Play slime: Kids' new favorite toy, but is it safe?

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Slime is a play substitute made of a sticky gel-like substance. It has been one of the most popular toys in recent years and has become known for the kind that children can make and mold. 

In this article I will discuss what slime is exactly, how it is made, what types there are, and where you can buy it.

What is play slime

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What is mucus?

Slime (here's how to make it for kids) has become a well-known toy that comes in different types and brands. It is a colorful mass that can be made into different shapes and in which you can make shapes. Slime is easy to find online and explain how to make it. It feels quite soft and gives a nice feeling when you play with it. It is also safe to play with, but some precautions are necessary.

Types and brands

Slime comes in different types and brands. One brand is better than the other and some brands are worth more money than others. Some well-known brands are, for example, Putty, Slime and SES. Besides slime, there are also other products that children like to play with, such as clay and Play-Doh.

Ingredients and recipes

Slime is a mixture of several ingredients, such as glue and eyeglass. There are several recipes for making slime, but the most commonly used ingredients are glue and sodium tetraborate. Polysaccharide is a substance extracted from the seeds of the guar plant and is often used in slime recipes. It is important to use the right ingredients and follow the instructions carefully to get the right goo.

Safety and Precautions

Slime is generally safe to play with, but there are some precautions to take. For example, it is important not to swallow the mucus and not to get it in the eyes. It is also important not to mix the slime together if it is from different brands. Next, you should wash your hands after playing with slime.

What do children learn from playing with slime?

Slime has become increasingly popular as a toy for children in recent years. It is easy to make and there are many types and brands available in the market. It gives children a sense of control and they enjoy playing with it. Sometimes it's just nice to hold and knead with.

Safety and choosing the right brand

It is important to choose a safe brand, as some types of slime can contain toxic substances. Therefore, make sure that the slime does not contain any hazardous substances and that it is suitable for the age of the child. It is also important not to put mucus in the mouth and to wash hands well after playing.

What do children learn from playing with play materials such as slime?

Playing with slime can teach children a lot. Below are some examples:

  • Patience: Making slime takes patience and is a process that requires children to wait for the slime to reach the right consistency.
  • Fine motor skills: Playing with slime can help children develop fine motor skills as they can mold the slime into different shapes.
  • Creativity: Kids can make their own slime and put their own spin on it. This stimulates their creativity and imagination.
  • Tactile stimuli: Playing with slime gives children different tactile stimuli, such as the feel of the slime in their hands and the sound it makes.
  • Emotions: It playing with play materials as slime can help children express and understand their emotions. For example, it can help reduce stress or reduce feelings of anxiety.

Be careful with the newest toy: colorful slime

Slime is one of the most popular toys of recent years. It comes in a variety of colorful shapes and varieties, and there are tons of recipes on the internet for making it yourself. It is fun to play with and can promote social interactions. Children see it as a fun way to fantasy free rein and experiment with different textures.

The dangers of slime

While slime may seem like a fun toy, there have been cases where children have developed skin lesions after exposure to certain ingredients. In some cases, ingestion of mucus can lead to kidney failure. It is therefore important to be careful when using slime and to take the right steps to ensure the safety of children.

Why slime can be dangerous

Mucus often contains ingredients such as borax and detergents that can be dangerous if ingested or exposed to the skin. Borax can cause skin irritation and ingestion can lead to kidney failure. Detergents can cause skin irritation and in some cases lead to breathing problems.

How to play with slime safely

If you decide to play with slime, there are a few steps you can take to ensure safety:

  • Only use suitable ingredients and follow the correct recipes.
  • Make sure young children are supervised when playing with slime.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after playing with slime and avoid touching your face.
  • If you notice any skin lesions or other reactions after playing with slime, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor.

The proliferation of slime and mentions on the internet

Slime is one of the latest toys to become popular on social media. There are tons of videos and pictures of kids playing with slime. This has led to a proliferation of slime recipes and mentions on the internet. It is important to remember that not all recipes are safe and some ingredients may be harmful to children.

Is play slime poisonous?

Toxicity refers to the extent to which a substance can be harmful to living organisms. In the case of play slime, some products may contain a number of ingredients that can be harmful to children's health.

Which ingredients can cause problems?

Some play slime products contain glue and solvents, which can be sensitizing or irritating to children's skin and eyes. In addition, some products may contain boric acid flakes, which can be toxic when ingested in large amounts.

Are there any legal restrictions on play slime?

Yes, there are legal restrictions on play slime. For example, the European Union has set certain limits for the use of boric acid in mixtures. However, these limits are sometimes exceeded by some manufacturers.

Are there any known cases of illness from play slime?

There have been some cases of children becoming ill after playing with play slime. For example, some children have experienced irritations and cysteine ​​in the airways after inhaling the fumes from liquid paper glue.

Are there preventive measures parents can take?

Yes, parents can take preventative measures to protect their children from the potential risks of play slime. For example, they can make sure their kids only use play slime made from safe and licensed ingredients. They can also encourage their children to wash their hands after playing with play slime and make sure they don't put it in their mouths.

Have any clinical studies been done on the effects of play slime?

There have been no systematic, randomized, clinical studies on the therapeutic effects of play slime. It is therefore important to be careful when using play slime and to understand the potential risks.


Slime is a fun toy that you can easily make yourself with ingredients such as glue and water. It's a good way to... fantasy of children and to encourage them creativity to develop. It's important to use the right ingredients and take safety precautions, but it's a fun toy that's easy to play with.

So give it a try and enjoy playing slime!

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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