8 years old.

A well-known name in the toy world, Melissa & Doug produces toys that stimulate the imagination and a sense of wonder in all children so that they can discover themselves, their passions and their purpose.

Check the latest prices here

With this sushi set you can of course do the best in a beautiful wooden toy kitchen! Check out the top 12 best-rated play kitchens here.

Best sushi card game: Sushi Go!

Best sushi card game on the table - Sushi Go

(view more images)

Are you still looking for an original gift or a creative card game to play with the family? In case you are real sushi fans, this card game can be a perfect choice!

This unique and highly accessible card game is easy to learn, fast to play and interesting for many ages.

In this smooth card game you have to collect the best combinations of sushi dishes. Here the game is explained in 5 minutes:

You score points if you have the most maki rolls or by collecting a complete set of sashimi.

To triple your value, dip your favorite nigiri in the wasabi! But don't forget the dessert, otherwise you will lose points.

Whoever scores the most points wins the game. Do you show all your friends who the real sushi chef here is ?!

The game is suitable for 2 to 5 players and for everyone from 8 years old. You can consider this card game as a delicious sushi round: you will not get enough!

Check the latest prices here

A card game like this one is natural an ideal game for traveling!

Best sushi clay set: Play-Doh Sushi

Girl makes sushi roll with Cutest sushi clay set- Play-Doh Sushi

(view more images)

Imagine .. Your own sushi bar! With this play set from Play-Doh you can make your own sushi from clay.

With this set, young chefs can prepare and serve an extensive sushi meal. The perfect start for a culinary adventure!

Roll the 'nori sheets' with the roll and then grind the 'rice' fine with the rice mill. Then you wrap it all together with a few pieces of delicious vegetables and other fillings.

If you're not afraid of a little spiciness, add wasabi! This video shows all the possibilities:

Now the sushi rolls are ready to be 'eaten' with the included chopsticks.

Children can also practice picking up their sushi creations thanks to the chopsticks.

The set comes with a total of 9 non-toxic Play-Doh clay pots including black clay to use as nori, white to make imaginative rice and 6 other colors to make Play-Doh fish and other crazy fillings.

The set is suitable for children between 3 and 7 years.

Check prices and availability here


Have you become enthusiastic about these sushi toys, just like me? It is a bit different from the standard toys that you can find everywhere.

Sushi toys now make role play just that little bit more chic and kids often love it to imitate adults.

The toys can even help children learn how to handle chopsticks. This is a real challenge, because eating with chopsticks is not nearly that easy!

If sushi is new to kids, playing with these toys is a great way to teach them about different foods and maybe give them a try.

You may have found the perfect gift you've been looking for after reading this article!

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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