How should you store kinetic sand? Simple tips

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What a great product for claying, modeling and building. Kinetic sand can be found in almost every playroom at home these days. But how should you store it?

Kinetic sand is best stored in a closed container, a plastic Tupperware container with a sturdy lid is best. It does not dry out, so a closed container is not strictly necessary, but it is useful so that it does not fly all over the place if it accidentally falls.

In this article, I'll show you how to easily store it, and why it's so easy.

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Can you leave kinetic sand outside the tank at night?

There is absolutely no reason you need to keep it in a cool and closed place.

If you accidentally leave it in the evening without cleaning it up, it will remain malleable and will not dry out.

I myself left the sand open and exposed on my recording table for several months when I made a number of YouTube videos for my channelwith Bruder construction vehicles and a whole bunch excavator toy.

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Alternatives to store kinetic sand

In addition to storing sand in a sealed container, such as a plastic Tupperware, you can also store it in a resealable bag or foil.

Or go for an empty yogurt bucket, for example.

If you choose a resealable bag, go for a zip-lock bag. You must store the clay airtight. 

It is wise to always read the instructions for use of the sand, because the storage method can sometimes differ between brands and types of kinetic sand.

This mainly depends on the composition of the sand. 

Even if the sand does not dry out in principle; you have to store it properly. If you do, this is one of the 'games' that will last the longest! 

And if for some reason the sand dries out a bit, you can always add a few drops of water to make it smooth again. 

Why does my kinetic sand smell?

If your kinetic sand suddenly started to smell, this could be because it has become damp. When it starts to smell, you should throw it away.

Kinetic sand can also become smelly because the material used to make the sand absorbs moisture and odor. 

You may need to adjust the humidity of the sand.

If it is too dry, add a little water. If it's too humid, try letting it air dry a bit. 

Can kinetic sand spoil or go moldy?

Nee, kinetic sand in principle cannot spoil or become moldy, but to keep the sand as fresh as possible, you should store it in an airtight container after use.

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After the shooting was all done I could just pick up the sand from the tarpaulin, put it back in a plastic container and then give it to my son to play with.

He immediately had a whole lot of play sand to play with and it still worked just as well as when I bought it.

you have to alone watch out when mixing one brand of play sand with another, for example, that is not possible.

How do you make kinetic sand soft and sticky again?

Kinetic sand returns to its normal texture at 60% humidity.

If it gets wet, air dry it until it returns to its normal texture.

If it is too dry, add a few drops of water with a pipette and mix thoroughly.

Can you wet kinetic sand?

You can get it wet, but playing with it when it's wet doesn't feel the same as when it's dry.

You also don't have to get it wet to knead with it because it's made for that, but if it does get wet you can just let it dry and it will be like before.

You have the idea that you should get it wet to play with it properly, because you are used to that in the sandbox (mud!) or on the beach.

But that is not necessary at all!

How often should you replace kinetic sand?

Kinetic sand in principle you never have to replace it. It never dries out and you can clean it up easily.

No bacteria develop in it, but with a small set of sand you may have to buy more after six months because some is lost here and there.


You see, it can't really be easier to store. Even if you just leave it out in the open, there's nothing wrong with it.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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