Trampoline Anchoring: Why You Should Do It

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A backyard trampoline is a great way to keep kids (and adults!) active and enjoying the outdoors.

However, it can also be dangerous if the trampoline is not properly anchored.

Many accidents occur every year with trampolines that are not properly secured to the ground.

Trampoline Anchoring - Why You Should Do It

In this article we discuss why it is so important to anchor a trampoline and give practical tips on how to do this safely.

By properly anchoring the trampoline, you can ensure that your children can jump safely and enjoy this fun activity.

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Do you need a trampoline anchor?

You have purchased a beautiful trampoline that you want to place safely in the garden. 

The worst that can happen to you is your kids jumping on the trampoline and the whole thing is tipping over, kids and all!

Therefore, always choose a trampoline with a stable base.

Go for a trampoline that you can anchor to the ground or one with a heavy weight as a base.

You must have read up on how to set it up, but hopefully you also know that it is wise to secure the trampoline properly?

I know people who only fix the trampoline in the ground with simple pegs, but is that enough in strong winds or storms?

The answer is NO.

That is why it is much more sensible to properly anchor your trampoline by means of ground anchors.

How do you anchor the trampoline?

Buying an anchoring kit to protect your trampoline against being blown away is the perfect solution!

But how are you going to approach anchoring?

It's not as complicated as it sounds! I will briefly tell you how to anchor a trampoline:

To anchor a trampoline, it is good to buy a complete anchoring set, which prevents the trampoline from tipping over. 

You will first have to screw the anchors into the ground properly.

Then you first attach the supplied straps to the frame of the trampoline, possibly also to the legs, and then to the - already anchored - ground anchors. 

It is extremely important that you not only secure the bottom of the W-legs, but especially the top rail (the ring into which you hook all the springs) of the frame.

The trampoline is so firmly attached that it can (almost) not blow away, tilt, shift or be stolen. 

If you do not attach the top rail, the trampoline can still blow away without the legs.

The frame is not one whole, it consists of several separate tubes that are put together. 

Are you going to bury the trampoline?

A sunken trampoline can withstand gusts of wind and heavy weather even without anchoring.

The frame sits deep in the ground, which makes it more difficult for the wind to pull it out.  

If you opt for a real in-ground trampoline, you will need ground anchors, because the legs do not go into the ground.

The pegs supplied simply do not suffice.

The trampoline is in fact ON the pit. So also purchase a complete anchor set for an in-ground trampoline!

It is even advisable to add weight to an in-ground trampoline that protrudes slightly above ground level in the event of a heavy storm, but never by more than 100 kg. 

The springs would otherwise stretch too much! A few bags of soil or sand on top is fine.

Prefer not to anchor the trampoline?

If you prefer not to anchor the trampoline, or if this is not very possible, then partially dismantle the trampoline in autumn/winter. 

Taking off the safety net is the most important thing; that is high and catches a lot of wind.

Preferably also remove the edge and the jumping mat from the frame and store them cleanly. 

You can easily leave the bare frame, because it won't catch much wind anymore. Your trampoline will also last much longer!

Why is the size of the trampoline important for the method of anchoring?

The size of the trampoline is important for the method of anchoring because: larger trampolines not only have more carrying weight, but also can exert more force on the ground and be more susceptible to movement and tipping during use. Here are a few reasons why trampoline size affects anchorage:

  1. Weight and Mass: Larger trampolines generally have greater weight and mass. This means they put more pressure on the ground when people jump on them. If the trampoline is not properly anchored, it may shift or tip over, which can be dangerous for users.
  2. Wind sensitivity: Larger trampolines have a larger surface area exposed to wind. This makes them more sensitive to strong gusts of wind, especially if they are not firmly anchored. An unanchored large trampoline can be lifted by the wind and potentially cause damage or even fall over.
  3. Safety: Anchoring a trampoline is essential for the safety of users. A trampoline that is not properly anchored can become unstable, increasing the risk of falls and injury. This especially applies to larger trampolines on which several people jump at the same time.
  4. Durability: By firmly anchoring the trampoline, its lifespan is extended. It prevents the trampoline from shifting or moving, which can lead to wear or damage to the frame and jumping mat.
  5. Stability: Anchoring provides stability and prevents wobbling or tipping while jumping. This improves the overall experience and enjoyment of trampolining.

The method of anchoring may vary depending on the size and type of trampoline, but in general larger trampolines require heavier anchoring.

Why is anchoring essential for trampoline safety?

Anchoring trampolines is an important step to ensure the safety of both children and adults while using a trampoline.

By firmly anchoring the trampoline, accidents and injuries can be prevented, allowing everyone to enjoy this fun and healthy activity with more confidence.

Remember to always be careful and the safety rules to be observed when using a trampoline. Have fun jumping!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

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