Duplo train: these are the 6 nicest train playsets for children

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A Double tren; the ideal gift that will keep your child busy for a long time and at the same time get the maximum skills out of him/her.

The first Double tren is a unique gift as your little one has no idea what it is about and how great fun it can be.

As soon as it is taken out of the box, your little one will soon experience a new world with the tren and all associated pieces such as rails, blocks to make buildings, wagons, you name it.

duplo train

Play with Double is very educational, besides the fact that it provides a lot of fun.

Most importantly, in addition to having a lot of fun, the little ones can also develop their skills and gain a technical understanding.

This will give children a head start on things they will meet in the future.

We will make a comparison between different variants here Double trains and list their characteristics.

Several models are of high quality, but our favorite is this Lego Duplo Freight Train. This product is considered by many to be one of the best variants they could give to their children at a fairly affordable price.

Double train setImages
nicest Double freight train: LEGO DUPLO Cargo train 10875Best Duplo freight train: LEGO DUPLO Freight train 10875(view more images)
nicest Double tren with tunnel: Lego Duplo Luxury Train Set 10508Lego duplo luxury train set
(view more images)
nicest Double steam train: Duplo steam train 10874Best Duplo steam train: Duplo steam train 10874
(view more images)
Nicest educational Double tren: LEGO DUPLO Number train 10847Best educational train: LEGO DUPLO Number train 10847
(view more images)
nicest Double tren extension: train tracks level crossing 10882Best Duplo train extension: train tracks level crossing 10882
(view more images)
nicest Double tren bridge: Train bridge and rails 10872Best Duplo bridge: Train bridge and rails 10872
(view more images)

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Duplo train set buying guide: what do you pay attention to?

Double is amazing toys, but there are a few things to consider before gifting one of the many building sets to a child.


From what age is Double suitable? And when are they too big for it?

Lego Double itself indicates that it is toys suitable for children between 18 months and 5 years.

Their building sets are also divided into 4 different age groups:

  • From 18 months: Toys for the little ones, with extra large blocks that fit in the little hands of children. With this they discover for the first time how to get two blocks clicked together.
  • From 2 years old: this makes it possible to make somewhat more complex structures, the details and accompanying stories are more refined.
  • From 3 years old: now your child may have already collected quite a few Duplo sets and can start combining them. It is nice to have a standard set of blocks at home, so that the buildings (and creativity!) can become bigger and bigger.
  • From 4 years old: the last phase before the kids might prefer to play with “regular” Lego blocks, you can move on to this slowly.

Children under 18 months can of course always be introduced to Double cubes.

Because the blocks are so big (twice the size of Lego blocks, hence the name Double = Double!) there is virtually no risk of choking.

Babies will love the colors and love to bump into blocks. If you make a tower for them, they will find it fascinating and eager to knock it down.

However, older children will only understand what exactly is the purpose of the blocks and figure out how to put them together.

The real role play, play with other kids and the creative conception and construction of constructions comes later, from about 3 years.

Children 5 years or older Finally, they will often find Lego blocks more interesting. For example, let them start with a knightly building set from the Lego Kingdoms series.

Quantity of parts and figures

One Double set is not the other and some, such as the Luxe Double Train set from my list, with 134 parts and 3 mini figures, is very extensive.

The Lego Double Train Bridge and Tracks, on the other hand, only has 26 pieces and one figure.

So pay attention to this when purchasing the package so that you know what to expect. This way you avoid disappointment when opening the box and it only seems like a meager number of pieces.

The more parts, the more complicated the building set, and perhaps the more fun to play.

Especially with one tren the rails can never be long enough. Go for as many rails as possible and let the kids use the entire room floor (occasionally)! The ceiling is the limit!

The nice thing about it Double is of course that most sets can be combined with each other.

I'll go through each one below Double tren set also provide tips to supplement the set with others Double Products.


You won't regret purchasing one anytime soon Double set, but it can certainly be a significant investment.

Decide for yourself how far you want to go in this regard, and perhaps spread out the giving of the sets. For example, give them the basic set for the birthday, and then a great expansion set at christmas.

Of course you can too Double Putting sets and extensions on your child's wish list.

This way friends and family don't have to guess what they will make your little one happy with, and you will soon have a beautiful collection at home.

New or second-hand?

Lego Double is virtually indestructible, and will last much longer than your little one is interested in it.

It's an idea to ask around your circle of friends if someone has a nice one Double box that is collecting dust in the attic or you can take a look at the thrift store.

Plastic building blocks are easy to clean (read here how) and as soon as your children are done with it, they can pass the sets in turn.

But do you think this is a better idea? toys buy new, or if you can't find them used, then this is of course also fine.

With Double Buying new also gives you the advantage that you can choose exactly the set that your child is interested in.

Is he crazy about princesses, knights and castles? Then take a look at these ridiculously cute Duplo sets. Is she obsessed with trains? Then read on!

Best Duplo train sets reviewed

Now that we've covered all that, let's get to my favorite one Double trains go see. What makes these sets so much fun?

Best Duplo freight train: Lego Duplo freight train 10875

With 105 parts you build a long track with a harbor and a boat, charging station, cranes, a cafe and more with all kinds of accessories and animals.

Duplo freight train

(view more images)

The first train set, the Lego Double Freight train, is of high quality and has a simple operation.

This freight train is easy to put on the rails and because of the push & go motor it covers long distances with a little push to the harbor, the loading station or the cranes.

You just need to give a little push and the tren will propel itself forward: super handy and fun for your little one.

The tren can easily change direction.

This freight train comes together with rail elements, a harbor, a charging station and more and is super easy to operate.

The system uses color-coded action stones where the tren can drive by, recognizes it and responds to it.

They let lights go on, they can make sounds, stop and change direction.

With a price above € 100, it is not an everyday gift, but it is quality for your money.

You can make so much with these sets, also in combination with your others Double building blocks.

Just look how Mika built an amazing multi-storey train tracks, really so funny to watch:

This set is very educational as your little one learns to program and how goods are transported.

Cutest Duplo Freight Train- Lego Duplo Freight Train 10875Cute Duplo Freight Train- Lego Duplo Freight Train 10875

(view more images)

It is ideal to give the little one maximum stimulation of his or her skills. Best of all, the price is not too high for a lot of fun.

  • Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Parts: 105 parts, 3 minifigures
View this train set here

Additions to this Duplo train package

Is this set alone not enough? Or would you like to complete it with something else? There are many packages that you can combine the freight train with.

We recommend the Lego Duplo Creative Fun Building Set as an ideal addition as it consists of 120 interesting building blocks with different shapes.

Another option is the Duplo Building plate, as the basis for all creations.

This way you can easily expand the world you've built: make a city, enlarge the harbor, build towers, you name it.

The little one will let off steam for a long time and vary a lot, change the job and get new ideas. This generates a lot of creativity and ensures hours of fun.

beside is Duplo Cars like this one we wrote about before of course also a nice addition to the train set.

Best Duplo train with tunnel: Lego Duplo luxury train set 10508

In second place we put the Lego Double Luxury Train Set. It is more expensive than the previous one, but here too you are guaranteed hours of fun.

This train set is ideal for your child: it is rich in beautiful colors, the locomotive contains sound effects and it has various freight wagons, cranes and trucks to transport stones.

This set is very interactive and will increase your child's motor skills, insight and fun.

With 134 parts you build a track (160 cm) that moves in many directions with a bridge/tunnel, truck, DOUBLE-quarry, building with a crane to transport boulders.

Lego duplo luxury train set

(view more images)

The second train set, the Lego Double Luxury Train Set, we think it comes close to Lego Double Freight train.

It is slightly more expensive, but it provides almost as much fun.

The Luxury Train Set is very popular worldwide by many because of its different qualities.

The good thing about this train set is that it is also quite simple to put together, it contains different sound effects, it is full of cheerful colors and the design is very impressive.

The set has quite a lot of parts including the locomotive, freight wagons that can accommodate rocks, rails, a bridge that can also be used as a tunnel, a building with a crane and 3 Double characters.

It stimulates your little one's technical skills as he or she has to think carefully about how the track should be constructed and programmed, especially so that the bridge can also be used as a tunnel and that the tren can go in the right directions.

Here too your child learns the system of transporting goods and he or she will experience hours of fun with it.

  • Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Parts: 134 parts, 3 minifigures

Check prices and availability here

Best Duplo steam train: Duplo steam train 10874

Best duplicate steam train

(view more images)

This is another more classic train set with a real steam train. Fun for your toddler from 2 years and is specially made so that they can operate it easily.

Children can learn their action and consequence well because with a little push forward or backward the tren already driving. This is due to the unique Push & Go motor.

If you want to stop it again, simply grab it or lift it. A child can do the laundry!

You can also play with the 5 colored action bricks.

This is easy for slightly older children to understand, because you can place them on the rails to... tren actions to be carried out.

The actions that the tren could be:

  • let's honk
  • turn the lights on and off
  • pause to refuel
  • to change direction
  • and stop the train altogether
Best Duplo steam train: Duplo steam train 10874

(view more images)

Furthermore, it is a very complete set with a train station, employee, 2 DOUBLE figures, an animal and many included train tracks.

Furthermore, you can make it as complicated as you want with even an app that you can download if you like it.

You can use it without a mitten Double know that not every parent will like this, but you can expand your playing experience even further.

With the app you can use the tren can also be operated remotely and there are numerous activities that you can discover together with your child.

  • Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Parts: 59 parts, 1 minifigure
Check the latest prices here

Best educational train: LEGO DUPLO Number train 10847

You can build one with 23 parts tren with building blocks with numbers and two LEGO DOUBLE children's figures and a cat. It contains no rails.

Lego Duplo educational number train

(view more images)

A very nice educational one tren, suitable for children from approximately 1,5 years.

There isn't just one tren with locomotive and 3 wagons, but also two funny figures and a kitty.

Very fun for the little ones who are just starting out Double come into contact.

Best educational train: LEGO DUPLO Number train 10847

(view more images)

There are big blocks (from what age can you play with Duplo?) with numbers 1 to 9 to playfully learn to count and they have cheerful colors.

The blocks are large and perfect for your toddler or toddler, specially developed to be safe for small children's hands.

  • Age: 18 months to 3 years
  • Parts: 23 parts, 2 minifigures
Check the latest prices here

Best Duplo train extension: train tracks level crossing 10882

There are several sets that can be used as an ideal addition to the Luxury Train Set when it is not enough.

Here you can also choose the Double Construction set and the Double Building plate to make the dimension a lot larger. I have already discussed that above.

Your little one can build a city with buildings along the track and places where the boulders can be kept. Is the length of the track not enough?

Lego duplo train tracks extension

(view more images)

Then you can choose to extend it by Double Train tracks.

This train tracks consists of 23 parts including rail elements, a level crossing, a red action brick, and more.

  • Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Parts: 23 parts, 0 minifigures
View these train tracks here

Best Duplo bridge: Train bridge and rails 10872

Lego duplo train bridge extension

(view more images)

You can easily add this train bridge with extra rails to any new or existing one Double train set to immediately add a new dimension to playing.

Suitable from 2 years old, so you can teach your toddler or preschooler to assemble a more difficult structure and you immediately have a bridge for the tren to go over, and a tunnel to pass under.

There is also an extra action brick that works with many of the newer train sets Double.

So will you tren will honk when it drives over it, nice to place under the train bridge, for example.

You also get an extra one Double figure, namely a construction worker who can help with the construction of this large project.

  • Age: 2 to 5 years
  • Parts: 26 parts, 1 minifigure
View the most current price of the train bridge here

Why buy Duplo for your child?

Lego Double is a very popular toys that has been doing well for decades and has achieved great success every year. Double regularly brings new sets to the market.

In this way they do their utmost to always remain a favorite with both parents and children.

At the same time it has playing with Double many benefits for the development of children's skills.

Double packages consisting of Double building blocks, figures, such as this one from Hello Kitty we reviewed, and accessories invite the youngest to build their own adventures and develop scenarios using their imagination and maximum imagination.

The global Lego brand in general has been known for creating for many years toys that helps in learning and acquiring both individual and social skills.

This toys gives a lot of fun for children of different ages, Double is often intended for children aged 1,5 to 5 years.

Lego Duplo has also been on the list of the best toys for over 40 years.

With Lego Double the little ones can get started at home in the living room or wherever, putting together the building blocks and buildings, cars, trains, towers, and whatever else and have fun for a long time.

All the pieces in many different beautiful colors and adapted to the capacities of the little one offer children the opportunity to put together whatever they want to build.

Once built, children can prove that they have achieved their goal which motivates them to keep creating.

If a problem arises, you have to know how to solve it in the best way as a child and come up with something.

At the same time it is playing with Lego Double very safe as the pieces are large enough and made with non-toxic and high quality materials.

This ensures that little ones who are always tempted to put everything in their mouths do not suffer any form of poisoning from any product supplied by Lego Double.

The blocks are big enough so that the little one cannot swallow anything. All pieces before they come on the market always undergo several tests to check their strength and hardness to see if they cannot break.

Buy Lego Double for your child to encourage his/her social skills.

This way your little one can also work together with other children or with you as a parent to achieve better results.

This promotes cooperation and good interaction with each other during construction.

Lego is a brand that evolves together with children, their first experiences will be with Double but as they grow, they will continue to play with other Lego categories until a certain age.

Also read about these fun Duplo airplane packages

The advantages of the new Duplo train variants

Lego Duplo continues to update its classic and older models, most of them trains released in recent years are also based on classic models but with innovations and improvements.

In addition to a new design, the new train sets also contain building blocks with which: trains can drive over the tracks and perform actions according to the settings.

The positive thing about the new models is that children between 1,5 and 5 years can already learn to program with Duplo.

Action bricks are now aimed at the smallest children so that they have to come up with the best ways to program properly and... tren to circulate properly on the track.

Double trains remain one of the most important variants of Lego Duplo. With the latest designs and variations, it will not lose its essence either.

Children will never get tired of it trains to assemble, lay the track, the tren circulate and come up with all kinds of scenarios yourself.

Double trains have multiple functionalities. Children are busy making constant movements at the right speed and must ensure that the tren going in the right direction.

So you are continuously reprogramming without realizing it. That is not all because the child is constantly faced with challenges that he / she tries to solve.

And if you are with several people, you work as a team.

You will discover the rules of the track's circulation, colors, numbers and shapes.

You also stimulate language development, vocabulary, imagination, creativity, a sense of art and a technical insight.

According to many, it is also an advantage that it is a physical game, this is a much healthier choice for your child than anything in the digital world.

So there is no need for a game console, children's tablet or mobile.

This is also not necessary to have hours of fun with the best Duplo sets.

The nice thing about buying these kinds of sets is, as we mentioned above, combining one package with another.

This way you can quickly acquire the best combinations. Your child will no doubt be very happy.

If you would like a longer track you can buy a Duplo train track package so you can extend the track of the track, add a railway junction and add a bridge.

The extension of the tracks is highly recommended as it extends the route considerably.

Lego Duplo has recently released two new sets and each contains an extra action brick.

One of these sets is the Lego Duplo Train Bridge and Tracks.

This is definitely recommended, it contains 8 straight rail elements, 4 ramp elements to assemble the bridge and a yellow action brick for honking and a few extra accessories.

The other set is the Lego Duplo Train Tracks.

This set contains a straight rail element, 10 curved rail elements, a railway crossing, 2 end points, 2 switches and a red action stone to complete the tren to make it stop.

The rails of all new Duplo train sets are compatible with those of the train track sets and other train sets.

It's no problem if you have rails and trains that you already have with new sets.

You can do more than one tren control simultaneously and combine all your routes to create a mega route.

Old and new trains can drive on the track at the same time.

Also read: these are the nicest wooden toy train sets for those little conductors

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