Inflating AirTrack how do you do that? Simple steps & air pressure

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The AirTrack mat is a fantastic product for athletes.

The AirTrack mat guarantees safety and fun so that athletes can get the best out of themselves.

This mat is ideal for those who want to take their athletic abilities to another level.

But how should you blow it up? Let's see that in this article.

Inflate your air track mat

You can practice the following sports on the mat:

  • gymnastics
  • parkour
  • cheerleading
  • trick
  • Kung Fu
  • yoga
  • and the mat is also useful for physiotherapy.

In addition, the mat can of course also be used for recreation in trampoline or amusement parks, for example.

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How do you inflate an AirTrack mat?

Because the AirTrack instead of a foam layer in the middle it is made up of air, so it must be inflated before use.

How you your AirTrack mat best depends on a number of factors.

Below we explain how to get your AirTrack mat inflates best so that you can't make mistakes and you AirTrack will last as long as possible.

We'll also give you some handy Youtube links that will show you how to do one of these in just a few minutes AirTrack best to inflate.

Which pump am I using?

You need a good pump to inflate the mat. You could then choose between an electric pump or a manual (foot) pump.

The best pump to use depends on which type AirTrack you have purchased.

The mats do not have to be constantly on the pump, once they are inflated they can be used anywhere.

The mats have strong seams so that little or no air loss will occur.

Inflate your AirTrack mat with an electric pump

With an electric pump like this from Flextail you are able to: AirTrack Quickly and conveniently fill mats with air:

Flextail Gear aitrack pump

(view more images)

The pump comes with an adapter so that you can properly attach it to the mat without losing air.

In addition, with this pump you can also quickly suck the air out of the mat. This way you can easily set up the mat and you can quickly 'dismantle' and clean it up again.

The most convenient of these, however, is that it is rechargeable so that you can take it with you everywhere or not with (always just) too short cords in your pocket. Outdoor sits.

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Inflate your AirTrack mat with a foot pump

If you prefer a foot pump or floor pump with pressure gauge, that is also possible.

The mats that you can easily inflate with a foot pump are the AirBeam, AirRolls and the AirTracktraining set and the best floor pump that will cost you the LEAST effort is this one from Mirage:

Mirage floor pump for Airtracks

(view more images)

It is actually always useful to purchase such a manual pump for your AirTrack, if you are in a place where there is no power and you still want to use your AirTrack mat.

In addition, a foot pump is easy to take with you on a trip.

The built-in pressure gauge shows exactly what the air pressure of your AirBeam, AirRoll and AirTrack training set.

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How do you inflate the AirTrack?

The following videos show you how to make one AirTrack inflates with an electric pump:

In the next video you will quickly see how to inflate one AirTrack mat with a foot pump:

What pressure should I maintain in the AirTrack?

The pressure of the AirTracks must also be taken into account to make optimal use of these fantastic mats. 

Which pressure you need depends on a number of factors. It is advised to always use enough pressure and in any case to fill the mat with air before each new use. 

The ideal pressure depends on the type of sport being practiced on the mat, which mat you are using, the athletic level of the users, experience and weight.

For more information about the correct pressure, please refer to your manual AirTrack check it out.

AirTrack inflated but it softens again? There may be a hole… This is how you repair a leak in an Airtrack mat

How do I measure the pressure in my AirTrack mat?

To measure the pressure you need a special device that they offer at AirTrack Factory

With a manometer you can measure your pressure exactly AirTrack mat. This can be used on the Super Silent AirTracks, the Air floor and AirTrack element.

How exactly do you do that? That is very simple. All you have to do is connect the pressure gauge to the second valve when you inflate the track.

With the materials of AirTrack Factory you will never damage your mat, so you don't have to worry that you may have applied too much pressure.

Damage is also impossible with the exercises that you can perform on the mat. 

Inflate your AirTrack mat at home

Hard, medium or soft?

How should the mat feel to train yourself optimally? 

The mat can be inflated in three ways so that the result is a hard mat, a medium hard mat or a soft surface.

  • When the mat feels hard means that there is a lot of pressure on it. In this way you create a kind of 'dead' floor, which is often used in competitions.
  • Are you somewhat lower in pressure, then you get a somewhat better 'bounce', which is ideal if you want to train jumps.
  • You get a soft mat at even lower pressure, and this is advised when users are athletes with a beginner level or when it will be played by, for example, children.

The best way to determine what pressure is right is to stand on the mat and make sure you don't drop all the way down when you jump.

When in doubt, it is better to pump some more air into it.

What is the best way to proceed when inflating your AirTrack mat?

To make it easier we have the steps on how to inflate you AirTrack divided for you.

Before starting work, it is important that you read the safety instructions carefully.

  1. Before charging the AirTrack do you have to a good and flat surface find. To avoid damage, make sure there are no sharp objects are present in the immediate vicinity. Do you want the AirTrack Inflate it outside, make sure you put something under the mat for protection.
  2. Do you have a good place found it? Then put you AirTrack (with the bag around it) in the desired location.
  3. Remove the bag from the AirTrack en unfold the mat.
  4. Then place the pump in the connection and connect it to one of the valves (it doesn't matter which one, they are all identical).
  5. Turn on the pump and wait until the AirTrack is inflated hard enough with the desired pressure.
  6. Is the AirTrack pumped full enough? Then turn off the pump and disconnect it from the mat. 
  7. The mat is now ready for use!

Is the AirTrack slightly over-inflated, you can reduce the pressure by pressing the valve.

However, if you think you need more pressure, you can possibly pump a little more air into the mat. 

You can also find videos on the net that will show you how to do such a thing in just a few minutes AirTrack best to inflate.

How can you deflate an airtrack?

How do I leave my Air track deflate? Make sure your device is not wet or dirty. Plug the pump into the socket and turn it on, then connect it with a hose to the valve opposite to the one you inflate it with to deflate it.

Want to know which tricks and tricks you can perform on your AirTrack mat? We write about this the coolest AirTrack exercises!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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