How does this children's clothing fall: sizes from 51 famous brands

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  April 29, 2021

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Choosing children's clothes online is a lot of fun until you get to the point where you have to choose the size.


Have you ever made a MISS BUY just like me because a brand falls very differently?

Doesn't matter (** I'll just send it back **) but it's GREAT if you can spare yourself that trouble.

That is why it is useful to know in advance how certain brands fall. In this article, I've sorted it out for the 51 MOST POPULAR brands.

Girl in a dress and oversized shoes in front of the mirror

In this article I have made a list of well-known children's clothing brands and I will tell you how the brand falls.

You will see that the sizes differ per brand, in practice. At the bottom I also give you SUPER useful tips that you can use to choose the right size for your child. 

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It turned out to be a pretty comprehensive article, so feel free to skip to the brand that interests you, they are in alphabetical order :)

What we discuss in this comprehensive post:

How does children's clothing fall from these popular brands?

How is Aliexpress children's clothing fall?

In their size chart there are a number of remarks, namely that the sizes can differ and it is Asian size.

I always read the table or and take a measuring tape myself and take all my measurements.

In this case you only need to record three bars; chest, length and sleeve. You can then check these sizes with the size table.

Chances are that you will end up with a 2XL. This is because Asian people are a lot smaller than Europeans and therefore have different sizes.

It is often very confusing which size to order. You never know whether the sizes apply to the Chinese or to Europeans. And this is very frustrating at times.

If in doubt, my advice is to contact the seller anyway, you can ask your question in English and you will usually get an answer quickly in (often not too good) English. 

Check out the kids clothes at Aliexpress here

How does Beebielove fall?

How does BeeBielove children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Beebielove is generally on the small side. It is a cheerful and original Dutch clothing brand for babies and children that runs up to size 104.

The prints and colors are unique! As they claim 'Clothes to fall in love with!'. 

Various themes are given a modern look at this hip brand.

Beebielove size chart

Girls long sleeve t-shirts:

Girls pants:

Boys long sleeve t-shirts:

Boys pants:

View the collection here

How does Blue seven fall?

How does Blue Seven clothing fall

(view more images)

They use butterflies, hedgehogs and flowers in their baby and mini collections, for the bigger kids we see a lot of tropical fruits and cocktail prints this summer.

The Teens collection uses warm colors in combination with many cool colors, such as army green; wide sweaters and cargo pants set the tone. Everything in the most comfortable and soft fabrics!

This brand is a bit big; Blue Seven has four categories of children's clothing.

Newborn clothes from size 56 to 68, Mini Kids clothes from size 62 to 86, Kids clothes in size 92 to 128 and clothes for Teenagers in size 134 to 176.

Blue Seven size chart

Newborn / Mini kids



View the selection here at

How does B Nosy fall?

How do B Nosy children's clothing fall?

(view more images)

The B Nosy brand is a new Dutch brand that is doing very well among children's clothing brands. The popular brand has very trendy children's and baby clothes.

Opinions on how B Nosy's children's clothes fall are diverse.

Most people find that the brand fits exactly to size and has a slim fit.

For example, if you buy a winter coat for your 9-year-old daughter, a size 134 (which in principle should belong to this age) would be much too narrow and the sleeves would also be too short.

However, other users find that the sizes are varied. For this brand, it is recommended to choose a size larger than the size in which your child now falls.

The available sizes of B Nosy go from 62 to 86 for the babies and from 92 to 164 for the bigger kids.

B Nosy size chart




View the collection here

How does C&A children's clothing fall?

How does C&A children's clothing fall

(view more images)

C & A's clothing is reasonably sized to small. Much of the collection is made from organic cotton. C&A thus also contributes to a good wage for the cotton workers.

So you contribute to a better and better world by buying these organic items. These clothes are just as affordable as the rest of the C&A collection.

C&A size chart

Baby sizes

Girls 92-176 bottoms

Girls 92-176 tops

Boys 92-182 bottoms

Boys 92-182 tops

View the extensive C&A collection here at Wehkamp

How do cars jeans fall?

How does Cars Jeans children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Cars children's clothing is well tailored to small. Cars jeans is a trendy Amsterdam company that was founded in the 80s. Their idea is to produce affordable, cool and comfortable jeans.

In addition to jeans, they also have sweaters, shirts and jackets. Nice and cool.

View the collection

How does CKS fall?

How is CKS children's clothing covered

(view more images)

They say a one-of-a-kind look. This 100% Belgian brand uses powerful and cool prints, your garment can be a real eye-catcher if you want it!

CKS is small to normal, opinions differ on this. CKS runs from 2-16 years, for both boys and girls. As for the bottoms (trousers and skirts), the intermediate sizes are also available for 3 years and 5 years.

The tops do not have these intermediate sizes.

View the extensive collection here

How does Coolcat fall?

How coolcat clothing falls

(view more images)

Coolcat is often small. I always buy at least one size bigger.

This cool, often (too) flashy, streetwear brand often has strikingly shiny details.

In the collection you will find a lot of tight girls' clothing and for the boys many sweaters and shirts with print.

View the extensive collection here

How does Dirkje fall?

How does Dirkje wear children's clothes

(view more images)

Since 1990 Dirkje has been designing baby clothes for children from 0 to 6 years from newborn size 40 to size 116.

Dirkje has an extensive collection with cute playsuits and stylish, sweet rompers, to hip and cool sweatpants.

From 92 to 116 the clothes are tailor-made, but Dirkje is small until 86, take one size bigger is my advice! 

View the collection here

How does DJ Dutchjeans fall?

DJ Dutchjeans has been making cool urban children's clothing with a creative twist since 2005. Their designs are trendy, but also very comfortable.

How does DJ Dutchjeans fall?

(view the collection)

The following can be said about the sizes of the clothing of DJ Dutchjeans: the sizes of the pants are usually quite narrow and the skirts still reach just above the knee.

However, there is elastane incorporated in each pants, which gives the pants stretch and gives them something.

The DJ Dutchjeans collection ranges from size 92 to 164. Their clothing is therefore intended for slightly older children between 2 and 14 years old.

On the basis of their size table you can look up the correct age in the sizes. 

DJ Dutchjeans size chart

View the collection here

How does Esprit children's clothing fall?

How does Esprit children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Esprit is a hip and 'down to earth' brand. The children's clothing has nice prints, lots of jeans and the necessary basics.

Esprit is normal to large. They have a baby collection that runs from 0-2 years.

The girls and boys sportswear run from XS to XL and the kids sizes go from 92 to 176.

Check more Esprit children's clothing here

How does Gabbiano fall?

Gabbiano is a clothing brand for fashion-conscious men and boys.

The trend-setting children's clothing is specially aimed at boys between 8 and 16 years old and is inspired by the men's collection.

The result is cool boys' clothing with an urban look.

How does Gabbiano fall?

(view more images)

This brand has a size table with European sizes in centimeters that belong to the sizes 140, 152, 164 and 176 from the boys' clothing collection.

You can easily measure the child's body measurements in advance and then choose the right size using this size chart.

The shirts are generally long and the jeans have a slim fit. The brand is generally big.

Check out the latest collection here

How does Geisha fall?

How does geisha fall children's clothes

(view more images)

Geisha is a very cool brand with clothing that falls just between child and adult. Their clothes are generally quite large, so it is wise to keep the exact size of your child or slightly smaller.

View the collection here at

How does Hema children's clothing fall?

How does Hema children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Children's clothing from Hema is often tailor-made, but sometimes on the broad side. Shirts often have long sleeves and some think they have a square cut.

I think Hema has nice and colorful clothing, with a touch of Dutch solidity. The prices of Hema are always good, the quality cannot be faulted!

Hema children's clothing size chart


Girls and Boys

View the collection here

How does H&M fall?

How does H&M children's clothing fall

(view more images)

H & M's clothing is tailor-made or too big. So it is better not to buy 'on the growth'.

H&M has an extensive and fine Newborn collection in sizes 50 to 74, The Baby girls and Baby boys collection is available in sizes 68 to 104. The girls and boys collection runs from size 134 to 170.

How does Ikks fall?

How does ikks children's clothes fall

(view more images)

Our advice is that the tops are normally tailored. The pants are quite large in size. The IKKS baby collection is available in sizes 62 to 98. IKKS is a great French brand that wants to distinguish itself.

The baby girls collection is for children from 3 months to 3 years old. The IKKS girls' children's collection is available from 3 to 12 years old.

For hip teenage girls there is the collection with more pronounced silhouettes; WAY by IKKS, from 10 to 18 years old.

The entire IKKS boys' collection is available from 3 to 14 years old, the trendy WAY boys' clothing from 10 to 18 years, and the boys' baby fashion from 3 months to 3 years.

How does Imps & Elfs fall?

We know Imps & Elfs as one of the popular baby and children's clothing brands.

How does Imps & Elfs

(view more images)

Their cuddly line of clothing for babies and toddlers is offered in sizes 50 to 104 and for the bigger children sizes 92 to 164 are available.

This brand is tailor-made and in some cases, even small.

It is a brand with a slim fit and often has longer sleeves and legs. The size advice is to either buy the size in which the child is now or a size larger.

For example, if the child is now 70 cm long, size 74 is immediately portable, or even choose a size larger, so size 80, just to be on the safe side. 

View the new collection here

How does Jollein fall?

How Jollein falls children's clothing

(view more images)

's clothes Jollein fits to size. So you can just keep the size that your baby has at the moment.

If you want to give the clothes as a gift for a birth, it is more fun to choose a size 62/68, because the baby can wear it longer than the smallest size. Size 50/56 is suitable for babies from 0-2 months.

Jollein's clothing is made of organic cotton and available in only three sizes: 50/56, 62/68 and 74/80.

View the collection here

How does Jubel fall?

How does Jubel children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Jubel is the big sister of Feetje-baby, a Dutch brand for the 'girl girls' among us who also want to look tough.

The brand stands for joy! Clothes for school or for a lazy day. And don't forget the 'Pret-a-party' clothing for the hip kids!

Jubel girls' clothes can best be described as clothes for girls that are neither too big nor too small in size.

So you could actually say that Jubel's girls' clothes are tailor-made.

Available in sizes 92 to 140.

View the extensive collection here at Kixx

How does Kiabi fall?

How does Kiabi children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Soft colors, wonderful fabrics and beautiful prints characterize this brand.

Kiabi Clothing is quite different in size. The collection runs from 2 years to 18 years in the corresponding sizes 86 to 182.

They also have plus sizes for the fuller kids!

Kiabi size chart


Girls & Boys

How does Kiddo fall?

How does Kiddo children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Kiddo distinguishes itself with an eye for quality and wearing comfort translated into cool fashion for kids.

Kiddo brings 2 collections per year, for boys and girls in sizes 92 to 164. The items are fashionable, affordable and of good quality.

The brand is quite small. When in doubt, take a size up. Every year Kiddo launches two collections from size 92 to 164.

View the new collection here

How does Gravel fall?

How does pebble fall children's clothes

(view more images)

Kiezeltje is a special Dutch clothing brand for girls. It stands out because of the colors and prints with always a special detail.

Quality fabrics and cool prints, you will recognize the design immediately.

The fits fit well and the outfits can be used for parties as well as playful.

Every season, this brand pays attention to the fit so that both the baby and the girls collection fits well.

The girls' clothing from Kiezeltje runs from sizes 98-104 to 146-152 and is usually well tailored.

The baby clothes from Kiezeltje run from size 68 to 92. For larger sizes you can go to Kiezeltje's big sister, KIE stone.

Check the collection here

How does Koeka fall?

How does Koeka clothing fall

(view more images)

Beautiful soft colors and beautiful fabrics characterize this unique brand. Very romantic, elegant and dreamy items, do you want something very original? Koeka can offer you this.

The clothing sizes are normal; they clearly indicate if clothes are smaller or larger, very nice!

The baby collection is available from size 50 to 86 and the Boy's and Girls collection from size 92 to 128.

View the collection at Wehkamp

How does Kokonoko fall?

How does kokonoko fall children's clothes

(view more images)

The brand in baby and children's clothing. Nice stubborn and trendy clothing from size 56 to 128.

Kokonoko has cool prints for cool boys and girls and is tailored to spacious.

Kokonoko size chart



View the collection here

How does Lidl children's clothing fall?

Lidl children's clothing falls

(view more images)

According to some, Lidl baby clothes are quite large.

Most baby clothes are made from wonderfully soft, organic cotton, which is kind to the environment. And no, high-quality baby clothing does not have to come with an expensive price tag, says Lidl.

On the Lidl site you can, very conveniently, enter the sizes of your child, this way you are always in the right place!

How does Like Flo fall?

How falls Like Flo children's clothing

(view more images)

Nice and super hip brand.

My experience is that Flo is not small, but quite narrow. Ideal for small kids. They can wear Flo in their normal size. The clothes fit nicely.

Baby sizes go from 68 to 92 and children's sizes from 92 to 164.

Check the collection at

How does LoFff fall?

How does LoFff children's clothing fall

(view more images)

The children's clothing from LoFff is available in sizes 92 to 152. This clothing normally falls to slightly roomy.

LoFff started in 2005, it is a beautiful brand, for girls from 3 months to about 16 years old, for girls who love colorful and festive clothing.

LoFff also has fans abroad, especially in Ireland, Germany and even Japan!

Check the collection here

How does Mango kids fall?

How does Mango kids fall

(view more images)

Mango has many nice pieces of clothing with cool prints for girls and boys.

Mango generally runs small.

Mango Kids size chart


Girls & boys

View the Mango Kids collection at Wehkamp

How does Molo fall?

How Molo children's clothes fall

(view more images)

This hip, Danish brand has a spacious fit, think of the largest size in the combination sizes, often even a bit larger. Large prints and daring combinations are presented by Molo!

Molo Baby Girls and Baby Boys is available in sizes 56 to 86. Molo Kids Girls and Kids Boys can be ordered in sizes 86 to 164.

View the collection here

How does Name It fall?

The Name It brand has four collections with cool children's clothing, namely

  1. the Name It Newborn collection,
  2. the Name It Mini collection,
  3. the Name It Kids collection and
  4. a collection for teenagers
How does name it fall?

(view more images)

The Name It newborn collection is perfect for newborn babies and starts from size 40 and runs up to size 80.

The collection then switches to the Name it Mini collection in sizes 80 to 110. Larger kids from size 116 to 164 can also wear this brand. (6-14 Kids and 10-16 Teens)

In general, Name It is a comfortable brand with good sizes.

The outerwear has a normal fit and sometimes a bit larger, so it can be worn longer.

The pants have a normal fit and in some cases even a little too long. Depending on the model, the pants usually have a slim fit. 

Name It size chart



Kids & Teens

View the collection

How does Nik & Nik fall?

Nik & Nik, is also a clothing brand for kids and makes cool urban clothing for kids between 1.5 and 16 years old.

How does Nik & Nik

(view more images)

The brand publishes a complete collection for both boys and girls and is the children's line of Nikki Plessen (Nikki).

The different items of clothing can be combined well. The line launches a new item every month, keeping the excitement in it throughout the year.

The sizes run from size 92 (2 years) to size 176 (16 years).

The fit of this brand is good and can be bought to size. 

Nik & Nik size chart

Nik Boys & Girls

View the collection here

How does Noppies fall?

The cheerful clothing brand for kids Noppies distinguishes between 2 collections:

  1. sizes 44 to 86 for babies
  2. size 74 t / m 128 for the slightly larger kids
Noppies children's brand

(view the brand)

Noppies baby clothes are generally a bit smaller.

When in doubt about the right size, it would be better to choose a larger size than the one in which the child is now.

The fit is slightly smaller and narrower than other baby clothing brands.

However, the children's clothing has a better fit and can be bought to size.

The Noppies size chart is handy to use when choosing the right size.

Noppies size chart



View the entire collection here

How does O'chill fall?

How does O'Chill children's clothing fall

(view more images)

O'chill shows itself through fine colors, romantic prints and the many FUN items.

The O'Chill children's clothing collection for girls is available in sizes 92 to 140/146. The clothing is generally very well tailored.

The items fit nicely and it is therefore not necessary to order a size smaller or larger.

Check out the latest collection here

How does Oilily children's clothing fall?

How does Oilily children's clothing fall

(view more images)

A beautiful clothing brand that makes clothes for women and children. Mum and kids can go to this beautiful brand.

The Oilily ladies and girls clothing is elegant and made of soft and supple fabrics. The clothing often falls loosely around the body, but accentuates the right points for a beautiful figure. Fits a bit small.

Oilily children's clothing size chart

Babies - Girls

View the extensive collection here

How does O'Neill children's clothing fall?

How does O'Neill fall children's clothing

(view more images)

This sporty, originally surf brand, has its own style.

O'neill has a normal fit, if the measurements fall between two sizes, we recommend that you take the larger size.

O'Neill children's clothing size chart

Boys & Girls

View the latest collection

How does Petrol children's clothing fall?

How does Petrol children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Running, playing, frolicking: you need good clothes for that. Clothing that can take a beating. You can find that children's clothing at Petrol.

Whatever you are looking for, from sweater to shirt to jeans. Always with that cool Petrol look, with stripes, dots, prints or a plain look. Petrol is normal; use their size chart.

Petrol children's clothing size chart

Boys & Girls

View the Petrol collection here at Wehkamp

How does Prenatal children's clothing fall?

How does Prenatal children's clothing fall

(view more images)

The baby collection starts at size 44! And runs up to size 68. The toddler-toddler-toddler collection starts at size 74.

The clothing of this fun, basic brand is reasonably tailored.

Prenatal size chart

Baby to toddler

View the collection here

How does Primark clothing fall?

How does Primark clothing fall

(view more images)

The Primark brand is normal to small. Primark has a lot of nice baby and kids clothes in its collection. The prices of these items are very low.

Primark kids clothing size chart


Girls & Boys

How does Quapi fall?

How does Quapi children's clothing fall

(view more images)

The fit of Quapi children's clothing is according to the Dutch dimensions, so the sizes are normal. Quapi is available in sizes 92, 98-104, 110-116, 122-128, 134-140 and 146-152.

The baby clothes run from size 50 to 86.

Quapi size chart




Check out the latest collection here

How does Raizzed fall?

How Raizzed children's clothes fall

(view more images)

With regard to Raizzed's children's clothing, everything is exactly tailored for both boys and girls. 

The clothing is available in sizes 104 to 176. For the size chart you can look at 'Vingino'. Raizzed is part of Vingino.

View the collection at

How does Retour Jeans fall?

How does Retour Jeans children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Nice jeans, shirts, tops and trouser suits for trendy girls and boys.

Return jeans are quite narrow and small, see their size chart below;

Return Jeans size chart

Return Girls & Boys

Check out the latest collection here

How does River Island children's clothing fall?

River Island children's clothing falls

(view more images)

River Island children's clothing is quite spacious, so pay attention to the sizes.

River Island children's clothing size chart

Baby, Girls & Boys

How does S.Oliver fall?

How S Oliver falls children's clothes

(view more images)

S.Oliver, a nice German brand with clothing for all ages.

S. Oliver is just true to size, nice, a bit narrow. The sizes run from 50 to 176.

Check out the new collection

How does Terstal children's clothing fall?

How does Terstal children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Nice fashion with funny prints for a very low price at Terstal.

Differs greatly in boys and girls sizes.

Terstal children's clothing size chart

Baby & kids

How does Tommy Hilfiger children's clothing fall?

How does Tommy Hilfiger children's clothing fall

(view more images)

Differs greatly in boys and girls sizes. Often this brand is small for boys and normal for girls. In pictures girls sometimes wear boys' clothes and that is big.

Tommy Hilfiger size chart

Tommy Baby



View the collection here

How does Tom Tailor children's clothing fall?

How does Tom Tailor fall children's clothes

(view more images)

While girls like refined details like flounces, prints and lots of sequins and the favorite jeans are usually a skinny fit, boys like cool statement prints and a shabby style for jeans and sweaters.

Their baby fashion is beautiful, but above all practical.

This brand is normal. So you can just keep the same size as you normally wear.

Check the collection here

How does Tumble 'N Dry fall?

The fun clothes from Tumble 'N Dry are comfortable and have a great fit.

How does Tumble 'N Dry fall

(view more images)

The Tumble 'N Dry collections are for boys and girls, but in every collection there are garments that are unisex.

The brand is sometimes a bit narrow and sometimes normal.

The sizes used by Tumble 'N Dry are: ZERO, LO, MID and HI. The ZERO collection goes from size 50 to 74 and is intended for babies. 

The collection then switches to the LO collection for toddlers and toddlers, from size 68 to 98.

The MID runs from size 92 to 140 for toddlers and for older children they have a HI collection which runs from size 128 to 176.

Tumble 'N Dry size chart





Check out the latest collection here

How does Vingino fall?

Vingino is a children's clothing brand that makes trendy and hip clothing for babies and kids from 0 to 16 years old.

How does Vingino

(view more images)

The collections of this brand distinguish 3 lines: the mini, the kids and the toe line. The sizes of this brand run from size 50 to size 188.

Normally, the garments have a normal fit, but jeans from this brand can be narrow and long. The outerwear can also be a bit narrow.

Are your kids slim and tall? Then this brand is ideal for them. 

Vingino size chart

Kids & Teens

View the new collection and sale here

How do We fall children's clothes?

How WE fall children's clothing

(view more images)

We normally fall for the tighter clothes, up to big.

WE children's clothing size chart

Girls & Boys

View the WE collection here at Wehkamp

How does Zara children's clothing fall?

How does Zara children's clothes fall

(view more images)

Always fun and trendy items at this Spanish chain.

Zara is very diverse in sizes. The Zara sizes for kids go from '03' to '08'.

Zara children's clothing size chart

How does Z8 fall?

Z8 is the beautiful clothing brand for baby and children's clothing that comes out every year with two extensive collections.

Z8 children's clothing sizes

(view boys and girls)

You can go there for clothing in sizes 50 to 128. Z8 also has a newborn line in sizes 50, 56 and 62. The clothing usually has a good fit and is nice and soft and comfortable.

For the baby clothes of Z8, the sizes are often slightly smaller, while the outerwear of the children's collection is slightly larger.

In short, the sizes vary and can differ per item or per collection. 

Z8 size chart


Children upstairs

Children under

View the collections here

Determine the correct size for your child

If you want to determine the size of your son or daughter, it is best to measure the sizes of, for example, a pair of pants or sweater that fits him or her well at the moment.

Buying children's clothing, especially if you have several kids, can be a crime, as the Bellinga's show:

How do you measure the size of your child?

Or even better, you can measure the height of your child yourself. How do you do that?

Do you want to determine the trouser size? Then measure the hip size; you measure this at the widest part of the hips. This includes the buttocks. How do you do that?

Size chart of the children's clothing brand

Usually, most online web shops have a size table in which you can easily read the size based on the height or age of the child. 

Also pay attention to physique

Regardless of the height and age of the child, the physique is also important to consider. 

If the child is slightly heavier, it is useful to choose clothes of a larger size and material that yields. 

Buy children's clothes on the growth

It is not surprising that children's clothing is not bought exactly to size due to the inevitable fact that children grow to their 18 years.

It is good to know that children basically grow a few centimeters every six months.

On the basis of this you will therefore notice that a sweater or pants that you may have bought only three months ago suddenly no longer fit.

This does not have to be due to the brand or the material of the product, but can simply mean that the child has just gone through a growth spurt.

If you notice this, it is good to hold on to this moment and take this into account when purchasing clothes next. 

Take children's sizes into account

It is also useful to know that children have a narrower lower body than the upper body. Children have narrower hips and thighs.

For this reason, many parents choose a top that is the right size for the child, so on the basis of the age or body height, but the pants are taken a size smaller.

You can easily determine the pants size on the basis of the hip size instead of on the basis of age or height.

If you bought by age and the pants are too big, most children's pants have handy adjustment systems on the inside with elastic and buttons.

This is a very practical invention, which parents like us always like.

If it doesn't look like it, all you have to do is return the pants and buy a smaller size.

Or you can keep the pants and wait until the pants will fit the child. 

Buy children's clothes

You have noticed that the sizes can differ per brand and that they do not always fit well.

A general rule to use when in doubt about the right size: buy a size up!

You can always return the purchased item. However, if you do not want the hassle of returning, this list is handy to have.

Now that you have read these advice, buying children's clothes will become a lot easier for your little one.

You no longer have to worry that you have accidentally bought too big or too small pants or sweater.

In short, no more hassle with bad bargains, wasted time and shipping and return costs for something that does not fit properly.

Buying clothes (online) becomes a lot easier, more budget-friendly and even more fun thanks to this useful information.

Happy shopping!

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