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Seesaw: The benefits for child development

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What is a Seesaw?

Seesaw is a play symbol that children can bounce on. It's an enjoyable one playset that challenge children to release their energy, exercise their balance and control their body.

In this article I will tell you all about what a seesaw is, how it works and what children learn with it.

What is a seesaw

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The wonderful world of seesaws and spring devices

The seesaw chicken is a striking appearance on many playgrounds. This colorful playground, affectionately known as 'seesaw chicken' in the vernacular, brings a lot of fun and exercise to children. They can move themselves by bouncing up and down, and then learn to control their sense of balance through play.

Spring devices: more than just seesaws

In addition to the well-known seesaw, there are many other spring devices that challenge children to release their energy and practice their balance. For example, think of:

  • Tumble bars: where children can hold onto and spin around
  • Swings: where they have to move themselves and keep their balance
  • Space nets: where they can climb and balance
  • Spinning equipment: on which they can sit and spin in circles, while keeping their balance

Seesaw and spring devices: good for development

Spring devices such as the seesaw and seesaw (best for the garden reviewed here) not only provide fun, but also contribute to the development of children. By using these devices, children learn in a playful way:

  • Balancing: finding and keeping their balance
  • Control their movements: controlling their body and estimating their strength
  • Working together: on the seesaw, children have to work together to keep moving
  • Self-confidence: overcoming challenges and daring to try new things

Safety and fun go hand in hand

When using seesaws, seesaws and other spring devices, it is important that children can play safely. Therefore, always make sure you have a good surface, such as rubber tiles or a soft grass surface. Also supervise the children so that they not only have fun but also enjoy their playtime safely on these challenging devices.

Different types of seesaws for endless fun

Seesaws come in all shapes and sizes, so that every child can find a suitable and enjoyable device to bounce on. The range is very varied and offers something for everyone. There are the well-known, classic seesaw with a straight plank, but also more modern and playful versions that deviate from the traditional shape.

Stawip: a unique seesaw experience

A special variant of the seesaw is the standing seesaw. In this version, the children stand on a platform and they have to make an effort together to get the seesaw moving. This gives a different feeling than the classic seesaw and provides a unique experience.

Multiple children at the same time: seesaws for groups

There are also seesaws suitable for several children at the same time. These devices often have several seats or platforms, so that children can seesaw and have fun together. This makes seesaw even more fun and provides a social playing experience.

Wheelchair-friendly seesaws: fun for everyone

There are special wheelchair-friendly seesaws for children in a wheelchair. These devices are designed to be suitable for different target groups and also offer children with disabilities the opportunity to experience the fun of seesaw.

Safety and comfort: seesaw with a soft landing

Some seesaws are equipped with a soft surface or suspension, so that children have a comfortable and safe playing experience. This can be, for example, a rubber mat or a spring construction that absorbs the movement of the seesaw.

All in all, there are numerous seesaw variants that offer children a fun and educational playing experience. From classic seesaws to modern versions and devices for several children or wheelchair users - there is a suitable seesaw for every child.

Together in balance on the seesaw

Seesaw is not only a fun activity, but it also teaches children important skills. This way they learn to work together with their playmate, because without each other seesaw is impossible. You have to find the rhythm together and respond to each other to keep the movement going. This helps to develop a good sense of rhythm and to experience the influence of gravity and balance.

The power of playing together

In addition to learning how to work together, seesaw also contributes to the social development of children. They come into contact with others and learn how to interact in a fun way. The seesaw playground equipment invites you to make new contacts and enter into great partnerships.

Varied assortment and unique designs

There are numerous seesaw variants available, so that a suitable device can be found for every room and preference. For example, there are seesaws where several people can seesaw at the same time, which ensures even more fun and cooperation. There are also seesaws that deviate from the traditional version, such as the standing seesaw or the seesaw with a grasshopper or astronaut as the theme. This makes seesaw even more adventurous and stimulates the imagination of children.

Finding the perfect balance

When seesaw, it is important that the children distribute their weight well in order to stay in balance. When one child is heavier than the other, they have to find a way together to stay upright and adjust the pace. This teaches children how to use their strength and balance to achieve a goal together.

Seesaw: an adventure full of happiness

Seesaw is a unique and fun way for kids to play, learn and explore together. They experience the influence of gravity and balance, develop their sense of rhythm and learn to cooperate with others. Moreover, there is a wide range of seesaw variants, so that there is a suitable device for everyone. So let your kids enjoy seesaw today and give them the chance to grow and explore together!

When can children start seesaw?

Seesaws come in different shapes and sizes, and it is important to know from what age your child can safely do seesaws. In general, seesaw toys are suitable for children from the age of 3. Why? Because children around this age:

  • Better keep their balance
  • Have more control over their movements
  • Understand how to play together

Security and supervision

Although seesaws are certified and designed for safe use, it is important to always supervise your child during play. Make sure that:

  • The playground equipment is stable and well maintained
  • Your child plays with another child of about the same age and weight
  • Your child does not swing too fast or too wild, so that no accidents happen

Playing together and social development

Seesaw is not only fun, but it also helps with your child's social development. By playing together, children learn:

  • Waiting their turn
  • To take into account the other
  • Working together as a team
  • To deal with any arguments or anger

If you notice that your child has difficulty playing together, for example if there is always a fight or if your son or daughter gets angry, it is important to discuss this. Be aware of the situation and ask questions to find out exactly what is happening. Let your child think about why things are going wrong and what they can do differently.

The educational side of seesaw

Seesaw is not only a fun way to play, but it also teaches children important skills. For example, they have to work together to get the playground equipment moving. They learn to communicate with each other, for example by indicating when they want to go faster or softer. This promotes their social development and helps them cope with different personalities.

Motor skills and balance

Seesaw helps children develop their motor skills. They learn how to push off to get the machine moving and how to keep their balance while going up and down. This is a good exercise for their muscles and coordination.

  • Although there are modern versions of seesaws, the classic seesaw remains a favorite among children.
  • Seesaw is suitable for multiple ages, so that brothers, sisters and friends can play together.
  • Most seesaws are made of durable metal and colorful material, which gives the playground equipment an attractive look.

Problem-solving way of thinking

Sometimes it can happen that the seesaw is not completely balanced, for example if there is a big difference in weight between the children on both sides. This calls for a creative solution, such as moving the foot or finding a way to distribute the weight better. This teaches children to think problem-solving and to be flexible in their approach.

Self-confidence and perseverance

Seesaw can sometimes be quite a challenge, especially for younger children who don't know how to get the device moving. Through practice and experimentation, they learn that they can eventually master it. This gives them confidence and teaches them to persevere, even if something doesn't work out right away.

In short, seesaw is not only a fun activity for children, but it also offers many educational benefits. It helps them in their overall development and growth in various areas such as cooperation, communication, motor skills, problem solving and self-confidence. So let your children enjoy the seesaw and enjoy the many benefits this playground equipment has to offer!


As you can see, there are many different types of seesaws for kids to play and release their energy. It also teaches them to keep their balance and control their bodies. It is therefore a perfect playground equipment for children.

Once you put children on a seesaw, you will see them discover themselves and push their limits. That is why it is such a good playground equipment for children.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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