Free entertainment for you and your kids

Hi there!

Some of you have really asked some great questions.

I have responded to you personally via email, but I also want to share it with everyone here ...

I also got some useful tips about the site itself so thank you! If you have not yet completed the questionnaire about your visit to our site you can still do that here.

And now to the answer to most of your questions:

Those free tips, are they really completely free? Am I not committed to anything?

At the moment all three are completely free and you are not committed to getting a paid account.

Whether that will change soon, I don't know ... but for now you can at least use these free tips.

If I don't want to renew, can I easily cancel?

Each of these services is fairly easy to cancel if you don't want to extend it further.

Wondering if you have already tried one of these? Let me know.

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