Handcart or buggy: Which do you choose? [Pros and cons at a glance]

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Are you looking for a new mode of transport for your kids? Then you have several choices. For example, think of a wagon, or a buggy.

If you go out with your kids for a day, you naturally want to do it as pleasantly as possible.

That also means you don't have to lift your child when it gets tired or constantly run after the kids when they get rebellious.

Therefore, a means of transportation such as a wagon of buggy actually indispensable in a household with children.

Handcart or buggy: Which do you choose? [Pros and cons at a glance]

The wagon is best if you want to be able to transport children and heavy items, while it is better to have a buggy can take if you do not have more than one child and/or you are looking for a means of transport for your child for short trips.

In this article I will discuss both options in detail and mention the advantages and disadvantages of both handcart as the buggy.

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The handcart: advantages and disadvantages

The wagon is really years old. I remember when I was a kid it already existed and was popular.

My mom certainly enjoyed using it!

Handcarts may have been 'out of fashion' for a while, but rest assured; they are making a comeback!

I the best modern handcarts listed here for you.

That the wagon is back again, I'm not surprised by it; they are simply ideal for transporting everything.

Your children, for example, but also your groceries.

Where we used to only have heavy wooden carts, the wagon has undergone a transformation over the years.

Nowadays you even have electric carts!

Advantages of the handcart

Why would you even want one? wagon want to take? Below are a number of benefits.

  • You relieve your body
  • Perfect for transporting too heavy items
  • Perfect for days out
  • Handy if you have more children

One of the big advantages of one wagon is that it can relieve your muscles and joints. If you often lift heavy weights, this can cause complaints in the long term.

The wagon is therefore ideal for transporting heavy items or luggage.

A wagon is very useful for a day out. Not only can you store your kids in it, but also cool boxes, jackets, your bag and other items.

In amusement parks you see many families walking around with large or smaller carts. They are very easy to use and fit a lot in them.

Disadvantages of the handcart

On busy days at the amusement park, you may want to bring one wagon can sometimes be a bit annoying because they simply take up a little extra space.

  • On busy days at the amusement park there is a wagon not always convenient
  • You can't lock your child
  • Can be a bit uncomfortable at times

A wagon was originally designed for transporting goods. A wagon is therefore (generally) not equipped with belts.

This can be problematic with young children, as they may suddenly stand or lean too much on the ledge which could cause the stroller to tip over.

It is therefore important to teach your children to sit.

Also take into account the carrying weight of the stroller, especially if you have more than one child in the car handcart will transport.

A hood can sometimes be useful; it is a caret that shows the contents of the handcart protects against rain and UV radiation.

Also useful if your little one wants to take a nap and you want to rest on a terrace. A wagon is also often somewhat hard, so you may want to put some cushions in it.

Don't feel like pulling the handcart? Then the electric cargo bike may be ideal for you!

What do you pay attention to when purchasing a handcart?

You see, one wagon has a lot of advantages and is useful to have at home if you have children!

If you want the best for you wagon If you want to buy, there are a number of things you should take into account.

You can get hand carts on the market now in various shapes and sizes. The price can also vary quite a bit.

If you take the time in advance to think about where your ideal wagon must meet, making the right choice suddenly becomes much easier.

  • What are you going for? wagon use?
  • Has the wagon be collapsible?
  • Wishes for the handle?
  • The tires

In the next section, I'll go into more detail about each of these things.

What am I going to use a handcart for?

Are you planning to use it on vacation, for example during a beach day?

Then I assume that the wagon should have room for things like towels, toys, a cool box perhaps, but also a parasol and beach chairs.

Or do you want the wagon mainly use it to transport your children or perhaps your daily shopping?

In these cases, so for on holiday, for shopping, or for transporting children, a metal or wooden one is required wagon the best choice.

This is because these materials have a relatively high load-bearing capacity, so you don't have to worry about the handcarts sagging.

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Does the handcart have to be collapsible?

Especially if you are considering the wagon to take with you on holiday, it is simply convenient that you can fold it and transport it easily.

The collapsible versions generally have a metal or plastic construction and a fabric tray.

You guessed it: these types of carts therefore have less carrying capacity.

The carrying weight of a wagon can be 70 kg, but also 120 kg. Definitely something to take into account.

A collapsible or collapsible one wagon is useful for taking with you on holiday and if you plan to take the car with you often. The disadvantage is that such a cart can carry less weight.

Go for a non-foldable one handcart if you plan to transport heavy groceries or your children. This takes up a bit more space, but is more robust.

Wishes for the handle?

Don't forget to look at the handles of the hand carts you have in mind. A wagon you can pull or push.

The handle must therefore not only be robust, but also feel comfortable.

The best choice is a handle made of plastic.

You want to prevent your hands from hurting when using the cart. So look for one with a handle that fits comfortably in your hand.

If you are going out with the family for a day, you will probably go for a walk. Comfort is therefore a must.

What kind of tires?

Also important: what kind of tires does your ideal one have? wagon?

Nowadays you can find carts with pneumatic tires, but also with solid tires.

Pneumatic tires are resilient and make the cart suitable for all kinds of surfaces.

Pneumatic tires are best if you have one wagon which can transport more than 100 kg.

Solid tires are sturdy and hard inside and out. They are just less resilient than pneumatic tires.

The buggy: advantages and disadvantages

A buggy is a small version of the stroller which is often foldable. It is also lightweight.

buggyCompared to strollers, strollers are cheaper but the seat is simpler.

You can only use one if your child can already sit up straight buggy.

That is the reason why buggy's are recommended mainly for children aged 12 months and over.

But if you have a buggy which can be placed in different positions, so that your child can lie comfortably, you can use the buggy may have started using it before.

Benefits of a buggy

A buggy has several advantages. Below you can read which ones they are.

  • Compact folding
  • Light weight
  • Take up little space
  • Can on the plane
  • Or by bike

buggyPhotos can generally be used until your son or daughter is about 4 years old.

It takes up little space in the car and it would also take up space on an airplane buggy shouldn't be a problem, because it happens a lot.

Some buggyYou can fold them completely, so you can even transport them in the luggage compartment of the plane.

That saves a lot of lugging with a child in one arm and your bags on the other arm!

many buggyThey are even made so that you can take them with you on your bike.

Sometimes you have to purchase a special buggy carrier, which you can then use buggy hangs on.

If your buggy is collapsible, you could also transport it in the bicycle crate.

If you are unsure between taking one buggy of stroller on holiday, is one buggy perhaps more convenient.

A buggy is easier to carry and quicker to fold.

In addition, one buggy generally sturdier (and cheaper!) than one stroller.

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Disadvantages of a buggy

In addition to the benefits, a buggy also a number of disadvantages.

  • A buggy does not always provide enough support
  • Not intended for long rides
  • Sometimes difficult to maneuver
  • Not so stable

A buggy offers little support, especially compared to one stroller, which can be stressful for your baby's body.

Because the bottom of a buggy is close to the ground, there is not much suspension. This makes one buggy not so suitable for long journeys.

The small wheels make it easy buggy Moreover, it is more difficult to change direction and therefore not very suitable for irregular surfaces.

Finally, one buggy not so stable.

What do you look for when buying a buggy?

Is a buggy the best option for you?

Just like with the wagon, there are some things you should keep in mind if you have a buggy going to buy.

Below you can read what you should pay attention to.

  • Three or four wheels?
  • With or without different sitting and lying positions?
  • Weight and compactness
  • Wheels
  • Accessories such as sun visor and travel basket

Below I will discuss each of these characteristics so that you better understand how to create your ideal buggy chooses.

Buggy with three or four wheels

Most buggy's have four wheels, but you also see them with only three wheels.

A buggy with three wheels seems to be more stable on a non-flat surface.

A three-wheeled one buggy therefore seems more suitable if you use the buggy likes to take with you on forest walks or on other irregular terrains.

Different sitting and lying positions?

A buggy that you can put in different lying and sitting positions is nice if you want to give your child the opportunity to take a nap in the buggy.

When it's time for a power nap, you can easily adjust the backrest backwards.

This makes one buggy a lot more comfortable for your little one.

Weight and compactness?

You probably like to know how much the buggy weighs and to what extent you can fold it.

Most people find it important that the buggy does not take up too much space when storing and transporting.

Do you already know the umbrella buggy? You can easily take these with you anywhere, because they are made to fold and unfold quickly.

What kind of wheels?

With most buggyThere are swivel wheels at the front and fixed wheels at the back.

Casters are important if you have to maneuver a lot with the buggy. You can also choose from pneumatic tires or foam tires.

Ideally, you should use pneumatic tires on uneven surfaces, such as the beach or the woods.

What makes foam tires so attractive, however, is that they cannot puncture.

What matters is that your child is sitting comfortably and that you are comfortable behind the chair buggy runs.


Furthermore, it may be useful to take into account accessories that come with the buggy will be delivered.

Think of a rain cover, parasol cover and a luggage basket under the buggy.

A lens hood is actually a must to protect your little one from harmful UV radiation. I think a luggage basket is very important.

Handcart or buggy? The judgement

A handcart en buggy are both convenient means of transportation. But would you rather go for one? wagon, Or buggy?

Go for one handcart if you:

  • would like to be able to transport heavy items and also want to take your children with you.

take a buggy Indian:

  • you don't have more than one child, otherwise you need more buggypurchase.
  • you are looking for a means of transport for your child for short trips.

Depending on the situation, on the one hand buggy or on the other hand one handcart so a better choice.

Children can walk quite a distance, but if they get tired you want to give them the opportunity to have a nice nap.

Of i nu een buggy or a handcart choose, always take the time to look at a few, and choose one of good quality.

And of course, a household with children might as well go for both.

Then you have the flexibility and you can bring out the right vehicle depending on the situation.

Who says you have to choose!

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