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Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox review

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Today I want to share my experiences about the Little Tikes Turtle Sandpit, and I have to say this is honestly the cutest sandbox I've ever seen.

Not too big, but enough for small children to play in.


In this review I look extensively at the pros and cons.

Best plastic sandbox

Little Tikes Sandpit Turtle

Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Small is beautiful
  • Handy shield looks cute but also protects against rain (and cats)
Less good
  • Small, so your child will grow out of it reasonably well after 4 years

This sandpit is very sturdy. The plastic is thick and of good quality, making it long lasting. In addition, it is very easy to fill with ordinary sand for sandboxes (these are the 8 best brands for your garden).

Another plus is the lid. This fits perfectly and ensures that the sand remains clean and dry when the sandbox is not in use. In addition, the turtle looks great in the garden, especially on the grass. It is green in color, so it doesn't stand out too much, but still adds a nice detail.

My son has played with this from the age of one year old until he was four years old. That means you can get about three years of fun out of it. After four years, however, it becomes a bit too small for older children.

Note that you will need about 150 pounds (about 70 kilograms) of play sand, so factor this into the total cost of the product. But with the right amount of sand, children can have a lot of fun here.

Little Tikes Fill the turtle sandbox with sand

So take into account another € 46 in sand to fill it.

What I also like is that this sandpit is virtually indestructible. It can take a beating and lasts a long time. This makes it a really good buy.

Best plastic sandbox

Little TikesSandpit Turtle

The sandpit is shaped like a turtle. Because of its nice design and green color, the sandpit fits nicely in the backyard as an extra playground.

Toy score
Product image

A critical note is that the lid is light and blows away in strong winds, which can wet the sand when it rains. So it is important to fasten the lid properly or put weight on it.

We regularly put a flower pot on it, or in the winter some tape over it to keep it together.

The sandbox is now made of thinner plastic compared to older models, which is particularly reflected in the lid. The lid is also not something to climb or sit on, which I have had to tell my son several times I can still remember.

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All in all I am very satisfied with the Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox. It is a cute, sturdy and durable sandpit that children can have a lot of fun with. Thank you Little Tikes for this great product!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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