These are the 5 best online children's clothing outlets

by Joost Nusselder | Updated on:  January 1, 2021

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Outlet stores, you can hardly ignore it and nowadays you can score clothes from many brands.

Where you used to go for off-season leftovers and a shirt without buttons, you can now find almost everything in an outlet store.

There are also a number of beautiful online outlets for children's clothing where you can also buy nice designer clothes for your child, but at affordable prices.

In this post I have the 5 best online children's clothing outlets for you.

The 5 best online children's clothing outlets

Top 5 online children's clothing outlets

Kixx Online

Kixx online children's clothing outlet

Nice shop with a lot of choice for children. They always have one too sale department on the site with a lot of outlet deals.

With brands like Name It, Nono, LeBig and even sneakers from VEJA you can always go there for an excellent deal.

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They have 4 outlet departments:

  1. baby clothes
  2. baby shoes
  3. children's clothing
  4. children's shoes

Here Frederieke bought some nice things at Kixx:


To be Dressed

The To be dressed kids department

A store with always the best discounts on children's clothing. To be Dressed usually has a 40% discount on all children's clothing.

This way you can always succeed, even within your budget!

Selling the range of outlet for children you will find here.


Noppies outlet department

Noppies also has a great outlet department. Here you will find a lot of bargains from this fun and quirky brand.

The discounts they offer are almost always 50% so that is a considerable saving on a nice baby or children's outfit!

Look here on the site for the offer online outlet

In any case, already a store with cheap items, but they also have an outlet section where you can shop (online) to your heart's content.

On most articles there is a discount of 70%, but at least 50%. These are really the super deals that you should take a look at.

They have their offer online on this page

Shop your children's clothing at online outlet stores

The commercial market has evolved to the point where store sales no longer have a monopoly on the consumer world.

Where consumers once relied almost exclusively on points of sale for their needed goods, today you can buy everything at

The advantages of a physical store, such as a friendly and helpful staff that helps build customer loyalty, so that customers return again and again, are hardly available at an outlet.

There is often a large mass of discounted items, and you can also find them online.

Outlet Stores Pros & Cons: Are You Really Saving Money?

Modern outlet shopping is no longer what it used to be.

You are no longer limited to the clothing with factory defects that you previously only found in the outlets.

High-end brands such as Kate Spade, Coach and Jimmy Choo are entering the scene, attracting shoppers who also want great deals on luxury items.

The outlet world is expanding.

And it is big business for retailers.

But does the word “outlet” mean that you always get the best deal? We wondered the same.

Here are the pros and cons of modern outlet store shopping.

You can certainly save a lot on your children's clothing compared to traditional stores. However, you have to pay attention to what you buy and whether you keep an eye on your budget.

Saving a lot on expensive designer clothes and the "greed" that a big discount can cause can also put you outside your budget.

Do you really save that much at outlet stores?

Is the quality in the outlet the same?

Is it worth the extra ride?

The trends of outlet shopping for children's clothing

Outlet retail has come a long way in size, geographic reach and popularity since Anderson-Little opened the first non-factory outlet stores in 1936.

And until the 70s, such shops were still far from the primary shopping centers, served mainly to sell surplus or damaged goods.

But since then they've grown into multiple branded and non-branded stores in the same location and a wide variety of designer label offerings.

It is important for retailers that sales per square meter of retail space are often better than those of conventional shopping centers.

Shoppers spend up to 79 percent more per visit on outlet stores than regional malls and while they are typically still located outside of the city's malls, they are getting closer to central commercial districts.

You can also see the number of outlets increasing significantly online and retailers have now fully discovered the combination of discounts and the convenience of online.

Rather than representing a dump for unsold goods, outlets are a good distribution channel for fashion and other merchandise.

And since children's clothing is a good selling item for many brands, the outlets have also included these items in their concept.

Some start organic stores even now.

The service at online outlet stores

There is another dimension that primary retailers and outlet stores can be compared to, and that is service.

You will notice this at outlet stores both online and offline. Although the sales staff in outlet stores are also pleasant, the service level is certainly lower than in the regular stores.

It is generally up to the customer to customize garments, and the retail environment is much less luxurious than in a luxury department or specialty store.

Although today's shops have more amenities (eg dressing rooms) than those of the past, it is still a long way from the luxurious treatment you get at a Bijenkorf, for example.

This is also the case in the online world. For example, shipping times are often longer, or until ordering less late is delivered tomorrow.

In addition, often fewer parts are free. Where online retailers are now trying to win customers over by offering both free shipping and returns on all orders, this is less often seen in outlet stores.

Especially with children's clothing you often want to fit this, so pay close attention to the return policy of the relevant store.

They also tell you that fewer other services are free, such as different payment methods such as paying afterwards. And sometimes they just offer a lot less payment methods to reduce costs, such as expensive credit card payments and paypal.


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