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Dominator Trooper Review: Highly recommended for your child

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Could you call your child a purebred shredder?

The Dominator Trooper is a cool, perfect scooter for all the young shredders out there.

It is ideal for performing amazing daring tricks on the skating rink, but the scooter is also great for beginners, for those who want to learn how to stunt. That's because of his size.

Dominator trooper stunt scooter

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It is designed specifically to provide a smooth ride. This stunt scooter has a low profile that makes it more manageable.

The recommended age of the Dominator is three to twelve years, but I think it's more suitable for kids around six to eight years old - that is, kids about 110 cm tall.

To give you a good impression of the size, you can watch this youtube video:

This cool Dominator Trooper is made with the strongest materials, by one of the best scooter manufacturers in the world and it can drive very fast and smooth on all terrains.

When putting together this Dominator stunt scooter, the makers had only one thought in mind: to offer the fairly young riders a solid platform where they could optimally develop their stunt skills.

And that turns out to work!

Although it is intended for doing cool tricks, it is certainly also suitable for your child to drive to school at ease.

I'll tell you what its best features are!

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What features does the Dominator Trooper have?

Let's take a look at why the Dominator Trooper Scooter now ranks so highly compared to other kids stunt scooters:

I have carefully read all the findable reviews of the Dominator Trooper Scooter and actually parents and children are just thrilled with it.

In particular, many positive comments are given regarding the high quality.

The features of this scooter are:

  • the shorter deck (length: 43,5 cm. width: 11.4 cm), this is easier to control for our smaller shredders
  • this deck makes it easier to perform tailwhips because the rotation time is shortened.
  • deck is made of aluminum
  • special Eagle wheels of 10 cm with a strong aluminum wheel core
  • solid tires
  • durable 100 mm. alloy wheels with fast abec bearings
  • soft handles with good grip
  • one piece steel handlebar for extra strength
  • it has a brand new two-piece bar design
  • easy to use and flexible brake
  • non-slip base plate
  • rear foot brake
  • he has a threaded headset
  • the weight of the Dominator Trooper is 3,5 kg

Those are quite a few strengths for such a kids scooter, don't you think?

Best stunt scooter for 6 years Dominator Trooper

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Parents are therefore very enthusiastic about it, but also the kids themselves, read more below.

Why is the Dominator nice for children?

The Trooper from Dominator is a very complete trick scooter, especially made for the youngest stunters, the total height is 69 cm measured from the ground.

The short deck makes it easier for your child to ride the scooter and to be able to control it properly, but also to learn tricks.

It is really a very sturdy scooter that should last a long time.

Your child can simply imitate all the stunts that the older shredders and pros do, because this scooter is on the small side and completely tailored for the younger users. That naturally gives your child a great 'adult' feeling.

Of course it is always necessary protective equipment with a stunt or bicycle helmet to carry.

Take for example this SFR Essentials Skate / BMX helmet Sports helmet, a great head protection that grows with your child due to padding that you can get in and out.

This stunt scooter is also suitable for your child, just to ride it quietly. Such as back and forth to school or to run an errand for you.

But above all, stay on the sidewalk!


The Dominator is a great scooter for younger children; Sure, it can last a long time because it can also support the weight of an adult.

However, it is a bit on the short side, but some older children do not find that disturbing at all.

When I look at the price-quality ratio of this Dominator Trooper, I can only say that it is very good.

This Trooper is a super complete scooter, which is also very solid and suitable for performing the most cool 'head over heels' stunts.

Yet it is also good to use on the street and it is especially nice and fast! That is because of its good abec bearings ...

I estimate that your little shredder will master a tailwhip quite quickly with this 'short deck' scooter. And if not, he will simply enjoy it a lot!

A great gift for your little, tough stunter who might want to go a little further!

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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