How much does the average family spend on toys?

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Are you tired of spending too much money toys to spend, and you just don't remember? It might be enlightening to know what other Dutch families do each year toys give out.

According to Statistics Netherlands, Dutch households spend 6 thousand euros annually on 'relaxation', and toys also falls under this heading. At toys However, in the Netherlands, between 50 and 300 euros are spent per child per year.

In this article I discuss the averages and also the results of our own research among the readers of our blog.

How much does the average family spend on toys?

But is it really necessary to spend that much on this?

According to a German study, not at all, but not everyone shares that opinion. Responsible toys can also have a very positive influence on the development of children.

Make your house bulge with toys is of course not part of a responsible upbringing and the best thing you can do is sustainably toys buy something that is also fun and educational for the next children in your family.

How much do you spend on toys per year (for 1 child)?
Less than 50 EUR
Between 50 and 100 EUR
Between 100 and 250 EUR
Between 250 and 400 EUR
More than 400 EUR
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Cost for toys per child between 2-4 years

You would expect that with a second or third child, there would be fewer toys needs to be purchased.

There is a lot that is gender neutral toys, but of course it could be the case real boy toys from your first child, don't like being used by your second!

Often more money is spent on it toys for the first child, because everything still has to be purchased. You also see this with expenses such as a cradle, buggy or car seat.

When the second one arrives, you appear to already have most of it. Even when it comes to toys goes, you only 'need' one addition.

If you already have a little one, durable toys will also be useful for siblings who come after.

Keep in mind that towards the end of the year Sinterklaas or Santa Claus will also come by with presents; sometimes also at the sports club and at work with mom.

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How many toys does a child need?

We sometimes think that the more toys we offer our kids, the better it is for their development. However, this is not always true.

Certainly not if you ask a group of German researchers. According to these researchers, your child simply doesn't have one toys required.

In this large-scale investigation from the 90s, everything was taken away toys of children from different age groups. Of course, in consultation with the parents.

These children received only the basic necessities, such as blankets and furniture. This turned out to be a success.

But of course we don't all think that way.

It could not be denied that the children all looked up strangely. At first they didn't know what to do with this stuff.

After a while, however, they suddenly became very creative and more and more children – while playing together – showed 'unsystematic' behaviour.

They invented original games themselves and actively participated in role-playing games. The children turned out to be able to work well together.

So how much do we pay? toys should spend for our children? Not really much…

The 4 golden gift rules

Of course some is good toys always very welcome by a child and its parents. It is often better not to buy too much, but to buy sustainable.

The four gift rule is a very easy tool to control the amount of presents for your child.

If you are interested in this, as a parent, you may adhere to the following rules:

  • One thing they want
  • One thing they need
  • One thing they wear
  • One thing they read

Something they really want and something they really need. Something to wear and something to read!

You can go many ways with these 4 golden rules. You decide how much you spend on these 4 presents, of course.

It is good to inform the rest of the family of your plan as well. You can agree to give 1 or 2 beautiful gifts together.

Or ask grandma and grandpa what to put in their grandchild's piggy bank instead of a gift.

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What costs are there besides the toys?

According to experts, one third of the monthly age of children between 0 and 2 years is more than enough for the number of toys.

A 9 month old child only needs 3 toys.

Outside it toys there are other more important costs that money can be spent on.

Obtaining a swimming diploma A already costs around 450 euros and an A + B diploma together quickly 580. The gymnastics club costs 6 euros per year up to 180 years and there is also the obligatory clothing.

For children from 6 to 18 years old, you can charge an average of 300 euros per year for the sports club, except for a few peaks.

During childhood, about 6 second-hand bicycles worth around 80 euros are worn out by the first child.

You see, you won't get there with toys alone, a child will only really cost a lot if it has to learn to swim and wants to join a sports or hobby club.

Well, the first-born will cost a little more than the second or third, but you can make it as crazy as you want!

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