My daddy is the best! The best father-daughter outings and activities

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Do you recognize this situation? You sit around the dining table and you dochters asks, “Hey Dad, what are we going to do this weekend anyway?”

Help! What now?

You may sometimes find it quite difficult to think of a fun activity that you can do together with you dochters can do. 

Perhaps you think that you do not always have the same interests, or she is in a phase of life (read: the dreaded adolescent phase) in which she sometimes seems to speak a completely different language.

Don't worry, we all have nice fathers in this article dochters activities are listed for you, regardless of whether your little girl is still a baby, a teenager or already an adult. Doing yoga or exercising together, a day out or a weekend of camping, a cooking course, we have plenty of ideas!

Most fun father daughter activities

Each stage of your child's life is different. So you will see that over the years her interests will develop and change.

The bond between father and dochters is unique and to strengthen this it is especially important to spend time together, regardless of age.

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Fun father daughter activities for a baby

The myth that children have to be a bit older to spend time together is just that: a myth.

Although babies are a bit less interactive, there is plenty to do!

Try one of the following tips with your newborn dochters.

baby yoga

Baby yoga is a fantastic way to relax with your baby.

This playful and healthy form of exercise has many positive effects on your health dochters. It is extremely beneficial for:

  • the circulatory system
  • the digestive system
  • resistance
  • flexibility
  • learn to make contact
  • strengthening the mutual bond

In addition, it is also an easy activity that you can perform almost anywhere.

Your daughter cannot yet do the physical yoga exercises herself. That's why he's such a nice father dochters moment!

Place baby on something soft, such as a large pillow or the couch. By moving her arms and legs you help her in the different yoga poses, such as "Tree Pose":

Tree Pose: One leg is straight and the other is bent. Hands together if necessary.

Make it an evening ritual so that your daughter is rested to bed or make it a refreshing start to your day together.

In any case, it strengthens the bond between father and son dochters.

Are you not sure where to start, or are you not a yoga expert yourself?

This set of 60 Baby Yoga cards are super fun and have all the poses developed especially for your baby so you can get started right away.

Baby swimming

Baby swimming is another fun way to be active together and is also great fun for dads dochters outing.

You will never forget that moment when your daughter discovers that she can move on her own in the water.

In addition, mutual trust is also strengthened.

There is no doubt that you are the proud daddy of your gorgeous girl with, for example, funny matching swimming outfits: one for daddy, and one for the little one.

Don't forget to bring a good pool! We have the best pools here reviewed for you.

Fun father-daughter activities for a toddler / toddler

Once your daughter starts to walk and talk, you will see that it suddenly goes like a spear.

Before you know it, your child will be more independent and her personality will come to the fore.

A perfect moment to discover activities that you can enjoy together and strengthen your bond at the same time.

Don't worry, she will always be your little princess. View the nicest princess toys here.

To the petting zoo

The petting zoo is a fun dad dochters outing when the weather is nice outside. It is not only fun but also educational!

Learn together with you dochters everything about farm life.

In this way you bring you toddler also in a fun way to come into contact with different animals and what sounds they make.

Or do what all fathers are good at: being crazy and imitating the animal sounds together!

Once back home, you can work together with the beautiful Bruder farm and countryside toys.

Crafting together

If the weather is not so nice for a day, you can also organize a fun craft afternoon.

The motor development of your daughter is probably in full swing now and by putting together fun works together with daddy that is well stimulated.

You can find plenty of craft projects on the internet, from small to large.

For example, think of this mermaids necklace set or tasty old-fashioned finger paint.

Visit the fire brigade or police

Make no mistake fathers, girls are tough too!

Visiting an open day of the fire brigade or police could be the perfect father and son dochters outing for you.

Who knows, she may have the ambition to become a police officer or firefighter when she grows up.

Maybe you wanted that yourself too!

Take a look inside a real police car or have your fingerprint taken just like a crook. End the day with a beautiful father-dochters photo on the police motorcycle.

Complete the experience with the best police toys | Learning through role play.

Start a vegetable garden

Find out if you have green fingers with a vegetable garden!

Teach your daughter where our food comes from in a fun and creative way.

This activity can also be performed indoors if the weather is not so nice. Perfect even if you live in a flat or in an apartment.

Click this vegetable garden set for example, and find more here nice tips for working together in the garden.

To the theater

In this age phase, the fantasy and experience are yours dochters in full swing. Going to a performance together is a very special father and dochters outing.

Theater may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a day out with dad, but there are a lot of (interactive) performances that have been specially made for toddlers and preschoolers.

Check the website of your local theater for suitable performances for you dochters.

cuddling cows

Yes, cuddling cows is really a very traditional Dutch thing, but it's so much fun!

It is said that cows are more intelligent than dogs and they are almost as affectionate. They love to lay their heads on your lap and when you tickle them behind the ears.

A unique and very pleasant experience.

A bike ride

Another typical Dutch activity, and great fun. Plan a nice cycling route and discover a nice new cafe together or make a pit stop at a pancake house.

Fun father-daughter activities for a school child

Little girls are growing up and she may already be in school by now.

She will undoubtedly make many friends and usually see them in clubs and associations outside of school. She is completely shaping her own social life.

By doing activities together that are close to her interests, you work to strengthen the beautiful bond you have together.

To the museum

A museum certainly doesn't have to be boring!

Think of interactive museums that can be educational and interesting for daughters of all ages.

NEMO in Amsterdam for example, or the Mediapark in Hilversum. For sunny days it is Archaeon in Alphen aan de Rijn also a good recommendation.

Play a game

The days of boring goose boards are long gone. Board games are all the rage again among children of all ages.

Have the most fun with you dochters with an Escape Room board game, or the hilarious Bet You Can.

A pleasant fatherdochters evening is guaranteed!

Go karting together

This one is for the speed demons and the dad dochters duos looking for action!

Your dochters Karting is allowed from the age of eight and racing with dad is of course great fun.

Maybe your local karting track has a family heat and you can race together against other fathers.dochters teams.

Before departure, check the minimum age and height, which can sometimes differ slightly per location.

Make up stories together

Let your imagination run wild!

Coming up with stories together stimulates your development and creativity dochters but besides that, it can also be very funny to see what she comes up with.

Use stuffed animals, dive into the dress-up box or find other things around the house to bring your self-made creation to life. Or turn it into a theater performance for mom!

To the observatory

There is an infinite amount to learn about the universe, the planets and the stars.

Go to the observatory together and invest in your own telescope for on the balcony or in the garden.

Start your own YouTube channel

Let the whole world be proud of your close father-dochters see the band in its own YouTube channel.

Film your outing and edit the videos together.

Or watch one of these together nice YouTube channels for children.

To the zoo

Watching monkeys together for a day, eating fries and maybe clambering in the playground.

An extra nice idea: in most zoos you can sign up for a drawing class. You will visit all kinds of different animals and of course you can take your artwork home with you.

To a sports game

Perhaps as a father you are a fanatical sports enthusiast.

Share that passion with your little girl and take her to a fun sports game! And hope they win, of course.

A day at the beach

Get a breath of fresh air or spend a day in the sun (in the Netherlands it is always the question of course).

Buy some small gifts in advance and dig them in. This way you can go on a treasure hunt together like real pirates or build a large sand castle together.


If you are already on the beach, you can also consider booking a surfing lesson.

It's a fun, active activity and once you catch your first wave you'll want to do it every week after that.

Fun father-daughter activities for a teenager

The teenage phase is perhaps the most difficult of all age phases, and also between father and son dochters it can sometimes be difficult.

The now more independent dochters will be more attracted to her friends and focus more on self-development.

However, that does not mean that there is no room for daddy anymore. This is perhaps the most crucial phase in working on the close relationship.

Go on a city trip together

Go away together for a bit longer. Think of a weekend city trip, for example.

You can walk through the city together, sniff culture or visit delicious restaurants.

See which city offers the most activities closest to your interests: Rome, Paris, London or Prague.

This idea will definitely be a hit with you dochters. Get even closer to each other if you travel by car.

For fun on the go, take a look at our review of the best travel games.

Shopping together

Shopping! Few teenagers who don't like a good day of shopping.

pull the wallet open for a new winter or summer wardrobe. This way you stay up to date with the latest trends that interest your teen.

These are the 21 best children's clothing stores in Eindhoven and surroundings.

Camping or survival

For the adventurous fatherdochters duo, a weekend camping trip is a good idea.

Venture into the Belgian Ardennes or stay closer to home in the Veluwe. Wherever you go, camping is a great activity to work on your bond.

From pitching a tent together to adventurous activities such as cycling or climbing, there are plenty of moments to create unforgettable memories.

En this beautiful sleeping bag completes the adventure.

You can also choose to go survival for a weekend and learn to 'survive' together as a team.

To the cinema

Find out which movie genre you both like. Who knows, maybe your teenager is crazy about Marvel or vampire movies.

Buy a lot of snacks and then discuss them like real film critics. Maybe you can make your own score list and keep track of which movies you really loved.

Enjoy the terrace

Teenagers quickly think of themselves as very wise and mature, and as a parent that is sometimes quite funny. For example, most teenagers usually find sitting in a cafe quite a lot.

Grab a terrace together and watch all the passersby, while you catch up on all the things that happened at school this week.

Indoor skydiving

Do you have an adrenaline junkie at home? Indoor skydiving is a lot less scary than jumping out of a plane but still gives a huge thrill.

Day trip to an amusement park

Another fun activity for the action lovers. Defying the fastest, highest and scariest rollercoasters together creates a bond.

Fun father-daughter activities for a grown woman

Daughters remain daughters even when they are adults.

Maybe you don't have much contact with you at this stage of life dochters if you would want to.

Work and private life are getting in the way and she may have already started a family herself.

All the more important to make time for each other. Because you will always be a daddy!

Eating out together

Visit a special restaurant together.

Think of blind dining, for example, enjoy a meal in a hot air balloon or visit a restaurant with a Michelin star.

Je dochters is now at an age where she can appreciate these kinds of experiences.

working together

Maybe she's just living on her own or has some chores around the house that she's been avoiding for years.

Make it a father right away dochters take a trip to IKEA and then put together that (awful) bookcase together.

A day at the spa

Have you ever thought about a spa day together?

You both have a busy life and relaxing and being pampered together is a great idea!

Book a nice massage and then an extensive lunch. This way you can relax and you have all the time to catch up.

Cooking together or cooking lessons

Did she used to have a favorite meal? Or were you never really a hero in the kitchen?

A cooking class for two is a fun activity to do together, where you also learn something.

Once you have mastered the cooking skills, you can schedule a weekly evening to cook for each other and have a nice chat.

Rent a boat or go sailing for a day

This can of course be fun at any age, but sailing together is also fun as an adult dochters a very nice idea.

A tattoo

What more confirms your strong bond than getting a tattoo together?

Something as permanent as your love for each other. Choose a text that is close to your heart or design your own tattoo.

There is plenty to do with Daddy's little girl no matter what age stage.

Discover common interests, work on your close relationship and perhaps most importantly, enjoy together as much as possible.

Buggy driving in the dunes

A perfect outing with your adult daughter because the minimum age is often 18+ and you can both get behind the wheel.

Racing through the dunes and making your inner child dreams come true.


Yes, you read that right: the adult version of the high tea. Having a nice drink together, trying good wines and catching up.

Exercising together

This is not only fun, but it also gives you an extra stick behind the door to actually show up.

This way you can keep each other motivated (or skip together and eat bitterballen somewhere, of course).

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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