Mongoose Rise Stunt Scooter Review | Solid, durable and great performance

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Finding the best scooter for your child's needs is by no means an easy task, especially when you consider the wide variety of designs.

Stunt scooters can differ in terms of frame and handlebars, the deck, weight and of course the brand.

Nowadays there is everything available on the toy market in terms of stunt scooters! I've already reviewed the best stunt scooters here.

Mongoose Rise scooter reviewed

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In this article, I'll focus on an in-depth review of one scooter from my top 7, the Mongoose Rise.

Why I like this Mongoose Rise stunt scooter so much? Because the scooter is built to last and simply performs fantastic!

It is the ideal scooter for children around 10 years old, with a friendly price.

I will discuss the scooter in detail, so that after reading this article you will know if this scooter could be something for your child!

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What is the difference between a 'normal' scooter and a stunt scooter?

It may be useful to start at the beginning.

We all know the 'normal' scooters, but what makes a stunt scooter different from such an ordinary scooter?

A stunt scooter is a more robust version of a regular scooter. The scooter is usually not adjustable in height and cannot be folded.

In addition, a scooter weighs more than a normal scooter and has an advanced compression system.

These characteristics make the scooter ideal for doing crazy stunts and riding on ramps.

It is important that you maintain the scooter properly, so that you can extend its lifespan. Of course you want to use your fantastic scooter for as long as possible!

Best Budget scooter for 10 years Mongoose Rise

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The Rise Stunt scooter from Mongoose

Mongoose is known for its first-class bikes, but they also make fantastic scooters.

The Mongoose Rise scooter shows exactly how much attention the brand pays to detail.

From the durable steel frame to the grip tape for safe handling of the scooter; your child will undoubtedly enjoy using this scooter.

For almost 40 years you can find Mongoose in the sand, on the bike paths and in the skate parks.

Founded in 1974 in a Southern California garage, Mongoose has been a standout brand since its inception, offering products that push the boundaries.

From the very first products to the current range of scooters and BMX, mountain and sidewalk bikes; Mongoose is synonymous with bicycles and scooters that perform on the smoothest bike paths to very uneven surfaces for the real 'rebel' riders.

With Mongoose you can not only perform the biggest stunts on sand hills, in the park, or in the skate park; Mongoose also ensures that you can move around the city easily, comfortably and quickly.

Mongoose is an authentic brand that markets sustainable products for real cycling enthusiasts and riders!

The Mongoose Rise scooter: colors and styles

The Mongoose Rise scooter is available in various beautiful colors. For example, you can choose black and red, orange and blue, silver and blue, and white and red.

The Mongoose Rise 100 Freestyle is an elite stunt scooter / scooter that is especially designed for the skate park.

The scooter is loaded with excellent functions, which you can read more about below. Show your stunt skills to all your friends!

Technical properties

The stunt scooter is made of aluminum and therefore lightweight, so you can make many cool tricks. The large deck is completely covered with MaxGrip so that both feet are safe.

The 110mm high-impact wheels and tires are designed for stunt use and serious professional performance. The ABEC-7 bearings provide smooth rolling.

The T-bar handlebar with padded grips (BMX style) and frame are made from one piece of welded steel for extra durability and comfort.

The scooter is fitted with wheel pins at the front and rear. The steel rear wheel brake ensures that you can always safely slow down or come to a stop.

You can steer the scooter accurately thanks to the triple anodized clamping collar, headset and alloy fork.

The sturdy scooter is suitable for a wide variety of drivers, namely children from 8 years old and weighing up to 220 lbs (about 100 kg).

The scooter is loved by experienced riders, but is also a great option for kids who are introduced to the scooter world for the first time.

The Mongoose isn't your thing after all? I also have the Dominator Trooper extensively reviewed, discover why this is also highly recommended for your child.


A scooter can break if it is not handled or maintained properly.

It's hard to avoid sand and water, but always try to clean your scooter after use.

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The Mongoose Rise is a very solid stunt scooter; sturdy enough for the older children, but at the same time light enough for fun tricks.

It is suitable for children who use a stunt scooter for the first time, but can also be used by teenagers and young adults weighing up to 100 kg.

This scooter is also very suitable for experienced 'stunters'. So you can enjoy this beautiful scooter with the whole family!

The child can take it to the skate park or to school, and mom and dad can quickly run an errand or take a tour of the center.

The scooter is built as safe as possible, but falling is of course not excluded. That is why I recommend that your child always wear the necessary protection, such as a helmet and possibly knee and elbow pads.

Lots of (stunt) fun!

Make sure your little one is always safe on the road with the stunt scooter. Find the 5 best stunt, skate & bike helmets rated here | Safe & cool too.

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