Why is playing with water so good for children? 5 reasons

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Why is playing with water so much fun for children?

Water is one of the most popular ways for children to play. It is one of the most fun ways for children to explore and experiment.

In this article I will tell you why playing water is so much fun for children and how you can best approach it.

Why is playing with water good for children

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Sand and water: the ideal materials for children's development

Sand and water are the best materials for children to play with of all ages. It seems like they never get enough of this activity. It gives them a sense of freedom and the ability to create what they want. Outside playing with sand and water offers kids the space to experiment and discover. It is a simple and inexpensive way to let children enjoy nature and the weather.

Sand and water are good for children's motor development

Playing with sand and water is not only fun, but it is also good for children's development. It helps develop motor skills and improves hand-eye coordination. Repeating certain actions, such as pouring water from one container to another, contributes to the development of fine motor skills. This will come in handy later for writing and other precision work.

Sand and water can be combined endlessly

Sand and water can be combined endlessly and therefore offer many possibilities for variation. For example, you can make a sand castle and dig a moat around it with water. Or you can make a mud kitchen in which you can make dishes with sand and water. The possibilities are endless and children can always come up with new things to do.

Sand and water are suitable for all times of the year

Sand and water are not only suitable for spring and summer, but also for the other seasons. For example, in autumn you can play with water and leaves and in winter you can play with ice and snow. It offers children the opportunity to discover how the different factors of the weather affect playing with sand and water.

In short, sand and water are a specific combination that is very good for the development of children. It offers so many opportunities for creativity, motor development, social and emotional development and rest. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and try it out with your toddler or preschooler. You'll be surprised how fun and fascinating it is for both children and adults.

What do children learn from playing with water?

Playing with water is not only fun, but it also contributes to the development of the senses of a child. By playing with water, children learn about different properties of water, such as its color, weight, temperature and shape. They also learn to use their eyes to see what happens when they pour water into a container or play with toys in the water.

Practicing motor skills

Playing with water offers children the opportunity to practice their motor skills. For example, they can throw and catch balls, grab toys and put them in water, or work with tools such as drip cups and sponges. By playing with water, children also learn to improve their hand-eye coordination.

Discover scientific concepts

Playing with water offers children the opportunity to discover scientific concepts. For example, they can learn that some things float and others sink, or that water can be filled in different shapes and sizes. They can also learn about the properties of water, such as how it can be heated and how it can be used to clean things.

Stimulating creativity and imagination

Playing with water can stimulate children's creativity and imagination. For example, they can use a play kit to fill a large bowl with water and then add ice cubes to see what happens. Or they can cut a piece of paper into strips and place it bent like a cloud in the water to see what it looks like. Children can also make their own toys by, for example, putting pieces of glue and colored paper on an empty can and then playing with them in the water.

Contribute to rest and relaxation

Playing with water can also contribute to peace and relaxation in children. It can be an activity that allows them to focus their thoughts on something else and relax. Bathing in warm water in particular can have a calming effect on children.

In short, playing with water offers children a number of opportunities to learn and discover. It doesn't matter if they're inside or out Outside playing, with a bowl of water or in the bath, there are always things to discover and learn. Make sure that there is always supervision and that the safety of the child comes first.

Playing outside with water: fun ideas for children

A water bowl is a great way to get children playing with water. All you need is a large container, such as a plastic storage bin or an old tub. Place the bin Outside down and fill it with water. Then let the children play freely with the water. Give them toys, balls and other tools to play with. For example, they can try to make objects float or sink. This is not only fun, but also a good way to get to know the properties of water.

Play with ice cubes

Another fun way to play with water is to make ice cubes. Fill an ice cube tray with water and place it in the freezer. When the ice cubes are frozen, you can put them in a container of water and let them melt. Children love to see how the ice cubes slowly melt and make the water colder. You can also use paint brushes and sidewalk or fence to paint with the ice cubes.

Discover the properties of water

Let children discover what water can do. For example, give them sponges and drip cups and have them transfer water from one cup to another. Or let them experiment with different shapes and sizes of material to see what floats and what sinks. This is a fun way to get kids to practice measuring and comparing.

Build a water track

A water slide is a fun way to show children how water flows. You can build a water track with different materials, such as PVC pipes, empty bottles and cups. Arrange the materials so that the water can flow from one side to the other. Kids can then watch the water flow down the track and try to steer it. This is a great way to show kids how water works and how it can be used as a tool.

Make a pool play kit

If you have a pool, you can make a play kit to make playing with water even more fun. Fill a bucket with different objects, such as cups, stones and sponges. Kids can then throw the objects into the pool and watch what happens. This is a fun way to let children experiment with the properties of water and to stimulate their investigative and thinking skills.

Read more about playing outside with water

If you want to know more about why Outside Playing with water is so important for children's development, you can read various articles and posts on websites such as Famme. Here you will find information about the benefits Outside play with water and get tips for fun activities you can do with children.

Fun ideas for playing with water indoors

  • Let your baby or toddler play in the bath with different types of toys such as balls, bowls and molds. This stimulates the development of fine motor skills and learning new words.
  • Fill a large container with warm water and let your child play with different materials such as sponges, empty bottles and craft paper. This is an easy and fun way to practice holding and pouring water.
  • Put down a number of drip cups and let your child fill and empty them. This supports the development of the thinker and researcher in your child.

Toddlers and preschoolers

  • Make a play kit with different tools such as buckets, sponges, cups and stackable bricks. This allows children to create their own play world and let their imagination run wild.
  • Fill a large bowl with water and let your child float ice cubes in it and guess objects that sink or float. This is a fun way to learn about the properties of materials.
  • Let your child build a 'water wall' by placing different materials opposite so that the water can flow through. This stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills.

Toddlers and older children

  • Fill a number of eye drop bottles with water and paint and let your children paint on craft paper. This is a fun way to experiment with different colors and textures.
  • Create a 'water track' by connecting different containers and pipes and let the water flow through it. This is a fun way to learn about the natural flow of water and building structures.
  • Have your children do a 'water relay' where they have to transfer cups of water from one bucket to the next. This is a fun way to practice working together and how much water fits in a cup.

Playing with water indoors offers many opportunities for children to learn and discover. It is important to always ensure a dry surface and to supervise when children are playing with water. Especially in winter it can be fun to play with water indoors when it Outside is too cold. Try these simple ideas and see how much fun your kids have!


So it's a good way to develop their motor skills and let them experiment and discover. However, let's keep an eye on them and don't leave them in the water for too long.

Once your kids get to play in the water, you'll find they manage surprisingly well on their own.

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