Ball pit: Fun games in a safe environment

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A ball pit is a piece of play equipment that consists of a barrel with water containing balls. Children play in it by taking the balls out of the water and throwing them back in. A ball pit is a piece of play equipment that consists of a barrel with water containing balls.

In this article I explain exactly what a ball pit is, how they originated and what you should pay attention to when purchasing.

What is a ball pit

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What are fun games for the ball pit?

Treasure hunt in the ball pit

A fun game to play in the ball pit is the “Treasure Hunt in the Ball Pit” game. Here's how you can play it:

You need:

  1. A ball pit with many colorful balls.
  2. Small toy treasures, such as plastic animals, coins, small stuffed animals, or other small objects.
  3. A landing net or small bucket.

How To Play:

  1. Hide the little toy treasures between the balls in the ball pit before the children start playing. Make sure the treasures are not hidden too deep and that they are safe and appropriate for the children's ages.
  2. Let the children enter the ball pit one by one or in small groups.
  3. Give each child a landing net or small bucket and explain that they have to look for treasures in the ball pit.
  4. The children can gently push the balls aside to find the treasures. When they find a treasure, they drop it into their scoop net or bucket.
  5. Let the children play in the ball pit for a certain amount of time to collect as many treasures as possible.
  6. When the time is up, the children can show their treasures and count to see who has collected the most treasures.

This game combines fun and adventure in the ball pit with a treasure hunt, which makes it extra exciting for children. It's a great way to stimulate their imagination and motor skills while they enjoy the ball pit.

What is a ball pit?

A ball pit is a piece of play equipment filled with plastic balls for children to play in. It is an indoor play area often found in playgrounds, fast food chains, restaurants and department stores. In addition to children's corners, ball pits are also popular as part of a fun park.

The word "ball pit" is a combination of the noun "ballen" and the prepositional phrase "in the bin". It appears later in the Dutch language and is probably a commercial term coined by a company that sold ball pits.

Development of the ball pit

The ball pit is a relatively new piece of play equipment that was only created in the 70s. The idea for the ball pit originates from the United States, where it was used as an activity material for intellectually disabled and intelligent people. It was seen as a pleasant way to stimulate flexion and motor development.

In the Netherlands, the ball pit was only introduced later and was especially popular in the 90s. It was mainly used as play equipment in play paradises and fast food chains.

Hygiene and safety

A ball pit can be unhygienic because it is often used by many children and is not always cleaned properly. It is therefore important to take off your shoes before entering the ball pit and to ensure that children do not take any food or drink into the ball pit.

In addition, it is important to pay attention to the security of the ball pit. The balls should be lightweight and not have sharp edges. The ball pits must also be well maintained and regularly checked for damage.

Other names for ball pit

A ball pit is also called a ball pool, ball pool or ball pit. In other languages ​​it is also referred to as “ball pool” (English), “piscine à balles” (French) and “Kugelbad” (German).

Proverbs and fixed connections

There are no known proverbs or fixed connections with the word "ball pit". However, there are several words that are related to the ball pit, such as "balls", "toys", "play equipment" and "children's corner".

What to look for when buying a ball pit?

As a parent you naturally want the best for your child and that includes a suitable ball pit. But where to things to look out for when buying a ball pit (the best reviewed here)? Below you will find a number of important points to take into account:


Although safety standards are strict, it can sometimes happen that a ball pit is unsafe. Therefore, pay close attention to the strength and stability of the ball pit. Never let your child play unsupervised and regularly check whether the ball pit is still intact safe and is. Also keep an eye out for poisonous or toxic materials such as BPA in the toys your children play with.


The quality of the ball pit is also an important aspect to pay attention to. More expensive ball pits often have a better quality ratio than cheaper ball pits. Make sure that the ball pit is sturdy enough and does not break easily.


The size of the ball pit is also important. Pay close attention to the dimensions of the ball pit you want to buy, so that you are not disappointed if it turns out that the pool is smaller than you expected.

Including or excluding balls:

Please note whether the ball pit is sold with or without balls. If you have to buy a set of loose balls, this can make the purchase more expensive than you expected.


The material of the ball pit is also important. Choose a fabric product that security and provides fun. Make sure that the ball pit is made of high-quality material and that it does not break easily.

What can children learn from playing in a ball pit?

A ball pit is not only fun, but also a great way for children to develop their motor skills. Games indoors in a ball pit can help improve hand-eye coordination, balance and strengthen muscles.

Creativity and imagination

A ball pit can also stimulate children's creativity and imagination. Children can create their own games and let their imaginations run wild. This can help them develop their creative skills and expand their imagination.

Gross motor skills

A ball pit is also great for gross motor skills, wading through the balls to get to the other side. Plus grabbing and throwing balls is perfect for motor skills, and it's sporty too!

Ball pits: a great way to develop motor skills

Ball pits are among the most outstanding toys out there. They are means where children can play and entertain themselves by organizing different activities. Ball pits are extremely popular with children of all ages and offer numerous health benefits.

Why are ball pits good for motor skills?

Ball pits are not only fun, but also useful for developing motor skills. They allow children to stimulate their hand coordination and senses. By playing with the different colored balls, children are encouraged to push their limits and keep their balance. In addition, playing in a ball pit promotes children's self-confidence.

What physical benefits do ball pits offer?

In addition to promoting motor skills, ball pits also offer other physical benefits. Working with ball pits can help children better understand their directions and distances and improve their orientation. Playing in a ball pit can also help release children's energy and tension, which can help release endorphins and promote well-being.

How do ball pits stimulate the imagination?

In addition to the physical benefits, ball pits are also useful for developing the imagination. Ball pits allow children to create and invent their own worlds. They can play games, organize competitions and learn certain rules and strategies. This can help the social skills of children, such as respecting turns and promoting shared playtime.

Are ball pits suitable for all ages?

Ball pits are suitable for children of all ages, from young to old. They encourage participation and improve the quality of play times. Older children can use ball pits to promote self-esteem and motivation, while younger children can enjoy the thrill of playing in a safe environment.

How do you store a ball pit?

Ball pits are easy to assemble and set up. They come with a storage bag for easy storage when not in use. Putting away a ball pit does not take long on average and is a simple process.

Safety first: carefree play in the ball pit

If you let children play in the ball pit, supervision is very important. Always have an adult nearby to avoid accidents. It is also important to regularly check the ball pits for any damage or loose parts.

Choose soft materials

A good ball pit is made of soft materials such as polyurethane. This material is super safe and ensures that children do not get hurt while playing. The soft balls move with the child's movements and prevent painful accidents.

Edges provide support

A good ball pit has edges that provide adequate support for small children. These edges must be odorless, made of plastic and comply with European legal standards. The edges must have a minimum diameter of 5 centimeters for smaller ball pits and 10 centimeters for larger ball pits.

Provide a solid construction

A ball pit must be strong enough to support the weight of several children. It is important to look at the construction of the ball pit and check whether it meets legal standards. As long as the ball pit is secure and intact, children can play in it safe and into playing.

Keep the ball pit clean

A ball pit in a public space must be cleaned regularly. The cover of the ball pit can be easily washed in the washing machine with soapy water. Also check regularly that there are no broken balls and replace them if necessary.

Choose a nice design

You don't have to have a ball pit alone safe and to be, but it can also look beautiful. Ball pits are available in different colors and designs that children like. This makes playing in the ball pit even more fun for your little one.

A ball pit is a great addition to the children's room or an indoor play paradise. Just make sure the ball pit safe and is and meets the legal standards. Complete the fun with the accompanying edge and slide. This allows children to learn to develop their motor skills in a playful way and they can play carefree.

Materials used in ball pits

If you want to buy a ball pit, it is important to take into account the materials used. Fortunately, most ball pits on the market are made of child-friendly materials and have a CE mark. This means that the ball pits are approved and safe and are for children to play in.

Used materials

The balls in the ball pits are usually made of plastic and are lightweight. They are available in different color combinations and filling heights, depending on the variants chosen. The ball pits themselves are usually made of soft plastic and have holes in the surface where the balls sit.

Toxic substances and polluting dyes

Although most ball pits safe and it is important to check that no toxic substances or contaminating dyes have been used in production. For example, some cheaper ball pits may contain toxic plastics that are prone to allergies.

Sensorimotor integration and antiallergic materials

If you're buying a ball pit for a child with sensitive skin or allergies, it's important to look for ball pits with anti-allergic materials. These ball pits are specially designed for the sensorimotor promote children's integration and are made from materials that safe and are for children with allergies.

Exclusive color combinations and fill heights

When you buy a ball pit, you can choose from an assortment of different color combinations and filling heights. Unfortunately, you are often bound by limited color combinations that the seller determines. If you can't find the colors you want, you can always buy an empty ball pit and fill it yourself with balls in the color combination you want. Keep in mind that these products are often more expensive than ball pits that are sold with a set of balls.

Unknown materials and guidelines

When buying a ball pit, it is important to pay attention to unfamiliar materials and guidelines. For example, no specific guidelines have been established within the EU for ball pits. This means that the aspect of security within the EU within the union has not been underestimated, but neither has it been overestimated. We hope that there will be more clarity about this in the future.


It is now clear that a ball pit is a piece of play equipment that children can throw balls into and play with. A ball pit is an indoor play area with balls where children play.

It is important to buy a ball pit that safe and is well maintained, and where your children do not have to be afraid. So always look for the best quality and check the ball pit regularly for damage.

It is also important to buy a ball pit that matches the age of your child. So always look for a ball pit that is suitable for the age of your child.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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