How do VR glasses work? Explanation & use in your life

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Virtual reality (VR) glasses are devices in the form of glasses that offer a virtual reality to the wearer by means of computer technology.

VR glasses are widely used in video games, but also in other applications such as simulators and training.

It consists of a stereoscopic display (separate for each eye), sound and sensors that respond to head movements.

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A 3D world through VR glasses

The glasses ensure that your vision is completely shielded from the outside world, so that you only see the virtual image through the glasses.

Because each eye separately sees an image that differs slightly from each other, you see depth and you look in 3D.

The videos are recorded in 360 degrees. So when you move your head, your image also changes.

You could see the VR glasses as a viewing box with a moving screen.

How do you use VR glasses?

In most cases, you place VR glasses on the head, often with an elastic band. In other cases, you have to hold the glasses up to your face.

After this you will have to set the image.

How do you know if the glasses are set correctly? You simply have to be able to see through the glasses with both eyes and one (clear) image must be formed.

Now you are ready to experience the virtual reality experience!

However, when you connect VR glasses to your smartphone, you will first have to download special apps to use the glasses. We will tell you more about this below.

How do cardboard VR glasses work?

Cardboard VR glasses have, just like the regular VR glasses, two lenses, and it also has a slot on the front that is intended for a smartphone.

This way you can create a virtual reality with your smartphone for little money.

Google Cardboard VR app

Google Cardboard is an app from Google that makes this possible. The app is compatible with both Android and iPhone.

When you use the app and the glasses together you can experience a virtual reality.

For example, you can walk through fantastic cities or experience a thrilling rollercoaster ride.

When you open such a VR app, a double image is formed for both lenses.

When you hold the cardboard VR glasses against your face, the two images are merged into one image.

You can also look around with these glasses, the image is constantly rotating. 

Cardboard VR glasses with Google Cardboard

Experience reality with the VR glasses

VR glasses make it possible to view photos or videos as if you were experiencing it yourself.

It also enables experiences and situations that you cannot simply experience in daily life.

Consider, for example, driving a futuristic car, or traveling to a place far away. 

VR glasses and therapy

Because you can create almost any unimaginable situation with VR glasses, it could serve as therapy for people with physical limitations, dementia, (chronic) pain or other problems.

Simulate situations with the VR glasses

Consider, for example, a walk in nature, swimming in a warm, blue sea, a walk on the beach, or another experience that can completely relax you.

With the VR glasses it is possible to simulate these kinds of situations.

People with mental health problems, such as dementia, often have trouble sleeping or feel restless.

People with physical complaints cannot do everything that people can do without these complaints.

VR glasses are therefore a fantastic invention that ensures that people who suffer from a 'disability' can still experience unique experiences.

VR glasses for anxiety disorders and phobias

VR glasses can also offer a solution for people with phobias or fear (disorders).

For example, someone with agoraphobia can overcome the fear of standing in a crowded place via virtual reality.

Thanks to the VR glasses, every person can gain all kinds of experiences, whereby the problem can be completely forgotten.

This can have a calming effect and evoke pleasant emotions. There are even waterproof VR glasses with which you can go into the water.

The possibilities are endless!

Escape from reality for a while with Virtual Reality

VR glasses are also a unique tool if you don't have the time or budget to go out and about.

You can then experience all kinds of things via VR and escape reality completely.

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Other uses of the VR glasses

The applications of virtual reality are endless and almost depend on the creativity of the designers. 

VR glasses in business

A good example of the use of a VR in a company is brokers who give a tour of a house for sale by means of VR.

Or, for example, a car dealer who can present any car to you in 3D using VR.

In this way you can let people with these kinds of professions experience and solve dangerous situations, without them being in danger themselves.

So they can learn a lot and are better prepared to apply their tasks in real life.

Applications of VR glasses

VR glasses in education

VR is also extremely useful in education.

For example, to learn the history of a country, you can offer students a virtual tour of the area.

For the subject biology you can let your students dissect animals or people in VR.

With the help of VR, the theory that teachers convey can be strengthened.

In addition, research has shown that it is easier for students to remember visual information than text, just as 3D images are better remembered than 2D images. 

VR glasses in movies, music and drawing

With VR you can also watch movies with a 360 degree image. So it feels like you are in the movie.

You can imagine that the recording of these types of films is incredibly complicated.

Nobody is allowed to be present during filming, because the viewer really gets to see everything.

In addition, because VR allows everyone to watch where they want, the audience determines where to watch.

This makes developing a film a completely different experience.

You can also watch 360-degree concerts with VR glasses, as if you were really there.

In addition, software is being developed that allows you to play instruments virtually. 

Finally, it is also possible to make sketches with VR. You then design a drawing or painting in three dimensions.

You can also move around your sketch and view and edit it from different sides.

Infinite possibilities with the VR glasses

You see, the possibilities of using a VR are immense.

We will therefore increasingly encounter this piece of technology in daily life. Have you ever looked through VR glasses?

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