Infantino toys | Why this is such a nice brand

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We all know that children learn through play.

Infantino toys help children with this.

A mobile above the baby crib, an interesting puzzle, or outdoor toys: thanks to infantino, your little one will never get bored.

Infantino grows with your child and produces toys for every stage of development.

Infantino's toys

The extensive collection of this brand is not only 100% safe, it also makes children curious and has cheerful colors that will appeal to every child.

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The Infantino team

The brains and designers behind the Infantino brand are people with families, who are focused on developing toys for other families.

This company employs moms and dads, uncles and aunts, and even grandparents, all with different parenting insights.

The group shares the belief that they can create fantastic products (and moments!) For you and your little one.

Your child grows by discovering the world around them. By means of fun and useful toys you will introduce your little one to different colors, textures, sounds, shapes and music.

Infantino ensures that your child can discover the world in the most fun way, and in an extremely safe way.

What more could you want as a parent?

Mommies are the best!

At Infantino they love babies and children, and they also have a great admiration for the mothers.

Mothers are some of the hardest-working people on the planet, but fortunately they can also enjoy the greatest rewards.

Because all the craziness and late nights moms are so forgotten with every smile their child makes!

At Infantino they work hard to make kids and the lovely people around them happy, and to let them grow together. All the toys have been designed with a lot of love.

Something for everyone at Infantino

Infantino develops toys for babies, toddlers and preschoolers. In the collection you will find stuffed animals, play mats, challenging puzzles, mobiles, vehicles and so on.

Infantino toys stimulate your child's imagination and help the development of motor skills.

There are toys for inside, but also for outside when the sun is shining. A play tent from Infantino in the Outdoor always comes in handy!

It is an example of a beautiful play mat Twist and Fold Play Mat from Infantino:

Infantino twist & fold play mat

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This large, comfortable play mat is easy to set up and can easily be taken anywhere. Your little one will not be able to play on this play mat!

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The Infantino gaming table (like the one we review here) with seat is another fantastic product from the brand:

Infantino game table with chair

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Thanks to this play table, all your child's senses will be stimulated. From rattling sounds to touching and driving vehicles in the shape of animals.

This play table is complete and a perfect product to teach a child a lot while playing.

As we mentioned before, at Infantino they have enormous respect for the mommies. That is why they also have products that make the lives of these strong women a bit easier.

There is this Infantino Flip 4-in-1 convertible Baby Carrier; a fantastic, comfortable baby carrier that can be used in four different ways:

Infantino baby carrier

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Also suitable for dads by the way!

Cheerful and colorful

Infantino's toys are incredibly attractive.

You will find brightly colored products with bright colors and fun prints. Your child will want to play with the toys again and again!

When your child has finally finished playing and it's time to go to bed, Infantino's beautiful lamps take the dark out of the nursery and your little one will fall asleep without worries.

Free from worry

At Infantino they put a lot of time into producing toys that are not only fun, but also fascinating, attractive and not at all boring.

They think it is important that children remain curious, and above all very cheerful!

In addition, safety is paramount at all times. That is why they only use harmless materials in all the products they design.

For decades they have been innovating at Infantino, putting the health and happiness of the little ones above all else.

Everybody plays and Changing the Face of Beauty

Infantino founded the Everybody Plays campaign to encourage the acceptance and inclusion of children with disabilities.

The parenting process is different for everyone, but whatever the differences, one thing is for sure: life is so much better when we all play together!

In addition, Infantino is a proud sponsor of Changing the Face of Beauty, whose mission is to encourage inclusive images in media and advertising to ensure that people with disabilities are seen and represented in the multimedia world around them.

Infantino is it all!

Infantino design smart products, have fun doing what they do and are over the moon when an idea results in a product that parents and children love, all over the world!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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