SmartMax Rods Start Try Me magnetic rods reviewed

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The SmartMax magnetic Start Try Me rods are great fun toys that consist of magnetic rods and balls to connect them.

It is really aimed at children from 1 year old. The parts are very large so that little fingers can grasp them.

Smartmax magnetic toys with balls and bars

Your little one can 'stick' the rods and balls together to create the nicest figures. It's simple, because children don't have to deal with complicated click mechanisms.

Best magnetic rods to build with
SmartMax Rods Start Try Me
Product image
Toy score
Best for
  • Sturdy magnets click easily
  • Large shapes suitable for small children
Less good
  • Difficult to make shapes with
  • Ball system shoots slides easily

Let's look at the specs first:

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  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Multi
  • Vote yes
  • Educational objective: Spatial insight, Creative thinking, Combining
  • Number of parts: 42

What is Smartmax Start Try Me?

smart max is a system of bars and balls aimed at children from 1 year old. Sitting in the bars magnets, the balls are made of metal but not magnetic.

This system allows the rods to click on each other and on the balls to create beautiful 2D and 3D constructions.

There are straight rods and rods with a bend so that you can also bring two sides together.

The rods are not flexible so bends can only be made by using the curved rods or by building a rod at an angle on a ball.

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What age is Smartmax for?

smart max Try Me is available from 1 year old, but of course they can't do much with it at that age. A toddler can already hold a bar and experience what it is like for one of the balls to “stick”.

As a toddler, my son did not have this set yet, but he did have the Safari animals SmartMax, which is basically the same system with big bars (and then soft rubber animal bodies to stick to them) and he LOVED it!

With these metal balls and rods you can build something different every day. In addition, a child trains his or her spatial awareness with the different shapes. The possibilities are limitless!

Plus you can combine them really nicely with other things SmartMax, such as the Safari animals that I will also discuss later:

Smartmax start try combining me with safari animals

But you can actually also combine them with others magnetic toys. Stick-O also fits.

The toy is extremely safe and therefore suitable for children from 1 year of age, despite the fact that it is... magnets has.

Best magnetic rods to build with

SmartMaxRods Start Try Me

Clicking these together is a lot easier than the tiles from Magformers. This makes the toy really suitable from 1 year old as SmartMax says.

Toy score
Product image

It's a lot of fun building, but I also found out that making figures is very difficult.

The system with the rods and balls works well, but if you don't anchor a ball between two rods, it easily slips away.

This way your creation collapses right away. For example, you cannot make the dog from the example and then walk with it, that is not possible.

The slightest gust of wind will make him collapse.

Geometric shapes such as a cube connected on each side with one of the bars are very sturdy.

It's not that the magnets shoot loose, but more that they slide around the ball, causing it to collapse.

That means that little ones may not yet be able to express their creativity or play with it as they would like.

Also, some rods repel others because there are negative and positive ones magnets worry. For example, Stick-O's system has running magnets inside so that each rod clicks on each other.

It's really bad educational and a nice first step into the world of magnet toys. I would recommend this for children between the ages of 1 and 4.

From the age of 4 you can do better magnet buy toys so that they can continue with them for a while.

Smartmax rods alternatives


Best overall magnetic toy

MagformersBasic Set Line

Toddlers love to discover what you can do with it while playing, but also at a later age there are much more difficult things to build.

Product image

smart max It is really for younger children. The bars and balls are large and they click together very strongly so that your child of almost any age can do something with them.

Clicking these elements together is a lot easier than the Basic Set from Magformers (reviewed here) and this makes the toy really suitable from 1 year onwards SmartMax say.

The Magformers tiles are a lot more fun when your child gets older because you can really build anything with them. From flat shapes such as a rocket to large castles. Plus it's very focused on geometric shapes which also makes them a lot more educational.

smart max is a bit more limited in the shapes you can make with it, but Magformers is still a bit too ambitious for your toddler.

Smartmax My First Safari Animals

Best Magnetic Toy Animals for Toddlers

SmartMaxMy First Safari Animals

Suitable from 1 year old to discover the magic of magnets in a safe and super fun way while playing with their favorite animals.

Product image

Being for babies these Smartmax safari animals (reviewed here) the most fun, but if your child is a little older I would recommend buying them together with the starter set smart max.

With the Starter Set you can create structures and learn about spatial awareness and creative STEM play. The animals are very nice, but in the end you can only do one thing with them. A group of animals.

However, they are very nice for babies because they are soft and safe toys that they can suck on. With 1 year they can make their first animal creations and get to know magnet toys.


smart max is a very nice first set to get to know magnetic toys. Perfectly suitable for a 1 to 3 year old. After that, I recommend moving on to other magnetic toys.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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