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Root Industries Invictus Review: Stunt Scooter Winner

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Wow, is this multicolored Root Industries Invictus Complete Scooter as awesome as its name suggests?

“Invictus” is a Latin word meaning “invincible” - and that is indeed exactly what this new Invictus Complete Scooter is.

According to Root Industries itself, the scooter is simply 'Light like aluminum and strong like titanium'.

Root industries invictus stunt scooter

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They are extremely popular among children and teenagers, but also among adults, maybe you as a parent want one for yourself too;)?

It is not for nothing that I have this scooter as the best professional stunt scooter for adults in my stunt scooter top list.

The scooter is packed with - mostly professional - features and is the most affordable, complete scooter in the Root Industries series.

After extensive testing, it is known that the Invictus is not only perfect for the average rider, who needs a scooter with which he can go 'a lot further' in stunting: this scooter is also suitable for beginners, but certainly also for the already advanced stunters.

Hence the name 'Complete Scooter'.

To be fair, the Invictus looks as good as it drives. We think it is one of the best scooters!

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What features does the Invictus have?

Best Professional Stunt Scooter for Adults-Root Industries Invictus

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Where shall we start? The features of this stunt scooter are very extensive ...

Let's start with - the four for us - most important traits:

The first and perhaps most important feature of the Complete Invictus scooter is the introduction of the handlebars made of Hi-Modulus Alloy (HMA) material.

This innovative material is as light as aluminum, but about 50% stronger.

The second most important feature of the Invictus, we believe, are the wheels; it has 30 mm wide wheels with pneumatic tires that give the rider unparalleled speed, a lot of stability and the right grip on any surface.

As the third most important feature, we think the fast ABEC-11 bearings are super. This makes these wheels turn nice and smooth and fast and generate a lot of speed.

And most important feature number four: new, super soft and durable R2 Grips for the handlebars, a super nice feel for your hands, even during your most difficult stunts.

Other great features also include:

  • only 1 tool needed for assembly and disassembly (very handy)
  • forged and reinforced Invictus fork
  • high-quality nylon brake
  • shafts with high tensile strength

Watch this video for a nice introduction to this scooter:

Why is the Invictus scooter good?

Your child will of course make a great figure with this super cool scooter.

Secondly, this scooter is so complete that your child can use it for a long time. That's because the scooter is actually suitable from beginner to pro!

Beyond that, the quality of the materials used is just unbelievably good.

The scooter is nice and light and manoeuvrable for a child, has a perfect deck size and we think it feels good and stable.

The handles are easy to grip and very comfortable for children's hands, about the best handles we have come across so far.

We all know that grip is vital while stunting; you must be able to hold the handlebars of the scooter well during all loops and antics!

Its wide wheels are also fast and grippy. Everything about the Invictus scooter is simply good and well thought out.

And then we haven't even talked about its tough appearance. The distinct 'rocket-fuel' colors are constantly changing, wherever you look.

This gives extra effects while stunting and it is simply a beautiful eye-catcher!

Check the latest prices here

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Are you looking for a very hip, but also strong and practical stunt scooter for your child, which he can also use for a long time?

Then you have found it ... the price-quality ratio is excellent and the scooter can grow with your child: from bumbling novice to almost pro with this Invictus Complete Scooter!

This scooter has so many great features that it stands head and shoulders above the other stunt scooters. It is extremely light, but at the same time very strong.

In addition, the pneumatic tires ensure a good speed during the stunts and the handlebars provide a safe grip.

What is especially striking about this scooter is that it is not only popular among kids, but among all ages. That makes this cool scooter of great value for real stunters.

Root Industries models are a serious hot topic among most kids, teenagers, as well as adults these days.

Do you also fall for this beautiful and complete stunt scooter?

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Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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