How do you make a game of chores and tasks? Top 7 great ideas

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We cannot ignore it: the household has to be done. As a parent, you may be used to always doing everything on your own and not asking for help from your kids.

But how nice would it be if your children would also help with the household?

That's easier said than done, you might think.

But there are ways to make household chores and chores appealing to your kids, so they'll be all too happy to lend a hand!

By turning (household) chores into a game, cleaning up suddenly becomes interesting.

For example, make it a competition ('make your bed in 5 minutes') or play socks memory! You can also think of a (clean-up) treasure hunt and in 2021 there are of course various apps that can lend you a hand.

Games can also make boring jobs fun in this way! When everyone in the family contributes to the chores and tasks that have to be done, housekeeping is a breeze.

Plus, mom and dad can also rest or take some time for themselves when the little ones are asleep - instead of having to clean up the house!

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dress up

This is perhaps one of the easiest ways to make chores more appealing to kids: dressing up as a (cleaning) superhero!

For example, get a special apron and a painted t-shirt in combination with a pair of brightly colored rubber gloves.

Does your child already feel like a hero? Of course, it can also wear another outfit – for example a Superman suit or a princess dress, as long as it feels ready and motivated to tackle the chores!

socks memory

I'm sure you have a bin full of lonely socks at home too. Now is the time to tackle that box. Tip the bin on the floor and at the start the sock memory game starts!

The aim is to match the right pairs. The player with the most (correct) pairs wins.

For example, you can give everyone a minute with a stopwatch, or stop the game as soon as there are no more lonely socks left.

The reward? That no one has to go through life with two different socks! Or maybe something else?

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Cleaning kit for children

We all know how much little kids love role-playing. Because how often do they play 'doctor' or 'mother and father'?

Buy for your kids your own cleaning kit and turn it into a role play.

In a playful way you teach your kids to help with the household chores.

At first that may mean more work for you, but once they get the hang of it, it will only save you time.

Make it a competition!

Are your kids not averse to a little competition? Then make a competition or challenge of the tasks that have to be done!

The only 'danger' of this is that it can lead to mutual conflict between the children. Are you willing to do that as a parent? It is best for you to determine that yourself.

Have you decided to try it? Then ideas for the challenge could be, for example: 'bring ten toy products to your own room within 30 seconds', or 'make your bed in 5 minutes'.

When you turn it into a competition, it becomes much more interesting for children.

It might also be useful to give the winner a reward, and give a consolation prize to those who lost but still tried their best.

balloon stick game

Grab a bag of balloons and think of the chores that need to be done. You can choose to write the chores on balloons with a thick marker.

Perhaps even more fun is to make notes on which you describe the tasks and then put them in the balloons.

Do you write the tasks on the balloons? Then have your children choose a balloon with their eyes closed and perform the task written on the balloon.

If you choose to put notes in the balloons, the children must first choose a balloon, puncture it, and then do the job described on the balloon.

For example, you can also put a reward in the balloons, which makes everything a lot more attractive.

Make it a treasure hunt

This is an ideal way to encourage small children to help clean up the house. You give your children small assignments.

An example of such an assignment is: 'look for all green Lego stones', or 'match five cars'.

In this way, the toys are not only cleaned up, but they are also neatly sorted!

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Make use of apps

In 2021, of course, apps have also been developed that motivate your children to perform chores and tasks.

Take Chore Pad, Choremonster or iReward Chart for example; these apps will playfully encourage children to help with the household.

These apps allow you to perform household chores and associate rewards with them.

When the children have completed the tasks, they will score points, reach new levels or earn rewards.

What could possibly happen is that children will compete among themselves for who can perform the most tasks. But that's really only positive, isn't it…?

As a parent, you can manage the app and enter the tasks with the associated rewards. You can also indicate whether the tasks have been performed correctly and you can see exactly who completed which tasks.

In addition to keeping your kids active and away from the TV, computer, or their phone calls, it helps kids develop self-regulation. And this can help them back in school and their future career.

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Paying your child for chores?

Letting your child do chores for money: a perfect way to introduce them to household chores and teach them how to manage money.

It's not always easy to figure out how much to give your child for a job. You don't want to give too much, but on the other hand it has to be worth it.

This is important for financial education; your child needs to understand the value of money.

What is considered a good amount is different for everyone. It depends on the age of the child, but also on how much you as parents have to spend and whether the child already receives pocket money.

In any case, it is important to make clear agreements with your child before starting the job:

  • What amount do you pay for which job?
  • When should the chores be done?
  • What do you do if the work has not gone so well?

Good agreements are important so that your child knows what to expect and what the reward is.

Keep in mind that some chores are part of daily parenting and may not necessarily "earn" a reward.

For example, you may have agreed that your child always clears the table after dinner. It is therefore sometimes difficult to determine when you will and will not pay for a job.

And also try to make every money moment a learning moment, so that the emphasis is not only on making money.

Talk to your child about it, ask what he or she plans to do with his or her earned money.

Children who learn how to handle money correctly at a young age will enjoy it for the rest of their lives.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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