You can also drive indoors with a Hoverboard: but pay attention to 4 things

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Self-balancing scooters, also known as hoverboards, are a great way to have fun.

Not only are they fashionable, but they are also very good for having a good time. They have become one of the most useful ways of commuting in urban settings.

But as they are a mode of transport, the rider must be careful while using them for commuting. In fact, it is now actually prohibited on public roads.

Can you drive in with a hoverboard

But where should you drive? On your own property? Or inside ...

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Can you drive in with a Hoverboard?

You can ride indoors with a Hoverboard, although it is not recommended to jump on your board indoors. This is too small an environment and a Hoverboard will soon go too fast. Do you want to drive in? Then limit yourself to larger covered areas such as shopping centers and sports halls.

Do not drive indoors: your hoverboard is made for outdoor use, not indoors. Riding your hoverboard indoors puts you at great risk not only for yourself, but also for the people who live in your house. Riding your hoverboard indoors can also cause you to accidentally break that new TV you have. Or that you breaks your carpet with your Hoverboard.

Even sports stadiums have plenty of hoverboards. Many sports stadiums have started banning the devices this year. The pattern is similar to selfie sticks, which gained massive popularity in 2014 and were subsequently banned from some major tourist areas such as Disney theme parks and the Vatican.

When it comes to hoverboarding and shopping, the fate of the devices is still unclear. The International Council of Shopping Centers says it doesn't have an official position on hoverboards, but Dubai's ministry of economic development has already banned them from the country's malls, so it could be coming.

College campuses may be the last safe haven for hoverboards. Typically a hub for student skateboarding and scootering between classes.

Many Dutch campuses do not have rules regulating self-balancing devices. Many universities state that the schools have no policies regarding the devices.

However, if campuses follow the lead of airports and cities, hoverboards may well become the most popular mode of transportation that is nowhere to ride in public.

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Learning to use the hoverboard: The first step every user should take is to make sure they know how to ride a hoverboard. It doesn't matter if your hoverboard is the best hoverboard or a cheap hoverboard.

This applies doubly to indoors where you often have to maneuver in smaller spaces and where the surface is often slippery.

You must first learn to ride it properly. Even the safest hoverboard won't be very safe because you don't know how to drive it.

The surface you are driving on: Not all hoverboards can handle all terrains. You may well know how to ride a hoverboard, but if your hoverboard is not intended for the terrain you are riding on, it could spell disaster for you.

You may wonder which hoverboards are safe for all types of terrain then the answer is that there are specific types of hoverboards for specific terrains.

There are, for example hoverboards specifically designed for handling outdoor off-road rides and on the other hand there are hoverboards designed for handling urban terrains.

Grab one with enough grip for the smooth surfaces of a shopping center, for example.

Maintain the correct speed: Do not drive your hoverboard at a speed that you cannot handle. It can be very exciting and exciting to ride your hoverboard at a very high speed, but even the best hoverboard will not save you from the bruises and cuts you will get when you fall off your hoverboard.

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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