Cutest police toys | Learning through role play

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At a young age, many kids like to play with police cars and other things toys related to the police.

In the eyes of children, policemen and women are incredibly tough and true heroes!

There are a lot of police these days toys found on the market.

Cutest police toys

From loose police cars with howling sirens and flashing lights to typical accessories such as a coupon book and handcuffs; the police theme is fascinating!

Today we go to the nicest police toys take a look, these are highly recommended.

What are nice examples of police toys?

We have done research into the best police toys and selected a number of items that we think are fantastic.

In our opinion, an indispensable item in the police toys Your child's collection is a Police Suit.

With this police outfit, children will be able to fully empathize with the role as cop!

Curious about other nice police toys?

Take a look at the table below for our favorite items. We explain each item in more detail below the table.

Law enforcement toysImages
Police costume: Police suit child costume Police costume: Police suit child costume

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Police accessory: Police coupon book Police accessory: Police coupon book

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Police siren: Police siren Police siren: Police siren

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Police car: Wooden police car Police car: Wooden police car

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Police building set: LEGO City Police Station Police building set: LEGO City Police station

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Best Lego Police Car: LEGO City patrol carBest Lego Police Car-Lego City
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Best police toys rated

With the help of police toys children can recreate everyday situations that real police officers experience.

That will result in a lot of exciting adventures!

Through play, children learn the responsibilities of policemen and women, which will show them how exciting but also difficult their tasks can be.

We will discuss our favorites in detail.

Cutest police costume: Police suit

Police costume: Police suit child costume

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With this children's police suit on, your child will feel like a real one cop to feel!

With this fantastic police outfit you get a police shirt, tie, pants, belt and cap. Great for the carnival, but also great fun to have at home for dress-up parties.

We recommend that you purchase additional accessories, such as handcuffs, a plastic pistol and a coupon book. That makes it complete!

Check the latest prices here

Best police accessory: Police coupon book

Police accessory: Police coupon book

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Do you think someone has committed a violation?

Then get out your police coupon book and write a justified fine!

This police coupon book has 50 sheets and comes with a pencil and police whistle.

The recommended age for this toys is from 3 to 12 years.

A perfect addition to the police costume above!

Check availability here

Cutest police siren: Police Siren

Police siren: Police siren

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A police car is obviously not complete without a siren.

This blue siren from Johntoy is very easy to mount on your child's bicycle handlebars.

The siren has a flashing light and produces another sound!

The toys is suitable for children between 3 and 12 years old.

Check prices and availability here

Cutest police car: Wooden police car

Police car: Wooden police car

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Is your child ready for a new addition to his vehicle collection?

Perhaps this wooden police car is a great option!

The police car is all set to guide you to your next mission!

Have you caught a crook? Then put him in the trunk and take him straight to jail!

This beautiful police car is made of FSC 100% certified wood. The vehicle works on both slippery and rough terrain due to the rubber finished wheels.

The recommended minimum age for this toys is 18 months.

Check out the latest prices here

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Best police building set: LEGO City Police station

Police building set: LEGO City Police station

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You can of course also go for a complete police construction set.

This beautiful LEGO City Police Station is great for kids who love building and action!

This toys helps children develop their physical skills and self-confidence thanks to its numerous features, realistic vehicles and fun characters.

Creative play is encouraged, so that children with this playset will be entertained for hours. The set includes an exploding cell, beautiful vehicles and fun mini figures.

The box includes a police station, 2 trucks, a motorcycle and a drone.

The police truck is equipped with a siren with flashing light that makes real noise!

You also get six mini figures, known from the LEGO City TV series, and two dog figures. The playset is perfect for children from 5 years old.

Check prices and availability here

Complete the LEGO police station with a LEGO City Fire Station!

Best Lego Police Car: LEGO City Patrol Car

With this package you get a police car with a large engine, racing tires and flashing lights.

As one of the simple sets in the series, it is well suited as a birthday present.

Best Lego Police Car-Lego City

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Because this number one is an incredibly extensive package, we assume that it will take a while before your child is through with it.

A good example of such a pack is the LEGO Police Racer, our number three favorite as described in the table above.

We realize that the first package is a bit pricey, so we opted for a cheaper package that fits nicely with the theme of the number one.

The police racer has a massive engine, exceptional racing tires and flashing lights, and is incredibly fast so he can chase lawbreakers and rule them.

The car is easy and quick to assemble with just a few elements. The recommended age for this pack is 6 to 10 years old.

View this police car here

Playing Police: Role-playing is important

As your children get older, they will explore their environment and experiment with role play.

Role-playing is one of the best ways to help your kids learn and develop essential skills.

They learn more about themselves, expand their vocabulary, and develop solid problem-solving skills.

These are just some of the skills children learn and develop as they role-play.

So it is important as a parent to care for your child toys that encourages role play.

Playing doctor is of course also great fun! Find here the best doctor toys reviewed: 7 playsets, dolls & clothes.

Are police toys good for role play?

Law enforcement toys comes in a wide range of designs and shapes.

Mostly police toys comes in the form of vehicles, but there are also complete playsets with police stations, minifigures and other accessories such as handcuffs and weapons.

These playsets provide children with a risk-free environment to experiment and discover new ideas.

When children role play, they actively explore different roles in life.

They gain a better understanding of how to see things from different perspectives and learn more about themselves and the world around them.

Law enforcement toys it's perfect toys for pretend play because it allows children to assign roles and pretend to be someone or something other than themselves.

Role play includes dialogues and monologues and when children communicate and express themselves verbally they will learn and use new words.

In addition, they will find ways to use their creative and imaginative thinking to solve problems.

Most of the basic problems they have to solve during the role play are based on challenges and goals.

Imagination, creativity and emotions

Imagination and creativity are just two of the foundations of problem-solving skills.

If children regularly use their imagination and creativity when playing, they will further expand these skills.

Kids with solid problem-solving skills can face challenges when entering school, but later in life.

When children empathize with different roles, they can experience a wide variety of emotions. It helps boost their self confidence.

They learn new words and concepts along the way and become good storytellers.

You can encourage your children to tell you stories to further develop their communication and language skills.

Playing and learning go well together! We have here the best educational toys for preschoolers (4-5 years) listed for you.

Play with others

Let your children especially play with other children.

By playing and playing together with others toys By sharing, they can develop social skills and empathy.

Children also learn to understand how other people react to certain situations.

During role play sessions, they further learn how to cooperate and coordinate with other children to make their playtime more fun and challenging.

Moreover, they develop leadership skills by explaining to their friends how to deal with certain police is being played.

Learning to wait their turn is also often an issue when playing with others. In this way, children will understand that they have to be patient and wait for their turn.

So if you are looking for toys that you encourage children to play imaginatively, then you become a police officer toys!

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Project 'Police kids'

Do you already know the 'Police kids' project?

This project is for children between 6 and 10 years old, involving children in police work together with their parents.

The intention is that children help the police with special actions and they are even sworn in by a police chief - just like real police officers!

During the activities, the kids wear a shirt with the print 'Politiekid' in combination with a special batch.

The project was created to bring the police into contact with children before they might make 'wrong decisions'.

The aim is to build a good relationship with children and their parents and thus prevent children from becoming involved in criminal activities.

Before each action, the children are explained exactly what the action entails and why it is so important.

The children help the officers with low-threshold actions, including:

  • Measure the speed of cars using a laser gun
  • Talk to motorists and ask them to drive quietly, for the safety of children (and adults). They do this, for example, at a crossing
  • Handing out promotional material

In many places in the Netherlands, teams with Police kids are already active.

You can inquire with the police in your neighborhood whether a Police Kids project has already started in your area.

Police toys: fun and educational

In this article we have given you some examples of beautiful and educational police toys.

We have explained to you why role play is so important, especially with the police toys is very possible.

We also introduced you to the project 'Police kids'; something you might like to participate in with your child.

Law enforcement toys can help children understand that cop being is an honorable career choice!

Which police toys will be the new addition to your son or daughter?

Doll building kits are also ideal for role play! Find here the best toys with building material and figures.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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