Trampoline Games & Tricks: The Best Games for Little and Big Kids

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When the trampoline is finally in your garden, you want to jump as quickly as possible and try out all possible stunts! 

The best thing is not to pull off the most difficult tricks right away, but to practice with some basic jumps first. 

Trampoline Games & Tricks - The Best Games for Little and Big Kids

You will soon get the hang of it and then nothing is more fun to show your friends what daring tricks you are capable of on a trampoline. 

Moreover, jumping on a trampoline is very good for you, but safety comes first!

When learning tricks it is important that you are alone on the trampoline, but make sure that an adult is nearby in case something happens. 

Finally, we really recommend a trampoline safety net to prevent falls.

Some flexibility is of course a requirement, so let's start with trampoline games for everyone.

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Games you can play on the trampoline

In addition to learning cool tricks on the trampoline, it is also super fun to play games on it with your friends!

Do you want to have a lot of fun while jumping? Then follow my trampoline game tips:

What am I?

Depicting something while jumping is not very easy!

Still, you should make an effort to convey to your friends, in as few jumps as possible, what you mean.

The one with the least number of jumps wins in this game!

It is wise to agree on a theme, otherwise guessing can take a very long time…

Throw over

Throw a ball over while jumping with someone standing next to the trampoline.

From the trampoline you can dive on the ball and smash it at your friend from a high jump!

The safety net can be a nice obstacle, just like in volleyball.

Water balloon jump

It's always fun to get started with water balloons on a hot day!

Throw them on the trampoline for a change, it's wonderfully refreshing when they snap.

The craziest jumper

Take on a jumping challenge with your parents or friends. Who makes the craziest jump? 

You can also go for the highest jump or the most elegant jump!

Dodgeball on the trampoline 

This creates hilarious scenes; do you jump just to the side, or over the ball?

In trampoline dodgeball there is one player on the trampoline and a number of players around the trampoline.

The latter try to hit the player on the trampoline with a light, plastic ball.

When the player on the trampoline is hit, the one who hit him can take that spot! 

Playing tag 

You can also play that on the trampoline, but the larger the trampoline is, the more fun it will be.

This game is often played in trampoline parks, where there are many jumping mats next to each other.

Build a tent on the trampoline 

With some sheets, blankets or tablecloths, you're done in no time! Add a few pillows and you have a summer chill or place to stay for you and your friends!

Trampoline Twister

Do you have Twister at home? Then use the twister sail on your trampoline (or draw it with chalk) and start the game as usual.

Can you complete an assignment without falling over and screaming?

Who stays the longest?

All players sit cross-legged on the trampoline, hands in their laps.

The jumper stands on the trampoline and has to try to knock over the seated players with his jumps.

The player who stays there the longest wins.

Nice trampoline tricks for beginners and advanced

Let's move on to how to do the coolest tricks on the trampoline (safely)!

Trampoline tricks for beginners and young children

Sit and stand jump

The best beginner trick is learning the 'Sit and Stand Jump'; you land on your buttocks in a sitting position, after which you immediately spring back into a standing position.

In the sitting position, make sure your legs are straight and your back is straight, and you push the jumping mat away with both hands. 

Knee and stand jump

A similar trick is the 'Knee and stand jump', where it is important to let your knees land on the trampoline at the right angle.

Your back must be vertical and you may use the arms. You may also use knee pads.

Knees to chest jump

The Knees to Chest Jump is a great (and usually easy for kids) trick.

You stand up and jump up with your arms, jump a few times to get higher and bring your knees to your chest, touching your shins. 

Star jump

Can you make the 'Star Jump'? Do a high jump with your arms overhead and your legs apart.

Jump and bend your legs to a 90-degree angle. Try to touch your knees or shins. 

Trampoline tricks for advanced players 

Have you mastered these tricks by now? Then it's time to move on to the super impressive!

The basic trampoline tricks may become a bit boring for you and you are ready for more challenge.

So I think you're excited about my three trampoline tricks below!

Handstand transfer

To practice the "Handstand Overlap," start with a handstand on the trampoline, "sticking" your feet together.

Once you've mastered the handstand, move on to the handstand.


The 'Salto' is a world famous jump, but certainly one of the more difficult jumps.

It's about jumping high and pulling your knees up high before making the turn. You first practice with a somersault.

Then you make a somersault while barely touching the trampoline.

Then you try to go higher and higher. You can also try a 'Backflip' afterwards. 


The 'Backdrop' is a nice trick, you lie on your back and try – also with the help of your hands – to bounce a bit.

Make the bounce more powerful and roll yourself up well, with your head bent towards your knees.

You can then also 'backdrop' yourself from the standing position, and then end up standing.

In the videos below you can already take a look at how you can perform the best trampoline tricks.

Is trampolining a good outdoor activity?

Yes, trampolining is generally an excellent outdoor activity, especially for children and families. Below are some reasons why trampolining is a good activity is for outdoors.

  1. Fysical activity: Trampoline jumping is a fun and energetic exercise. It helps improve cardiovascular fitness, strengthens muscles, promotes coordination and helps maintain a healthy weight.
  2. Being outside: Trampoline jumping allows people to be outdoors, breathe fresh air and enjoy the natural environment. This contributes to well-being and can improve mood.
  3. Social interaction: Sharing a trampoline with friends or family can promote social interaction. Children can play, laugh and cooperate together, which is important for their social development.
  4. Fun and excitement: The feeling of weightlessness while jumping and performing different jumps and tricks provides excitement and fun. It is an activity that people of all ages can enjoy.
  5. Motor skills: Trampoline jumping requires balance and coordination, which contributes to the development of motor skills, especially in children.
  6. Promoting healthy habits: By encouraging regular trampoline jumping, you can instill healthy habits in children and encourage them to stay active.

However, it is important to take safety precautions when using a trampoline, such as installing a protective net, supervising young children, and ensuring the trampoline is on a flat, stable surface. Adhering to safety guidelines is essential to prevent accidents.

Is a trampoline a toy or a sports equipment?

A trampoline can be considered both a toy and a piece of sports equipment, depending on how it is used and the level of involvement in the activity.

  1. Toys: For younger children, a trampoline can function as a toy. They use it to jump, have fun and burn off energy. Trampolines can be seen as play equipment that children use in the garden to be active and play.
  2. Sports equipment: For older children, teenagers and adults, a trampoline can be used as a piece of sports equipment. Trampolining is a recognized sport, and there are even competitions and disciplines such as trampolining, synchronized trampolining and trampolining with skis. People can use trampolining for gymnastic exercises, fitness and learning acrobatic movements.

There are also good trampolines for smaller children and larger ones for teenagers, each of which will likely do different activities on it.

How can you practice gymnastics on a trampoline?

Gymnastics on a trampoline, also known as trampoline jumping, is a fun and challenging activity that combines both fun and exercise. Start with a good warm-up to loosen your muscles and then start with simple basic movements such as bouncing on the trampoline. As you become more comfortable, you can start practicing different jumping techniques, such as high jumps, twists and somersaults.

Is trampolining just playing or does it also have advantages?

Trampoline jumping is not just playing because it certainly also has benefits for health and body condition. Improved cardiovascular health, increased heart rate and calorie burning are some of the benefits of trampolining, which can help with weight management. Trampoline jumping also requires coordination and balance to remain stable while jumping and landing. This can improve proprioception, which promotes awareness of body position and movement.

How do you ensure that a trampoline is safe enough for tricks?

To make a trampoline safe enough for performing tricks and acrobatic jumps, you must first choose a suitable trampoline, with a sturdy frame, a good spring system and a decent jumping surface. Make sure that the trampoline is on a flat surface and that there is sufficient space around the trampoline.

Consider using safety accessories such as a safety net, protective edges and a ladder to access the trampoline. These accessories help minimize potential risks.

Teach children and anyone who wants to perform tricks the correct techniques and safety guidelines for trampolining. This may include learning basic jumps, landing properly, and avoiding risky maneuvers.

Encourage the learning and performance of safe tricks. It's important to gradually try more advanced tricks as your skills improve.

Always something to do for the holidays or rainy day?

Play Choice now has the ultimate activity book collection, with over 60 pages of fun coloring pages and educational puzzles.

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