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Fitbit Ace 3 Review: Best Waterproof Activity Tracker

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De Fitbit Ace 3 is slightly cheaper than the Garmin Vivofit, and besides that, it's a lot easier to keep clean

As a pedometer it is the MOST ACCURATE of all that I have tested, but you can expect that from a Fitbit, right?

He is disappointing in following other tasks, and even other activities. For example, he cannot register that your child is cycling, which can be quite a disadvantage in your family (do you like cycling?).

Best Waterproof Smartwatch Activity Tracker for Kids
Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Waterproof, even for swimming
  • Multiple fitbits in 1 family are easy to connect
Less good
  • No heart rate monitor or GPS
  • No other activities besides sports

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Technical Specifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Waterproof up to: 50 meters IP08 (fully waterproof)
  • Product weight: 19.3 g
  • Operating system: Fitbit OS
  • Suitable for operating system: Android | iOS
  • Parental control/supervision via app: Yes
  • Touchscreen: Yes
  • Notifications from your smartphone: Receive messages
  • Includes navigation function: No
  • Activities Steps | Virtual Partner
  • Apps: MyFitnessPal | Spotify | Strava
  • Sensors: Insight into amount of sleep (hours) | Pedometer | Motion sensor
  • GPS type: No GPS
  • Continuous heart rate measurement: No
  • Notify me of irregular heartbeat: No
  • WIFI: No WiFi
  • Bluetooth version: Bluetooth 4.0
  • ANT+: No
  • Includes NFC: No
  • Battery: 192h
  • Strap material: Silicone
  • Can connect to the internet independently: No
  • Introduction year: 2021
  • Wrist circumference: 12.2cm to 17.3cm
What can a Fitbit Ace 3 do?

Essentially, the Fitbit Ace is a Fitbit Alta with a simplified app that allows for parental controls, so if you're already familiar with Fitbit and want a pedometer for your child, this makes sense.

However, he has no GPS and cannot make calls.

Ace 3 automatically sets fitness goals for your child and you will get notifications when they reach their goal for the day, as long as the device is within range of your phone so it can sync the data.

The battery can last up to 5 days, so that makes it perfect for wearing to school all week. Fine if you like rechargeable watches more than a battery that you have to replace (although the Garmin Vivofit lasts 7 months). A matter

But here comes the absolute power of the Fitbit Ace. Ready?

You can set up a family account if you all have Fitbits so you can easily view your kids' progress together.

As a family it is important to develop healthy habits together (**oh, am I supposed to lead by example?**). With the Fitbit Ace 3, your kids are guaranteed a healthier life and everyone in the family can participate.

The Fitbit Ace 3 is suitable for children from 6 years so younger siblings can quickly join in too.

Using the Fitbit app, you can use a special 'background' on the watch; our personal favorite is 'Sprout' which shows a plant pot with a flower that grows slowly as your child builds up more steps.

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What features does the Fitbit Ace 3 have?

The Ace uses a monochrome OLED touchscreen to display information such as the time, date, total steps for the day and total active time and this saves a lot energy so that it can last a long time.

The screen also displays notifications, so your child is constantly informed of his or her progress; the small animations that took place encouraged children to stay active.

The watch is made of plastic and fitted with a soft, rubbery strap.

This strap - which completely envelops the watch and protects it from bumps and drops - is interchangeable and available in two different color schemes, namely watermelon / teal and night sky / neon yellow.

The straps look playful and attractive and are 100% child-friendly.

The only drawback is that if you have a child who is approaching their teens, the tape may at some point become too childish.

Best kids watch with pedometer

Fitbit Ace 3 Activity Tracker

Product image
Toy score
Ease of use
Best for
  • Attractive design
  • Waterproof
  • Family account possible
Less good
  • Available in only two colours
  • Pricier than most other options

Fitbit account

If you're a parent who wants to set up Ace 3 for your child, you will need to register your own Fitbit account.

From here you can add one or more child accounts and then link the Ace 3 to your phone so it can sync and you can stay up to date with their progress.

If you are a parent who is already an active Fitbit user, then this is of course a perfect product!

Fitbit ace 2 waterproof and safe for kids review

Fitbit Ace vs Garmin Vivofit Jr 3

Because both of these watches are more activity trackers than smartwatches with a SIM card, you may doubt between these two models when you are looking for that.

The Fitbit Ace looks more like the old design of the Vivofit Jr 2, and indeed looks more like an activity tracker than a smartwatch.

That can be fun for your child, and it's a lot smaller so it doesn't look like a blok on their wrist.

The main difference in features is in the battery:

  • with the Garmin you get a battery that lasts a very long time, but you eventually have to replace it
  • with the Fitbit Ace you get a rechargeable battery, which also lasts quite a long time, but you still have to put it on the charger every 5-8 days

This may be personal preference.

If you are using semen If you want to exercise or do activities, the Fitbit Ace has the best functions for families to interact with challenges together.

But the Garmin Vivofit Jr wins with interactive stimulation for the child itself, because they can earn all kinds of things in the watch itself with parts of the apps that they can then play by doing activities and unlocking them.


  • Suitable for: Children who want a watch with Activity tracker
  • GPS: No, you cannot follow your child with this
  • Water resistant: Yes, up to 50 meters and easy to keep clean
  • Battery life: 5 days
Can the Fitbit Ace 3 receive text messages

No, this watch does not have a SIM card or WiFi to receive messages. It is an activity tracker for children and not a full-fledged smartwatch.

Is the Fitbit Ace 3 just for kids?

The Ace 3 was developed for kids from the design and strap to the Fitbit app which is quite stripped down to be suitable for kids. For example, the popular Fitbit community and calorie burning are missing.


  • This kids smartwatch is designed to track daily steps and make it fun by giving rewards and badges for achieving certain goals (just like the Garmin).
  • You can even set alarms and timers for your child from the app and track his or her sleep patterns.
  • You can create a family unit that not only creates a benign rivalry between you and your children, but also allows you to monitor their progress and make sure they get enough exercise.

Fitbit Ace 3 Alternatives

Best overall kids smartwatch

GarminVivofit Jr 3

The Garmin-jr is built to add a little bit of adventure to your life every day. Sometimes kids need some gamification to get their butts out to do active things.

Product image

It is also not a full-fledged smartwatch, but rather an activity tracker for children, made entirely to let your child perform their activities and tasks with enthusiasm.

Upon reaching the set objectives, new adventures of their favorite hero will be unlocked in the application.

Here you can see that the Garmin Vivofit Jr 3 is aimed at a really younger audience than the Fitbit Ace 3.


For kids who really just want a sports watch, this Fitbit Ace 3 is a great choice. For other smartwatch activities, it is best to choose another one.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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