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Hoverboard: What Is It And How Were They Invented?

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A hoverboard is an electric one-person means of transport. It's kind of a cross between a skateboard and a Segway (without handlebars). As it were, it is a self-balancing skateboard, which is powered by motors.

However, the wheels are on the side of a hoverboard, so that you move forward.

By leaning in a certain direction you can determine both the direction and the speed of the board. Because a steering wheel is also missing, your balance is very important.

What is a hoverboard

The means of transport is also called a self-balancing scooter.

The hoverboard has its origins in China and the name 'hoverboard' is derived from the movie 'Back to the Future Part II' in which the characters use a floating skateboard that was called 'hoverboard'.

In 2015, the hoverboard, also called here and there balanceboard, was marketed in Europe.

Lexus introduced a floating skateboard, but didn't call it a hoverboard. In the Netherlands it quickly became a very popular gadget.

Nowadays there are various variants of the hoverboard on the market, including a hoverboard where you sit instead of standing, and another one that has been made more stable by adding an extra wheel to the front of the board.

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How does a hoverboard work?

The hoverboard is controlled exclusively with the feet. The board does not have a manual steering wheel.

In the beginning you will have to get some feeling with the board where maintaining balance plays an important role.

By applying pressure with your feet you can determine both the speed and the direction.

After trying it a few times, you will quickly learn how to use the board. Practice makes perfect!

With this unique device you can travel short distances, for example to do some shopping or to drive to the bus station.

All hoverboards generally look the same, but the difference is in the internal part.

Frequently asked questions about using hoverboards

How can you best protect your hoverboard?

The best measure you can take to prevent your beloved hoverboard from breaking is to use protective covers. With a cover you protect the hoverboard against damage such as scratches and dents. In the event of falls and collisions, the protective cover partially absorbs the blow, thus significantly reducing the risk of a defect.

What does a hoverboard look like when charging?

You need to make sure the hoverboard is properly connected to the charger port. Then the color should be solid red. Then when the hoverboard charging is complete, the charger will turn green.

What happens if you overcharge a hoverboard?

The battery may overcharge. Overcharging your hoverboard battery can cause it to explode, burst, overheat or even catch fire. Also, if your hoverboard battery is damaged or punctured, the battery may overheat, catch fire or explode while charging.

How long do hoverboard batteries last?

The maximum duration of a hoverboard battery is 3 to 4 hours and you can travel 25 miles per hour on it. Since these self-balancing scooters run on batteries, it is essential that you ensure that you spend as little time as possible energy wasted, to extend battery life.

Does the hoverboard have to be on while charging?

No, whenever you charge your hoverboard it should be OFF.

Can my hoverboard explode?

When hoverboards catch fire, it is due to an exploded battery. A battery that conforms to UL standards cannot explode.

How fast do hoverboards go?

The average hoverboard has a top speed of about six to eight miles per hour. All-terrain styles with bigger tires and bigger engines tend to be faster, with top speeds over ten miles per hour

Can I leave my hoverboard plugged in overnight?

It is safe to leave them plugged in overnight as the batteries are not at risk of catching fire. Some hoverboards, such as the Swagtron and Hoverzon models, even include a fireproof battery holder, which protects you from all risks.

How dangerous is a hoverboard?

Shortly after their debut, several manufacturers started selling hoverboards that were not checked for quality or safety. News reports revealed potential dangers from hoverboards. They spontaneously overheated, could catch fire and cause burns.

How many hoverboards have exploded?

By July 2016, the Consumer Product Safety Commission had registered 99 reports of hoverboards sparking or catching fire. Issued a recall of more than 500.000 hoverboards from various manufacturers.

Will Hoverboards still explode or catch fire in 2020?

New hoverboards with UL 2272 certification are fireproof – just as safe as any other product you have in your home that has a lithium battery, e.g. your laptop or smart phone. So they are no longer a fire hazard. Of course, for optimal protection, you should still follow the manufacturer's safety guidelines.

Can you lose weight by riding a hoverboard?

Scientific research shows that a 30-minute ride can burn up to 300 calories, which is the same total number of calories burned in a 15-minute marathon run.

What age is right for a hoverboard?

Usually that's about six years and older, although some four-year-olds can already hoverboard. Hoverboard manufacturers recommend that at least 6 years or older.

History of hoverboards

The term hoverboard became popular with the cult film Back to the Future II, in which the main character races through the air on a floating skateboard.

However, today's two-wheeled boards just hit the ground, despite their name being derived from the English word for hover.

In 2012, the first hoverboard was invented by Shane Chen.

However, the inventor made little money from it, because variants were soon made in China that were a lot cheaper.

The hoverboard only really became popular when celebrities were spotted with it.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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