How fast Hoverboards go on average (9,5 km / h) and the fastest buy

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Rip around on you as soon as possible hoverboard is perhaps secretly everyone's dream hoverboard-lover.

We already have here some of the best hoverboards reviewed, but here specifically want to dwell on speed.

Perhaps the question here, however, is how quickly one hoverboard go? But can it go faster than your metal bike or your dad's scooter? Or can it exceed the speed of your neighbor's old motorcycle?

In this article we will look at the fastest hoverboard and answer it and which factors exactly influence the speed of your hoverboard.

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Fastest hoverboard on the Dutch market

Fastest Hoverboard: Ninetec Sonic X6

Where most go about 10 and some max 15 km/h, this is Hoverboard from Ninetec is certainly the fastest and can reach a speed of 20 km/h.

With the advent of newer brands and classes of hoverboards, the need for a wonderful whoosh arose hoverboard. This need led to the birth of the so-called Sonic X6 hoverboard.

He is known worldwide for his speed and futuristic style. This board is manufactured with high-tech batteries and motors that accounts for its courteous maximum speed of 20 km/h.

Although this Hoverboard is a great gadget for the speed demons, it's worth mentioning that it's safe too!

If you increase the speed above the defined speed limit, the LED will automatically illuminate to indicate that you have passed the speed limit line.

Also the NINETEC Sonic X6 Hoverboard you control it by gravity or with your phone via an app to be installed.

The turning circle is very small (you can turn on your own axis) which means it can be used in a very tight space. You can also stand still and even make a 360 degree turn in one place.

The two wheels are powered by two electric motors, which are powered by a strong Samsung Lithium battery 4400mAh.

In this video you can see what you can do with the board and the app everything is possible:


Because the NINETEC Sonic X6 Hoverboard seeks its own balance, it is very easy to use. It progresses by simply leaning forward slightly. And backwards by leaning back.

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You can drive at great speeds even on hilly and rough terrains and uneven paths. It is durable and can withstand a lot, be it drastic water currents or stormy winds. The lightweight property also adds a positive point to the board.

So if you are overly happy and fascinated to hit the highest of all speed limits and are ready to do so too, this one is for you. Due to the robust material it is made of, it is durable and interestingly lightweight.

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How fast can a Hoverboard average?

The speed of it hoverboard usually varies from 5 or 8 km/h to 20 km/h and sometimes even more.

However, the average speed is assumed to be 9,5 kilometers per hour.

The factors that determine the speed of a Hoverboard

There are several factors that influence the strength of it hoverboard indicate and how quickly it can happen. Important parameters are the size of the wheel, the brand, the quality of the battery, the power of the electric motor and the design.

The weight factor is also included in the determination of the speed. The weight of the rider has a big influence on the speed of the board, but the board itself cannot do much about that.

Apart from the above factors, the speed will matter to you hoverboard also vary in the mode you use it in.

For example, if you use it in beginner mode, it will of course have a slower speed than normal mode. As in standard mode, the speed is medium.

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It has been observed that the speed controllers also play a vital role in speed determination. The way you hold and shift your weight appropriately guides you to higher speeds.

Again, the surface you're on hoverboard drives, determines the maximum speed it can get. If the surface is hilly or rough terrain, it will give a lower maximum speed than in the case of the smooth surface riding in from a hoverboard.

Conclusion – Is Speed ​​Important in a Hoverboard?

Whether or not speed is important is actually mainly up to the user. It could be that you are a terrible speed demon, and therefore would like to have the fastest board on the market.

There is also a chance that you will buy this board for your kids and therefore prefer to purchase a slightly slower model.

That choice is entirely yours and there is no right or wrong in this case!

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