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Magic: What do children learn from practice and magic tricks?

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Magic is the art of the seemingly impossible. It is traditionally a street and stage art, in which a deceptive, often optical effect is created by means of quick hand and finger movements.

What do children learn from magic

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What do children learn from magic?

To achieve this, a child needs a lot of practice. It is a hobby that teaches discipline.

It also teaches a child to perform, perhaps at a slightly older age to deal with these nerves. But at least to put on a show.

The intention is that it remains unclear to the spectators how that effect, the 'impossible', comes about.

Your child can use traditional tools such as playing cards, rings, rope, cloths and balls.

In young children you see that they often choose the same role. Once they like to dress up, like a magician in this case, they will choose this character many more times.

That in itself makes sense, because all things learned must be practiced first. A child always practices by playing. Role plays make a major contribution to the development of children.

Magic stimulates thinking, imagining, inventing, remembering, experimenting, repeating and processing in a child.

Self-confidence gets a boost when your child gets compliments! But who knows, a huge interest will be aroused in your child and magic will become his or her great hobby!

Tricks explained on Youtube

Many tricks are explained on YouTube, which might be fun to watch with your child! The tricks of the famous program Mindf * ck are also 'betrayed'.

Some magicians like Derren Brown, for example, work in a way where both the trick and the explanation are cheats.

There are methods to let the audience choose certain cards, but these are explained as being able to 'predict' or 'read thoughts'.

The Mindf * ck program is of course also edited in such a way that crucial moments cannot always be followed. The viewer does not get to see everything!

And, for example, has a whole channel with explanations of tricks:

Great to watch and learn from it with your child!

Famous magicians

There are some great magicians, also called illusionists, that you may already be a fan of. Maybe it would be nice to introduce your child to these top magicians as well.

Tell your child about Houdini, Copperfield and Hans Klok!

Harry Houdini was born on March 24, 1874. He was the first world-famous magician, widely known for his very dangerous escape tricks.

He quickly managed to free himself from thick handcuffs and cracking heavy locks turned out to be a breeze for Houdini! He could even escape from a straitjacket or a hermetically sealed container.

In time, the perfectionist Houdini got 'competition' from other magicians who imitated him.

However, he always took on the challenge with his competitors and managed to outsmart the other every time! A great illusionist.

Also magician David Copperfield, aka David Seth Kotkin, born in 1956, is one of the world's most famous and talented magicians, especially for telling exciting stories in combination with his spectacular illusions.

Did you know he once made the Statue of Liberty in New York disappear? And did you know that it has been spotted floating above the Grand Canyon? David started professional acts at the age of twelve.

He was the youngest member ever to be admitted to the Society of American Magicians. In fact, when he was sixteen, he already taught "magic" at New York University.

Unbelievable right?

And who does not know this blonde magician? The world famous illusionist from Dutch soil; Our own Hans Klok! He was born in Purmerend on February 22, 1969.

Hans also started magic very early, on his tenth birthday he received a super magical set and he started working on it!

Since then Hans started performing for friends and also at their birthday parties he was often asked as a magician.

He started his professional magic career as a teenager, after at the age of fourteen he became youth champion of the Netherlands and then even of Europe!

At the age of twenty-one, Hans and his assistant Sittah won the 'Grand Prix of the Netherlands'. Four years later, he performed in Las Vegas for the first time as part of The World's Greatest Magic show.

These shows were broadcast live from the famous Caesars Palace to millions of audiences!

There is of course the possibility that your little magic talent will grow to be as great as one of these world-famous magicians!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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