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Netflix for Kids: Explore the Educational Offerings

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HOW awesome is Netflix for kids?

Netflix is ​​a major player in Video On Demand (VOD). With 117,6 million subscribers worldwide, it is one of the most popular streaming services. You can watch hundreds of films, series and TV programs specially made for children with a specific children's filter, for a fixed amount per month.

I'll tell you all about how it works and with which series your child can really learn something.

Netflix for kids

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What is Netflix anyway?

How does Netflix work?

It's actually very simple. If you have a subscription, you can access the Netflix library with your laptop, tablet, smartphone or other device. From there you can choose from a variety of movies, series and TV shows. You can also create your own playlists, so you never have to search for what you want to watch.

Why Netflix?

Netflix is ​​the perfect way to fill your evenings with entertainment. You can choose from a huge selection of movies, series and TV shows. Moreover, with your subscription you can enjoy all the fun that Netflix has to offer. And best of all? You only pay once a month, so you don't have to worry about extra costs. What else do you want?

How do you make Netflix safe for your kids?

If you have kids, you know that Netflix can be addictive. Before you know it, they'll be sitting on the couch watching episodes for hours, or rewinding to their favorite clip. But you may also be concerned about whether some series are suitable for children. Fortunately, there is something you can do to make Netflix safe for your kids. Here are a few tips:

Child profile

Create a separate profile for your children. This way you can set their favorite series and movies and they can only watch the content that you approve.

Auto play

Turn off autoplay so your kids aren't accidentally taken to another episode or series.

Age warning

Set an age limit for the content your children can view. This way you can ensure that they only watch content that is appropriate for their age.

Educational offerings on Netflix: what's there to learn?

Netflix has more to offer than you think!

Looking for educational content on Netflix? Then you've come to the right place! Netflix has a number of fun series that have an educational character. From educational documentaries to educational films: there is something for everyone!

The right search terms

Do you want to get the most out of your search? Then use the right search terms. Netflix works with search terms such as educational, educational, teaching and learning. You will soon come across a number of fun series that have an educational character.

Child account

It is most convenient to do this in a child account, so that other adult content is already excluded anyway. This way you can let your children watch without having to worry about unwanted content.

Netflix Originals

One of the nice things about the options is that they include a number of Netflix originals. These will therefore not be removed from Netflix so quickly. So you can safely binge a number of educational series without having to worry that they are suddenly no longer there.

Educational offerings on Netflix

So, if you're looking for educational materials on Netflix, you've come to the right place. There are a number of fun series that have an educational character. Use the right search terms and you will soon come across a number of nice series. And with the Netflix originals, you don't have to worry about them suddenly disappearing. So, what are you watching? Find educational content on Netflix!

Netflix: The ultimate nature vacation in your classroom!

Learn about wild nature

Netflix has some wonderful nature documentaries that let you experience wildlife in your classroom. Razor-sharp images of Planet Earth, Blue Planet, Africa, Life and Frozen Planet show you the most special places on Earth. The documentaries are in English with Dutch subtitles and have an age recommendation from 6.

Screen and review

Before using the documentaries in your classes, it is important to screen and rate the episode. These documentaries are perfect to use with different themes about the planet and nature.

Short viewing moments

Do you only have fifteen minutes left? No problem! The documentaries are also suitable for short viewing moments. Maybe you can even teach the kids some environmental awareness by looking at the beautiful images and starting a conversation about sustainability, plastic and waste.

How to set up a PIN on your Netflix account

Why a PIN code?

Don't want to create a separate children's profile, but still want to block access to certain films and series? Then setting a pin code is the solution. As the administrator of the account, you can set a pin code and indicate which age limit is appropriate. You can choose from all kinds of levels: 18, 16, 14, 12, 9, 6 and everything. This way you determine which content can be viewed via that profile.

How does it work?

You can set a PIN for an account. When using the pin code, a user will first have to enter the 4-digit code before he or she can watch movies that are, for example, 12+. The code only applies to the relevant profile.

How do you set the PIN code?

The Netflix child lock can be found in the settings menu:

  • On the desktop, go to your personal account.
  • Click the down arrow in the top right and then Account.
  • Go to Profile and clear supervision and click on the profile you want to change.
  • Click Viewing Restrictions or Profile Lock.
  • You will now have to enter your account password.
  • Choose the age level or set the PIN code.

Time slot for children

With a time lock you prevent children from playing on the iPad or iPhone for hours on end. This tip explains how to set such a time slot and a time limit for children, so that they can use a device for a certain amount of time.

How to protect your children from violent movies and series on Netflix

Set an age limit

Do you want to protect your children from violent movies and series on Netflix? Then set an age limit. This way you can determine which content is suitable for children of a certain age.

Block specific titles

You can also indicate exactly which films are off-limits. Fill in a search box with titles of movies you want to block. This way you prevent your children from being confronted with certain films.

Be mindful of your children's fears

Also take into account your children's existing fears, such as fear of spiders or clowns. This way you can ensure that your children are not confronted with such films.

How do you keep your kids from becoming addicted to Netflix?

Prevent autoplay

Do you want to prevent your kids from becoming addicted to Netflix? Then it is a good idea to disable the automatic playback of content. This way you prevent them from sticking around after each episode and not getting around to their homework or playing. You can also prevent previews from playing so they don't see inappropriate content.

Here are some tips to avoid autoplay:

  • Go to Netflix's settings and disable auto-playing episodes.
  • Go to Netflix's settings and disable auto-playing previews.
  • Don't let your kids spend too much time on Netflix.
  • Keep your kids busy with other activities.
  • Give your kids a time limit for watching Netflix.

How Netflix helps you determine the correct age warning

Age information at onset

Netflix clearly shows the age information at the start of a movie or series. This way you can immediately see whether violence or swear words occur. Previously you had to look for this yourself, but now it is immediately visible. This will help you avoid embarrassment if younger family members are watching.

Tips for using Netflix

Below you will find a number of tips to make optimal use of Netflix:

  • Prevent Netflix from automatically playing the next episode
  • Save data with the Netflix app
  • Customize the Netflix subtitles: font, color, language and more
  • Open movies and series from Netflix via Siri
  • Use your Netflix account with multiple people
  • View your Netflix history to find movies and series
  • Watch Netflix offline by downloading movies and series
  • Cancel your Netflix subscription for the Apple TV


Netflix Vs Youtube For Kids

stream with children can be a challenge, but with the right rules and parental supervision you can ensure that they can safely enjoy their favorite movies and series. Netflix and YouTube are two popular streaming services, but they have different parental controls. For example, Netflix offers a parental lock to prevent children from accessing inappropriate content. YouTube, on the other hand, has an age filter that lets you limit the content your kids can watch. YouTube also offers the option to create a child account, which allows you to limit the content that your children can view. In addition, it is important to agree on fixed media times, so that you can keep an eye on your child's screen time. Following these tips and rules will help ensure that your kids can stream safely on Netflix, YouTube, and other streaming services.

Netflix Vs Disney+ For Kids

Disney Plus is the perfect streaming service for kids. With a wide range of classic animated films, new live action films and original series, there is something for everyone. The content is geared towards children and a number of educational programs are also available.
Netflix is ​​also a suitable streaming service for children. There are many films and series that are suitable for children, but also for adults. Educational programs are also available, but they are not as extensive as on Disney Plus. What Netflix does have is a large amount of movies and series that children can watch. So if you're looking for a content-rich streaming service, Netflix is ​​the perfect choice.


Netflix is ​​a really fun way for kids to watch educational movies and series. With the right search terms in a child account, they have a wide choice of interesting material.

But the question remains: DOES a child LEARN anything from just watching the movies? Or should they have much more repetition and actively experience the content?

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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