On holiday with your baby: with this checklist you have arranged everything

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Finally holidays! How wonderful it is to go out and relax with the whole family, as far as possible, of course, with a baby.

How do you make your holiday with a little one as easy as possible?

Of course you have to make sure that you bring the right things for your darling, but it also matters where you are travel going, whether it will be a flight or car trip and whether you opt for a house, tent or hotel.

Great on holiday with your baby

If you want families with little ones to be taken into account as much as possible, then a family hotel is great.

It then says

  • a crib,
  • a bath
  • and sometimes also a box
  • and baby monitor

All at your disposal so that you don't have to bring it all with you. It is also nice if your accommodation has a swimming pool with a shallow end.

There are quite a few campsites that also take babies into account.

You can rent a mobile home in many places where you have the necessary things for you baby are already present, such as a bath, cot and high chair.

Make sure you always have a supply of baby things with you for the first few days, which is useful until you have found a suitable store at the holiday address.

Such a holiday, perhaps the first holiday together, is quite exciting, as vloggers like Marlieke Koks also indicate:

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What do you check before you book the holiday?

Before booking an accommodation, check whether it is baby-friendly.

Is there also a supermarket nearby, and what about medical assistance? It is also useful to know if there is a washing machine or launderette, if you do not want to bring too many clothes.

For example, also check whether there is a kettle available if you are bottle feeding.

When you on holiday If you are traveling with little ones, it is very nice to have a number of basic facilities nearby, so that you do not always have to take the car or bus.

Think of a supermarket, restaurants, beach or swimming pool and medical assistance.

For example, if you choose a camping holiday, do you delve into the pitch, is it safe or are you too close to the swimming pool, without a fence?

Check your spot in advance, so that you don't have to worry all the time that something will happen to your child, then you can relax a bit yourself!

If you choose a hotel or apartment, pay attention to child-friendliness there too. If possible, read the reviews of other parents with little ones!

Are you making a checklist?

To be organized traveling to be able to go with you baby, it is advisable to make a checklist. You can start collecting all the baby items well in advance and tick everything off your checklist.

An organized person counts for two. And have a lot more fun on holiday!

Provide a checklist to prevent this from happening on holiday you immediately get stressed because the baby products you need, but forgot to take with you, are not available.

Always complete the list when something comes to mind.

Below is an example list of things that you should definitely not forget:

  • Diapers
  • Sufficient onesies
  • Swimming trunks or swimming diaper
  • Pool float
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby food jars
  • Milk powder
  • Your baby sometimes also needs its own passport, apply for this in time.
  • Forty sunscreen or sunblock
  • Baby-friendly anti-mosquito spray
  • Thermos bottle

What do you pay attention to when you rent a holiday home?

Photo of a baby on the edge of a cottage

Pay attention to where the house is! Is the house child-friendly and does it have all the amenities you need to have a great holiday?

Of course you pay attention to the child-friendliness of the house itself, but also to the environment.

  • Can you easily walk to the pool with your baby?
  • Is there a supermarket nearby?
  • Is your house not next to a steep cliff?
  • Is the house equipped with, for example a stair gate, a baby bath, high chair and or cot?
  • Does it have a microwave, kettle?

You know what is most important to your family; write your requirements on paper and start looking for the perfect accommodation!

What are suitable holidays with a baby?

Especially when it's your first holiday with you baby that can be quite exciting. How do you know which places are suitable for having a baby where to go and which accommodations are baby-proof?

In any case, it is good to always take hygiene, safety and the climate into account. Is there a hospital nearby? Are you staying in the Netherlands or are you planning to travel far away? travel to do with you baby?

Then check carefully about the vaccinations!

A baby needs rest, cleanliness and regularity. And of course good nutrition and attention! Choose a destination that takes your baby's needs into account.

Because you baby If you do not yet have the vaccinations recommended for adults, it is best to choose a destination where your child runs as little risk as possible.

A place where you can expect safety and good hygienic conditions is of course the most suitable. There are accommodations that call themselves child-friendly, but that is a rather broad concept.

What is the target group of, for example, the campsite that you have in mind? If it is mainly families with teenagers, it will not be the ideal place for parents with a little one in terms of amenities.

Suppose you plan to spend a lot of time on the beach with your baby, but there are only rocky beaches and no sand, it can be a big disappointment.

So take the time to read reviews; What others liked or disliked about this accommodation and the place. This may prevent unpleasant surprises.

Do you want to fly with your baby?

Photo of a baby sleeping in a cot on an airplane

A healthy one baby can fly at six weeks! There are various options on board an aircraft to: travel as comfortable as possible for you and your little one.

Ask the relevant airline company what they can do for you.

Babies are allowed to fly from six weeks after birth if they are healthy. Children up to two years old often fly for free, because they can sit on your lap.

If you want to take your child with you in its own seat, you will pay a percentage.

On long flights it is often possible to use a baby cot, reserve this cot well in advance and inquire up to what age the cot is suitable.

The number of places where these beds can be attached is limited. Travels your baby on your lap, then the baby seat belt connected to your seat belt.

For take-off and descent, the seat belts and therefore also the baby belt is fastened.

Does your little one have a dirty diaper? The toilet on the plane is a special one baby table where you can change your baby.

If your child has ear problems, give him or her a pacifier or a bottle that can be comfortably sucked on. During an intercontinental flight you often pass multiple time zones.

It is best to stick to the times of the country of departure and try to build up a different rhythm in the holiday country. Check the hand luggage policy in advance!

One airline allows you to take ten kilograms of hand luggage with you and another airline may not allow you to take it with you. What about the pram: Can this be taken as extra hand luggage?

Can it be handed over at the entrance of the aircraft or does the pushchair have to be checked in?

There have been strict rules regarding the taking of liquids on board for years, but an exception is made for baby food:

You can take liquid baby food with you in your hand luggage, if you travel with a baby travels.

Boiled water to be mixed with powdered baby milk is again not allowed in hand luggage. Check with the airline to see if they can boil water for you on board.

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How far can you drive a day with a baby?

Photo of a mother putting her baby in the car seat for vacation

Of course you can also go by car on holiday to go. You baby is allowed journey by car, but make sure you stop every two hours!

Try to coordinate your travel time in the car as much as possible with your naps baby,

  • so leave when your little one needs to go to sleep.
  • Stop if he or she is awake.

You can then relax and eat something yourself baby In the meantime, you can play on a rug or towel.

You can have a newborn baby take it with you in the car straight away, but it is a good idea to stop every two hours. However, if your little one sleeps a little longer, you can also drive a little longer!

When you stop, you can feed your baby at your leisure, change the diaper, let it move and stretch its legs yourself.

Make sure the baby has really had some distraction and is completely ready for the next car ride. With a towel in front of the window you can prevent your child from sitting in the bright sun.

Also make sure that there is not too much draft in the car. When you turn on the air conditioning, make sure the temperature is a few degrees lower than the outside temperature.

Do you take pre-prepared bottles with you? Then make sure you have a good cool box. A bottle warmer especially for the car is also very practical!

Don't forget to take your thermo bottle with you, so you always have hot water on the go.

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Which items are indispensable for traveling?

Finally, we would like to recommend a few useful items that can make your holiday a lot easier.

Do you want your baby to always have a nice place to sleep, wherever? Then is this Deryan Infant BabyBox Camping Cot suitable for your child from zero to two years:

Deryan Infant BabyBox Camping cot

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This compact pop-up travel The bed/tent only weighs 800 grams! Very easy to take with you and it protects you baby also against insects. The opening can be covered with the mosquito net.

The Infant Baby van Deryan is not only ideal at the campsite or on the beach, but also when you visit family or friends and you baby want to sleep peacefully.

If you are going on a plane trip is the Airplane Bed recommended!

Deryan Air Traveler Airplane bed

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This 'pillow' is suitable as an airplane bed for babies and children. The travel pillow can be used in all aircraft.

Your little one can sleep comfortably and not even notice much of it travel!

For in the pool this washable Swim Diaper from HappyBear a must!

Happybear washable swimming diaper

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It is the perfect replacement for the disposable swim diaper. Light weight and adjustable in size, perfect for on holiday! You really only need one swim diaper!

You can use the same swimming diaper from birth until your child is about three years old. Make sure that the swimming diaper fits well around the legs and trunk, so that any faeces cannot run out.

A thermos flask is always very handy on the go on holiday, Baby Thermos from Jucago is a very good one!

Jucago baby thermos

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Do you want to take your formula with you on the go? This thermos can be kept warm or cold for up to ten hours. The bottle is free of toxins, lightweight, leak proof and even 100% recyclable.

The detachable handle is ergonomic and suitable for baby's little hands.

Very important to have with you: A. safe baby life jacket!

Sunnylife Safe baby life jacket

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This swimming pool (view more here) is a safe, inflatable swimming pool for babies from three months. Your baby will be introduced to swimming in a very pleasant way.

You can use the swimming harness and the safety belt with clip closure baby don't slouch. Your little one has a lot of freedom of movement in the pool and does not have to be able to sit on his own yet.

You don't have to baby so you can't always hold on to it.


Hopefully our tips have been helpful to you and you will be able to enjoy your family holiday baby well organised!

If you take the time and do some research into the destination and your accommodation in advance, you will certainly not be faced with any major surprises.

If your child is having a good time, so will you! We wish you a wonderful, carefree holiday, have fun!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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