Best father-daughter activities | Top ideas for socializing together

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 8, 2020

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The special bond between father and daughter is difficult to compare with anything else.

As the first man in your daughter's life, you play an incredibly important role.

While mothers are sometimes a somewhat obvious source for things like comforting a broken heart or advice about the changing adolescent body, fathers are the very ones who will set the standard in their daughters' lives.

Most fun father daughter activities

On a lighter note: having a daughter is of course also great fun.

Each stage of your child's life is different. So you will see that over the years her interests will develop and change.

To strengthen the close bond between you and your daughter, it is especially nice to spend as much time together as possible, regardless of age.

We have listed a number of activities that you as a father could try out together with your daughter.

Whether your daughter is still a baby, a teenager or an adult.

You don't have to worry about anything you don't know about.

Enjoy the time you have together and discover common interests that will bring you even closer together.

Fun father-daughter activities for a baby

The myth that children have to be a bit older to spend time together is nothing more than that: a myth. Although babies are less interactive, there is plenty to do!

Try one of the following tips with your new daughter.

baby yoga

Baby yoga is a great way to relax your child.

Baby yoga has many positive effects on your daughter's health.

For example, it is extremely beneficial for circulation, digestion and resistance. It is also an easy activity that you can perform almost anywhere.

Make it an evening ritual so that your daughter goes to bed rested, or make it a refreshing start to your day together.

Are you not sure where to start, or are you not a yoga expert yourself? This set of 60 Baby Yoga cards will undoubtedly show you the way.

Baby swimming

Baby swimming is another fun way to get active together.

You will never forget that moment when your daughter discovers that she can move on her own in the water.

In addition, mutual trust is also strengthened.

There is no doubt that you are the proud daddy of your gorgeous girl with, for example, funny matching swimming outfits: one for daddy, and one for the little one.

Don't forget to bring a good pool! We have the best pools here reviewed for you.

Fun father-daughter activities for a toddler / toddler

Once your daughter starts walking and talking, you will see that things are going very well now.

Before you know it, your child will be more independent and her personality will come out a bit more!

A perfect time to discover activities that you can enjoy together.

To the petting zoo

The petting zoo is a nice option when the weather is nice outside. It is not only fun but also educational!

Learn all about farm life with your daughter.

In this way you also bring your toddler into contact with different animals and which sounds they make in a fun way.

Once back home, you can work together with the beautiful Bruder farm and countryside toys.

Crafting together

If the weather is not so nice for a day, you can also organize a fun craft afternoon.

De motor development of your daughter is probably in full swing now and by putting together fun works together with daddy that is well stimulated.

You can find plenty of craft projects on the internet, from small to large.

For example, think of this mermaids necklace set or tasty old-fashioned finger paint.

Visit the fire brigade or police

Girls can be tough too!

Visiting an open day of the fire brigade or the police can just be the perfect afternoon for you and your daughter.

Who knows, she may have the ambition to become a police officer or firefighter when she grows up.

Maybe you wanted that yourself too!

Take a look inside a real police car or have your fingerprint taken just like a crook. End the day with a beautiful father-daughter photo on the police motorcycle.

Complete the experience with the best police toys | Learning through role play.

Start a vegetable garden

Find out if you have green fingers with a vegetable garden!

Teach your daughter where our food comes from in a fun and creative way.

This activity can also be performed indoors if the weather is not so nice. Perfect even if you live in a flat or in an apartment.

Look this vegetable garden set for example, and find more great tips for working together in the garden here.

To the theater

In this age stage, the fantasy and experience of your daughter is in full swing.

Theater may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a day out with dad, but there are a lot of (interactive) performances that have been specially made for toddlers and preschoolers.

Check the website of your local theater for suitable performances for your daughter.

Fun father-daughter activities for a school child

In this age stage your daughter goes to school.

She will undoubtedly make many friends and usually see them in clubs and associations outside of school. She is completely shaping her own social life.

By doing activities together that are close to her interests, you work on strengthening the wonderful bond you already have together.

To the museum

A museum certainly does not have to be boring.

Think of interactive museums that can be educational and interesting for daughters of all ages.

NEMO in Amsterdam for example, or the Media Park in Hilversum. For sunny days it is Archeon in Alphen aan de Rijn also a good recommendation.

Play a game

The days of boring goose boards are long gone. Board games are all the rage again among children of all ages.

Have the greatest fun with your daughter with an Escape Room board game, or the hilarious Bet That You Can.

A pleasant father-daughter evening is guaranteed!

Start your own YouTube channel

Proudly show the whole world your close father-daughter bond in your own Youtube channel.

Film your outing and edit the videos together.

Or watch one of these together nice YouTube channels for children.

Fun father-daughter activities for a teenager

The teenage stage is perhaps the most difficult of all age stages.

The now more independent daughter will become more involved with her boyfriends and girlfriends and focus more on self-development.

However, that does not mean that there is no room for daddy anymore. This is perhaps the most crucial phase in working on the close relationship.

Go out together

Go away together for a longer period of time. Think of a weekend city trip for example.

See which city offers the most activities closest to your interests: Rome, Paris, London or Prague.

This idea is sure to be a success with your daughter. Get even closer if you travel by car.

For fun on the go, take a look at our review of the best travel games.

Shopping together

Shopping! Few teenagers who don't like a good day of shopping.

Open the wallet for a new winter or summer wardrobe. This way you will stay up to date with the latest trends that interest your teen.

Bonus: by shopping together you can still keep a finger in the pie when it comes to the clothes your daughter puts on.

These are the 21 best children's clothing stores in Eindhoven and surroundings.


A weekend camping trip is a good idea for the adventurous father-daughter duo.

Venture into the Belgian Ardennes or stay closer to home in the Veluwe. Wherever you go, camping is a great activity to build confidence.

From pitching a tent together to adventurous activities such as cycling or climbing, there are plenty of moments to create unforgettable memories.

En this beautiful sleeping bag completes the adventure.

Fun father-daughter activities for a grown woman

Daughters remain daughters even when they are adults.

You probably don't have as much contact with your daughter as you would like during this stage of life.

Work and private life are getting in the way and she may have already started a family herself.

All the more important to make time for each other. Because you will always be a daddy!

Eating out together

Visit a special restaurant together.

Think of blind dining, for example, enjoy a meal in a hot air balloon or visit a restaurant with a Michelin star.

Your daughter is now at an age where she can appreciate these kinds of experiences.

A tattoo

What more confirms your strong bond than getting a tattoo together?

Something as permanent as your love for each other. Choose a text that is close to your heart or design your own tattoo.

There is plenty to do with Daddy's little girl no matter what age stage.

Discover common interests, work on your close relationship and perhaps most importantly, enjoy together as much as possible.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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