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Excavators: What makes them fun for kids and what do they teach them?

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Excavators are great for playing, but you can also really learn a lot from them. For example, do children learn to develop their motor skills, improve their hand-eye coordination, develop their fine motor skills and stimulate their imagination?

Let's take a look at all the things your child will learn when they play with excavator toys.

Bruder 1 in 18 large excavator

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What do children learn from playing with toy excavators?

Toy excavators (the best reviewed here) are very suitable for children to develop their motor skills. By handling the excavator, children learn to improve their hand-eye coordination and develop their fine motor skills. This applies to both the models with remote control and the models that are manually operated.

Stimulation of the imagination

Playing with toy excavators stimulates children's imagination. They can put themselves in the role of a real excavator operator and create their own stories. This can provide hours of fun and fun creativity.

Development of spatial awareness

Playing with toy excavators can also contribute to the development of spatial awareness. For example, children learn how to maneuver the excavator to get to the right place. This can contribute to their understanding of space and distance.

Excellent gifts for children

Toy excavators also make excellent gifts for children. They are available in a wide selection of makes, models and scales, including trucks and shovels. The most famous brands are CAT and Rolly, but other brands are also represented. In addition, they are also suitable for children of all ages, from small models for toddlers to large models for older children.

Notes on choosing toy excavators

When choosing toy excavators, there are a number of things that you should pay attention to. For example, it is important to look at the quality of the material. For example, plastic can wear out from playing in the sandbox. In addition, it is important to look at the scale of the excavator and whether it is suitable for the age of the child. The delivery and any filters or comments are also important to consider.

The best materials for toy excavators

As a parent, you naturally want your child to play safely. That is why it is important to look at which materials were used in making the toy excavator. Most toy excavators are made of plastic, because this material is light and durable. Make sure that the plastic is strong enough and does not break easily. In addition, toy excavators made of metal are also available, such as diecast models. These are often a bit more expensive, but very realistic and sturdy.

Electric or manual: what functions are there?

Toy excavators come in many shapes and sizes. There are small manual models that your child can operate himself, but also large electric models that have all kinds of functions. Think of a cabin that can open, a dumper that can tip and an arm that can rotate and dig. There are for the little ones toy cars in the form of excavators, which often have only one function. It is important to see which functions are appropriate for the age and development of your child.

Sustainability and realism: which brands are great?

There are many brands that make toy excavators, such as Volvo and Bruder. These brands are known for their durable and realistic models. For example, excavators have been made to scale, so that your child really has the feeling that he or she is operating a real excavator. In addition, there are also toy excavators that can be built from scratch, such as the technical building sets from LEGO. This allows your child to discover step by step how an excavator works and how it works.

Playing and learning together: how can toy excavators help?

Toy excavators are not only fun to play with, but can also help your child's development. This way your child can learn how an excavator works and how to control it. In addition, playing together with other children can help with social development. By working together and discussing, your child learns how to make themselves heard and how to take others into account. In addition, playing with toy excavators can stimulate your child's creativity by creating and performing scenarios on their own.

Price and quality: what should you pay attention to?

Toy excavators come in many price ranges. It is important to look at the quality of the material and the functions that the excavator has. Sometimes a cheaper model can be sufficient for your child, while a more expensive model has more functions and lasts longer. It is also important to look at the age category for which the excavator is suitable. From what age can your child safely play with it? So you don't have to worry about your child accidentally hurting themselves or others while playing.

What to look for when buying a toy excavator?

First of all, it is important to see for what age the toy excavator is intended. Most manufacturers indicate this on the packaging. Make sure the excavator is suitable for your child's age. Also pay attention to the safety of the toy. Check that there are no loose parts that could be swallowed or caught in your child's hands. Choose materials that are not too hard and do not have sharp edges.

Material and dimensions

When buying a toy excavator it is important to look at the material it is made of. Choose an excavator made of sturdy plastic that is easy to clean. Also pay attention to the dimensions of the excavator. Make sure it is not too big for your child to hold and move around.

Functions and movements

Look at the functions and movements of the excavator. Does your child just want to play with the excavator or do you want them to learn a certain concept or understanding? If your child is younger, it is likely that they just want to play and drive around with the excavator. When your child is older, it can be fun to buy an excavator that can actually dig or turn. Make sure that the excavator is easy for your child to operate and that it does not have to push or pull too hard to make the excavator move.

Second hand or new

You can choose to buy a used toy excavator to save money. However, check that the toy is still in good condition and has no loose parts. If you decide to buy a new excavator, read the current reviews and experiences of other parents to make sure you make the best choice.

Purpose and place

Think about the purpose of the excavator and where it will be used. If your child like Outside plays in the ground or in it sand, choose an excavator that is suitable for this environment. If your child will mainly use the excavator indoors, choose an excavator that is easy to maneuver and will not damage furniture or other objects. Also make sure that there is enough room to play and that the excavator is not too big for the available space.

Technical details

Check the technical details of the excavator before you buy it. Pay attention to the movements and functions of the excavator and make sure it is appropriate for your child's age and level. Also look at the batteries that are needed and whether they are included with the purchase of the excavator. Make sure the excavator is easy to use and easy for your child to operate.

What ages are toy excavators suitable for?

Toy excavators are great fun toys for children of different ages. However, the age ranges for which toy excavators are suitable vary by make and model. In general, toy excavators are suitable for children from about 2 years old. In addition, there are also models that are suitable for children from 1 year old.


There are many different brands and models of toy excavators on the market. The most famous brands are Rolly Toys, CAT and Falk. Each brand has its own range of toy excavators, from small excavators to large remote-controlled excavators. In addition, there are also toy trucks, shovels and other vehicles that are fun to play with in combination with an excavator.

Size and scale

The size and scale of toy excavators varies by model. For example, there are small excavators that are easy to handle for small children, but also large remote-controlled excavators that are suitable for older children. In addition, excavators are also available in different scales. It is important to look at the size and scale of the excavator so that you make the right choice for your child.

Delivery and additional notes

When choosing a toy excavator, it is important to look at the delivery and any additional comments. For example, the excavator may be supplied with batteries or that extra filters are included. In addition, it is useful to look at the possibility of remote ordering and the delivery time of the excavator.

Questions and advice

If you have any questions about which toy excavator is best for your child, you can always contact the supplier or a toy store. They can advise you on the right choice and which excavator is most suitable for the age of your child.


It is important to know that children really like excavator toys and can imagine themselves in the role of a real excavator operator. It stimulates their imagination and creativity, and develops their spatial awareness.

If your child wants to play excavator toys, it is important to look at the quality of the material and functions. As you have read, there are many models suitable for all ages and all spaces.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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