Best toys for the balcony

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 30, 2020

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It is great for children when they can play outside every day, especially when the weather is nice of course. Some people have a garden, others just a balcony (net).

To be able to play with a toy on a balcony, it should not be too small so that it cannot fall through the bars. On the other hand, the toy should not be too big: it should fit within the dimensions of the balcony.

Unfortunately, we can forget about trampolines and slides, but children can play with water and sand on a balcony, for example.

Best toys for the balcony reviewed

Fortunately, there are plenty of fun toys for children that they can play with on a balcony or terrace!

In this article I will explain a number of toy items that are suitable for the balcony. You can find my selection in the table below:

Toys for the balconyImages
Water table: Little Tikes Pirates Sand and Water TableBest pirate water table: Little Tikes Pirate Ship


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Swimming pool: Intex Baby Swimming Pool MushroomIntex baby pool


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Playhouse: Starplay Magic playhousePlayhouse: Starplay Magic playhouse


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Seesaw: Little Tikes Seesaw WhaleBest seesaw from Little Tikes: Little Tikes whale seesaw

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Sandpit: Little Tikes sandbox turtleLittle tikes little turtle sandbox

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Best toys for the balcony reviewed

Water table: Little Tikes Pirates Sand and Water table

Best pirate water table: Little Tikes Pirate Ship

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The Little Tikes Pirates Sand and Water Table is a very nice gaming table with the theme 'pirates'.

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The Little Tikes table is a water and sand table in one and comes with cute accessories, including two figures, a shark spouting water, a water cannon with pump, an anchor and a flowing fountain.

The water table is suitable for children from 2 to 6 years old. A good water table can cope with all weather conditions, so you can safely stay outside on the balcony.

The size of this water table is (lxwxh) 91 x 74 x 20 cm. A water table ensures that children are happy for hours!

View the most current prices here

Swimming pool: Intex Baby Swimming Pool Mushroom

Toddler plays in the garden in a mushroom pool

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This small round Intex Baby Swimming Pool Mushroom is perfect for a balcony because of its dimensions. The children's pool is shaped like a mushroom and the bottom is inflatable.

The bath is also equipped with a sunroof, so that your little one will never burn under the sun. Let your little one play in the water on the balcony!

This cute bath has a size of (lxwxh) 102 x 102 x 89 cm.

It is for sale here

Playhouse: Starplay Magic playhouse

Playhouse: Starplay Magic playhouse

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Your kids will love this Starplay Magic playhouse! Your children are hiding in the house at any time. The playhouse is made of sturdy plastic and can therefore easily remain outside.

In addition, it has beautiful, cheerful colors and it is equipped with windows and a front and back door. The house has a size of (lxwxh) 102 x 90 x 109 cm.

The playhouse also comes in handy in the winter because you can store all your child's (outdoor) toys there!

View it here at

Seesaw: Little Tikes Seesaw Whale

2 kids on the Little Tikes whale seesaw

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A seesaw is also a perfect toy for a balcony. Thanks to this Little Tikes Seesaw Whale you can see-saws with two friends at the same time!

You can also play on it alone or as a couple. When you sit on the seesaw, you are, as it were, on the back of the sweet blue whale!

The handles of the seesaw have a nice grip, and the footrests are wide so that you can always play safely.

The seesaw has a size of (lxwxh) 102 x 42,6 x 47,6 cm and is suitable for children from 1 to 3 years.

Check the most current prices and availability here

Sandbox: Little Tikes Sandbox - Turtle


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A sandbox on the balcony, every child wants that! With this Little Tikes Sandbox - Turtle you can play with sand at home at any time!

The sandpit has the shape of a turtle and has beautiful green colors. Conveniently, the sandbox also has a lid (the turtle's shell), so you can leave the sandbox on the balcony on rainy days.

The sandpit has two wide parts (the front legs of the turtle) for the child to sit on. The turtle has a size of (lxwxh) 111 x 109 x 30 cm and is suitable for children from 1 year.

About 70 kg of sand fits in the Little Tikes Turtle.

Check the latest prices here


In case you don't have a garden but you do have a balcony, it is of course ideal if you make a play corner for the kids there. Then they don't always have to leave the house to play in the fresh air.

As you may have read, there are plenty of fun toys for the balcony. We hope we've given you plenty of ideas for safe and beautiful toys!

Always make sure that your balcony is safe enough for the kids. The railing of your balcony should be at least 1,2 meters to ensure that a child cannot climb over it.

It is also important to seal open fencing as well as possible, especially if the openings are large.

Finally, it is nice if your little one can play on a soft surface, such as artificial grass or an outdoor rug.

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