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Haba: Best Wooden Educational Games

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Haba is a renowned Bavarian toy maker since 1938. It is the first toy manufacturer in Germany.

Did you know that Haba toys are well thought-out toys with a high play value?

I thought it was a good idea to take a closer look at Haba toys. I came across many toys from this German brand during my research into responsible and educational games and toys.

Children of all ages can find suitable games or toy items at Haba.

Best wooden educational games


The wooden toy items from Haba come from sustainable forest management. Wonderful and safe toys for the youngest among us and always at their own level, produced by hand in Germany by proud Haba employees.

Product image

The designers and game editors of this company are often inspired by nature, by animals and also by people and you can see that in their toys.

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Why Haba toys?

What particularly attracts me - besides the fact that this brand makes sustainable toys - is that there are already educational board games for very young children.

Haba's approach that a game should not be 'just fun', but also educational and focused on the development of your child is a big plus.

Cutest haba toys

Furthermore, each game adapts to different thinking levels, because it can be played in various ways.

The materials used for their toys are also safe and responsible. Do you think it's crazy that it is one of my favorite brands?

Haba history and background

Haba has been a renowned Bavarian toy maker since 1938. It is the first toy manufacturer in Germany.

The toys of this brand meet very strict safety requirements, and in most cases Haba exceeds both European and American standards.

Most of the wooden toys are made in Bad Rodach (Oberfranken region in Germany).

The dyes used are water-based, and therefore safe for in the mouth. The wood that Haba uses for its toys comes from regional forests and has the PEFC label.

In addition to opting for ecologically responsible materials, the brand also uses an active environmental policy in the German factory. The use of materials, emissions and production of waste are kept to a minimum.

Since 1999, Haba has passed the EMAS test without any problems and has received the ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management. This means: innovative materials, short distances and modern production techniques.

They even use new environmentally friendly materials from renewable raw materials for their products. The company tries time and again to implement improvements that benefit nature.

Finally, they have an energy management system certified according to the ISO 50001: 2011 standard to improve the company's energy efficiency.

The best wooden educational games from Haba

They start at a young age, for example with their walker: Broem.

Nicest Haba walker - Broem

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With the robust wooden walker Broem, the little ones who are just learning to walk have some extra support. Walking is promoted with this walking cart and gross motor skills are developed. You still have to assemble the trolley, which is not difficult with Haba runners:

The push resistance can be adjusted to the pace of your child on the adjustable brake.

This walker is cheerful, but above all safe and has a handy seat at the front. This way your child can push her dolls or friends or sit in them herself.

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Wooden toys from Haba

Wooden toys have been Haba's showpiece since its foundation. The company is best known for its wooden building blocks.

The emphasis is still on wood, but in recent years more and more other materials have also been used.

Today, Haba makes many different toy items; including marble tracks, dolls, children's jewelry, (craft) games, but also carpets and even decorations for the nursery.

Some of their products have been voted Toy of the Year in Germany.

The nice thing about Haba toys is that your child does not realize that he is picking up all kinds of skills while playing.

Your child will be helped in his development in a playful way: he learns to recognize, observe and react, concentrate and think logically, make decisions and solve problems.

What to do with children who find a game too difficult? Or children who quickly find a game easy and therefore boring?

At Haba there are always rules for a basic game as well as suggestions for making a game more difficult or easier.

As far as I am concerned, Haba makes suitable and well thought-out toys, with an eye for detail. A great brand!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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