The 8 best Dutch toy brands: find it close to home!

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 30, 2020

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I thought it was quite a challenge to introduce you to our own Dutch toy brands, but I have a few 'classics' and I have found a number of 'trendsetters' for you!

There are so many beautiful and responsible toys from Dutch soil and the designs are often very original! We should be a little proud of that, right?

The 8 best Dutch toy brands

That's why I wanted to put together this list for you, with a few examples for each, starting with Dick Bruna:

Dick Bruna

Dick Bruna (1927 - 2017) is a world-famous Dutch artist who is known to young and old, especially through Miffy.

Bruna started drawing in 1940; in his career, Bruna made a large number of picture books and became a spiritual father, among others

  • Eegje Hedgehog,
  • gobe,
  • Betty Big,
  • Boris and Barbara
  • and of course Miffy.

Dick Bruna has a simple and direct drawing style. He has published no fewer than 120 picture books. We are very proud of our Dick!

An only book about our now world famous Miffy, with her Opa and Oma Pluis! So nice to read to your little one.

Kids like the book so much that after a while they can even recite the book by heart!

Miffy with Grandpa and Grandma Pluis

(view more images)

The books and pictures appeal to all young children, and they have been for over half a century!

The children's cookbook eating with Miffy is great for the little ones and includes recipes for the whole family to enjoy!

Samuel Levie and Dick Bruna want to make a statement with this book, full of recipes, stories and drawings: Eating together and reading together is important! Hats off to that!

Children's cookbook eating with Miffy

(view more images)

The book is beautifully designed with a sturdy cover and a rainbow-colored reading ribbon. The stories also fit in perfectly with the theme: Miffy, for example, wants to grow carrots and then there are recipes with carrots.

The recipes are suitable for both small and large. They all contain a lot of vegetables, only a few with meat or fish and they are often original;

Think of a puree rainbow or polenta fries, for example! Your children will learn how carrots grow and that milk comes from a cow and what you can make from milk.

In this way, the interest in new recipes, vegetables and fruit is growing. Eating with Miffy turns eating together into a party. The more souls at the table, the more joy!

An ideal book for parents with children but actually recommended for everyone. And certainly for Miffy fans aged 0-99!

Here Dick Bruna tells about 55 years of Miffy:

View all books by Dick Bruna here


The eco-friendly family business Biobuddi wants to raise awareness about the sustainability of toys. Their slogan is 'Build a Better Tomorrow'.

They offer safe and reliable products without harming the environment.

The building game BiOBUDDi Juf Roos Three small fish is super popular!

BiOBUDDi Juf Roos Three small fish

(view more images)

Juf Roos was the YouTube hit of 2018. With the three little fish set, your child will playfully get to know Juf Roos and the children's song 'three little fish'.

By building together with your little one with this set, he or she develops motor and social skills. The world of Juf Roos can be recreated by means of the special blocks and cards.

Almost the entire package can be used, no paper is wasted!

The biologically responsible blocks of BiOBUDDi are made from the remains of the sugar cane plant and are produced in the Netherlands.

The blocks are 100% environmentally and child-friendly! This set comes with a background, eight express cards, six card holders and thirteen blocks.

Learn to read quickly with BiOBUDDi Learn Letters, that's a challenge for your uk! Reading is one of the most important skills to learn!

BiOBUDDi Learn Letters

(view more images)

Nice to do that in a playful way, with the help of easy to handle letter cubes. With the cubes your little one can form his or her own name, but of course also other words; You can spell and pronounce the words for your child.

Combine this handy letter set with the number building blocks to not only teach your child to read, but also to learn to count.

These cubes are also made of natural material, extracted from the sugar cane plant, which is what makes the Biobuddi brand even more fun.

This building set contains a building plate and 36 building blocks with letters. All parts are made from organically grown material.

They have focused their organic products completely on the international market, as in this video with Safari Ltd.

View the entire BioBuddi range here


Janod is known for its beautiful and durable wooden toys of very good quality. The design of their products is beautiful. They offer baby and toddler toys of all shapes and sizes.

Janod has been awarded internationally several times for their wooden toys!

This cool Janod Magnetibook is a super cool magnetic book! You can stick the nice magnets on the inside of the cover of this Janod magnetic book.

Janod Magnetibook

(view more versions)

The book contains fifty magnets and eighteen cards. This means hours of fun for your child! The magnets can also be placed on the refrigerator.

Suitable for children between three and eight years old. I also mentioned him here with the best toys for in the car.

Your little one will have a lot of fun with this Janod Game - Throwing cans! The goal is to pile up the cans and knock them over in as few turns as possible!

Janod throwing cans

(view more images)

An exciting ball game of six metal cans with fun animals. The game brings great entertainment to a children's party at your home! Nice to play with!

Suitable for kids from three to eight years old.

Janod is another brand that makes international allure, such as at the Toy Fair NY:

View the entire range of Janod toys here

Little Dutch

From an attic room in the Netherlands, Rinke van der Helm started making lampshades together with her sister. Two years later Rinke started her own label Little Dutch.

Since 2008 Little Dutch has grown into a well-known brand both at home and abroad. The brand makes modern accessories and colorful toys for babies and kids.

The products are not only safe, but also of high quality. With their contemporary toys, they support the different stages of your child's development.

Every year they come up with a new theme and a new textile collection. A brand to remember!

Your little thunder can help you with any job around the house through this LD Wooden Toolbox! The toolbox consists of no fewer than twenty parts in soft shades of blue.

Little Dutch wooden tool box

(view more images)

Good for motor development and very educational! The tools give your child a lot of fun. The set is suitable for toddlers.

Also looks great as decoration in the nursery!

This Little Dutch Activity Cube Adventure has a different game on each side! A challenging toy for your child that stimulates hand and eye coordination.

Little Dutch Activity Cube Adventure

(view more images)

This toy has interesting spinning beads on a spiral. For example, your child can turn small blocks on one side and rotating gears on the other side.

De Clock hand can be turned to different positions to teach your child the time. The pink toy cube is suitable for children from eighteen months.

They can now be seen with their beautiful products everywhere on mamablog and vlogs, such as with Femke Marijne:

Little Dutch even has her own page on

Iconic toys

Ikonic toys creates innovative toys in collaboration with well-known designers. The designs should inspire children and adults to think outside the box!

The aim is sustainability, the intention is that the 'toy' is cherished and passed on to the next generation. True art!

This Wooden Design Puzzle 'Day' - Kars and Boom Ikonic toys has the name 'Dag' and studio Kars + Boom designed the puzzle.

This colorful puzzle shows the things you encounter every day and behind every piece there is something to discover for your child.

Wooden Design Puzzle 'Day' - Kars and Boom

(view more images)

Great fun to make with your little one! It comes with two stands so that you can put the design puzzle in the nursery for decoration!

A cool birch wood puzzle consisting of 32 pieces.

Designed by Floris Hovers is there this beautiful Ikonic Toys Duotone Car and is car number three from the Duotone series that consists of six cars in total:

Ikonic Toys - Floris Hovers Duotone Car

(watch the whole series)

It is a minimalist design but you can recognize the line of a beautiful, old-fashioned American car!

The car comes in a nice gift box and is made of FSC beech wood, but has plastic wheels and metal rims. A real eye catcher!

The making of sustainable wooden toys is really a mission, as Maurice Doorduyn of Ikonic Toys also tells here:

View all the toys from Ikonic Toys here

Ado Toys

This handmade wooden children's wheelbarrow from Ado gives your child a lot of fun! The wheelbarrow is made of high-quality FSC birch plywood and finished with a child-friendly lacquer.

Ado handmade wooden children's wheelbarrow

(view more images)

The rubber wheels ensure that no marks are left on the floor. This car can already be used for kids from about one year.

It's cozy Ado handmade wooden children's stove gives your child a lot of cooking and baking fun!

It is a beautiful, basic stove that is also made of FSC birch plywood of the very best quality and again finished with a child-friendly clear and colored lacquer.

Ado handmade wooden children's stove

(view more images)

The knobs and hobs have bright colors, your toddler will love them!

Here's another old-fashioned video showing just how old Ado actually is:

View the entire range of Ado here

Eef Lillemor

Eef Lillemor is a well-known Dutch designer of all kinds of beautiful children's toys.

You may remember her from the black and white panda print, or perhaps from the beautiful pastel colors she uses in her designs. A top toy brand!

All Eef products are tested according to European standards and made from 100% organic cotton!

This Eef Lillemor Rattle Ice Cream is to enjoy! This beautiful rattle, with bell, is really super soft:

Eef Lillemor Rattle Ice Cream

(view more images)

It is a perfect gift for a baby shower! The ice cream can be washed in the washing machine on a mild program, but not in the dryer.

The Baby rattle grizzly is another unique and soft cuddly toy and rattle in one, which is easy to grasp for your baby by means of the large ring.

Eef Lillemor Baby rattle grizzly

(view more images)

Top presents!

Here Klein & Stoer proudly shows the Eef Lillemor Koala plush toy:

View the entire Eef Lillemor range here


The successful Bruynzeel company has been around for over 70 years!
Bruynzeel-Sakura was created after the Second World War; The woodworking company Bruynzeel was requested by the Dutch government to produce pencils because war-ravaged Germany could no longer supply them.
Who among us has not learned to write and color with Bruynzeel?
The widely known Bruynzeel Kids 6 extra soft colored pencils with sharpener wasco's are famous!
Bruynzeel Kids 6 extra soft colored pencils with sharpener
(view more images)
These are specially designed for small children's hands. The thick core is extra solid, but just as soft as wax crayons.

The box contains six pencils in the favorite children's colors and a matching sharpener. Suitable for kids from three years old, including the newer ones Bruynzeel Kids Glitter markers are great!

Bruynzeel Kids 6 Glitter markers

(view more images)

Your child's coloring pages get beautiful glitter effects! Beautiful on both a white and a black background.

Before use, they have to be shaken and the point pressed once, but then they are ready to start coloring!

The package contains six markers and is suitable for children from the age of five.

Here's Facts & Myths at Bruynzeel Sakura:

View the entire range of Bruynzeel here


You will undoubtedly like some of the items from our list.

If you are going to buy toys for your child next time or you are looking for a trendy game or cuddly toy to give as a birthday present, you might want to think about our Dutch brands!

They are certainly not inferior to the often beautiful Scandinavian designs. Moreover, Dutch toys are often sustainable and environmentally friendly, and safety is always taken into account.

We hope you have become a little wiser and appreciate the brands from the Netherlands as much as we do!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

Joost Nusselder, the founder of is a content marketer, father and loves trying out new toys. As a child he came into contact with everything related to games when his mother started the Tinnen Soldaat in Ede. Now he and his team create helpful blog articles to help loyal readers with fun play ideas.