Duplo Tractor | The 6 best Duplo tractors to play with

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 30, 2020

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Have your children played with coloring pictures in the meantime and do you not want to have them on a tablet or game console?

Then the Lego solutions are ideal for you. The Lego Duplo Tractor combination has many expansion options and ensures that your children will not get bored.

My own favorite: The Duplo Farm with Tractor

Personally, I chose the Lego <Duplo Farm combination because it has many expansion options but at the same time offers a lot itself, the product gives my children some spatial insight and since I thought it was too early to give my children a tablet of game console to crawl.

I myself started with the Lego Duplo Farm and purchased it through block.nl.

I chose this product precisely because my son is a big fan of the farm, which is why this product suited his wishes well.

Ultimately, the youngest son also really enjoys it.

In addition, I found this product attractive in terms of price, since I did not want to spend a lot of money on a whole set if it turns out that they do nothing with it.

What else is there for choice on the farm?

Toy reviews & comparisons video

Other products that I also viewed are, for example, the loose tractor, the steam train and the packages from Cars.

These products may be interesting at a later stage if it turns out that the children continue to play with the Lego Duplo Tractor.

However, I chose only the farm set because of the price and the interest of my son.

So my purchase was also very dependent on the area of ​​interest of my children.

Fortunately, Lego Duplo offers many other packages, such as the steam train, the freight train, the fair and a set of the cartoon Cars.

Are you interested in these products?

Below I have listed a number of the products with the consideration of why I did or did not buy them myself.

Lego Duplo Package Images
Lego Duplo Farm Set
Lego Duplo farm set with tractor(view more images)
Lego Duplo Cars Flo's cafe Flos cafe van cars close to the farm(view more images)
Lego Duplo Cars Hoist Shed Hoist shed of disney cars(view more images)
Lego Duplo Freight Train Duplo freight train(view more images)
Lego Duplo Steam train Duplo steam train(view more images)
Lego Duplo Tractor Duplo Tractor with trailer(view more images)

Nicest DUPLO tractors

LEGO Duplo farm set

As I said before, I chose only the Lego Duplo farm set myself. My main choice was based on the price of the product.

Children who love the farm. If you have a little more to spend. As an extension of farm attributes you already have.

Lego Duplo farm set with tractor

(view more images)

Since the product is not very expensive, I think it is very suitable for two reasons.

First of all, this way I could see if my children actually liked the product.

If the Lego Duplo set is very satisfactory, I always have the option to purchase more Lego Duplo products.

In addition, it was just a very nice product for my son.

He loves tractors and the farm very much, which is why I thought the Lego Duplo farm with tractor was so suitable for him.

In addition, the product contains nice extras. If you want to know what these extras are, read on!

Why I am so happy with the choice!

As I said, my son is very fond of tractors and the farm.

He was very happy with the tractor he got, but what got him most excited were all the accessories that could be used in combination with the cow.

Because the product also includes accessories such as an oil can, pitchfork and feeding trough, my son can completely immerse myself in his own fantasy.

In addition, I think it is good that, although the Lego Duplo Tractor consists of 59 parts, there are no parts that my son can swallow.

I have also consciously looked at this.

Because the products are all quite large, he often does not even have the opportunity to put these parts in his mouth.

I don't have to worry if he is playing with the set.

Because the set is still quite compact, I can also take it anywhere.

When we go to my parents for a day, I don't have to bring whole bags to put all his toys in. Everything fits easily in a small bag.

Since they are so big and few parts, I don't have to look under all the chairs or couches to see where all are. I personally like this very much.

Finally, I think it is very nice that my children do not immediately get a tablet in their hand.

This way my son also gets some spatial insight and he can also play with this set together with his brother.

For example, they are not both individually behind a game console or tablet.

Why you must have this product

The Lego Duplo Farm Set was an ideal purchase for me. The price was very low, making it a great product to use as an entry-level model.

In addition, my son loves the farm very much and finally the products are fun to play with and he does not have the opportunity to put the pieces in his mouth.

I would therefore certainly recommend this product to parents of young children who are looking for a nice Lego Duplo product to start with and do not want to spend too much money.

Are you interested, take a look at this one link for the latest price and to purchase the product.

In addition, you can also look at bol.com for more experiences from others.

LEGO Duplo tractor

Duplo Tractor with trailer

(view more images)

Nice product to get into, also in terms of price. Handy to see if your children like it. Great for children who love the farm.

Check prices and availability here

Flo's cafe

Flos cafe van cars close to the farm

(view more images)

Children between 2-5 years old. If your kids like cars. If your kids love to watch Disney.

In the countryside is hard work, so you also have to eat somewhere nearby. (also check out our review of Duplo Cars sets)

Check the latest prices here

Cars Duplo hoists' shed

Hoist shed of disney cars

(view more images)

Children between 2-5 years old.

If your kids love cars and hoist the funniest character, and the tractors need to be repaired too. Nice to include in the fantasy game :)

Watch it here

LEGO Duplo freight train

Duplo freight train

(view more images)

If you have a lot to spend. If your kids like trains.

The control with an app makes it interesting for older children who can handle electronics.

The goods from the farm must of course also be transported. (also read our article about the best Duplo trains)

Check prices and availability here

LEGO Duplo steam train

Duplo steam train

(view more images)

If your kids like trains. This can also be controlled with an app. In terms of price, it is also somewhat higher. Slightly less extensive than the freight train.

Check prices here

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