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What we discuss in this comprehensive post:

LEGO Atlantis | Search for the lost city with these 6 fun packages

Atlantis is a Disney adventure movie released in January 2010.

The plot centers on a team of underwater explorers who search the sea floor for the sunken city of Atlantis from ancient myths.

The Explorers are equipped with a wide variety of futuristic underwater vehicles with light green viewing windows and weapons.

In their quest, they encounter gigantic sentries that block the passage to Atlantis, as well as the warriors of Atlantis in the form of sharks, squid and rays with human-like features.

Lego Atlantis

De LEGO sets of the Atlantis theme include models of crazy submarines and giant sea monsters.

All Atlantis sets also come with recognizable minifigures from the movie.

Combine them also with LEGO pirates for underwater and above water fun.

LEGO offers various building kits of the Atlantis theme. A lot of fun is therefore guaranteed.

To keep things clear, we have made a top 6 for you of the products that have received the best reviews from satisfied customers.

Let's take a quick look at the best packages, then I'll dig deeper into each of these choices:

LEGO Atlantis packageImages
Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076
Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076

(view more images)

Nicest LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078

Best LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078
(view more images)

Cutest LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060

Best LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060
(view more images)

Most fun fight: Battle of the shipwreck 8057

Most fun battle: Battle of the shipwreck 8057
(view more images)

Cutest LEGO Atlantis Robot: Bottom runner 7977

Cutest LEGO Atlantis Robot: Bottom Walker 7977
(view more images)

Best underwater chase: Shadow Happer 8079

Best underwater chase: Shadow Happer 8079
(view more images)

Best LEGO Atlantis packages reviewed

Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076

Cutest enemy: LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine 8076

(view more images)

Our number one of these top 5 is the LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine.

This spectacular package has a great price and is intended for the real brave LEGO enthusiast among us who wants to conquer the green Atlantis key and is not afraid to fight against a large scorpion.

You can assemble this scorpion yourself!

Includes 1 diver minifigure with sea scooter equipped with dual harpoons and treasure key grab, pack includes collectable green key of Atlantis.

The Scorpio sentry you assemble has a poisonous tail spine, flexible claws and strong jaws.

What makes our number one of the Atlantis series our favorite? The LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine is a kit for the brave LEGO builder.

With the lightning-fast sea scooter, you as a heroic diver can tear along the bottom of the ocean to conquer the green key of Atlantis.

Meet and fight the strong scorpion that will make it difficult for you to get the key.

With this kit you assemble the large scorpion, which is flexible with its moving tail, moving claws and jaws that can bite.

The scorpion has a terrifying appearance and is black and orange in color, with white details.

A package for children who love adventure and underwater stories. This package is intended for children between 7 and 14 years old and consists of 260 building parts.

Check the latest prices here

Best LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078

Best LEGO Atlantis building: Gate To Atlantis 8078

(view more images)

Our number two of the list, also a beautiful and very extensive package and therefore also a bit more expensive than the number one, is the LEGO Atlantis Gateway to Atlantis.

With this pack you build the great portal to the lost city of Atlantis.

If you want to get through it, you have to compete against several strong guards and fighters in addition to using the five keys.

Includes 7 minifigures: 3 divers, 1 portal emperor, 2 fighters (1 shark and 1 squid) and 1 skeleton, contains all 5 keys to Atlantis: green, blue, yellow, red and orange.

The large shark-beaked gate opens to reveal the steps leading to the portal. Includes statues that protect treasures.

Our number two of this spectacular LEGO Atlantis theme is the pack named LEGO Atlantis Gateway to Atlantis.

This package has a bigger price tag than the first package, but you get a lot in return.

Loading ...

LEGO Gateway to Atlantis consists of 1007 parts and is suitable for children between 8 and 14 years old.

It consists of the giant portal to the lost city of Atlantis and comes with highly detailed items.

In the middle is a large shark beak as a gate that can slam shut and a smaller gate with a fence on each side.

In addition, the passage to the city of Atlantis is made difficult for you by the living statues in the shape of a shark, which will block the passage for you.

Also watch out for hidden traps!

It can be played with various minifigures, so all kinds of adventures can be created.

The pack comes with three divers, one portal emperor, one shark and one squid warrior and a fourth skeleton figure.

Collect all five Atlantis keys so you can open the portal to access this mysterious underwater city.

Check availability here

Best LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060

Best LEGO Atlantis vessel: Typhoon Turbo submarine 8060

(view more images)

The second package that fits nicely with the above two packages, the LEGO Atlantis Typhoon Turbo submarine.

This pack contains 197 building blocks with which a cool submarine can be built. The submarine is equipped with rotating propellers.

The set comes with 2 minifigures, including 1 diver and 1 warrior in the shape of a shark with trident.

The submarine has flexible rotating propellers, which can be used to switch between attack and treasure-grab mode.

The submarine has a torpedo shooter, can fire rockets, a claw that can take the treasure chest key and an opening cockpit. Includes yellow Atlantis key!

Is a villain coming your way and want to attack? Then you can turn on the attack mode. Are you ready to grab the treasure?

Then you can take out the grippers. The submarine is also equipped with a torpedo shooter and can fire rockets.

You will definitely have to use these gadgets in your mission to eventually get to the city of Atlantis. You also get the yellow Atlantis key with this package.

By combining the three aforementioned packages, you have a lot of building and playing options for a good price.

You have various vehicles with which you can move and mini figures enough to make up your own story.

And all with your favorite Atlantis theme!

View this set here

Most fun battle: Battle of the shipwreck 8057

atlantis shipwreck

(view more images)

Set includes 2 minifigures: 1 brave diver and 1 shark warrior with trident, includes diving accessories: diving helmet, tank, spear and fins, super scooter with dual harpoon gun, directional motors, spinning turbines and control valves.

Collectible Blue Atlantis Treasure Chest Key included. Contains 64 pieces.

View the most current prices here

Cutest LEGO Atlantis Robot: Bottom Walker 7977

This package is already quite a construction set in itself, but if you like to have packages that fit well with the above product, then you have a number of options.

The LEGO Atlantis Bottom Runner is for children with about the same age range as that of the LEGO Atlantis Gateway to Atlantis package, in this case 8-14 years.

Deep-sea diver Axel Storm walks across the seabed in his strong bottom runner and discovers the precious golden shield.

Shark Guard features harpoon and grapples, bottom walker transforms into submarine, including diver and shark guard minifigures, and golden shield treasure.

105 stones.

The bottom runner can be transformed into a submarine, as was the case with the LEGO Atlantis Underwater Exploration package (see above).

Once the treasure has been found and captured, you can transform the bottom runner into the submarine so that you can bring the treasure to the surface as quickly as possible.

But watch out for the dreaded hammerhead shark with trident, because he doesn't want you to take the treasure with you!

Check prices and availability here

Best underwater chase: Shadow Happer 8079

To expand this pack, after you have spent a lot of time playing with it, there are complementary packs that make it possible to play even more different stories and build multiple products.

One such package that perfectly matches the LEGO Atlantis Deep Sea Spine is the LEGO Atlantis Shadow Bite.

This pack is also for ages 7-14 and includes the Shadow Happer with a fighting boat and a diver minifigure.

The boat has twin torpedoes. The pack also contains the yellow Atlantis treasure chest key.

Collect all Atlantis keys to access the lost city!

By purchasing this pack as an extension of the first pack, you immediately have two of the five Atlantis keys, namely the green and the yellow.

You also have two underwater monsters, namely the scorpion and the Shadow Happer and two divers with water scooter and boat.

Ask the divers for reinforcements and defeat both monsters!

View the most current prices here

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LEGO - timeless toys for all ages

LEGO is one of the best known toy brands and the favorite among most children.

That's because LEGO is constantly releasing new toys with an interesting theme.

For example, LEGO has various Disney themes in addition to Atlantis (think of, for example, Star Wars, Batman, Spiderman, Aladdin), but also themes that are intended for older children and are therefore aimed at building more complex toys.

A good example of the latter is the Technic theme from LEGO, with which complex cars, trucks and forklifts can be built.

This is a theme that will also make the fathers happy, and can lead to pleasant afternoons building with the family.

The Creator 3-in-1 theme is also an interesting theme, where with the purchase of one package, three different products can be built.

LEGO good for development

LEGO ensures that children will keep busy for hours, both with the hands and with the brain.

LEGO also has an educational function: by playing with LEGO building blocks, children will develop better in the motor area and they can also do role-playing games with the help of the LEGO figures.

LEGO toys also make it possible for children to learn which steps they have to take to reach a certain end goal, in this case a product made of LEGO blocks.

Children are thus encouraged to think logically, and not to give up if things don't work out for a while.

Children will understand that only if they take certain steps and keep taking them, can they build a beautiful toy that they can play with all afternoon.

That gives a feeling of pride and a bit of self-confidence!

LEGO - realistic and creative

In addition, the packages from LEGO often offer realistic details. An example is one of the airport packages from LEGO City.

Everything you encounter at a real airport can also be found in this package.

LEGO makes packages recognizable and so children can learn about certain situations while playing. LEGO unleashes creativity in every child and stimulates reflection.

LEGO focuses on a variety of ages so that children can continue to use LEGO toys as they grow up and keep them challenged.

LEGO Duplo is for the little ones, and there are also packages that are intended for older children, as mentioned above, due to the complexity of the LEGO blocks.

LEGO also has various themes that are often liked by boys and toys that focus more on girls.

LEGO really has great play options for every child.

The colored building blocks make it possible for children to create their own world.

Another nice story: the LEGO Hero Factory sets are back

LEGO Atlantis - the story

What exactly is the story of the sunken city of Atlantis about?

Compared to the old, well-known Disney stories of, for example, Aladdin, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella, the story of Atlantis is less known, so that not everyone will have clear what this story is about.

That is why we give you a brief summary of this impressive story.

A long time ago, a tsunami threatened to flood the city of Atlantis.

The queen of Atlantis is suddenly caught by a strange blue light and is lifted into the "Heart of Atlantis", a crystal that protects the city.

An underwater expedition departs

Years later, Milo believes he has found the manuscript that gives instructions to the lost territory.

Mr. Whitmore, an eccentric millionaire, appoints Milo as part of the crew of an expedition to the lost city of Atlantis.

The expedition is carried out by a team of specialists led by Commander Lyle Rourke. They leave in the Ulysses, a huge submarine.

During the journey, they are attacked by the Leviathan, a giant monster guarding the entrance to Atlantis.

The Ulysses is destroyed, but the team has the chance to escape to a cave: the entrance to Atlantis.

After a journey with obstacles, they reach the limits of Atlantis.

The King of Atlantis is unhappy with the team's visit, but agrees to stay one night.

By diving deep into the submerged ruins of the city and translating underwater murals, Milo Kida (the daughter of the king) helps to discover the nature of the Heart of Atlantis: it provides the Atlanteans with strength and a long life through the crystals worn around their necks.

This is not mentioned in the manuscript, but then Milo suddenly remembers that a page was missing from this book.

The secret of the crystal

Milo learns that Rourke owns this missing page and together with the crew, Rourke betrays Milo with the plan to capture and sell the crystal!

Rourke injures the king and finds the crystal under the king's throne room.

The crystal, which has a certain consciousness, senses that something is wrong and merges with Kida and is locked up by Rourke and the crew.

When the crystal disappears, the Atlanteans will die! Milo convinces the crew to leave Rourke.

The king tells Milo that the crystal thrives on the collective emotions of the Atlanteans and will find a royal host when Atlantis is in danger.

While dying, he gives his crystal to Milo and tells him to save Atlantis and Kida. Milo gathers the crew and Atlanteans to stop Rourke.

Rescue in the volcano

This is followed by a battle inside the volcano, in which Rourke is destroyed. Milo and the others successfully fly the crystal back to the city.

The volcano erupts and through the lava Kida rises in her crystal form in the air, creating a protective shield.

The lava freezes and breaks away harmlessly, with a restored Atlantis, and the crystal returns to Milo.

Milo has fallen in love with Kida, and becomes king of Atlantis with Kida as his queen.

He stays behind to help her rebuild the lost empire.

As you can read, the Atlantis story has a curious and interesting plot, which also makes the play possibilities of LEGO with this theme extra gripping and interesting.

Children will love exploring the underwater world with the accompanying figures and machines and fighting monsters to finally discover the impressive city of Atlantis.

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LEGO Hero Factory | Build your own heroes with these top 5 packs

Hero Factory is a series of construction toys designed by LEGO, mainly aimed at children from 6 to 16 years old.

The theme launched in 2010 as a successor to the former LEGO building theme Bionicle, which ended its run earlier that year.

In its legacy, Hero Factory initially used the building system used in Bionicle, after which Hero Factory later took on its own character.

While your sister plays with LEGO Frozen, you usually want to battle these powerful Heros.

Lego hero factory

However, the Hero Factory theme was discontinued after 2014, in favor of the revival of Bionicle.

The Hero Factory sets are nevertheless nice sets from LEGO that are still on offer and in our opinion are worth checking out.

Let's take a quick look at the best packages, then I'll dig deeper into each of these choices:

LEGO Hero packsImages
Best to assemble: LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio
(view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine
(view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory JACKET Beast vs. STORMER
(view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory ROCKA Crawler
(view more images)
LEGO Hero Factory EVO Walker
(view more images)

What is LEGO Hero Factory all about?

The story of the Hero Factory series revolves around the Alpha 1 Team, a group of high-ranking robot heroes who work for the Hero Factory.

This peace organization aims to fight crime in the Milky Way and protect its robotic population.

The Heroes' Factory looks like a skyscraper towers over the fictional Makuhero city that sits on a terrestrial asteroid.

New heroes are built and trained every day. Each Hero is unique thanks to the Quaza Core, a mineral stone that gives each hero his own personality.

An interesting plot that manifests itself in special LEGO Hero Factory building kits for all children who are fans of this series, or who have an affinity with special heroes.

Best Lego Hero Factory packs reviewed

LEGO has developed various building kits for children in which the Hero Factory theme comes to the fore.

We have made our favorites top 5 for you, which you can find in the table below.

Our number one favorite Hero Factory theme kit is the LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio.

With this beautiful set you build your own strong and poisonous scorpion with 104 LEGO parts.

This is a great package to build for children who love fantasy creatures and who want to dare to play the hero.

The scorpion has beautiful details and is easy to build with the instructions. Fight this angry scorpion that will get in the way of your mission!

Our second favorite LEGO building set of the same theme is the LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine.

With this package you assemble a fighting machine and you get the heroes SURGE and ROCKA as mini figures that will control this machine.

The set can be built with 188 parts and is slightly more attractive in terms of price than our number one.

LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio - the number 1

With this pack you build a huge and detailed scorpion.

It features heavy, spiky armor plates, strong claws and a venomous tail spine with mutated Quaza.

The scorpion can be built with 104 building parts.

Our favorite LEGO Hero Factory package is, as mentioned above, the LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio. Why exactly is this package our ultimate favorite?

We find the buildable scorpion interesting and are sure that it will appeal to any boy or girl who is fascinated by large fantasy creatures.

The scorpion can be built with 104 LEGO bricks and has impressive details and colors.

Other customers who have purchased this set for their children give nothing but positive reviews.

From the Hero Factory story, Scorpio is one of the powerful servants of the evil witch (the 'Witch Doctor') and has a built-in sting and blaster on his tail.

The plot's witch was once a Hero Factory instructor obsessed with Quaza.

Suddenly, the witch was transformed into an evil tyrant who took control of the nature of the planet Quatros for his own diabolical plans and tried to destroy it.

This attractive LEGO Hero pack is suitable for children from 9 to 16 years old.

Good to combine with even more LEGO Heros

Two packages that make a nice combination with the LEGO Hero Factory Scorpio are the LEGO Hero Factory JACKET Beast vs. STORMER and the LEGO Hero Factory EVO Walker.

With this pack you build JAKE BEAST, including STORMER mini robot with a weapon and accessory. Jawbeast has huge claws and jaws.

The set also includes a spear as a weapon and a communication unit to have STORMER call for backup.

Fight with STORMER against the powerful jaws of JAKBEEST! The set includes 49 building parts.

The LEGO Hero Factory JAKE BEAST vs. STORMER is a simple kit that can be assembled with 49 parts.

With these parts you build JAKE BEAST, one of the dangerous beasts that lives beneath the earth's surface of Anthropolis and has large jaws and a menacing pliers.

This beast also has multiple eyes, and is a threat to the residents of Anthropolis City.

STORMER, included in this pack as a mini figure, fights this mighty creature with his spear and tries to warn the other heroes using his communication unit.

Can you help Stormer fight and escape from the giant jaws of Kaakbeest?

This pack is designed for children from approximately 6 to 12 years of age.

The other package that is a nice addition to the number one is the LEGO Hero Factory EVO Walker (the number five from the table above with our favorite LEGO Hero Factory packages).

Build EVO Walker that features a detachable seat, adjustable visor and gunner.

Includes EVO mini robot with a weapon and accessory; also includes 3 wild jumpers - make them jump with a swipe of your finger!

Also includes saw and com device for the mini robot. Consists of 51 parts.

Build the Walker controlled by mini figure EVO. Nathan EVO is an introspective rookie who works with the team.

Help EVO fight dangerous beasts attacking Anthropolis City.

Be a real hero and protect all inhabitants of the city! This set consists of 51 parts and, like the previous set, is suitable for children between 6 and 12 years old.

Our number 2 - LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine

Build your own fighting machine with 188 parts. The pack includes SURGE and ROCKA mini robots with their own weapons.

With this set you also get click shooters for SURGE and ROCKA and 2 jumpers.

The machine features flight mode, a detachable top with co-pilot seat, open armored visor, movable wings and 4 flick missiles.

At number 2 we have the LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine.

With this pack, consisting of 188 parts, you build a fighting machine with flight mode, detachable top, open armored visor, movable wings and flick missiles.

As mini figures / robots you get SURGE and ROCKA, each with their own weapons.

Daniel ROCKA is a quirky rookie on the team, a covert member of the Hero Recon team.

Mark SURGE is described as an emotional character who is temperamental and a real hot-headed.

A former rookie working to overcome a secret insecurity.

The pack comes with two jumpers, which, according to the plot, are described as insect-like creatures living beneath the city of Anthropolis.

This package has a great price with various fun play options.

The LEGO pack is a perfect gift for kids who love this series and enjoy building alien machines and fighting bad guys.

The construction set is designed for children between 8 and 14 years old.

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Supplement the fighting machine with even more powerhouses

There are two packages with a nice price that complement this package perfectly when your son or daughter is ready for new fun.

The first package is the LEGO Hero Factory BULK Drilling Machine.

This package consists of 113 parts and with this set you are able to build a drill with which you can dive underground to pass the jumpers.

The pack contains one minifigure with weapons and accessories, namely BULK.

Dunkan BULK is a physically imposing, powerful senior Alpha 1 member whose impressive strength is growing intelligence.

This set is easy to assemble and a great gift for children between 7 and 14 years old.

Collect all the characters and awesome machines from LEGO Hero Factory and create endless play possibilities!

The second package that fits well with our number two LEGO Hero Factory SURGE & ROCKA Fighting Machine is the LEGO Hero Factory ROCKA Crawler (our number four from the table above).

Build Crawler with a detachable seat, huge adjustable machine arms and chainsaw hands. Includes ROCKA mini robot with a weapon.

Also includes a cocoon and jumper and a clicker weapon for ROCKA. The kit has 49 parts.

Build the mighty Crawler with 49 LEGO bricks and go on an adventure!

With the huge mechanical arms you are able to overcome all obstacles and with your chainsaw hands you cut all obstacles in half.

As a mini figure, this set comes with the ROCKA mini robot with a weapon. A nice package for children between 6 and 12 years old.

The three packages just mentioned complement each other with extra play options and fun.

All sets are easy to assemble for children and through the mini figures provide creative role play which is so essential for the development of children.

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LEGO Harry Potter | 5 Magical building kits for long fun

LEGO Harry Potter is a LEGO theme based on the books and movies from the Harry Potter series.

This series follows the lives of the young wizard Harry Potter and his best friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

The group of friends study at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Where LEGO Architecture building sets To get the closest resemblance to the real world, this Harry Potter LEGO will take you into a wonderful world full of adventure!

The story of Harry Potter and LEGO

The story mainly revolves around Harry's fight against Lord Voldemort, who murdered Harry's parents with the intention of gaining immortality and taking control of the wizarding society.

LEGO building sets of key scenes, vehicles and characters were designed for the first six films and all released books.

The first sets were released in 2001, coinciding with the release of the first film Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.

Later sets were released along with the new films, right up to Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.

For a number of years no new sets were developed with the Harry Potter theme until the years 2010 and 2011.

In 2018, it was announced that more sets based on the Harry Potter franchise would be released, including new products that would be based on the Harry Potter films as well as the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film and its sequel: Fantastic Beasts. : The Crimes of Grindelwald.

These themes have now been launched and with great success.

Our favorite LEGO Harry Potter building kits

LEGO Harry Potter is a fun and well-known toy theme that will probably please every child.

What are our favorite LEGO Harry Potter building sets for kids now? You can find our top 5 in the table below.

The product that we find most attractive of this LEGO series and we place number one is the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow.

In our opinion, this is a large fun package consisting of 753 parts and six mini figures and that with a relatively very friendly price.

Lots of creative play options for little!

Other customers who have purchased this product are more than satisfied and indicate that it is a durable product of good quality.

Furthermore, it is a package that young and old can enjoy. In short, a package that deserves five stars!

Our favorite number two is the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall.

With this fantastic pack, you'll build Hogwarts College plus the well-known Hogwarts Great Hall where students gather for dining and other important events.

This set is a bit more pricey than the number one, but you get some more building blocks in return and extra mini figures.

With this package you are able to create various magical scenes or act out situations that you can trace back from the many Harry Potter films.

A package that children can dream away with and enjoy for hours on end.

Again highly recommended for true Harry Potter fans, with a great eye for detail.

Our favorite LEGO Harry Potter packages in an overview

Harry Potter LEGO packageImages
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow
(view more images)
LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall
(view more images)
LEGO Harry Potter Aragog's Lair
(view more images)
LEGO Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Newt's Suitcase of Magical Creatures
(view more images)
LEGO Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Grindelwald's Escape
(view more images)

What makes these LEGO Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts packages so special? And how do they complement each other beautifully?

And what is the connection between the Harry Potter series and Fantastic Beasts?

Our number 1 - LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow

Build Hogwarts School and the Whomping Willow tree recognizable from the second Harry Potter film.

The pack includes a flying car and six minifigures that are the main characters in the Harry Potter films.

The set consists of 753 parts with many accessories. With this package you are able to replay the various scenes from the movie Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Whomping Willow is an extensive kit that can be put together with no less than 753 building blocks.

Also completing this pack are the six mini figures from the Harry Potter films: Harry Potter himself, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Simon Filister, Argus Filch and Severus Snape, plus a mini figure of Harry's owl Hedwig.

With this pack you will be able to build a miniature of Harry's school of Hogwarts with three floors and a gate, three towers, a dormitory with beds, a chemistry room where potions are made and Professor Severus Snape's office space.

Experience blood-curdling adventures with the Whomping Willow and the Ford Anglia. The Whomping Willow has twisting branches and a hidden passageway to the Shrieking Shack.

Use the flying Ford Anglia to drive Harry and Ron to Hogwarts Castle, but watch out for the moving Whomping Willow!

Unfortunately, the car with Ron and Harry in it gets stuck in the branches of the beech willow tree.

Will you help Harry and Ron fight against the whomping willow tree and get to school safely?

Then take the boys to the dormitory, they need a good rest for their first day of school at Hogwarts!

With numerous recognizable accessories such as potions, suitcases, magic wands, a lantern and broom, children can reenact various scenes from the Harry Potter films.

This LEGO set is designed for children aged 8 to 14 years.

Nice to supplement with Newt's Suitcase with Magical Creatures

If your son or daughter is ready for new toys that fit nicely with this set, then you can optionally choose the LEGO Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Newt's Suitcase of Magical Creatures.

As discussed in the intro, LEGO has designed various building sets in which the themes of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts are brought together in one package.

Why two series in one and what is the relationship between these two series?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them is based on a book of the same name written by JK Rowling in 2001.

The book itself should be the handbook that Harry had to buy in the first novel or movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, as a textbook and was written by the “magizoologist” Newt Scamander.

In the textbook, Scamander describes his travels across five continents and the discovery of 85 magical species from around the world.

More information about the connection between these two series can be found later in this article.

The LEGO set Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Newt's Suitcase with Magical Creatures is an adventurous set where you enter a world full of animal adventures when you open Newt's suitcase.

Build a foldable LEGO Fantastic Beasts replica of Newt's Case of Magical Creatures, with a ladder, nest, hideout and Occamy egg.

Includes 4 Fantastic Beasts figures: Newt Scamander, Jacob Kowalski, Tina Goldstein and Queenie Goldstein, as well as buildable Erumpent, Occamy and Thunderbird creatures, plus Niffler and Bowtruckle mini figures.

The set contains no less than 694 building parts.

For a relatively low price you have a building set of 694 LEGO parts and four mini-figures known from the Fantastic Beasts films: Newt Scamander, Jacob Kowalski, Tina Goldstein and Queenie Goldstein.

The pack also includes the mythical creatures Erumpent, Occamy and Thunderbird, plus figures of a Delfstoffer and a Tree Truss.

With the mini figures, buildable mythical figures and lots of accessories, this package is guaranteed to offer lots of fun for every child!

The set is intended for children between the ages of 8 and 14, which is another reason that it fits perfectly with our number one package.

Our number 2 - LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

With this pack you build a part of the Hogwarts castle that you can fold open vertically to gain access to the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

This set comes with 10 mini figures in the form of Harry Potter characters and contains a lot of fun accessories that provide plenty of fun.

The set contains 878 building parts.

We put it at number two LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall.

This package offers a lot of fun moments with the 878 building parts and ten mini figures.

As mini figures, this pack includes Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, Suzanne Bonkel, Professor McGonagall, Professor Quirrell with Lord Voldemort's double face, Hagrid, Albus Dumbledore and Nearly Headless Nick.

You can also build the Basilisk and get Felix the phoenix, owl Hedwig from Harry and Scabbers (Ron Weasley's rat).

With this beautiful package you build the huge Hogwarts hall and a tower.

The nice thing about this package is that you can, as it were, cut through the building where the Great Hall is located within Hogwarts vertically, so that you can continue playing and building in the Great Hall.

This room is detailed and equipped with various accessories such as tables, chairs, a fireplace, 'floating' candles, food for the students, brooms, the Sorting hat and much more.

The tower that you also build yourself and that is located next to the Great Hall is four stories high and contains the Great Staircase where the steps can move.

On the second floor you will find the chemistry room where students make potions and experiment, one floor above you will find a treasure room with treasure chest and at the top of the tower you will find the Mirror of Erised with interchangeable images.

With this set you can recreate scenes like students with the boat to Hogwarts, make potions with Professor Snape and Harry, use the sorting hat to bring all the students home to the different departments of the school, or have Draco Malfoy fight Harry with the wands.

In short: the many accessories make it possible to simulate and play a lot of exciting scenes from the Harry Potter films.

Creative play is stimulated in this way, children will not get enough of the Harry Potter LEGO sets!

The construction set is suitable for children between 9 and 14 years old, although it is clear from customer reviews that sometimes an older person is needed to help put the set together properly.

With which other LEGO sets can this construction kit possibly be combined well?

Extra LEGO Harry Potter fun with spider adventure

Build Aragog's lair in the forbidden forest of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

The pack comes with a buildable Aragog spider and a tree with spider web shooting function.

Includes 2 minifigures: a Harry Potter figure and a Ron Weasley figure. The set contains 157 building parts.

First of all, we think that is the LEGO Harry Potter Aragog's Lair.

In terms of theme, the packages are similar and they are both packages suitable for children of approximately the same age.

The LEGO Harry Potter Aragog's Hideout set is a fairly simple and very cheap package consisting of 157 parts and two fun minifigures in the form of Harry Potter and his best friend Ron Weasley.

The set includes buildable figures of the creepy spider Aragog from the Harry Potter films and a tree.

The spider has eight posable legs and movable fangs. The tree even has a spider web shooting function!

The set also includes various accessories and elements such as wands, a lantern, a spider web and five mini spiders.

Do you dare to enter Aragog's dark hideout? Help Harry and Ron escape the dangerous Aragog and his army of spiders in the Forbidden Forest.

Have Harry and Ron use their wands to fend off and destroy the spiders!

Another fun option - LEGO Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Grindelwald's Escape

Build Grindelwald's Escape from Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, featuring a carriage with opening doors and a detachable roof.

The set includes 2 Fantastic Beasts figures: a Gellert Grindelwald mini figure and Angelina Picquery mini figure, plus a winged Thestralis.

The set contains 132 building parts.

The number two can also be supplemented with LEGO Harry Potter Fantastic Beasts Grindelwald's Escape.

This set has a great price for the fun you get in return.

The pack consists of 132 parts and two mini figures, namely Gellert Grindelwald and Angelina Picquery, plus a Thestralis figure with adjustable wings.

With the set you build a hinged carriage with doors that can be opened and closed, including a removable roof. The carriage is pulled by a Thestralis.

Help Angelina stop Grindewald from trying to escape with the carriage.

Use your wand and cast a powerful spell before Grindewald goes through!

Additional details such as wands and the shooting spell accessories that are on the hands of the mini figures make this set extra interesting.

Harry Potter and the Fantastic Beasts, what's the connection?

As briefly explained above, Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts are linked.

The book Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them that Harry bought in the Philosopher's Stone describes in detail the discovery of 85 magical species from around the world.

There are even characters from the Harry Potter films in the Fantastic Beasts series.

A piece of Harry Potter history

Fantastic Beasts takes place in the great city of New York in the 1920s, much earlier than the founding of Hogwarts College and essentially everything set in the Harry Potter books and movies.

JK Rowling has already revealed that the last Fantastic Beasts movie, the fifth in the series, will take place in 1945 - the year that famous Hogwarts chief Albus Dumbledore defeated the evil Grindelwald in a duel.

Grindelwald is considered one of the most dangerous wizards of all time, even surpassing Voldemort.

At the turn of the century, he planned to create a wizarding army that would take over the Muggles around the world.

He saw their race as superior and did not think that they should hide in the shadows.

This is a pretty big theme in Fantastic Beasts - the gulf between non-magical people and magical people - and Grindelwald's relationship with Dumbledore is crucial to understanding the story.

Grindelwald and Dumbledore

Grindelwald became friends with Dumbledore while studying at the Durmstrang Institute, a school that some may remember from the fourth Harry Potter episode, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The two friends had plans to become well-meaning leaders together, but their friendship soon fell apart after an accident that led to the death of Dumbledore's sister, Ariana, during a duel.

After these events, Grindelwald left Britain, stole the Elder Wand (one of the first Deathly Hallows created by Death himself) and set up a base in another part of Europe. There he committed a series of cruel crimes and murders.

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Run up to the Harry Potter story

This is the timeline of all the events that took place before Harry Potter came into the picture.

Between 1900 and 1926, Grindelwald was busy tracking down and stealing the Elder Wand so that he could set up his base and rise to power.

Two very important things happened in December 1926, one of these events being the cause that would forever change the course of the magical world: Newt Scamander, the main character of Fantastic Beasts, arrives in America to do more research and Tom Riddle, also known as Lord Voldemort, was born.

The events of the Fantastic Beasts series will lead directly to the period just before Harry's era - the time when his parents were still there.

LEGO Harry Potter - a magically beautiful series

In short: the LEGO packages with the Harry Potter theme are much sought after toys that are highly recommended by the many customers who went before you.

The Harry Potter series is of course world famous and is enjoyed by young and old.

There are currently eight Harry Potter films, and since then two Fantastic Beasts films have been released.

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The 5 best Lego Architecture sets to start your collection with

LEGO is known for its beautiful toys and now consists of dozens of crazy series.

A striking series of LEGO is the Architecture series, which aims to celebrate the past, present and future of architecture through the medium of the LEGO brick.

In this series, LEGO has sets designed by the artistic architect Adam Reed Tucker.

All sets include parts and instructions to recreate a model of a famous architectural building or an impressive city on a microscale.

Due to the complexity and details of these LEGO sets, they are intended for anyone from the age of about 12 years.

Our favorites from the LEGO Architecture series

We took a close look at the sets of this LEGO Architecture series and finally listed our five favorite sets for you.

Obviously this was not an easy task, every single package of this series is beautiful, unique and detailed.

Are we going to build the German capital Berlin, or rather the grand New York? For the romantic Eiffel Tower, or for The Great Wall?

Meet this impressive LEGO series!

The set that we ultimately placed on number one is it LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty.

With this pack, as the name implies, you can recreate one of the most famous national monuments on earth, the Statue of Liberty.

A large and extensive package consisting of 1685 building blocks, to be creative and constructive in your spare time and to completely change your thoughts.

Here you can see how it is put together in quick succession and how extensive it actually is:

We put on a good number two LEGOArchitectureLondon. With this package you can recreate the magical city of London.

This package is smaller than the first mentioned package and has 468 bricks. This also makes it a bit cheaper.

Nevertheless, a wonderful package to get acquainted with this fantastic series from LEGO.

In any case, we are sure that after purchasing one of the versions of this series, more will follow!

Architectural projectsImages
LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty
(view more images)
LEGO Architecture London
(view more images)
LEGO Architecture Paris
(view more images)
LEGO Architecture Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum 
(view more images)
LEGO Architecture Buckingham Palace
(view more images)

Best LEGO Architecture projects

LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty

Build a LEGO model of one of the world's most famous national monuments, the Statue of Liberty. The package consists of 1685 parts.

(view more images)

The LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty is the package that, if we have to choose, we find most attractive of the LEGO Architecture series.

Everyone knows the Statue of Liberty.

Flaunting the harbor of cosmopolitan New York City with her more than 90 meters tall stature, she greets sailors from all over the world.

The Statue of Liberty is the ultimate symbol of freedom and was a gift from France to America.

With this detailed model, LEGO has ensured that both the architectural aspect and the artistic side of this image are emphasized.

The beauty of this model is that it gives a realistic representation of the monument, also in terms of color: the well-known gray-green with beige.

The package comes with a booklet full of information about this monument for the enthusiast.

The statue can be built with more than 1685 LEGO bricks, and offers a nice challenge for every (young) adult.

Since it is a fairly complicated package to build, the minimum age is 16 years.

This is truly a perfect and unique (birthday) gift for someone who loves New York or has fond memories of this city.

Building this package provides a moment of peace and full concentration, which is very welcome for most people in today's busy and hurried life.

The end product can be used as an eye-catcher at home. So in addition to a number of hours of building fun, you also have a new and striking item for your home.

Check the latest prices here

Combine with LEGO Architecture of Las Vegas

(view more images)

A package that fits nicely with this as an extension is the LEGO Architecture Vegas.

This pack allows you to recreate the vibrant city of Las Vegas using 501 LEGO bricks.

This package is suitable for anyone aged 12 or older. This package is too complicated for younger children.

You can recreate highlights and famous buildings of this city with this package, such as the Bellagio Hotel, the Luxor Hotel, the Encore Hotel, the Stratosphere Tower and the Fremont Street Experience.

Again a unique package that stimulates your senses and results in a fantastic end product.

A somewhat less complicated kit to build than the LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty, but nevertheless a nice package to have.

The combination of these two packages gives a worldly touch to your living room and will make you long for another beautiful trip!

Las Vegas can be purchased here at

Even more building fun with Paris

Experience the grandeur of Paris with this magnificent set, which combines the famous Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, the Tour Montparnasse, the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre into an inspiring skyline.

lego paris

(view more images)

Another package that also fits perfectly with our number one is the LEGO Architecture Paris (the number three from the table above).

A package consisting of about 649 parts, with an interpretation of monuments from another metropolis: Paris.

This set combines the famous Arc de Triomphe, the Champs-Elysées, the Tour Montparnasse, the Grand Palais, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre into an inspiring skyline.

In essence, all LEGO Architecture packages can be combined with each other, as each package can recreate a spectacular city or famous monument.

Choose your favorite sets from this unique LEGO series and continue to expand your collection!

View the most current prices here

Our second favorite - the LEGO Architecture London

Build a LEGO model as a tribute to the beautiful city of London. The package contains 468 parts.

(view more images)

Another great option, the number two on our list, is the LEGOArchitectureLondon.

This package is a bit cheaper than the Statue of Liberty, contains fewer stones and is therefore a little less complicated to assemble.

With this package you can recreate the highlights of the city of London, including the National Gallery, Nelson's Column, London Eye, Big Ben (the Elizabeth Tower) and Tower Bridge (which opens and closes!).

This set also has a realistic color pattern and it also displays the proportions accurately and to scale.

A fantastic package for the lover of this city, or for someone who is looking for a new item for the home and wants to put it together all by themselves.

The set includes an informative booklet about the designer of the pack, the history and architecture of the buildings and much more about London.

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Everything can be put together with about 460 LEGO bricks.

A package that is wonderful to give to children from the age of 12, but is also just as beautiful a gift for an adult with a certain affinity for London.

It is also nice to purchase such a package as a family, it offers a nice afternoon of building fun with the whole family, and you can proudly display the end result in the living room.

You have all worked on that!

View it here at

Guggenheim Museum

lego guggenheim

(view more images)

This detailed LEGO model is a realistic representation of one of the most prestigious architectural buildings of the last century, the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. Contains 744 parts.

View it at

Buckingham Palace

lego buckingham

(view more images)

Build your own Buckingham Palace in miniature! The set contains 780 parts.

Check the most current prices and availability here

Another city from the LEGO Architecture series

Have you already purchased and assembled this package, and are you looking for another matching LEGO package?

A new beautiful building challenge, or an extra item to display at home? Then go for the LEGO Architecture San Francisco.

This pack is from the same LEGO series, and with approximately 565 building blocks you can recreate San Francisco.

You will encounter everything typical of this city while building: the painted ladies' houses, 555 California Street, the Transamerica Pyramid, the Salesforce Tower, the Coit Tower, Fort Point, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz.

This package is also intended for anyone aged 12 or older.

More from LEGO Architecture

Have you become totally addicted to building these beautiful cities and monuments?

Then take a look at the LEGO Architecture series, there you can choose, in addition to the aforementioned building kits, various other building sets that complete your collection.

Perhaps your favorite city or monument is among them! LEGO Architecture is a very special series that we just can't get enough of.

A series that you can expand endlessly, and that gives you a lot of satisfaction when viewing each end result.

LEGO Architecture | how it started

Mr. Adam Reed Tucker received his degree in architecture from Kansas State University in the year 1996.

While studying there, he searched for ways to unite his two passions of art and architecture and came up with the idea of ​​using Lego bricks.

From this idea he founded Brickstructures, Inc. and began designing and building models of famous landmarks.

His work was noticed by the LEGO Group, and together they formed a partnership to release some of his models as available LEGO sets under the LEGO Architecture brand.

Around the world with LEGO

LEGO Architecture allows you to build memories and iconic landmarks you love yourself.

Or, for example, get to know buildings and sights that are on your bucket list well in detail.

Build and discover destinations that have added something beautiful to your life, for example in the form of an unforgettable vacation you had, a dream destination, or a city that was once your 'home'.

In addition to fun building moments, the LEGO Architecture sets are also a new accessory for your tasteful interior.

Even more beautiful and 'real' than a photo or painting!

Do you want to do something completely different than work, television, or the computer and relive those nostalgic playing times as a child?

With LEGO Architecture you can lose yourself for hours building a true work of art.

The series has been specially designed for people who love travel, architecture and history.

Let yourself be carried away by this fantastic LEGO series and build true works of art to display.

Building with LEGO - great fun for young and old

It is not the first time that LEGO and architecture intersect. LEGO knows that most fans are naturally interested in form and function.

Professionals such as Owen Luder Partnership (from England) and Canadian-Israeli architect Moshe Safdie have previously used the acclaimed LEGO bricks to present ideas.

In the XNUMXs, the scale model line was launched to help the growing number of people designing their own homes.

LEGO is for children and adults of all ages and ensures that you can focus on a task without worrying about work, study or other daily stressors.

Research has shown that if you assemble something yourself, such as a product from IKEA, or in this case a LEGO kit, you find the end result even more beautiful.

Everything we do ourselves feels good.

The more difficult the task, the more proud we are of ourselves when we see the end result.

This effect is actually called the IKEA effect. In the case of LEGO, this happens all the time.

Building gives us a positive feeling, we find it impressive what we have built ourselves and therefore feel satisfied and pleasant.

Playing and building with LEGO therefore brings so much more than just putting bricks together!

Reproducing or imitating the world around us also starts at a young age, with all toys such as LEGO shops and things around cooking and playing a house that we wanted to build.

We can hardly ignore it anymore: we all need a little bit of LEGO in our lives, whether you are young or a little older.

And if you're someone who doesn't think LEGO is for you, get ready because the LEGO Architecture collection is going to prove you the opposite!

The LEGO Architecture sets are designed with astonishing precision and realism.

In terms of color, structure and proportions, they look exactly like the cities and monuments as they really look.

One of these sets could be a perfect gift, we are sure the recipient will enjoy it enough.

In addition, the LEGO Architecture sets can also fulfill a great function at work to brighten up your desk, or as already mentioned it can also be a new addition to the interior at home.

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LEGO Pirates: Hoist the sails with these top 5 LEGO packages

Pirates is a theme introduced by LEGO in the year 1989 in which soldiers, islanders and sailing ships play the leading role.

The theme was based on Caribbean pirates pitted against soldiers from colonial empires.

In 2011, LEGO released an additional theme in which pirates are again central, in particular the pirates and stories from the Disney films “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

lego pirate feature

LEGO has now released several beautiful packages with pirates as the main theme.

The best and indispensable thing is of course a pirate ship, and this LEGO Pirates pirate ship is the most popular of the LEGO packages.

A very extensive package with a lot of dolls and accessories in one go.

But there are of course many more, also for different budgets.

We have selected our favorite packages and made a top 5 for you, which you can find in the table below.

We tell you why we chose those products and how you can combine them together for endless LEGO pirate adventures. Aaarrr!

Let's take a quick look at all the options:

LEGO pirate packageImages
Best LEGO Pirates ship: Pirate ship The Brick Bounty 70413
Best LEGO Pirates ship: Pirate ship The Brick Bounty 70413

(view more images)

Best LEGO Pirate Adventure: Pirates of the Caribbean Mill 4183

Best LEGO Pirate adventure: Pirates of the Caribbean the Mill 4183
(view more images)

Best LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ship: Queen Anne's Revenge 4195

Best LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ship: The Revenge of Queen Anne 4195
(view more images)

Best LEGO Pirate Island: Witkop Bay 4194

Best LEGO Pirate Island: Witkop Bay 4194
(view more images)

Cutest LEGO Pirate Fort: The Soldiers Fort 70412

Best LEGO Pirate Fortress: The Soldiers Fort 70412
(view more images)

Best LEGO pirate raft: Soldiers Lookout 70410

Best LEGO pirate raft: Soldiers Lookout 70410
(view more images)

Best LEGO pirate expansion pack: Hut Captain 4191

Best LEGO pirate expansion pack: Captain's Hut 4191
(view more images)

The best LEGO pirates on land: Escape in London 4193

Cutest LEGO Pirates on Land: London Escape 4193
(view more images)

Nice LEGO pirate packages

Best LEGO Pirates ship: Pirate ship The Brick Bounty 70413

Best LEGO Pirates ship: Pirate ship The Brick Bounty 70413

(view more images)

Our number one spot is the LEGO Pirates Pirate Ship.

This package brings a lot of fun with the 745 building parts and seven mini figures.

With this set you build a large ship with all the interesting details that a real pirate ship also has.

All mini figures of both the soldiers and the pirates have cool weapons that can be played and fought with.

This is a great pack for kids who are fascinated by pirate stories and who aren't afraid to teach these naughty pirates a lesson!

LEGO Pirates Pirate Ship - a classic hit

A very extensive package where a pirate ship can be built.

The ship features 2 masts with huge sails, rigging and crow's nests, pirate flag, ship's wheel, lanterns, and a working winch with anchor.

The pack also comes with multiple weapons and 7 mini figures. The package consists of 745 parts.

A package of which we realize that the price may be a bit on the high side, but of which we are also sure that it will bring a lot of fun.

With this large package consisting of 745 parts you are able to build a huge pirate ship with many accessories to match.

The large number of mini figures of both pirates and soldiers allows for endless creative role-play.

The pirate ship has realistic details such as huge red and white striped sails with the skull logo on it, a moving winch with anchor and lanterns for the pirates when they explore in the dark.

The pack offers up to seven mini figures: the pirate captain, pirate helmsman, pirate shipboy, pirate cook, navy admiral, navy sergeant, navy soldier and a skeleton.

All these mini figures have their own weapons, such as swords, a machete and pistols.

By means of accessories such as a treasure map, treasure chest, paddles and a telescope, a lot of creative stories can be made up and played out with the numerous mini figures.

For example, hoist the sails like a real pirate and place the black pirate flag with skull in the masthead.

Everyone is ready to go and all pirates are boarding!

The ship they man contains a large treasure chest that is loaded with stolen goods.

The soldiers want to get the stuff back and fight the evil pirates.

Help the soldiers take over the pirate ship and take the treasure chest to a safe place.

When the ship is captured and the treasure chest is safe, you can put the pirates behind bars, because that's what they earn for stealing other people's things.

This pack is a fantastic building set for any child interested in pirate ships and stories and eager to teach pirates a lesson.

The package has been specially developed for children between the ages of 7 and 14 years.

Check prices and availability here

Best LEGO Pirate adventure: Pirates of the Caribbean the Mill 4183

Best LEGO Pirate adventure: Pirates of the Caribbean the Mill 4183

(view more images)

Number two for us is the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean de Molen. A bit cheaper than the first package, and therefore a bit less extensive.

With the help of 365 parts you build a mill with a detachable wheel and a tower with a bell cable.

The pack is based on the movie Pirates of the Caribbean and has mini figures Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Admiral Orrington and Hadras, recognizable from the movie series.

Even the Dead Man's Chest is included! A perfect pack for kids who have followed the movies and find the adventures of Jack Sparrow thrilling, why these LEGO Pirate packs?

There is a lot to choose when it comes to LEGO Pirates.

Here we will discuss our favorites and let us know right away where these packages can be combined nicely.

So if you can't get enough of LEGO Pirates, we will help you a lot!

Dive into the world of Pirates of the Caribbean with our number two

With this set you build a mill and a tower, and get 4 mini figures from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies: Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Admiral Orrington and Hadras.

Fight with Captain Jack Sparrow at the mill to get the key from the dead man's chest! The set can be built with 365 parts.

Our second favorite LEGO pirate package is the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean the Mill.

The nice thing about this package is mainly the theme; Pirates of the Caribbean, Disney's well-known pirate movies.

With this package you build a mill and a tower with no less than three floors.

With the help of the 4 recognizable minifigures from the movie, namely Jack Sparrow, Will Turner, Admiral Orrington and Hadras, you will experience heroic adventures and go to battle.

The aim of this pack is to help Captain Jack Sparrow to capture the key to the Dead Man Chest.

The pack is based on a scene from the movie that reproduces a fight on a watermill between Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and Admiral Norrington.

In the heat of the fight, Jack Sparrow flees and falls into a pit.

When he sticks his head out of the well, he sees an ominous millwheel coming towards him.

We put this package at number two because of the cool theme and the fun mini figures.

The set can be built with 365 parts and you get a poster for free with the purchase of the package.

The package is suitable for any Pirates of the Caribbean fan between the ages of 7 and 14.

Check the latest prices here

Best LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean ship: The Revenge of Queen Anne 4195

(view more images)

With this massive pack you can build Blackbeard's grand ship. The ship is equipped with large sails, fire, lanterns and cannons.

Includes as mini figures Blackbeard, Jack Sparrow, Angelica, Quartermaster, Cook and 2 pirates. The package contains 1097 pieces.

Watch it here

Best LEGO Pirate Island: Witkop Bay 4194

(view more images)

Build a lighthouse and boathouse on Witkop Bay. The house features net-firing cannons, exploding lighthouse sections and a working searchlight.

The pack comes with a whale oil barrel, 2 rowing boats with oars, 3 anchors and various weapons and accessories.

Includes Jack Sparrow, Philip, Scrum, Pirate, Syrena mini figures and 1 additional mermaid minifigure. The set contains 746 construction parts.

View this set here

Best LEGO Pirate Fortress: The Soldiers Fort 70412

There are a number of other packages from LEGO that fit nicely with our number one.

For example the LEGO Pirates The Soldiers Fort (our number five from the table above) and LEGO Pirates Soldiers Sentinel with Pirate Raft.

All three of these packages are suitable for children of approximately the same age range.

The LEGO Pirates The Soldier Fort pack goes well with the first pack as the soldiers can attack the pirate ship from within the fort.

In this way, the role plays can become even more extensive and your son or daughter will spend hours playing. That also gives mom and dad some rest!

You can also have a pirate attack the fortress, freeing his buddy and stealing the soldiers' precious treasure.

The soldiers will do everything they can to prevent the pirates from escaping with the loot.

With LEGO Pirates The Soldier Fort you build a beautiful soldier fort with a prison cell that has a breakout function.

The pack comes with up to five minifigures in the shape of a Governor, Governor's daughter, soldier and two pirates.

The pack also contains various weapons with which the pirates can be attacked. The package is intended for children between 6 and 12 years old.

Check the latest prices here

Best LEGO pirate raft: Soldiers Lookout 70410

The second pack, the LEGO Pirate Soldier Sentry with Pirate Raft, builds an outpost and also includes a pirate raft and a giant octopus.

The station features a flag, lantern, palm beans, loaded cannon and a treasure chest with jewels. Weapons include a musket and a sword.

Build a soldier's fortress with a prison cell with breakout function, treasure chest, cannon, palm tree, rowboat and large flag.

Best LEGO pirate raft: Soldiers Lookout 70410

(view more images)

Weapons include 2 swords, a golden sword, a musket and 2 pistols. Includes 5 minifigures: the Governor, the governor's daughter, a soldier and 2 pirates.

Enough accessories and details to complete the LEGO Pirates Pirate Ship Pack and the LEGO Pirates The Soldier Fortress for the most exciting pirate adventures.

This package is suitable for children between 5 and 12 years old.

Check prices and availability here

Best LEGO pirate expansion pack: Captain's Hut 4191

Because the package is not very extensive, it is nice to supplement it with other matching sets so that the fun remains endless for your little pirate fan.

An example of such a package, with a very good price, is the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Captain's Hut.

This pack can function well as an addition to LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean de Molen, because the theme is again from Pirates of the Caribbean.

With this easy-to-assemble package consisting of 9 building parts, you can assemble a stand with shelves that contain valuable accessories such as two ships-in-a-bottle.

The pack contains Jack Sparrow and 2 pirate minifigures as mini figures.

When night falls, Captain Jack Sparrow takes his chance and gently enters the captain's cabin to steal a valuable ship-in-the-bottle.

Suddenly, two pirates attack him, can you help Jack escape with his loot? This package is suitable for children between the ages of 6 and 12.

View this set here

Cutest LEGO Pirates on Land: London Escape 4193

Another package that combines nicely with the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean the Mill and the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean The Captain's Hut is the LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Escape in London.

This package is a bit more expensive and more extensive than the package just mentioned, but you do get fun and creative play options in return.

With this kit you are able to build a house and two carriages and you get various mini figures to play nice scenes with.

The mini figures in this set can also be traced back to the Pirates of the Caribbean movies: Jack Sparrow, Joshamee Gibbs, a horse-drawn carriage driver, and King George's soldier minifigures.

With the two carriages you get two horses in the form of mini figures and various weapons and accessories. Escape from the clutches of King George's soldiers!

The set can be built with a total of 463 building pieces and stimulates creative play. A package suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 14.

The three packages complement each other nicely because they always offer different building options and role-playing possibilities, but always within the same theme.

It is also useful that the three packages are approximately the same in terms of age and thus degree of difficulty.

So if you have already purchased one of these three packages, then you already know what a good next choice is.

Check prices and availability here

LEGO Pirates - a great success for years

A classic tale of good and evil needs firearms. Flintlock pistols and muskets are first introduced with the arrival of this LEGO theme.

This also applies to the LEGO minifigures in the form of pirates with various facial expressions and scruffy beards, thick mustaches, a wooden leg and a hooked hand.

The LEGO pirates are very nice to add to, for example LEGO atlantis for even more water play.

The laughing expression was the favorite of the pirate mini figures from LEGO for a long time.

Specific elements for the construction of large sailing ship models are also introduced for the first time with this exciting theme.

A piece of pirate history

The Pirates of LEGO from 1989 have as their symbol a flag with a skull and crossbones, also known as the Jolly Roger.

In addition to the pirates, this LEGO theme features Governor Broadside's blue-clad troops whose job it is to fight the pirates.

These troops are based on the French navy and marines of the colonial era.

Between 1992 and 1993, these so-called governors were gradually replaced by Imperial Guards dressed in red.

Both the Governors and the Imperial Guards use two crossed guns under a crown as their emblem.

In 1994, a sub-theme was released, with Kahuka playing a lead role and being the leader of islanders.

He wears a solid red face mask with white feathers on it.

His face is painted white and blue, and he wears a chain made of teeth and a large round locket. He wears a red sash and a grass skirt around his waist.

The islanders are considered neutral but are known for having pirate-like and imperial prisoners.

In 1996, the Imperial Guards were replaced by the Imperial Armada with soldiers modeled on Spanish conquerors from the 16th and 17th centuries.

Innovation in LEGO figures

Introduced in the Pirates LEGO theme in 1989, the story of good and evil introduces changes to the stereotypical face decoration of the LEGO minifigures.

Designer Jens Nygaard Knudsen explains: "It was necessary to change the minifigure's expression to develop credible pirates, and a real pirate captain must have a patch on his eye, a wooden leg and a hook!"

The minifigures are given various specific features such as hair, eye patches, beard and lipstick and new leg and handle elements were also introduced.

Captain Roger, also known as Captain Redbeard, is the main protagonist.

He is the leader of the pirates and constantly fights against the soldiers of Governor Broadside.

During all the years of fighting, he sustained three major injuries, resulting in an eye patch on his left eye, an iron hook where his left hand should be and a wooden right leg.

Additional features of the captain include the skull and crossbones on his bicorn (two-pointed hat), his gold-trimmed black frock coat and green scarf, and a colorful tropical parrot on his shoulder.

The Pirate theme also introduces shark mini figures and monkey mini figure.

LEGO Skeleton minifigures first appear in 1995 as they are introduced in both the LEGO Castle sets and the LEGO Pirates theme.

The introduction of the skeleton has been a long process, as the LEGO Group discussed whether or not a dead LEGO minifigure should be introduced prior to launch for the past decade.

LEGO Pirates - a classic fight between good and evil

The LEGO Group believes that conflict between good and evil can be an important part of children's play as it teaches children about their own and others' aggression and helps them recognize and deal with differences in other situations.

However, the LEGO Group does not intend to glorify war or encourage violence and therefore refuses to produce realistic weapons and military equipment with the risk that children will recognize these types of weapons from hostilities around the world.

Instead, the LEGO Group supports children and stimulates their imaginations by only launching historical and fantasy weapons.

The pirate theme is the first with firearms such as flintlock pistols, muskets and cannons. These historic weapons correspond well with the aforementioned Conflicts and Weapons Directive.

As discussed above, LEGO has various packages with the Pirates of the Caribbean theme.

Shortly before the world premiere of the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie, the LEGO Group launched a range of the same name.

Henrik Saaby Clausen, LEGO Group Design manager: “Disney invited us on board in 2009 and we struck a deal. Pirates of the Caribbean is a great LEGO theme. It is based on a family film - in which humor, funny action scenes and slapstick comedy tie in very well with what you encounter in the LEGO world. ”

We can only agree with this.

From the first introduction in 1989 to the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean, we have been on board with the LEGO Pirates theme. All hands on deck!

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Lego racers

With the Racers series from LEGO, children are able to build fast vehicles and experience exciting racing competitions.

Build your own cool and lightning-fast car or truck and be the champion!

Best Lego Autobahn package: LEGO Racers Flight over Steenstraat 8211

Are you curious about which packages are a nice combination with the LEGO Creator Yellow Racers?

Did you really like the package and are you ready for something more complicated, but still with the same theme?

Then you will probably be impressed by the LEGO Racers Flight over the Steenstraat.

With this set you are able to build 5 different cars. In terms of accessories, it includes a safe with money and a prison with breakout walls.

The sofa has exploding windows.

The pack also includes an expandable track. The set consists of 552 LEGO parts.

A short summary of the specifications of this package can be found in the table above, as it also appears in our top 5.

Unfold the package and you immediately have the ultimate scene for a bank robbery and a fast chase by the police.

The police car is faster than light and chases the crooks. The crooks make it difficult for the policemen, but of course they don't let themselves be known!

Catch the crooks, lock them up in jail and supervise them to make sure they stay behind bars.

This package is handy because it is portable so you can take it anywhere.

Does your son go to grandma and grandpa stay and he really can't do without his building set, so that's great!

The accessories this pack offers include a safe, a bank, and a prison so you can really reenact the scene above.

Last but not least: the package offers the possibility to build up to five different cars! Which car and racing fanatic is not happy with such a package?

View the most current prices here

LEGO Racers - endless fun

So are you looking for a car package that offers the ultimate possibilities to assemble fast vehicles and experience blood-curdling races?

Then LEGO Racers offers exactly what you are looking for.

The great thing about these packages is that in addition to the possibility to build beautiful and fast cars, you in most cases also get a nice ramp or track where you can have all your cars ripped over.

LEGO also released an electronic computer game of this theme in the years 1999.

The plot of the game develops around the character “Rocket Racer”, LEGOLAND's greatest racer, who is bored and looking for a new challenge.

His girlfriend who is a scientist and also a good racer, “Veronica Voltage”, is building a warp engine in order to find a new challenge for Rocket.

The activities of the game include building a customized car, racing through all kinds of exciting routes and on various tracks.

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Best Lego racers: Lamborghini Gallardo 8169

lego Lamborghinic

(view more images)

With 741 LEGO parts you can assemble your own super-fast Lamborghini Gallardo.

A very detailed package that is very similar to the lifelike Lamborghini. This one is really insane in detail and quite expensive too.

A collector's item!

Check the latest prices here

Best Lego Ferrari: LEGO Speed ​​Champions Ferrari F8 76895

LEGO Speed ​​Champions Ferrari F8 76895

(view more images)

One of the most iconic racing cars of all time is now also available in LEGO form.

Fathers and sons are delighted to see the racing cars in real life and now you can get one yourself, even if it is a model version, made of LEGO.

Which LEGO Ferrari packages are the best for your child? We have looked at them all for you and made a selection.

Read on to see which pack is number 1 and what else LEGO has to offer.

With dot on 1 for us is the LEGO Ferrari F1 1: 9 package. With this package you can build your favorite racing car on a scale of 1: 9, but it is incredibly expensive.

With the dimensions of 52 cm long by 18 cm wide, you really get something into your home and is the ultimate LEGO package when it comes to building your own cars:

Ferrari F1

This is the largest official Ferrari model you can build with LEGO bricks.

And it is therefore a fantastic car to assemble with just under 1.000 building blocks.

The features that come with it make for a challenging job (it may be necessary for the child to get help putting the pack together) and the cart remains great to play with once put together.

The wheelhouse really works and the wheels move with you when you steer.

The front spoiler can be removed and the details of the car have been worked out so well that you can rightly speak of a scale model.

The price range is of a higher category and we realize that this is not for everyone or for every moment.

In a good second place comes the LEGO Speed ​​Champions Ferrari F8 shows that a nice Lego Ferrari does not have to be expensive at all ..

This pack is a more traditional LEGO pack, with enough bricks to keep it interesting, but not too many to make younger kids quit.

This is a very good basic package for children who love LEGO and racing cars.

View the Speed ​​Champions Ferrari F8 here

Lego cars

Best Lego cars: Flo's Cafe

LEGO has, very cleverly, started a collaboration with Cars. The popular cars from the movie are very popular among children.

This way you can keep children interested in playing with LEGO for longer and that is good for the development of the child.

What are the fun LEGO Cars packages for your child? We have looked at the packages and listed the best packages.

We also show you how to make fun combinations with other LEGO packs.

Lego cars 2 floss cafe

(view more images)

Number 1 for us is the LEGO Cars 2 Flo's V8 Café package, partly due to the amount of cars and building blocks that are in the package.

You can order the package via, even if it is sold by one of their partners.

It is an ideal package if your son or daughter likes to play with cars but does not necessarily want to assemble them himself.

The main characters of the famous Cars movie are included in the package and there are building blocks, so that the child, in addition to playing with the cars, can build something with the Lego bricks.

So with this package you have a versatile package in your hands. This increases the fun of your child and probably keeps him / her interested longer.

Check the latest prices here

A nice combination can be made with the third package of the list, Mater's Spy Department, because it offers a nice addition.

The package has different characters, so these two packages can be perfectly combined.

You can of course also consider adding another LEGO in addition, for example LEGO City T-Junction and Bend or LEGO City Straight Road Plates and Junction.

With this you can start building a city so that Lightning McQueen can tear around with his comrades!

Fun to combine with LEGO Cars 2 Ultimate Building Model Lightning McQueen, is a package for the more advanced LEGO builders.

To be able to build Lightning McQueen yourself is of course really fun and you end up with a car of 21 cm long.

Whether your child still needs guidance during construction or not, he / she will certainly enjoy playing.

The 242 bricks must be put together correctly and because the car is predominantly red, you have to pay close attention to which brick goes where.

A good challenge for concentration and perseverance!

If the car does not come off in one go, do not worry. Guido, the small forklift, is also included in the package, so it can be played with immediately if Lightning McQueen is not yet assembled.

We recommend that you also think of a combination with LEGO City road parts with this package, as with package 1 above, so that Lightning McQueen also has something to drive over.

With his golden wheels he tears through LEGO City! OR maybe these LEGO City planes which we previously reviewed.

Because this is a package that you still have to assemble yourself, a nice combination can also be made with LEGO Classic Bricks on Wheels.

This package is suitable for children from the age of 4 and offers limitless opportunities to get started and be creative with building all kinds of buildings, carts and whatever you want to come up with. Your own creativity is the only limit.

The LEGO packs come in large cartons and then over time the LEGO bricks will be thrown all over the room or house.

It's also a lot of fun to combine with other construction toys.

That said, not all parents are equally good at it and it is sometimes difficult to be creative with LEGO.

Even if you don't have time to think about it, which for many parents is a logical consequence of full agendas, it is not easy to always come up with fun and creative ideas to help your child further in his / her development.

But this is precisely what is important to do! Fortunately, LEGO thinks along with you and you can go on the website quickly find fun ways to interact with LEGO.

LEGO offers your child a lot of skills. Skills that he / she can use well later.

In addition to fine motor skills, concentration, creativity and spatial insight are also developed.

But also the longer your child plays with LEGO, the better at solving problems - partly through the development of a mathematical approach to problems.

All in all, these are all things that parents want to see developed in their child.

LEGO is therefore really fun toys that have been considered among the most popular toys in the world for generations.

Of course, not every child likes LEGO. Some children prefer to climb trees, play with a tablet or prefer to stunt with a stunt scooter.

There is also something to be said for all these ways of playing.

Children still have so much to learn that a versatile range of toys is just as important as the kind of toys you offer.

Playing outside and climbing trees is good for expanding the mind, developing strength and increasing concentration.

Stunting with a scooter increases the sense of balance and teaches children to deal with speed.

It is also good for self-confidence and development of muscle mass.

You do need a helmet for outdoor stunts, but once your child has it on, there's nothing to stop them from racing outside, just like Lightning McQueen!

LEGO in collaboration with Cars

It is of course very logical that LEGO has teamed up with Disney Cars. The popularity of the cars in this movie is of course unparalleled. 

There will not be many children older than 3 who do not recognize the cars from the famous movie Cars. And many also know the names of the most famous car characters.

Lightning McQueen is the red lead, then there is Cruz Ramirez; the yellow coach of Lightning McQueen, and of course Mater, Mack, Smokey, Mater and Jackson Storm to name a few.

Why is Cars so popular?

The popularity of the film was enormous right from the start. When the film came out in 2006 it immediately caught the imagination of many children.

But it is also a fun movie for parents to watch.

The film is very well produced and the storyline is well put together; something we can expect with a collaboration between producers Pixar and Walt Disney.

The characters of the cars are based on real drivers, but also on actors who participate and in this way the producers manage to make the story very human and to make it gripping.

The film has been approved for children over 6, which is a good thing, because the Cars 3 movie has a compelling plot and can be terrifying at times.

The different films, Cars, Cars 2 and Cars 3, show, in addition to all kinds of exciting and diverse adventures, also different versions of Lightning McQueen:

  • the normal Lightning McQueen is also called Rusteze McQueen; a reference to Lightning McQueen's sponsor stickers during his first race.
  • Radiator Springs McQueen: This is the form McQueen takes when he's not racing and resides in Radiator Springs.
  • Cruising McQueen: This design is the Lightning McQueen when he goes out with Sally.
  • Intro McQueen or Piston Cup McQueen: This design is very similar to the normal Lightning McQueen with the exception that the stickers have been changed a bit. There is now the addition Piston Cup McQueen.
  • World Grand Prix McQueen: This version of Lightning McQueen has a completely different spoiler.

The fact that the cars are beautifully designed certainly plays a role in the popularity, but what also plays a role is that you just cannot ignore it.

There is so much merchandise from Cars that you can encounter during a normal shopping day.

Of course the children see that too. And what you see often, you want to have.

One of those merchandise examples is LEGO Cars. And that is really great fun. In this way, two worlds are merged.

The educational LEGO bricks are good for the development of fine motor skills, spatial insight, concentration, imagination, fantasy and empathy.

For example, you can let them participate perfectly in the LEGO City world and let help put out fires.

And if there are really nice cars that your child likes to play with, then you have all the more chance that he or she likes to play with LEGO.

In our opinion, good for parent and child and therefore the perfect toy.

Are you thinking about LEGO Cars, but do you think your son or daughter is still too small for LEGO? Then there is also DUPLO Cars, suitable for children from 2 years old.

also look at this race track set from Carrera in Cars theme

Lego ninjago

Best Lego Ninjago Car: Ninja Night Racer 70641

Lego ninjago car the night racer

Lego Ninjago is a great series. One that my nephew loves.

Of course because of the awesome spinjitsu moves, but also because of the cool vehicles they drive.

The coolest is the Nachtracer, the great Lego car that they can use in all chases and one that also regularly appears in the series.

A very nice buy as a gift for a Ninjago fan.

Check prices and availability here

LEGO Technic

Best Lego car Technic: Supercar 8070

Best lego car technic supercar

The front of the box shows the main model, then the functions within the orange Power Functions band on the right.

The back of the box shows the alternative hot rod model.

The box contains about a dozen poly bags, instructions and a sticker sheet.

This is the first set I bought, which uses the new method of using cardboard for the instructions.

The instructions are divided into 3 books for the primary model only.

As with most current instructions, they break down into really small steps, some with just a few pins to install.

There are 6 large wide panels, 10 medium wide panels and 2 medium narrow panels.

The parts for the seats and dashboard are dark gray. The frame is light gray.

The 16 sprockets are the new reinforced variety.

Furthermore, there are 8 control arms (new narrower size), 4 of the wheel hubs, a differential, two transmission drive rings, 4 rigid shock absorbers, 6 steering links, 4 CV clutches (dogbones) and 2 of the new CV buses.

The stickers. Some people hate stickers, and I don't think these were really necessary, although they are well done.

What's ugly is the back. That battery box is an eyesore.

I wish it had been hidden somehow, but I'm sure this has been a cost tradeoff.

It had to be accessible to avoid the need for a pole reverser for construction and that saves a lot of expensive pieces.

Check prices and availability here

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