Cutest toys without BPA: safe options for your baby

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  December 30, 2020

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Bisphenol A (BPA) is a chemical used to make various types of plastic, including polycarbonate (PC) and epoxy resin (coating).

It is found in many different products, such as electronics, food, receipts, medical devices, but unfortunately also in toys and other children's products.

Small children discover through their mouths and hands, which is why they love to put toys in their mouths. But as a parent you do not want your child to come into contact with a toxic substance such as BPA.

Fortunately, nowadays you can find toys that are BPA-free.

Best toys without BPA

We did some research and found some nice toy products that clearly state that they are BPA free. In the table you will find our favorite products:

Favorite toys without BPAImages
Best teether without BPA: Infantino Cuddly Teether Crinkle clothBest Teether Without BPA: Infantino Cuddly Teether Crinkle Cloth


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Best BPA Free Play Mat: Relaxdays 90 x 90 cm puzzle matBest BPA free play mat: Relaxdays 90 x 90 cm puzzle mat


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Best BPA Free Playground: Relaxdays pop up ball pit babyBest BPA free play pit: Relaxdays pop up ball pit baby


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Best BPA Free Baby Gym: Playgro Play mat ball activity nestBest BPA Free Baby Gym: Playgro Play Mat


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Best toys rated without BPA

Best Teether Without BPA: Infantino Cuddly Teether Crinkle Cloth

Photo of girl biting infantino's BPA-free teether

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In the shape of a sweet fox, this Infantino Cuddly Teether Crinkle Cloth features unique textures and sounds that will spark your little one's curiosity.

Toy reviews & comparisons video

Babies show an interest in beautiful, bright colors and prints and soft fabrics. The teether has three textured teethers, all BPA free.

The toy is suitable from birth and is made of high quality material.

View all crunchy animals here

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Best BPA free play mat: Relaxdays 90 x 90 cm puzzle mat

Best BPA free play mat: Relaxdays 90 x 90 cm puzzle mat

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This beautiful, colorful Relaxdays play mat 90 x 90 cm - puzzle mat EVA foam - play mat - play mat BPA-free Vehicles play mat is made for fun puzzling!

The play mat consists of nine foam mats with removable puzzle pieces. You can choose from a puzzle with pictures of fruits, animals, or vehicles.

You can also combine different themes, which is much more fun!

With the help of this mat, children learn the names and characteristics of all kinds of fruit, animals and vehicles in a playful way.

Besides being fun to play with the puzzle pieces, the play mat is also a comfortable mat to lie or sit on. You can make the mat bigger by combining different mats.

This way, more kids can go on at the same time, the more souls the more joy! With this play mat you bring cheerfulness and color into the nursery. Each mat has a size of (lxwxh) 32 x 32 x 1 cm.

The play mat is suitable for children from 0 years and promotes creativity and motor skills. The mats are made of harmless materials and are therefore completely BPA-free.

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Best BPA free play pit: Relaxdays pop up ball pit baby

Best BPA free play pit: Relaxdays pop up ball pit baby

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A ball pit is a very interesting toy for babies from 6 months. In the Relaxdays ball pit baby, babies can not only play with balls, they can also learn to crawl in a soft environment.

By grabbing the balls, children train their grip reflexes.

Conveniently, this ball pit has transparent net walls so that you as a parent always have a view of your little one, while you may be preparing the food or reading a book in the garden.

The ball pit has cute animal motifs and a pop-up function, so you can set it up in no time. You just have to put the walls upright and put the balls in the bin.

The ball pit has a size of (lxwxh) 110 x 110 x 50 cm.

With purchase you get 10 yellow balls, 10 pink, 10 blue, 10 green and 10 red balls, and these balls are completely BPA free! The ball pit itself is made of 100% polyester.

Check the most current prices and availability here

Best BPA free baby gym: Playgro Play Mat Ball Activity Nest

Best BPA Free Baby Gym: Playgro Play Mat

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This Playgro Play Mat is a safe place for children to play.

There are various play options: as a play mat with the sides down with or without play arch, and as a ball pit with the soft walls up with or without play arch.

In this video from Playgro you can see all 5 modes:

This way all children, young and old, can enjoy this nice play environment! With this play mat your little one will never roll off its place and it will be sweet for hours.

The detachable play arch is equipped with stimulating toys. 32 colorful, BPA-free balls are included with the ball pit. This baby play mat has won a prestigious award, namely the Baby Innovation Award.

That says something of course!

View it here at

Does BPA Have Harmful Health Effects?

There is still a lack of clarity about the effects of BPA on our health, and several studies contradict each other.

Possible consequences of (high exposure to) BPA can be:

Small and unborn children can be more sensitive to the effects of BPA because their bodies are still developing. Even little ones can get BPA through breast milk.

It is important to minimize the exposure to BPA for pregnant women, breastfeeding women, newborns and young children.

Baby bottles with BPA have been banned in the EU since 2011, but other baby products with BPA are still sold.

We recommend that you pay attention to the packaging with at least all the toys you buy!

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