These are the 21 best children's clothing stores in & around Den Bosch

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  June 29, 2021

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Shopping in Den Bosch can be a lot of fun, and even more fun if you go shopping with your kids. Here are some of the best stores you can visit with your kids.

What we discuss in this comprehensive post:

What about public transport in Den Bosch?

Public transport in Den Bosch allows you to get around easily and quickly without having to worry about driving the vehicle or worrying about the route. Public transport consists of various means of transport. For example, there is city transport or regional transport that consists of the bus, tram and metro. This also includes the train or public transport over water.

Local buses run, among other things, between Liempde and 's-Hertogenbosch (line 203) and between Vught and' s-Hertogenbosch (line 213). There are also several shuttle buses to and from transferia in the municipality. Would you like to park in the vicinity of our city center? You can then go to one of the 8 parking garages. Signs along the route to the center indicate whether there are still free parking spaces.

View all children's clothing stores on the map of Den Bosch:

The 21 best children's clothing stores in Den Bosch

These are the stores:

Belle en Beau Children's clothing - Engstraat 4 (Heusden)

Belle & Beau children's clothing Heusden

You will find nice, cool and affordable children's clothing and maternity gifts at Belle en Beau in Heusden. Do you know those shops where you like and would like to take almost everything with you? This is one of them. Located in the beautiful fortified town of Heusden. Belle & Beau sells baby and children's clothing from, for example, Claesen's, Beebielove, Kik Kids, Z8, Tumble 'n Dry, but also from Jubel, Feetje and Sturdy. You can also shop here for maternity gifts. Belle en Beau Children's clothing is located at Engstraat 4,5256 BD Heusden.

Indian Bluejeans - Graafsebaan 137 (Rosmalen)

Indian Blue jeans Rosmalen

INDIAN BLUE JEANS; A FASHION LABEL FOR KIDS WITH GUTS! Indian Blue Jeans is a jeans-related fashion label for cool dudes & younghipster girls from 2 to 16 years old, who want to push their boundaries and set their own rules. It takes a healthy dose of guts! With inspiring clothing, such as cool jeans, cool sweaters, long sleeves with cool prints, sporty sweat dresses and much more, Indian Blue Jeans stimulates kids to dare to be themselves. Because no guts, no stories! Indian Bluejeans is located at the Graafsebaan 137,5248 NL Rosmalen.

Toys in general

Proud Junior Store - Vughterstraat 88B

Proud Junior Store Den Bosch

Gifts, children's clothing or a haircut? At Trots Junior Store in Den Bosch you will find it all! Looking for something unique for your small / big pride? You will certainly find that at Trots Junior Store in Den Bosch! Mother's Most Beautiful sister is Proud Junior Store. A spacious store where you will find everything for your small / big pride! Zadig & Voltaire, Scotch 'n Shrunk, Stella McCartney, Mini Rodini, Levi's, Circle of Truts are a number of brands that you will find in the store. Nesting Dolls, Herschel, My Jewelery ensure that your outfit is complete. And every Wednesday the hairdresser is present to ensure that you can look fresh and fruity. So nice! Proud Junior store is located at Vughterstraat 88b, 5211 GL Den Bosch.

Clothing4kids Outlet - Stoofstraat 14

Clothing4kids outlet stoofstraat den bosch

     You can find trendy, cool and beautiful children's clothing for a nice price at Clothing4kids Outlet in Den Bosch. Super nice shop for children who want to be trendy for nice prices. That is Clothing4kids Outlet in Den Bosch! Clothing4kids outlet is a children's clothing store in the heart of 's-Hertogenbosch with a wide range of baby and children's clothing (sizes 44 to 176) from well-known brands at outlet prices. The discounts can be as high as 70%. You will find nice clothes from one or two seasons, but also from the new collection. So definitely worth taking a look. Clothing4kids Outlet is located at Stoofstraat 14,5211 ER Den Bosch.

Name It - Hinthamerstraat 8

Name it children's clothing den bosch

     You will find hip, cool and affordable children's clothing at Name It in Den Bosch! Do you like to look hip? But do you want to keep it affordable? Then children's shop Name It in Den Bosch really recommended! For hip boys and girls aged 0 - 12 years Name it in Den Bosch a super nice collection every season. The Danish brand ensures that there is always something nice for you! You can also play in the Lego box while mom or dad chooses your outfit. Super nice, right? Name It is located at Hinthamerstraat 8, Den Bosch.

Trigger Boys & Girls - Kolperstraat 16

Trigger Boys & Girls Kolperstraat

     You will find cool, hip and cool children's clothing at Trigger Boys & Girls in Den Bosch! Looking for cool, hip and beautiful children's clothing? Then visit Trigger Boys & Girls in Den Bosch. At Trigger Boys & Girls you will find trendy clothes for cool boys and sweet girls from 2 - 16 years (size 92 -176). They have various brands such as: Dress Like Flo, Tumble 'n Dry, Geisha, Funky XS and Zoizo Kindsunderwear. Trigger Boys & Girls is located at Kolperstraat 16,5211 KC Den Bosch.

Marinus Kids - Marktveld 48 (Vught)

Marinus kids vught

You will find the hippest children's fashion at Marinus Kids in Vught! Even hipper than mom and dad walking around? That is possible at Marinus Kids in Vught! The latest, hippest children's fashion from famous brands such as Scotch R'belle, Bengh, Vigino, Retour, Tumble 'n Dry, Z8 and much more can be found at Marinus Kids. Do you want to be super hip? Then take a look at Marinus Kids in Vught. Marinus Kids in Vught is located at Marktveld 48,5261 EB Vught.

Most Beautiful of Mothers Most Beautiful - 123 Vughterstraat

Most beautiful of mother's most beautiful s hertogenbosch

     Be inspired by the best of Mother's Most Beautiful! In the heart of 's Hertogenbosch in a special building is a complete baby and children's shop' Mother's Most Beautiful '. Do you need inspiration for your nursery, do you want a special gift or are you looking for the most beautiful, then you should visit Mother's Most Beautiful. In addition to fully equipped baby and children's rooms and high-quality decorative items, they also have the most beautiful baby and children's clothing for boys and girls between 0 - 14 years. Brands they have include: American Outfitters, Armani, Bomba, IKKS and Imps & Elfs. Most Beautiful of Mother's Most Beautiful is located at Vughterstraat 123,5211 GA 's Hertogenbosch.

Junior Children's Clothing - Croonpassage 39 (Boxtel)

Junior children's clothing Boxtel

     Nice and affordable children's clothing can be found at Junior Kinderkleding in Boxtel. Do you want to look fun and hip every season? Then Junior Children's Clothing in Boxtel is the place to go! Super fun, cheerful and affordable children's clothing can be found at Junior Children's Clothing in Boxtel. Every season we have collected the best clothes for you and you can look completely hip again. Brands they have are: BESS, Funky XL, Topitm, Flo, Mortenz, Ninni Vi, Babyface and Moodstreet. Junior Children's Clothing Boxtel is located at Croonpassage 39,5281 AZ Boxtel.

Children's shop T.T36 - Behind City Hall 36

Children's shop t.t36

Cool and trendy children's shop for children aged 2-16. A beautiful, spacious, cool and trendy children's store that is different from the others! Here they have children's clothing, unique gifts and special children's room accessories. Everything you find there has a touch of humor and makes you happy. Just say a small department store for the children of today. It is not without reason that they won the election 'Best children's shop in the municipality of Den Bosch 2012/2013'! Brands like Finger in the Nose, Wild, Pepe, Moodstreet, MOLO can be found here. But also special children's room accessories and original toys from brands such as Djeco, Liliputiens, Mijnes, Vilac and Rubabu. Children's shop T.T36 is located at Achter het Stadhuis 36,5211 HN 's Hertogenbosch.

Princes and Princesses - Orthen 99

Princes and Princesses children's fashion Orthen 99

High-quality second-hand children's fashion for a small budget. Affordable children's fashion and something for everyone. Brands such as: Diesel, Vigino, Nolita, Raer etc. can be found here. When you look around, the children can play. If it is not convenient to come by during opening hours, there is a possibility to make an appointment and to come with (for example) your friends one evening. Prinsen en Prinsessen is located at Orthen 99,5231 XR 's Hertogenbosch.

Zizo Kindermode - De Driesprong 26A (Rosmalen)

Zizo children's fashion rosmalen

Cool, trendy children's clothing and children's bags at Zizo Kindermode in Rosmalen. For hip, cool and fun designer clothes for boys and girls you can go to Zizo Kindermode in Rosmalen. They have brands like: Baker Bridge, Name It, crank, Tumble 'n Dry, Moodstreet, Gymp and Z8. But in addition to clothing, they also have very nice children's and diaper bags from Lief, Kidzroom, Zebra. Zizo Kindermode is located at De Driesprong 26a, 5241 TJ Rosmalen.

Soeteliefs - Dorpsstraat 28 (Rosmalen)

Soeteliefs children's clothing rosmalen

You will find the most beautiful children's clothing for every wallet at children's shop Soeteliefs in Rosmalen! The Soeteliefs children's shop is located right in the heart of Rosmalen. A store with beautiful and affordable children's brand clothing. A candy store for mums and dads, but also for the children! Soeteliefs in Rosmalen is run by 2 sisters who have a nose for trendy and beautiful designer clothes, but also love sweets. Every season they go out to score the best outfits, so that your little one is completely hip again. At Soeteliefs you can find designer clothes that are offered for an outlet price. Soeteliefs is located at Dorpsstraat 28,5241 EC Rosmalen.

Stand out at Petozzi - Minderbroedersstraat 8A

Stand out at petozzi

     At Petozzi in Den Bosch you will find super fun and trendy clothes for kids from 0 - 6 years! Are you looking for beautiful, hip, different-than-usual, comfortable and unisex clothing for kids from 0 - 6 years? Then Petozzi in Den Bosch is highly recommended! Petozzi is run by 2 nieces who are very happy with hip, beautiful, different-than-usual, comfortable and unisex children's clothing. And in their shop on the Minderbroederstraat you can admire it all in real life. The store has a spacious layout, so you can easily enter with your pram and browse quietly. They sell brands such as Rodini, Carlijns, Sproet & Sprout, Donsje Amsterdam, Popupshop, Gosoaky, Tinycottons, BANGBANG Copenhagen, Frnky's, Picnik Barcelona, ​​Sussies and many more! Definitely worth a walk in! Petozzi is located at Minderbroedersstraat 8a, 5211 EL Den Bosch.

Vingino Store Den Bosch - Hinthamerstraat 25

Virginio store den bosch

     Tough boys and girls shop at Vingino Store in Den Bosch. Are you a tough boy or girl? Shop your outfit Vingino Store in Den Bosch! Vingino is an international Denim Lifestyle Brand for hip and tough kids. A cool store where every boy / girl will quickly feel at home. You can shop for cool sneakers, cool slippers, cool shirts and cool pants. So are you ready for a new wardrobe? Then be sure to drop by Vingino Store in Den Bosch! Vingino Store is located at Hinthamerstraat 25,5211 MD Den Bosch.

Hip, Tough, Sweet! - Boschstraat 9 (Zaltbommel)

Hip, sweet, sweet children's clothing Zaltbommel

Hip mothers, tough boys and sweet girls shop at Hip, Stoer, Lief in Zaltbommel! Are you a tough or sweet boy/girl? And do you want to be trendy? At HipStoerLief in Zaltbommel you will find the best children's fashion of today! Hip, Stoer, Lief is a contemporary fashion store where you can find everything for your children. The most beautiful pram, cool lifestyle items, cool children's clothing and much more. A selection of brands from Hip, Tough, Lief: Bugaboo, Joolz, Cowboys Bag, Vingino, Tumble 'n Dry, Beebielove, Le Chique and Bomba. Super nice shop with the best brands can be found at Hip, Stoer, Lief in Zaltbommel. Hip, Stoer, Lief is located at Boschstraat 9,5301 AA Zaltbommel.

Sterrie Lou Children's Clothing - Nieuwstraat 10B (Heusden)

Sterrie Lou Children's Clothing Heusden

Beautiful children's clothing that has been selected with love can be found at Sterrie Lou Children's clothing! In the charming fortified town of Heusden, located in the same street as the original Berg en Braam toy store, you will find Sterrie Lou, a children's clothing store with beautiful brands such as Bor * Z, Vingino, Scotch R'bell, Petit Louie, Supertrash, Bengh and Be a Diva. And then also selected with love! Sterrie Lou Children's Clothing is located at Nieuwstraat 10b, 5256 BB Heusden.

Poppedoll - Vughterstraat 116

Poppedoll kids fashion Vughterstraat

     For unique and exclusive girls' clothing for your little princess, go to Poppedoll in Den Bosch!

Den Bosch recently added an exclusive clothing store for little princes! At Poppedoll you will find exclusive girls' clothing that cannot be found anywhere else. You can find everything there to completely transform your little girl into a real princess. Poppedoll has brands such as: Dollcake, Mud Pie, Kirei Sui, Melissa Jane, Pom Pom and many more! Poppedoll is located at Vughterstraat 116,5211 GL Den Bosch.

TATA babysjop - Behind City Hall 32

Tata babysjop town hall

TATA babyshop in Den Bosch is a true paradise for little princes and princesses! A beautiful children's store for the smallest toddler. You will find the most beautiful things and clothing that your little one could wish for at Tata Babysjop in Den Bosch! At Tata Babysjop you will find the most beautiful children's and baby clothing, linen, playpen rugs and cuddly toys in all colors of the rainbow. You can also find trendy and unique gifts there. Brands such as Kenzo, Bess, Kidz Art, Imps & Elfs, Levi's, Molo, Little Feet, Maison Indigo (cuddly toys), Donsje (shoes) and many more can be found at Tata Babysjop. A palace for everything your little toddler could wish for in his/her first year of life! TATA babysjop is located behind the town hall 32,5211 HN Den Bosch.

Bambino Tino Children's Clothing - De Els 51 (Waalwijk)

Bambino Tino Waalwijk

     Looking for children's clothing in the latest trends? Bambinotino is the trusted address! Bambinotino has been in shopping center De Els in Waalwijk for over 40 years and is the trusted address for fun and cool clothing for boys and girls in sizes 92 to 176. In addition to all well-known quality brands, we also carry a number of exclusive children's clothing brands that are are for sale at a few shops. Complete your outfit with accessories. Reliability, service and quality are very important. The quality brands you will find here include: Barts, Bengh, Boriz, Jottum, Muy Malo, Scotch Shrunk, Scotch R'belle, Billieblush, Vingino, Retour, Ninni Vi, Silvian, Heach Kids, Zebra and Tommy Hilfiger. Bambino Tino Children's Clothing is located at De Els 51,5141 HN Waalwijk.

Freckle Children's Clothing - De Haar 1B (Ammerzoden)

Freckle children's clothing Ammerzoden

Fun, hip and beautiful children's clothing can be found at Sproet Kinderkleding in Ammerzoden! Are you looking for fun, hip and affordable children's fashion you will find at Sproet Children's Clothing in Ammerzoden. At Sproet Kinderkleding in Ammerzoden you will find brands such as Baker Bridge, Be a diva, Blue System, Carbone, Cars, CKS, Feetje, Fred Mello, LCKR, Mexx, Mim-pi, Name-it, No-No, Salty Dog , Vingino and much more. Sproet Kinderkleding is located at De Haar 1b, 5324 DA Ammerzoden.

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Also nice nearby:

Children's clothing stores in Oss | This is our top 8 list for a visit

Have you ever been to Oss? Oss is a vibrant city with village hospitality. In Oss you can enjoy the picturesque fortified towns of Ravenstein and Megen.

Go for a nice and pleasant walk and shop in the many beautiful and luxurious fashion stores that you can find in Oss.

People so far like Geldermalsen occasionally drop by for a shop visit.

You are guaranteed to find nice clothes for yourself, but there is also a lot of choice for children.

From hip and trendy jeans to the cool outfit of Shoeby and Jeans Center.

Once you have finished shopping, you can relax on a nice terrace or you can have a bite to eat in one of the many restaurants. Are you a romantic type?

Then take a walk along the Maas at sunset.

Below you will receive an overview of the best children's clothing stores in Oss; guaranteed a nice day out!

Children's clothing stores on the map of Oss:

Ollekebolleke Oss

Take a look at the beautiful Ollekebolleke shop in Oss. Here you will find beautiful children's clothing for boys and girls.
For clothes that you will not find everywhere, go to Ollekebolleke.
They have a lot of choice and mainly sell more luxurious brands that you don't see hanging in children's clothing stores.
So if you are a fan of beautiful brands and trendy clothes for your daughter or son, then a visit to this store is an absolute must.

Other brands are also available at Ollekebolleke, such as: Karl Lagerfeld, MonnaLisa, Moschino, Boof, MyBrand, Kenzo, Stone Island, Gucci, Moncler, Philipp Plein, Parajumpers, Elisabetta Franchi, Jacky Girls, Woolrich, Moschino, Aletta, D'squared shoes , Antony Morato, Boss, EA7 and Armani.

In addition to clothing, they also sell matching shoes. Visit this store regularly as they change collections regularly!

The location is also easily accessible by car, as there is ample parking space in front of the door.

Ollekebolleke is at the Kruisstraat 23-A, 5341 HA Oss.

More nice shopping places in the area? View the children's clothing stores in Den Bosch.


G4KIDS has adopted a well-known slogan: “Life is too short to wear boring clothes” and they do their very best to have fun and interesting brands in their store.
You can use the many brands such as Levi's, Tommy Hilfiger, Rocking my Bae, NIK & NIK, Claesen's, CATS & DOGS, Flo, Retour, 10 Days, Bellerose, Ai & Ko, Bergstein, Frankie & Liberty, Grunt, Maruti, Lucky No 7, Sproet & Sprout, Tretorn, Miss Juliette, Beebielove, Feetje, CarlijnQ in all directions.
These brands guarantee fun boys and girls clothing.

Popular twinning is also being welcomed by G4KIDS and by being able to wear the same thing in the store, mothers can wear the same as their child.

This way you look extra festive.

G4KIDS. You will surely find what you are looking for. But keep in mind that the shop is closed on Mondays.

G4KIDS is on De Schakel 5, 5341 CM Oss.

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When shopping in Oss, it is certainly worthwhile to visit terStal. Here you will find beautiful clothes for both boys and girls.
Decent clothing that fits well and feels comfortable and is also friendly on the wallet.

We take a look at the girls section. At terStal, the new season is new collection.

The girls indulge themselves with the trendy and hip children's clothing according to the latest fashion.

There is a choice of sweaters, cardigans that are easy to combine with the nice dresses, skirts in fun colors and designs.

The clothing is comfortable, has a good fit and can take a beating. The girls' eyes will sparkle when they see the jerseys that are made up with glitter.

Go for a cool combination of different prints and designs and create your own fun look for your girl.

There is no reason for boys to get jealous. TerStal also has an extensive collection waiting for them.

Starting with this year's winter collection. Beautiful cool winter clothing in different colors made of the best materials.

You can also mix and match this collection extensively. The clothing is hip, trendy and cool. But it can also be very sporty or casual.

For the boys you have nice and cool T-shirts and cardigans made of solid material. They are comfortable and keep you nice and warm.

On the shirts you see cool images and can easily be combined, so that you can create your own style or look, for example with a nice army print.

TerStal address: Sterrebos 26, 5344 AM Oss.


Do you know that you can find high-quality clothing at Zeeman for a super competitive price? Believe it.
Beautiful and practical clothing and also sweet for your bank balance. At Zeeman you will find clothes for your baby, among other things.
Nice cute rompers in beautiful colors and made in a functional way, so that you can easily put them on and take them off.
The rompers are made of very soft organic cotton that is wonderful and comfortable.
For the newborns you will find nice pants, shirts, dresses and playsuits in various fun colors and print motifs.
With this collection you can make very nice combinations.

Children's clothing is available in sizes 68 to 128. You can expect a new collection every season.

You can count on baby leggings and singlets for the summer holidays, jackets for the cold months and shirts that can be worn all year round.

Zeeman also sells wonderfully fitting pajamas for boys and girls. Pajamas with beautiful colors and beautiful designs.

Address Zeeman in Oss: Kerkstraat 6, 5341 BK, Oss.


The best CoolCat store can be found in Oss. Nice and cool clothes for boys and girls of good quality that are nice and comfortable.
At CoolCat you will certainly find the right outfit for your boy or girl for a very affordable price.
At CoolCat the girls can indulge themselves with the nicest and hippest clothing of the moment.
They have a choice of nice dresses, skirts, jumpsuits, jeans clothing, nice pants and playsuits.

The latest fashion is followed closely and is of course incorporated into the own collection.

This way you are assured that your son or daughter will always look hip and trendy.

The collection of the boys is not inferior to the collection of the girls. For them you will find the coolest and nicest outfit for every occasion.

For school but also for special occasions. The boys' collection is so extensive that you can combine endlessly.

Every day your little guy is hip and trendy again in one of the many combinations. CoolCat has the right clothing collection for every season.

CoolCat is on the Hill 18, 5341 CW Oss.


Shoeby Nijkerk
Shoeby is the shop for hip, cheerful and trendy clothing. The clothing is comfortable and of good quality.
Take a look at the own Shoeby brand Jill for girls. Jill radiates energy, is very cheerful and also has a tough side.
It is very easy to make endless combinations with the Shoeby collection.
Your daughter can come up with a new look almost every day. Other Dutch brands in the collection are Tumble 'n Dry and Cakewalk.

Of course the boys are not forgotten either, because Shoeby also has an extensive clothing line for them. Your son grows up and investigates.

During this process, he should feel easy and comfortable. And that is perfectly possible in the quality clothing from Shoeby.

Cool and cool T-shirts, boys' shirts, sweaters and cardigans with a sporty and graphic print. Shoeby has its own Mitch brand for the boys.

Very suitable for the little kids but also the slightly bigger tough guys. The Mitch brand likes to alternate with the other brands Tumble 'n Dry and Twinlife.

Also take a look at the sturdy jeans. They usually have an adjustable waistband, making a good fit easy to achieve.

Shoeby is on the Sterrebos 30, 5344 AM Oss.

Jeans Center

Jeans center oosterhout
Have you ever taken a look at Jeans Center? Here you not only have clothing for adults but also a lot of choice for children's clothing, in addition to just jeans.

At Jeans Center you will find an extensive children's collection for boys and girls of all ages.

Jeans Center clothing is always tailored to the latest fashion trends. Trendy cool and fun clothes in which your son or daughter will always feel good.

The girls can choose from a whole collection of cute skirts, dresses and also cool girls jeans.

The clothing is comfortable, is made of quality material and lasts a very long time.

The girls can really be a girl when they want to, but they can also play around and have fun.

The girls' clothes from Shoeby can really take a beating. The girls' jeans collection is timeless and should not be missing from your daughter's wardrobe.

They are very easy to combine with the many shirts, blouses, tops and jackets in different sizes and designs. The jeans

The boys can also choose from a decent collection at Jeans Center.

With the boys' clothing line you can make so many combinations that you can prepare a different outfit for your boy almost every day.

For example, opt for jeans with a light wash.

You can easily combine this with the cool shirts that are available in different colors and sizes.

But you can also opt for jeans with a dark wash. With these pants you can go in all directions.

Combine it with a nice shirt and it's ready for a special occasion.

Top it off with a nice jacket or a cool sweater and you are ready for the coming winter months.

If you still have trouble making a good choice, the staff of Jeans Center will assist you with advice and assistance.

Jeans Center is on the Heuvelstraat 8, 5341 EA Oss.


Once you are in Oss, it is worthwhile to take a look at Scapino.
Scapino keeps a close eye on the latest fashion trends.
The Scapino collection is therefore always 'up to date' in the field of clothing, shoes and accessories.
Children grow quickly so you will have to change clothes often. In addition, it is often nice that the clothing is affordable.
The Scapino collection lends itself precisely to this. Affordable clothes for every age in stock. Well-known brands at Scapino are Ai-girl or Oiboi.
These collections are so extensive that you will have trouble making the right choice.
You have a choice of nice pants, shirts, blouses, trendy dresses and skirts, cool T-shirts with nice inscriptions but also cardigans, shirts and jackets for the winter months.
For the tough guys and girls we have the well-known fleece jackets, rain suits, thermal socks, ski clothing, hiking boots and backpacks from the Mountain Peak brand.
This has been specially developed for the more robust items in the collection. Quality is also very important here.

Scapino is on the Walstraat 32, 5344 CK Oss.

Accessibility of the city center of Oss:

You can find shops in Oss in one of the popular shopping streets such as Heuvel, Walplein, Heuvelstraat, Sterrebos or Kruisstraat.

  • Train: If you use the train, pay attention to which stop you want to get off at, because the municipality of Oss has three train stations: Oss central station, Oss West and Ravenstein.
  • Bus: In the municipality of Oss, regional lines, a High-Quality Public Transport (HOV) line, local buses and district buses run. The HOV line 305 Oss-Eindhoven runs in Oss. There are only a few stops on this line to complete the route as quickly as possible. A ride Oss - Eindhoven takes 55 minutes. The regional line runs between neighborhoods, centers, villages and cities. There are many stops to get on and off on these lines.
  • Car: If you come by car, Oss is easily accessible by car via the A50 and A59.

The shops in Oss are also not far from each other. By car, for example, you need 8 minutes to go from G4KIDS to Shoeby via Molenstraat and Joannes Zwijsenlaan.

And from Shoeby you need 10 minutes to get to Jeans Center via Euterpelaan.

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Also nice on the road:

The 5 best children's clothing stores in Geldermalsen to go to

On the way to Geldermalsen Have a nice family day planned? Take the children to the best children's clothing stores in Geldermalsen!

A nice change of the shops in Den Bosch.

children's clothing stores on the map of Geldermalsen:

5 best children's clothing stores in Geldermalsen

You & Me Kindermode - Geldersestraat 27

You & me children's fashion geldermalsen

On the website of You & Me children's fashion. We sell children's clothing from size 50 to size 176. Are you looking for a nice, sporty, summery couple?

Or do you prefer something classic? You've come to the right place! We are happy to help you!

We sell brands such as: Bnosy, Quapi, LoffF, Le Chic, Blue Seven, Rumble, Moscow, Knot so Bad, Creamie, Birds, Tygo & Vito and LCEE.

We also have a shop, we can be found at this address: Geldersestraat 27, 4191 BA Geldermalsen.

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FANCY ! Kids Conceptstore - Geldersestraat 27

FANCY ! Kids Conceptstore

Fancy! Kids Conceptstore is a cozy concept store for babies, children, teenagers, parents and family. Located in the center of Geldermalsen.

We have an extensive range of designer clothing in the medium and high segment.

In addition to clothing for babies, children and teenagers, our kids concept store also has many other fun items!

Are you sometimes looking for something for a baby / children's room, a walking bike, a new bag for school, a nice gift for a birthday, or for future parents?

You can always contact us!

Presents are of course very nice to receive, but giving should also be a party, so we do our utmost to wrap everything nicely for you!

Our team is always on hand to help. Online, but of course also in our store!

While the children have fun in our play corner with the train and the dollhouse, advises/helps us Fancy!

Happy to team up with choosing a nice outfit. We consider service to be an important service, online, but certainly also in our store!

You will therefore always receive money back on returning items without a discount.

For items with a discount you can exchange them or you will receive a voucher, which is always valid. That way you always have the right things in the closet!

We hope that, just like our customers in the store, you will visit our webshop with a satisfied feeling.

Of course we would also love to see you visit our store! FANCY ! Kids Conceptstore is located at Geldersestraat 27, 4191 BA Geldermalsen.

Shoeby - Geldersestraat 5

Shoeby Geldermalsen

Shoeby stands for an incredible amount of personal attention and service, cozy shops at strategic locations and a trendy collection in a recognizable signature for the middle segment.

For Girls: Girls size 134 - 176: Picking out clothes in the size selection 92 - 134 is not the easiest job.

The girls are growing very fast, so her clothes have to be replaced in no time.

Do you want to put together a nice look for your little fashionista without spending too much money on it? Then you've come to the right place at Shoeby.

A wide range of children's clothing is a fact! You can shop the best girls' clothing for a good price and with super quality at

Shoeby has a wide range of dresses, cardigans, jeans, jackets and skirts in the size selection 134 - 176.

In addition, there are plenty of fun accessories and shoes for all girls. All items are completely according to the latest trends, and not only that!

The children's clothing from Shoeby is also comfortable to wear. This way your daughter will not only look fashionable, but her clothes are also molded!

Nowadays the girls have also developed their own style and want to appear on-trend in the schoolyard

With our own fashion brand Jill and items from the Tumble 'n Dry brand, you can create a stylish, portable and affordable look for your daughter.

For Boys: Boys size: 134 - 176. Picking out clothes in the size selection 134 - 176 is not the easiest job.

The boys are growing very fast, so his clothes have to be replaced in no time.

Do you want to put together a nice look for your tough man without spending too much money on it? Then you've come to the right place at Shoeby.

A wide range of children's clothing is a fact! You can shop the best boys' clothing for a good price and with super quality at

They're also in an incredible number of places, such as their kids store in Gouda

Shoeby has a wide range of jeans, cardigans, T-shirts and jackets in the size selection 134 - 176.

In addition, there are plenty of nice belts and other accessories for all boys. All items are completely according to the latest trends, and not only that!

Shoeby children's clothing is also comfortable to wear. This way your son will not only look fashionable, but his clothes are also molded!

The boys have their own style and want to appear tough on the schoolyard.

With our own fashion brand Mitch and items from the Tumble 'n Dry brand, you can create a stylish, portable and affordable look for your son.

Shoeby is located at Geldersestraat 5, 4191 BA Geldermalsen.

Kleine Kroontjes - Market Square 3

Little crowns for baby and children's clothing

The Kleine Kroontjes company is located at 18 Schoresteynstraat in Deil and is active in the sector Stores in baby and children's clothing.

We still have wonderful light packages for the little ones. nice shop with beautiful quality stuff!

Boys collection from Pontus. Shorts and long pants, shirts, shirts and polos. This brand goes from 116 to 164.

Plenty of nice skirts, dresses, t-shirts and shorts. Also for the smallest airy packages.

Brands: Mayoral, Pontus, Zip Zap Tutto Piccolo and Starfreak !!!

Come and enjoy shopping. Kleine Kroontjes Geldermalsen is located at Marktplein 3, 4191 AC Geldermalsen.

Jola Mode - Rijksstraatweg 18

Jola fashion for children geldermalsen

Great clothing for young and old, for an affordable price! We think it is important that you have a good time in our stores and therefore help you as well as possible.

Jola Mode is constantly on the move to make the shopping experience as great as possible for you.

This also includes our fresh website, where you can already look around and make a reservation. Jola Mode's clothing is cool, sporty, cheerful and very diverse.

From cool baby clothing from Bakkaboe and Just Small to feminine and sporty women's clothing from So Soire and Dazzling.

Jola Mode ensures that the whole family is doing well all year round! That is why there is also plenty of choice for men with clothes from Ravagio and Unlocked.

Unlocked and Ravagio is also there for the boys and the brands Persival and D-zine offer a wide range of girls' clothing.

Happy shopping! Jola Mode is located at Rijksstraatweg 18, 4191 SE Geldermalsen.

Accessibility of shops in Geldermalsen

By car: In the center of Geldermalsen there is paid parking in some parking spaces.

Paid parking has been introduced by the municipality to ensure that parking is arranged in the center.

Due to the paid parking, there are sufficient parking spaces available for shoppers.

The places where paid parking applies are indicated by signs and parking machines.

After parking, you immediately buy a parking ticket or register via a parking app. There are only paid parking zones in the village of Geldermalsen.

The train station closest to Geldermalsen is 3.5 km (8 minutes by car) from the center and is called Beesd.

More train stations near Geldermalsen.

The nearest airport to Geldermalsen is 32.6 km (33 minutes by car) from the center and is called Soesterberg Airport.

Lees meer: the best children's wardrobes reviewed

Also nice on the road:

8 nice children's clothing stores in Rosmalen

In Rosmalen you can go shopping for a day.

You will find very nice boutiques and shops with beautiful clothes for children of all ages and for the rest of the family.

It is nice and close Den Bosch, where you can of course also have the most beautiful shopping experience.

The nicest shops in this nice village can be found in one of the popular shopping streets such as the Dorpsstraat, the Vreeburg,

The Driesprong, the shopping center Molenhoekpassage or Raadhuisstraat.

After shopping you can relax at one of the many terraces or good restaurants.

At the Molenhoekpassage shopping center, there is ample opportunity to park your car for free. Here are some children's clothing stores that you can visit in Rosmalen.

The children's clothing stores on the map of Rosmalen:

Zizo Children's fashion

At Zizo Kindermode you can find a nice collection of children's clothing from the best brands.
You also have very nice staff in the store who can help you with everything.

At Zizo you will find clothes for the smallest babies but also for the slightly older children, such as toddlers, preschoolers and teenagers.

They offer fun selections for both boys and girls with the latest clothing for the season.

Beautiful shirts, hip skirts and colorful dresses, nice sweaters and cool long pants, you can find absolutely everything at Zizo.

Everything is neatly displayed in the store for a pleasant shopping experience. This nice children's clothing store in Rosmalen is definitely worth a visit.

Zizo Kindermode: De Driesprong 26-A, 5241 TJ Rosmalen.


Soeteliefs was founded in 2015 by Natascha and Patricia, two sisters with a passion for children's fashion.
Soeteliefs is more than a children's clothing store. It is a store where Natascha and Patricia share their creativity and love for children.
They do their best to advise and inspire customers as well as possible.

Soeteliefs has clothing for children from 0 to 16 years old. They know exactly which phases, trends and needs belong to the different ages.

You will come across great clothing in different price ranges.

You have nice jackets and super nice soft and sturdy pants, hip well-fitting dresses for all occasions and of course the basics, such as simple t-shirts and leggings.

Great brands that you come across at Soeteliefs are: Claesens, Quapic, Rejoice, Tumble 'n Dry and Nik & Nik.

And to make shopping here even sweeter, this children's clothing store is also a candy store. Your kids will be happy to accompany you for a shopping session at Soeteliefs!

Soeteliefs: Dorpsstraat 28, 5241 EC Rosmalen

Jola Mode

At Jola Mode you are at the right place for super fun clothes for children of all ages.
You will find quality children's clothing at very affordable prices.

At Jola mode they do everything to make you happy. You will find clothing that is cool, sporty, cheerful and very diverse.

The collections run from size 50 to 86 for babies and from size 92 to 176 for the bigger kids.

For example, look out for the trendy baby clothes from Bakkaboe and Dirkje. There is plenty of choice for the guys from the Cars, Persival and D-zine brands.

And the girls also get their money's worth at Jola mode. Jola Mode ensures that the whole family is happy all year round!

Jola Mode: Cateijnen 7, 5241 CW Rosmalen


At Shoeby you will find beautiful clothes for your boy or girl. You can find them in different styles and colors according to the latest fashion trends.
Be sure to look out for the own house brand Jill & Mitch.

You will find the right clothing for every season of the year. From dresses with a cute butterfly print for your girly girl to denim dresses for the tough girls.

For the boys you will find beautiful and cool polos and t-shirts in different sizes and colors.

At Shoeby you will find really solid quality clothing that can take a beating and is also affordable.

The sizes for children run from 92 to 176 and the collection is continuously supplemented with the best new items.

Shoeby: Dorpsstraat 24, 5241 EC Rosmalen

KiK Textile

KiK Textiel in Rosmalen is a good stop when you are looking for nice basic clothing for your kids.
You will find sustainable and high-quality children's fashion that meets today's requirements.

There is a wide selection of clothes for both girls and boys, such as pullovers, sweatshirts, jeans, pants, jackets, dresses and skirts.

You will also find underwear, nightwear, shoes, leggings and tights.

With the clothing from KiK you can endlessly combine.

This is nice, because your kids can quickly dress themselves well without missing the mark in terms of colors.

Every day your boy or girl can come out in a different nice outfit.

KiK Textile: Catelijnen 2, 5241 CP Rosmalen

terStal Family fashion

Also pay a visit to terStal Familiemode.
Here you will find sweaters and cardigans for girls in the most beautiful colors and decorated with cool prints.
If you are looking for something sporty, you can choose from a sweater with a hood or choose a sweater with a front print.

If your girl is really a girly girl, choose a sweater with glitter, sequins or lace.

In the new girls' collection you will also find a lot of fun and cool sweaters and cardigans made of comfortable and soft materials for this fashion season.

The boys also get their money's worth at terStal. For them you will find cool tops and t-shirts in different colors and sizes, with nice front prints.

They can be combined well with nice jeans or trousers.

All terStal children's clothing is made of solid and often natural materials and is tailored to the latest fashion.

terStal Family fashion: Dorpsstraat 27-B, 5241 EA Rosmalen.


In Rosmalen you can also drop by the Zeeman. There you will find very good quality clothes for babies and for the slightly older children.

The Zeeman baby and children's collection is contemporary and of good quality. The clothing is affordable, has a good fit and comes in various fun colors.

For the slightly older kids you will also find beautiful, hip clothing. Nice blouses, cardigans, dresses, pants and nice sleepwear, often with nice prints.

In 2016-2017, the Zeeman was again voted Best Retail Chain by customers in both the Netherlands and Belgium.

Children's clothing is a very important part of the entire range for Zeeman.

Zeeman assumes that children are wise enough to be able to choose for themselves what they want to wear, which is why at Zeeman you also have a lot of unisex clothing that can be worn by boys and girls.

Sailor: De Driesprong 36, 5241 TJ Rosmalen


At the Hema you will of course find beautiful boys and girls clothing, nice and familiar and always of good quality.
All children's clothing is designed by Hema itself. They meet strict requirements and the collections are tailored to the latest fashion trends.

Hema clothing is always nice and comfortable and lasts a very long time.

Even when the clothes have been washed a number of times, they really still look like new.

For the girls you can go to the Hema for very nice dresses, skirts, tunics, shirts and cardigans. You will also find the right clothing for your tough boy.

Look out for nice shirts, cardigans, jackets, pants and shirts.

You will find them in different colors with very nice inscriptions, from size 86/92 to size 152/164.

With Hema clothing you can make different combinations, so your kids will always come up with something new.

Hema knows that children grow quickly and have to replenish their wardrobe more often. That is why you get good quality clothing at very competitive prices at Hema.

Hema: Harry Coppensstraat 15, 5241 EB Rosmalen

Accessibility Rosmalen

The municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch is easily accessible by public transport.

In addition to Central Station, there are also stations in 's-Hertogenbosch-East and Rosmalen. In addition, buses run to and from all parts of the municipality.

Public transport

There is a small public transport hub at Rosmalen station. This is where the sprinters from and to Nijmegen and 's-Hertogenbosch arrive.

You can change to the local bus 251 to Uden. Line 3 also stops at the station and runs from Markt via Hintham to 's-Hertogenbosch station.

Local buses run, among other things, between Liempde and 's-Hertogenbosch (line 203) and between Vught and' s-Hertogenbosch (line 213).


Would you like to park in the vicinity of the center of Rosmalen? You can then go to one of the 8 parking garages.

Signs along the route to the center indicate whether there are still free parking spaces.

In the so-called blue zones spread throughout the village you can park for free for a maximum of 2 hours with a parking disc.

We have tried to give as good and complete a picture as possible of children's clothing stores in Rosmalen, but cannot guarantee that we have not overlooked anything.

Also nice on the road:

13 Children's clothing stores in Uden that are worth a trip to the city

The municipality of Uden lies on the edge of the De Maashorst primeval area.

Together with the villages of Volkel and Odiliapeel, Uden forms the municipality of Uden, exactly in between Den Bosch, Eindhoven en Nijmegen.

In addition to beautiful nature, where you can make beautiful walks, the municipality offers numerous Burgundian restaurants to relax and a beautiful center for a pleasant day of shopping.

This way you can make it a really nice day trip and you can go in all directions.

There is a shopping Sunday every month on the last Sunday of the month and shopping evening every Friday.

Uden offers it all, a beautiful environment, good food to relax and opportunities for shopping in both shops and department stores.

So on to Uden! Below you will find a list of the best children's clothing stores in Uden.

Children's clothing stores on the map of Uden:


This colorful store sells a wonderful mix of women's clothing, but also children's clothing from different brands, accessories and gadgets.
Hurray also has a web shop, but it is a very nice experience to have a look inside the shop in Uden.

Headlong is not only the name of the store, but also the name of the clothing brand that is sold (among other brands) and that actually started as a hobby that got out of hand.

As the owner herself says, she doesn't fit into a box and neither do the clothes she designed.

It is clothing, mostly dresses, with a unique and always cheerful appearance.

The collection changes with the seasons and the garments are always available in limited editions.

So you are sure of a unique item of clothing when you shop at Halsoverkop! A real must to go when you visit Uden!

You can find it headlong in a cozy side street of it Brabantplein 18, 5401 GS Uden.

Wood brox

Houtbrox has two branches, one of which is located in Uden.
The fashion store is known for the many brands that it has in its collection, with which you can make good combinations.
If you want to dress your son or daughter fashion forward, Houtbrox is the right place for you.
You can go there for baby clothing and children's clothing up to and including size 176. And there is really enough to choose, cool looks or cute baby outfits,
Houtbrox has everything in house. Naturally, the collection changes seasonally.
You can go there for basic items, but you will also succeed here for more specific occasions.

Houtbrox is also open every Sunday. Easy to know if you want to go shopping on the weekend.

Houtbrox is located on the Marktstraat 25, 5401 GE Uden.

Paerdestal Fashion

You can rightly say that this case has a unique history.
The owner started this business selling clothes from her parents' house (more than four decades ago) and has expanded this over the years with her husband Jan to the beautiful store that it is today.

In addition to men's and women's clothing, Paerdestal Mode also sells children's clothing from size 92 to size 176.

And baby clothes have also been on the shelves for four years now. The Paerdestal fashion children's collection includes: Indian blue jeans, Vingino, Geisha Kids, Frankie & Liberty, Name-It, Petrol, Cars, like FLO, Cost Bart, Quapi, B.Nosy, Little Miss Juliette, Funky XS, Seagull and more.

The owners still work hard every day to maintain the relaxed atmosphere and pleasant contact with the customers.

They like to drink a cup of coffee with the customers and are happy to advise you about the collections. Or you are of course also free to browse the store yourself.

You can park for free in front of the door, so you can put your overflowing shopping bags in the back of the car.

Paerdestal Mode can be found on the Holly Hill 40-A, 5404 PP Uden.

You can't get around it in Uden either: the large Dutch and international retail chain are also represented here.

Below you will find short descriptions of those stores with the locations in Uden.


At Bristol you will find cheap fashion for the whole family!
You will not only find clothing from sizes 98 to 176, but also shoes, accessories and sports equipment.
For cool girls you will find nice shirts, trendy shorts and skirts and wonderfully comfortable pants at affordable prices.
You will also find cute dresses, cool jumpsuits, hip sweaters and nice warm coats.

And for boys there is an extensive collection. They can look hip and trendy with Bristol clothing.

You will find cool T-shirts with funny prints, trendy checkered shirts, cool (jeans) pants, warm jackets, sporty sweaters and hooded cardigans.

Boys can romp, play or play football in these clothes. Trendy clothes really don't have to be expensive and Bristol is the right place.

Bristol: Mondriaanplein 27 / A, 5401 HX Uden.


C&A has such a long history in the Netherlands that in principle the store no longer needs an introduction.

But if you still have doubts about what they offer, read on.

The store excels in offering varied, fun and playful clothing for children of good quality for a very decent price.

You will find many different types of clothing, from sporty to chic, from underwear to jackets and shoes. Actually, you can get a full look here.

Baby sizes start at size 50 and continue up to size 92. Children's clothing starts from size 92.

C&A is located on the Sacramentsweg 2, 5401 GR Uden.


CoolCat offers fun and cool clothes for boys and girls of good quality that are nice and comfortable.
You can go here for a trendy outfit for a very affordable price.
The latest fashion is followed closely and is of course incorporated into the own collection.
This way you are assured that your son or daughter will always look hip and trendy.

CoolCat has the right clothing collection for every season.

You can find CoolCat in Uden at the Gallery 7-7 a, 5401 GC Uden.


At Hema you will find an extensive collection of girls and boys clothing.
Qualitative, comfortable and super fun clothing that is specifically designed and made for Hema.
The latest fashion trends are taken into account when designing the clothing.

The collections for children offer a huge choice and color combinations. The clothing is beautiful and comfortable.

At Hema you will find beautiful clothing for affordable prices, but made of good materials. Children's clothing is available at Hema up to size 176.

Hema is on the Market Street 22, 5401 GH Uden.


At H&M you can find the most adorable clothes for your baby, but also clothes for toddlers and teenagers.
There is a very extensive collection with which you can combine endlessly.
You can actually go there for clothes for children of all ages and you can perhaps also grab something nice for yourself!

The collections of the H&M also change with the seasons and there is so much choice that it is always worthwhile to step inside to see if you can find something new.

With clothing from H&M you can also be sure that the fashion trends are going well.

You can safely dress your child with these clothes and your son or daughter will look trendy and well-groomed again.

H&M: Promenade 62, 5401 GM Uden.

Jola Mode

Jola Mode is an accessible fashion chain where you will find fun and affordable clothing for hip boys and girls.
Currently - 40 years after its foundation - the company consists of 83 stores, all of which operate under the Jola Mode name.

We work hard to ensure that the customer feels as comfortable as possible in the store.

The employees of the store are therefore trained to provide good service and to provide the customer with appropriate advice when requested.

Jola Mode offers various brands. For children who wear clothing sizes 98 to 176, this includes Cars, Ravagio and Unlocked.

For the little ones up to size 92, the store has the brands Bakkaboe, Dirkje and Just Small in its collection.

You can visit Jola Mode at the Brabantplein 20-22, 5401 GS Uden.


At Scapino, the latest fashion trends are closely monitored.
The Scapino collection is therefore always 'up to date' in the field of clothing, shoes and accessories.
Children grow quickly so you will have to change clothes often. In addition, it is often nice that the clothing is affordable.
The Scapino collection lends itself precisely to this. Affordable clothes for every age in stock.

Well-known brands at Scapino are Ai-girl or Oiboi. These collections are so extensive that you will have trouble making the right choice.

For the tough guys and girls who like to be outside, there is the Mountain Peak brand.

Scapino: Market 25, 5401 GN Uden.

WE Fashion

WE Fashion offers children's clothing from size 92, but some items from size 98/104.
In any case, the collections are hip, are comfortable, are of good quality and have a competitive price.
You can go here for clothing for various occasions.
Sportswear, sweaters, cardigans or blazers, glitter skirts, leggings or cardigans, you will find it all here.
And because WE also sell accessories, you can find a nice and complete outfit together.

WE Fashion is at the Promenade 61, 5401 GM Uden.


The Wibra in Deventer
Wibra is a family business that has existed for more than sixty years and now has more than 290 branches throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
The store is known for its competitively priced clothing and with children who are growing like crazy this sometimes works out very well!
If, in addition to a competitive price, you can also offer quality and nice collections, then of course you have a golden combination.

Baby clothes start from size 50/56 and run up to 86/92. You should think of various rompers and comfortable pajamas.

Children's clothing starts from size 92 and can run up to size 170. 

It is an ideal store for young and old, where shopping and the pleasure of the customer are paramount, together with respectful service and a competitive price.

Wibra: Market Street 29-31, 5401 GG Uden.

And a lot cheaper than, for example brand children's clothing from Name It


Zeeman also offers affordable clothing, we already knew that.
But that this store also sells practical and fun clothing of good quality is perhaps not known to everyone.

There are rompers and soft sweatpants for the little ones and for the older children you can make fun combinations with the clothes in the collection.

The collection is renewed every season. In Uden you can also pop into Zeeman's search for fun and comfortable and competitively priced children's clothing!

Zeeman is on the Market 6, 5401 GP Uden.

Accessibility Uden:

  • By train: There is no railway station in Uden. You will have to travel to the nearest station of Oss, Eindhoven or Den Bosch. There are fast bus connections from Uden to Oss, Eindhoven and Den Bosch.
  • By car: Seen from Utrecht, you can reach Uden in about an hour by car via the A2, A59 and A50. It takes about an hour and twenty minutes from Rotterdam.

You can park in one of the five parking garages or on the street in the parking spaces. The price is currently no more than € 1 per hour.

Free parking applies on non-shopping Sundays and public holidays, but then again the shops are not open and you miss your target.

We try to give you as complete a picture as possible of children's clothing stores in Heerenveen, but we do not exclude that we may overlook some stores.

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