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by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  March 10, 2021

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In general, children are always attracted to toys with doors.

What's behind the door? What can I put behind the doors or can I hide behind a door?

Like (toys with) locksdoors are always exciting for a child, it makes them curious and stimulates 'wanting to discover'.

The nicest toys with doors

Doors stimulate your child's exploration capacity and work on the imagination.

How nice did we used to like a tent with a real entrance, or a kitchen with cupboards and an oven that couldn't open and close?

I find the nicest toy item with doors to be the cheerful one Tender Toys Portable Lock Box made of wood. Behind every door with lock (!) A monstrous surprise. But first make sure that the lock opens! That extra element makes it for me overall nicest toys with doors.

Toy reviews & comparisons video

I will come back to this later, but now first continue with our 8 best toys with doors!

The nicest toys with doors Images
Overall best toy with doors: Tender Leaf Toys Portable Lock Box Overall nicest toys with doors: Tender Toys Portable Lock Box

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Best toy kitchen with doors: KidKraft Limited Edition Best toy kitchen with doors: KidKraft Limited Edition 53445

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Best toy garage with doors: Melissa & Doug Service Station Boy plays with the cars and doors of the Melissa & Doug parking garage

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Best toy farm with doors: Melissa & Doug farm Boy plays with Melissa & Doug's toy farm with animals and doors

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Cutest fantasy toys: Dream doors Dream doors starter package

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What should I pay attention to with toys with doors?

When you buy toys with doors for your child, it is nice to know that they cannot hurt their fingers with them.

Good children's toys take this into account. With wood, make sure that doors do not jam.

It is also good to consider whether children can use their imagination in the game or toys that you buy for them.

Can they be sweet with it for a long time? Does it spur their creativity? Doors often encourage voyages of discovery and the most diverse role plays!

Can the toy in question help children to improve (fine) motor skills? In other words, by being able to express their experiences and emotions? These are also points of interest to take with you.

Doors can also be fun for your child to put cars behind, for example in a toy garage with a door; or think of doors in a toy kitchen, in which you can put groceries or the oven door that you open to bake bread.

Best toys with doors rated

Then I'll tell you now because the items in my top 8 make toys with doors so much fun.

Overall best toys with doors: Tender Leaf Toys Portable Lock Box

Overall nicest toys with doors: Tender Toys Portable Lock Box

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A real challenge for toddlers in the form of a house, this beautiful Tender Toys Portable Lock Box.

This colorful wooden lock box has no less than eight different doors with a different lock on each door. Perfect for putting those little monsters in!

So you might be able to find one behind every door ... but then you have to get the lock open first!

Watch the lock box in action here in this fun Polish video:

This box not only helps your child in the development of his exploratory ability.

Your little one will learn, among other things, that dilemmas can indeed be solved. This helps him in his further general development, he will feel more confident about himself and learn not to give up immediately.

The house has a handle on the roof, so you can easily pick it up and take it with you. The dimensions are 16,6 x 17,1 x 29,8 cm.

There are 2 monster figures in the box. Great for children from 3 years old.

Check prices and availability here

Best toy kitchen with doors: KidKraft Limited Edition

Best toy kitchen with doors: KidKraft Limited Edition 53445

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A dream for every chef-to-be, the KidKraft play kitchen with gold accents has a vintage look and is white with gold accents.

When you open the doors you will find a - limited edition - 27-piece set with cooking utensils and accessories.

What this toy kitchen What makes it special is that the creators took the best-selling KidKraft Vintage Play Kitchen as an example and added some stylish touches to create the Limited Edition Vintage Play Kitchen!

Read all about it here Why KidKraft toys are so much fun + my top 3

Gold accents and a further 'Carrara marble worktop' are chic updates that give a boost to this glamorous kitchen.

Even the tap and hobs are golden!

Doors that open and close, an oven with a door, knobs that click and turn and plenty of storage space for the necessary groceries; there is endless fun in this kitchen.

Your chefs play for hours with the pots and pans.

The girls in this unboxing video got the pink version of the kitchen, and are happy with it!

It has an easily removable sink. And you can easily tidy up all the accessories in the kitchen cabinets with doors.

The cool - made of wood, MDF and plastic - Limited Edition Vintage Play Kitchen is suitable for kids from 3 years old. The dimensions are 84,51 x 34,01 x 89,0

Check prices and availability here

Best toy garage with doors: Melissa & Doug Service Station

Boy plays with the cars and doors of the Melissa & Doug parking garage

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The Melissa & Doug Service Station Parking Garage is a very nice one!

This wooden parking garage (these are nice too!) with floor, from my favorite brand Melissa & Doug comes with two cool cars.

You can refuel with petrol and the garage has a parking deck, a service station and also a real car wash!

The brightly colored sliding doors are there to close the parking garage. Your little one will be curious to see what is behind the garage doors ...

These two boys have the greatest fun with it:

There are numbered parking spaces on the top floor and your car can use the elevator to get to the top.

This car wash and service garage has a sign on top that serves as a carrying handle.

This set stimulates fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Your child's fantasy is also stimulated.

This garage is suitable for children from the age of 3 years.

Check out the latest price here

Best toy farm with doors: Melissa & Doug Farm

Boy plays with Melissa & Doug's toy farm with animals and doors

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What is behind the doors of the Farm (here more wooden and with animals) stable with lockable doors and animals?

This farm stole from the cool American brand Melissa & Doug is super fun to play with. There are no fewer than six doors with different locks, each door has a different lock.

Place your pets safely in the stable and lock the doors. Will your toddler manage to open it again?

A game that develops fine motor skills and exciting for toddlers and preschoolers.

Here you can see the shed in action, nice with all those doors!

This solid, but cheerful stable features images of various animals. Also on the inside of the doors.

Four farm animals are included: a horse (always magic toy for kids), a cow, a pig and a goat. This toy farm is suitable for children from 3 years of age.

Check the latest prices here

Best fantasy toys: Dream doors

Dream doors starter package

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Welcome to the world of fairies and dragons!

I found the Dream Doors to be a special and beautiful invention, it is not directly a 'toy' so that is why I put it at number 8 in my 'Best toys with doors Top 8'.

But it is a beautiful concept!

Dream doors are extremely suitable to help your child process their everyday experiences.

They also provide comfort in unpleasant or traumatic situations. The door becomes a safe place for them, a kind of support and anchor.

Dream doors can foster the imagination and creativity of children as they can be decorated by the child. In addition to creativity, decorating also stimulates fine motor skills.

The Dream Doors starter package consists of an original handmade wooden Dream door, a key and a matching letterbox to send and receive your child's dream mail.

Young children can start making drawings and when they get older this will turn into writing notes that they can leave in the letterbox.

A great exercise for both writing and expressing their feelings.

The set consists of a doormat with the text Welcome, 5 stepping stones and 2 ladybugs in different colors.

Dream doors are mainly for children who have difficulty expressing themselves, which is why the dream door is also regularly used by teachers, child coaches and psychologists.

Here Juf Kort and Juf Sanne explain the Dream Doors from an educational point of view:

An accompanying book is 'The story of the dream doors': during a walk in the Dream Forest, elf Puck and dragon friend Jinn discover a special door.

They step through the door and discover a new world that leads to a very special friendship. With beautiful illustrations!

Find the Dream Doors series here on

Frequently asked questions about toys with doors

Why do toddlers like to close doors?

Toddlers love to see how doors work and the sounds they make are interesting too.

The basic concepts 'open' and 'closed' arouses their interest, says Tovah Klein, Ph.D., director of Barnard College's Center for Toddler Development in New York.

Why is it good for children to play with door toys?

Opening and closing a door is a great method for kids to improve their memory skills.

They constantly repeat tasks and especially opening / closing doors is part of this.

Besides that, they also use their muscles and motor skills.

When can children open doors?

Around 13 months: they can usually open and close doors.

Toddlers can open and close cabinets and oven doors.


I can say that some research on toys with doors has broadened my horizons.

I did not expect that there were so many fun play scenarios and aspects around doors and that often so many fine motor skills would be involved.

That doors stimulate memory and arouse the curiosity of children.

I can only recommend these toys with doors; simply because children are so enthusiastic about it, love to play with it and apparently it is very educational!

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