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JBL: Origin and history of the brand

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The JBL brand is best known for high-quality loudspeakers, but the company also develops and produces other audio equipment. JBL stands for 'James B. Lansing', the founder of the company.

In this extensive history of JBL I tell you everything about the development of the brand.

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JBL: A loudspeaker company with a long history

JBL, or James Bullough Lansing in full, is an American company that has been making loudspeakers and headphones produces. The company consists of two separate divisions: JBL Consumers, which focuses on home speakers and headphones, and JBL Professional, which focuses on audio equipment for professionals.

JBL is named after James Bullough Lansing (1902-1949), an American sound engineer and loudspeaker designer. In addition to JBL, he also founded Altec Lansing. In 2017, parent company Harman was bought by Samsung for $8 billion.

The benefits of JBL

JBL is known for its high-quality speakers and headphones. Here are a few benefits of JBL:

  • High Quality: JBL has been producing top quality speakers and headphones for decades.
  • Extensive selection: JBL has a wide range of products from home speakers to professional audio equipment.
  • Excellent service: JBL provides excellent service and support, so you can rest assured that your products work well.

Buy JBL products

If you're looking for high-quality speakers or headphones, JBL is a good option. You can buy JBL products at many electronics stores, but you can also buy online. There are many websites where you can buy JBL products, including the official JBL website.

How James B. Lansing Sound Inc. was born

The story begins with James Bullough Lansing, a man with thirteen siblings who was interested in mechanics from an early age. He built a radio station at the age of 12 and studied in Illinois, where his parents lived.

In 1941, Altec Lansing purchased the Lansing Manufacturing Company from James B. Lansing for $50.000 to avoid bankruptcy. Five years later, James B. Lansing left his position as vice president and founded Lansing Sound Incorporated.

The name change

To avoid confusion, the company's name was changed to James B. Lansing Sound Incorporated, "JBL" for short.

The Tragic Death of James B. Lansing

Sadly, in 1949, James B. Lansing committed suicide. His partner Bill Thomas took over and made sure the brand became known. It gradually became a reference in home speakers.

The company today

Today, JBL is a globally renowned brand focused on the design and manufacture of components for loudspeakers and equipment for movie theaters and the general public. It is one of the most renowned audio equipment brands and has built up an excellent reputation.

How JBL changed the world of audio

The birth of JBL

In 1969, JBL was sold when the Jervis company was bought by Harman International. They kept the brand alive, and it became known for its products used in recording studios, concert halls and outdoor festivals. It was also used to develop the THX audio standard.

The two divisions of JBL

JBL is managed by two divisions: JBL Consumer, for the general public, and JBL Professional, for the professional market.

JBL's influence on the audio industry

JBL has had a major impact on the audio industry. They have set the standard for quality and performance. Their products are used by professionals and music lovers all over the world. They also developed the THX audio standard, which gave movies and music better quality.

The Iconic JBL Classic Models

In the 70s, there was no better way to make your music pop than with the dynamic sounds of a JBL Studio Monitor. James B. Lansing's 4310 loudspeakers were the benchmark for professional studios, and there were more JBL Monitors in the US than all other brands combined. This 'West Coast Sound' found its way into a home model, the JBL L100.

The L100 was a real game changer. It had a modern front with the same driver line-up and iconic L-Pad tone control. It was the speaker of the time and cassette manufacturer Maxell even made a brilliant advertisement with it. In addition to the L100, there were also variants such as the 4312.

Now, almost 50 years later, JBL has reintroduced these classics with up-to-date technology and at least as much fun factor!

The West Coast Sound

The JBL Monitors of the 70s were a real game-changer in the music industry. With their dynamic sounds and reference status in professional studios, the 'West Coast Sound' was unmistakable.

The JBL L100

The JBL L100 was the speaker of that time. With a modern front and the same driver line-up and iconic L-Pad tone control, the L100 brought the studio desk reference to the home sofa. Cassette manufacturer Maxell even made a brilliant advertisement with it.

Reintroduction of the Classics

Almost 50 years later, JBL has reintroduced these classics. With up-to-date technology and at least as much fun factor, you can now enjoy the same 'West Coast Sound' as in the 70s, but with the most modern technology.

The Best Speakers for High-End Audio

JBL Synthesis: Professional Backbone

If you want the best audio experience, JBL Synthesis is the way to go. With their horn-loaded compression drivers, they have been an exception in the professional world for years. The engineers at Northridge have refined the compression driver into a masterpiece, of which the JBL Synthesis Everest is the leading example.

Unprecedented Dynamics, Control and Neutrality

JBL Synthesis loudspeakers offer unprecedented dynamics, control and neutrality. They know how to approach the 'live' experience like no other. Whether you choose a floorstanding or studio model, you'll get the best audio experience.

The Perfect Speakers for High-End Audio

If you're looking for the perfect speakers for high-end audio, JBL Synthesis is the best choice. With their professional backbone and unprecedented dynamics, control and neutrality, these speakers will give you the best audio experience ever.

The JBL HDI Series: Dynamics with Conviction and Power

When you say JBL, you say dynamics. We have the new JBL HDI series here, with a High Definition Imaging Waveguide that you don't just call a tweeter. No, it's a proprietary 2410H-2 compression driver, sourced from JBL Professional but modified for high-end hi-fi playback. It improves the efficiency of the tweeter so that much less energy is lost.

The HDI WaveGuide: A Specially Shaped Horn

The front of the compression driver interfaces with the HDI WaveGuide. A specially shaped horn that further increases efficiency and controls radiation. This allows you to enjoy a great sound anywhere in the room.

The JBL HDI Series: Unprecedented Speed ​​and Precision

The JBL HDI Series represents unprecedented speed and precision that was previously only reserved for much more expensive models from JBL. From the compact HDI-1600 bookshelf loudspeaker to the mighty floorstanding HDI-3800. Whether you're listening to music or movies, classical or rock, the JBL HDI Series puts you right in the middle of it all. With enormous power and mesmerizing realism.


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JBL, or James Bullough Lansing, is an American company that produces headphones and speakers. The company was founded by James Bullough Lansing in 1927 and has a long history of innovation and quality. In 2017, the company was bought by Samsung for $8 billion.

JBL was founded by sound engineer and loudspeaker designer James Bullough Lansing. He also founded Altec Lansing. He changed his name from Martini to Lansing in the 1920s, probably after the Michigan town where he worked. In 1941, his first company, the Lansing Manufacturing Company, was purchased by Altec Lansing. Five years later, he founded Lansing Sound Incorporated, which was later renamed JBL.

The company focused on the design and manufacture of components for loudspeakers and equipment for cinemas and for the general public. After the death of James B. Lansing in 1949, the company was taken over by William Thomas. In 1969, JBL was sold to the Jervis company, which was dissolved and absorbed by Harman International.

JBL has a long history of innovation and quality. In the 70s, many albums were produced with the dynamic sounds of a JBL studio monitor. James B. Lansing's 4310 loudspeakers became the reference of the professional studio. With the JBL L100, a classic was born that became the reference for the studio desk to the home sofa br

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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