Razor S Spark Review | A decent stunt scooter with a WOW effect!

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At first glance, the Razor S Spark looks like an ordinary, decent scooter. The scooter has a sleek finish, as we are used to from the Razor brand. However, this scooter has something unique: the 'spark', or rather the rain of sparks. When you push the lever at the back of the scooter with your foot, a shower of sparks is created behind the scooter. razor spark

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Get on the Razor S Spark and watch the sparks fly around while you scooter! Check prices and availability here

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Visible in the dark: wow!

The scooter comes with a mounted spark cartridge that will provide the spark shower. But that's not all. The scooter is also equipped with motion-activated LED lights under the deck and luminous wheels. Besides the 'wow' effect, the LED lights will also ensure that your children are always visible in the dark. That makes scooters with the Razor S Spark safer than the 'normal' scooters that are not equipped with any lighting. Mom and Dad will be very happy with that! Because safety is of course paramount.

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The deck and frame

The scooter has a T-tube steel frame to provide strength and stability for every ride. The handlebars have soft foam grips so that control can be maintained at all times. The deck is made of aircraft grade aluminum. This deck is designed to comfortably and safely support children while using the scooter. Even when children grow up, they can continue to use the scooter. So you can play with the scooter for years, which of course makes the toy product even more attractive. Best girls stunt scooter pink-Razor S Spark

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The wheels and the brake

The wheels are 125mm and made of urethane, and will add that extra flair and safety during use. In addition, they provide durability over time. The brake is easy to use and will always keep your kids safe while they are playing outside. The brake is located just in front of the spark lever, so you always know which pedal you are pedaling.

Who is this scooter suitable for?

The scooter is suitable for children from 6 years of age and has a maximum load capacity of 100 kg. That means that teenagers and adults can also use this fantastic scooter. Although the scooter does of course look a bit childish with the lights and sparks .. The product has a pink color, but you can also get the scooter in blue or red. It is a sturdy scooter for kids that holds up well. Kids will really enjoy it!

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Collapsible and adjustable

The nice thing about this scooter is that it is collapsible and therefore easy to store. The scooter also fits in almost every trunk and bag, so that your children can easily take the scooter with you during a day out. The handlebar is adjustable up to mid-height, making it suitable for children of different heights. The maximum handlebar height is 50-80 cm.

Extra scooter tips

However, the sparks do not make the scooter suitable for indoor use, so play with it outside on the street. Also try the scooter especially in the dark; the effect of the sparks and LED lighting is of course even more beautiful! I also recommend that you let your child wear the right shoes while scooters, as the sparks can of course be hot to the touch. Open shoes are therefore not very suitable, especially go for a pair of sturdy, closed shoes. In addition, I also think it would be wise to always put on a helmet and possibly have your child wear elbow and knee protection. Scooters are especially fun, but accidents and falls are not excluded. Also keep in mind that the sparks will run out at some point, so you will have to replace the spark cartridge once in a while. However, customers state that the cartridge will last a long time, so that's great!


Could the neighborhood in which you live use a bit of atmosphere ?! Light up your neighborhood like never before with real sparks! Scooters get a completely new dimension with this Razor S Spark scooter. You move on this scooter just like on any other scooter, only with a small difference: the sparks and the beautiful LED lighting that lights up when you step through the neighborhood. First make speed with the scooter, then step on the special spark pedal and watch the sparks fly off your scooter! The Razor's Spark Sport scooter is designed to be fun to ride and to inspire your kids to be more active. The scooter will be a lot of fun and, not unimportantly, it is not that expensive at all! Check prices and availability here

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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