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DUPLO Bus | Hours of driving fun for young children with this top 4

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

It is not always easy to find a nice gift for a child. The range of products is of course very large!

Here we look at different buses from LEGO DUPLO and what makes these packages so much fun. As a gift or simply as a nice toy for your own little one.

duplicate bus feature

I looked at several construction sets before picking my favorite.

THE absolute favorite when it comes to DUPLO buses it is LEGO DUPLO Market square. Of course there is a bus, but also a shop and things to transport.

This makes the fantasy game a lot more fun for your child, so if you want to buy a single toy, this is a winner!

In addition to a market stall, this nice package includes a real transport van. This fun vehicle alone makes the package very worthwhile.

In addition, you get a lot of interesting accessories to simulate a real market day.

Below we will discuss in more detail what makes these packages so much fun and also give tips to expand and complement the DUPLO sets for even more driving and playing fun.

Double bus Images
Best market bus: LEGO DUPLO Market square

Duplo market square with bus

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Best for the little ones: LEGO DUPLO My First Bus (view more images)
Bad luck on the way: LEGO DUPLO Tow Truck (view more images)

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Best DUPLO buses rated

Best market bus: LEGO DUPLO market square


Nice set with a transport van and a real market stall complete with food.

Consisting of 24 parts, this package contains two play figures and a lot of fun accessories.

This set has a trolley with driver, a stand with a seller and a kitten.

The market square teaches your child how to handle food and how to transport it. The set consists of several parts, you can even find fruit and vegetables in it.

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Very nice to supplement with a beautiful DUPLO ice cream truck

A very nice addition to the Market Square DUPLO set is the LEGO DUPLO Ice Cream Truck.

The ice cream vendor's car can be set up very quickly. Young children's imaginations can run wild with this set.

The LEGO DUPLO Market Square and the LEGO DUPLO Ice Cream Truck are a great combination for teaching your child sales skills and about transporting food. Great fun and educational!

Whatever you choose, LEGO DUPLO is definitely an ideal gift for young children. Ultimately, the choice for the best construction set is yours.

But especially choose LEGO. Because all children make LEGO very happy and it is just very nice toy.

Best for the little ones: LEGO DUPLO My First Bus

LEGO Duplo my first bus

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Simple set of 6 parts to build a cute yellow bus on wheels. Includes a window stone with a print of figures on both sides.

Our favorite, the LEGO DUPLO My First Bus, is an educational set with parts easy to handle for little hands.

The bus is supplied with its own driver and also special blocks printed with letters and figures.

Very suitable for small children's hands

LEGO DUPLO always thinks of the little ones among us.

The construction of the LEGO DUPLO My First School Bus is perfect for the little hands of children between 2 and 5 years.

Even children from 1.5 years have no trouble building the bus.

The bus's design has been well thought out and you can see it in the vibrant colors of the bus blocks (which also makes them so much fun for young ages).

The size of the building blocks and the easily distinguishable patterns and colors on the bus make it easy for a young child to install the bus without too much effort.

Another advantage actually all LEGO DUPLO products is the durable plastic material it is made of.

The blocks do not break and discolour easily, so it can last a long time and is also fun for slightly wilder play with, for example, the Duplo Cars from Disney.

Kids won't get enough of driving a LEGO DUPLO bus.

If you are looking for a slightly simpler version, or perhaps you want an extra vehicle to make two children happy or to give your little one the start of a real fleet, there are more options.

The LEGO DUPLO My First Bus is a very good (additional) choice. The window elements with printed figures in this fun set encourage role play. The child will have hours of fun with this cute yellow bus.

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Just wait for the stories they will come up with while playing. Their fantasy is stimulated anyway.

Furthermore, the design is perfect for the recommended age range (1,5 to 3 years).

Of course the price also plays an important role. I am certainly willing to pay a little more for such sustainable toys.

This package is so reasonably priced that it is ideal as a small gift.

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Bad luck on the road: LEGO DUPLO Tow Truck

With 17 parts you build a sturdy tow truck, including a real working crane and a helpful mechanic. Also comes with a workshop and speed sign.

For another vehicle that will certainly stimulate the child's creativity and empathy, go for the LEGO DUPLO Tow Truck.

This makes the vehicle fleet interesting even for older children up to 5 years old.

If the LEGO DUPLO bus breaks down on the road, the tow truck can quickly come to his rescue.

The included helpful mechanic can carry out on-site repairs so that the bus can quickly take the kids to and from school.

And if you are parked incorrectly, the tow truck will absolutely tow your car. Incorrect parking is prohibited!

This set will certainly benefit the role play and interaction between the vehicles.

Check prices and availability here

Here you will find even more inspiration for the best LEGO and DUPLO play packages.

Nice gifts for small children

In the search for a suitable gift you always look first for whom it is intended and what the taste of the child is.

The next question you ask yourself is, am I going for a toy or am I going for something educational? Or am I doing a combination, the best of both worlds?

We also faced a dilemma when we were looking for a present for a niece, who will be celebrating her 4th birthday in a few days.

We were allowed to go to the children's party and of course you cannot arrive empty-handed. But what give you a 4 year old as a present than?

Duplo is fun for everyone

It was bursting with ideas in my head. Are you going for a Barbie, a bijou or a reading book? Then my husband came up with the brilliant idea to give LEGO.

Duplo is a timeless toy and is suitable for everyone. It does not distinguish between young and old or between girls and boys.

To be honest, I was not too fond of the LEGO idea at first.

I had my doubts about the small particles and the associated risk of ingestion, because it was only a toddler.

However, my concerns were soon reassured.

LEGO has a toy that is specially made for children between 2 and 5 years old, under the name LEGO DUPLO.

LEGO DUPLO specially designed for little hands

The DUPLO bricks are much larger in size than the original LEGO, exactly double in size. Hence the name DUPLO.

They are absolutely no risk of swallowing for small children and are therefore very suitable as toys for these little ones.

My husband is a really good guy, he also helped me find suitable LEGO DUPLO sets.

Before we looked for the gift online, we agreed that we would choose a kind of cart or van that could easily be expanded with other DUPLO blocks.

Every child likes to drive around with things. With accompanying sounds and role play of course!

Toys in the form of vehicles are therefore always a hit. Especially when it comes to a nice big bus.

Also nice to do: by bus on Duplo Safari

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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